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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.11


Translated by Eve

Edited by Sora Harukawa 4vJ6Yy

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When Allen packed up his things and quietly left the Folson family premises, he naturally bumped into Sui Yuan, who had long been waiting for him to walk right into his trap. Seeing Sui Yuan’s “I knew you were going to do this” expression, Allen evidently was frightened. After all, in his impression of Sui Yuan, although the other’s disposition was not bad, it was arrogant and willful, completely unable to be subservient to another, with an “IQ” that was of a child’s.

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Allen had thought that his whereabouts would be discovered by someone, however he had never thought that it would unexpectedly be Sui Yuan.

As the time he spent playing Eli increased, Sui Yuan proportionally increased his skill in acting willful and reckless, as well as in acting shameless. Not wanting to make this matter any bigger, Allen, who couldn’t withstand Sui Yuan’s pestering, finally relented, agreeing to let Sui Yuan accompany him. p6uj10

Of course, what really convinced him was the fact that Sui Yuan’s spiritual strength was not at all lesser than his own. Furthermore, there was Leonard, who was inseparable from Sui Yuan. It goes without saying, that when Allen, who has a good understanding of Leonard’s strength, heard that he would be accompanying them into the jungle to search for Seno, he let out a big sigh of relief.

As a support type sub-beastman who used Incantations but had a delicate body, Allen definitely could not enter the jungle on his own. According to the original plot, Allen spent a huge sum of money to hire a crowd of beastmen to take him to the scene of the incident.

Besides the odd beastman from the armed forces, all the other beastmen possessed some other occupation who, during this particular period, could spontaneously make up a private team. Together, they entered the jungle to hunt feral beasts within their means. This kind of group was exactly what Allen had been aiming for.

While facing the feral beast tide, one tree does not make a forest, even if their power is as great as Leonard’s. They are unable to support themselves alone, so the addition of Sui Yuan and Leonard gave Allen much hope. However, he still chose to act according to the plot and hired more beastmen. Ccm5MV

With regards to this, Sui Yuan and Leonard completely did not have any opinions. Their task was to protect Allen–anything with regards to the advancement of the plot was Allen’s matter.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Because the strength of Allen’s group of three wasn’t bad, and because the commission he offered was very generous, they were able to quickly hire a squad of beastmen with rather decent strength. Then, they advanced towards the place where Seno had last been seen. Upon hearing that Allen was putting himself through dangers for the sake of finding his friend who had disappeared amidst the feral beast tide, the beastmen all expressed sympathy towards him and formed favourable impressions of him, even to the point of envying Seno, who had such a brave and loyal sweetheart.

Compared to Allen, who had quickly merged with the beast people, Sui Yuan and Leonard kept to themselves. Between the two of them, one was haughty, and the other was cold. Both of them exuded a noble and dignified air. Furthermore, their strength was great, never having need of the assistance of others, so they did not take the initiative to speak to the others much. Likewise, the other beast people were even less inclined to speak to them lest they disturb the two people.

When a young beastman couldn’t help but curry favour with Sui Yuan, he was impolitely outed from the group. From then on, the beastmen obediently put out any thoughts in their heart, and set aside a space for these two soon-to-be mates. 5L1Que

The jungle in which the feral beast tide took place was very dangerous. Although it had only been one day, they had already encountered many groups of feral beasts, big and small. They either beat them back or would end up barely escaping with their lives. However, what caused them the most fear was not the feral beasts, but the rapidly dropping temperature.

“It’s a bit abnormal……” The leader of the group of beastmen said as he lit the campfire, beginning to barbeque the meat of the feral beasts. His face was full of worry and doubts, “According to the timeline, winter should not yet arrive. How could it suddenly get this cold?”

Seeing that this topic had been brought up, the beastmen all began to talk at once. Occasionally there were some remorseful and uneasy looks sent towards Allen, who had curled up near the fire in order to withstand the cold —  which caused the topic to change to whether or not to return to the city.

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Even if Allen were to offer them a high compensation, the beastmen could not risk their own lives. They were apologetic, and aside from returning the commission they had received, they did not have any other way to help him.

Upon hearing everyone’s discussion, Allen’s expression became very ugly. The grief and the cold made him turn very pale. Sui Yuan, who didn’t know how to comfort Allen, couldn’t help but shrink towards Leonard’s embrace. He also felt extremely cold, his breath visible in the frigid air. It was as if he would instantaneously freeze. Both hands and feet had turned to jelly, and he nearly lost consciousness.

After eating, they prepared to take up their quarters. Suddenly, the sky that had been cloudy all day began to snow. Although the white snowflakes that fell amidst the dim, pitch black sky were beautiful,  the beastmen that saw this sight instantly became nervous.

“……It seems that we really have no choice but to return.” yDOPAc

The leader of the group of beastmen got up and changed into an ash-coloured wolf, the fur on his body quivering. All the other beastmen also changed into their beast-forms one after another, because their thick fur would have better resistance against this snowy night.  Leonard naturally was no exception. A black panther carefully encircled Sui Yuan, doing his utmost to keep him warm with his fur.

The only one who could not change into a beast form nor had any form of protection was Allen.

Although it was extremely cold, Allen, who felt grateful but apologetic, refused both the leader and the other beastmen’s offer to keep him warm. Although he had yet to make clear of what exactly his feelings towards Seno was, he did not want to be intimate with another beastman, even if it was only to stay warm, and especially during this period in which he didn’t know whether the other was dead or alive. 

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The beastmen helped Allen build a shelter, and moved the campfire to his side. Sui Yuan also came over and placed the blanket that had originally been around his body into the other’s hands. RftOEg

“Thank you,” Allen whispered, not at all refusing. He really needed this, and he had already accepted Sui Yuan as one of his own, and basically did not feel the need to keep a careful distance, nor cold politeness between them.

“I just don’t want you to freeze to death before brother has been found,” Sui Yuan arrogantly said, lips curled.

Allen smiled, reaching out to hold Sui Yuan’s hand, completely not taking any offense to his tone, “There’s no way that will happen, don’t worry.”

Sui Yuan shook off his hand, and walked back towards Leonard under Allen’s smiling gaze. He huddled into Leonard’s body, depressed. UNRw3Z

“Just give up,” The black panther moved, comforting him languidly.

Sui Yuan did not say a word, burrowing his face into the fur of Leonard’s stomach, looking as if he’d been wronged.

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“You brought this “Protagonist’s best friend” attribute upon yourself,” 5237 faintly sighed, “Next time, I’ll do my best to avoid picking such a role for you, in order to avoid this kind of destruction of the original plot’s social relationships.”

Sui Yuan: “………………” loFSI7

The snowy night that had arrived earlier than expected was doomed to be difficult to pass. When Sui Yuan had just fallen asleep, a sudden noise woke him up. He stood up from Leonard’s body. Sui Yuan, eyes still heavy with sleep, caught sight of the leader of the beastmen. He had already changed back into human form. Holding a torch, he woke the other beastmen with a grave expression.

Originally, it was just a light snowfall. Who knew when it had become a large snowstorm? The awakened beastmen’s faces became grave and they quickly began to pack up their things.

“What’s wrong?” The light sleeper Allen woke up and asked blankly, slowly moving his limbs that had already frozen stiff.

“We need to find a shelter from this snow,” The leader of the beastmen quickly replied, “The snow is getting heavier. We can’t continue to camp outside. Moreover, I think that there will be a large snowstorm coming soon. We need to get to safety before that happens.”    yamFQL

Although he was not too clear about the current situation, Allen still obeyed the leader. Sui Yuan and Leonard also did not say a word and packed their things. They looked at one another with a tacit understanding, reading the plot’s implication in the other’s eyes. They both sighed in relief— at least Sui Yuan did.

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It seems that even if the timing had been forcibly shifted earlier by a year, what ought to occur, will continue to occur. Sui Yuan leaned against Leonard’s shoulder, happily recalling the plot.

In the original plot, Allen conveniently came across a snowstorm upon entering the jungle. The party fled from the storm in confusion, ending up in the lair of a feral beast. However, it was fortunate that they ended up meeting Monroe and Leonard who had also ran here to escape from the storm. Not only that but within this lair, they had unexpectedly also discovered the records left by Allen’s predecessor. However, these writings were treated by the beast people to be merely decorative patterns of the ancients.

Next, having been bestowed these writings, Allen stood atop of the great and lofty shoulders of this ancestor, and  completed the imperfect research conducted by this senior. With one stroke, he became the hero to all of the beast people. qnzV86

“There’s a cave ahead! It seems that it should be a feral beast’s den, but we don’t have a choice right now. Let’s take a look inside!”

The leader spoke loudly as he walked at the forefront, voice getting more and more forceful. It seemed to be a bit fuzzy. Although they were tired, cold, and suffering, to enter the lair of a feral beast was undoubtedly just as dangerous. However there did not seem to be any better choice.

Seeing that no one had any objections, the leader called a few young and energetic beastmen to carefully enter the den together. Meanwhile, all the other people stayed at the cave’s entrance, waiting until the coast was clear before entering.

As everyone waited anxiously, an animalistic roar suddenly sounded out from within the cave. The beast people were first frightened, but soon afterwards became happy as they recognized that this sound was not that of a feral beast, but was that of their people. L60FJK

Allen unconsciously stood up, looking towards the cave. Although there was some distortion from the echoing, he realized that this voice was very familiar. He turned his head to look at Sui Yuan and Leonard, and saw that both people had also recognized that voice. At once, Allen unhesitatingly called out Seno’s name and ran into the cave, ignoring the other beastmen’s attempt to stop him. Sui Yuan and Leonard followed closely behind him.

When Sui Yuan and Leonard saw Allen and Seno, they only saw that the two people had tightly embraced one another, as if they had just survived a disaster. Seno was wounded to the point of death. After all, in the original plot, Leonard and Monroe experienced the matter together. Seno however only had himself to depend on. To be able to survive was already not an easy task.

After momentarily feeling happy, Allen terror and anxiousness overcame him. He immediately took out an Incantation to treat Seno’s wound. Sui Yuan also walked over to Seno’s side, aiding Allen.

Upon seeing his own little brother, Seno finally shifted his attention which had previously been fixed upon Allen. His gaze was a bit surprised, a bit reproachful, and a bit happy. He raised a hand to hold onto Sui Yuan’s finger, with a grip that lacked strength.   yPd0so

Under Sui Yuan and Allen’s care, Seno’s injury quickly stabilized. Leonard was by Sui Yuan’s side, guarding him from beginning to end. All the other beastmen had also completely searched the cave and determined it to be without any dangers. They all relaxed and lit up a campfire, beginning to set up camp.

“Is this the person you’ve been looking for?” The leader of the beastmen walked towards Allen’s side, asking with a whisper.

Allen finally let out a smiling expression, as if a burden had been lifted and earnestly nodded his head.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Congratulations,” The leader of the group sincerely said. LCYwkm

Although he liked Allen very much, however having caught sight of the guarded expression on Seno’s face, he tactfully decided to leave, quietly muttering, “He’s already taken.”

Seno felt refreshed. He drank some warm water and ate some roasted meat. He quietly answered Allen’s questions as to what had happened to him during this period of time. Soon afterwards, he reprimanded Sui Yuan and Allen for having recklessly and wilfully entering the jungle at such a dangerous time.

Allen knew that Seno was only feeling anxious, and thus good-naturedly allowed him to lecture on. Sui Yuan, however, rebuked with a spoiled “if we hadn’t come, you’d definitely had died here”, only to soon after be carried off by Leonard who didn’t care much for this “having reunited after a long separation” atmosphere and expressed that Sui Yuan ought to sleep now.

Having been given a dark glare from his own little brother’s soon-to-be mate, Seno helplessly scratched his head. Although he was indeed gratified that the other did not seem to care about covering up any of his own shortcomings, however, the bitter feeling of having his little brother be completely snatched away was difficult to erase. R1zUXI

Only, when his gaze fell upon Allen, he realized that if it had been him standing in Leonard’s shoes, he’d probably also react the same way. Finally, Seno revealed a smiling expression.

Allen, who was in the middle of helping him bandage his wounds, felt his scalp tingle from Seno’s gaze and coughed awkwardly, “What’s the matter?”

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“If I can successfully make it back……” Seno took Allen’s hand, and whispered, “Can I become your guardian?”

Allen was dumbfounded for a second, before his face turned bright red and helplessly lowered his head. With regards to accepting, he still had some reservations. However… Allen was also really unwilling to reject him. cwEdQO

Although he hadn’t heard a definite answer, upon seeing Allen’s appearance, the light in Seno’s eyes gradually brightened and the corners of his mouth raised into a smile.

Upon seeing this “exchange of vows” just now between the blushing Allen and the foolishly laughing Seno, as well as the “old married couple” act of the insufferably arrogant Sui Yuan as he intimately laid in Leonard’s completely compliant embrace, the other beast people inside of the cave all only had one thought within their brains:

Show affection, get struck by lightning!  

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With regards to the unmagnificent matter of the main CP dying in the feral beast tide, I don’t want to write that at all =333=

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