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Desharow MermanChapter 17


Translator: JunkFood

TP: Cheonsa 4qb0wD

Editor: Rega

Chapter 17

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

I stared dazedly at the merman as he drained out the white impure musk from his lower body, a satisfied smile with a hint of slyness plastered on his face. The more I stare at the merman, the more heated my face became, it must’ve already turned from red to purple by now with my ears burning red as well as my cheeks flaring up—

Fuck, God, what should I make of this whole thing! The glass floor which was originally made for the convenience of my observatory purposes had instead made me the subject to be spied on! And to be spied on by this beast in order to satiate his carnal desires at that; what an amusing joke! wYsJtf

However, I didn’t find it funny at all, instead I only found myself feeling overwhelming shame and embarrassment. For the situation to come to this point, I might as well just celebrate the fact that there wasn’t anyone else here. If any other people were to see this scene, I will certainly be the laughing stock of the whole biology world; “To think that a researcher could become the object of sexual fantasy of the specimen he studies, how absurd is that!”

This was a complete mistake! If the situation continued to fall in this direction, my research plan would be totally derailed from my control! I need to correct the misorientation the merman was showing, how can a merman like him mate with a human, not to mention a male?! 

Agares was still lingering under the floor, causing my mind to fog. The clothes soaked with sweat stuck to my body, the sensation exceedingly uncomfortable. I didn’t want to think about that beast even for a second, and yet it continued to follow me as I made my way to the shower beside my bed. It was as if he was a shadow, or a lingering ghost of some sort. Either way, it still made my hair stand on end.

“Hey, Agar you animal… don’t follow me!” I was able to correct my mouth in time, but a surging anger still coursed through me. Stomp! I brought a foot down onto the glass, ringing tremors across the whole room. And then I did again, and again, but it wasn’t enough to drive him away. Agares clung to the glass, peering at me through the murky shadow with half of his face hidden in the darkness


Damn it. 

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I breathed out a silent curse as agitation finally flew to the top of my head. I simply stomped my way toward the shower room, turned to face Agares,lifted up my shirt and stripped away my underpants. Finally, there I was taking a deep breath while standing stark naked in front of the predator’s view.

The merman was slightly taken aback by what he saw. I thought it was because he didn’t expect me to take the initiative, and also believe it was because this was his first time seeing the full body structure of a male in its naked glory.  I squatted down, knocking on the glass with a curled fist. “Look closely, you beast. I am a man. A pure, normal, healthy Russian man. Look at this, I have the same thing as you do down there, meaning that I am definitely not the right person to mate with!”

It was impossible for him to hear methat I’m aware ofbut there was no other way to vent my anger, and it felt good to say with 100% certainty that I was a man.     BMgvPo

The merman seemed to be wondering about what I just said, and he came closer through the muddy depths of the enclosure. A slender, tall figure he was, but his eyes, which were deep and meaningful narrowed, but his expression shown some sort of excitement. He swallowed his saliva with frightening force as his webbed claws pushed hard upon the glass. Every fingertip was glowering in a painful white, with its force seemingly able to break the ground I was standing on. 

His manner right now was enough to tell me that my body did not make him feel conflicted, instead it seemed to fill him up with deadly, seductive desires. 

Holy shit! Don’t tell me this merman happened to be gay? 

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Agares was nowhere in sight, and no matter how much I looked, there wasn’t any indication telling me where he was anymore. I could tell with some certainty that he wasn’t spying me any longer, and that thought brought a huge sigh of relief. Maybe his earlier excitement wasn’t from some illogical lust but rather the frustration from realizing that I was a man? 

Otherwise, why would he suddenly leave?

With this train of thought, I went to open the shower vault and allowed the hot water to pour on my head, calming me down. 

But just as I was becoming completely wet, a shrill alarm sounded from the outside of the shower. I jolted in surprise and immediately rushed out with a towel wrapped around me. The sound came from an alarm equipped onto the wall which was responsible for communicating with the outside world above the sea. Its LCD screen was blaring in front of me, showcasing the weather on the sea—a storm was coming. 8FXnf

My heart sank.

“Hello, hello, Mr Desharow, are you awake?!” 

The pager attached on the alarm automatically lit up in green, followed by Sakarol’s urgent call.

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I hurriedly went to grab the pager and answered hastily, “Yes, I’m here Doctor. Is the storm big enough to strike us? What should we do?” Jf73Gw

“You don’t have to worry, the storm isn’t strong enough to damage the underwater research facility. The only thing you have to do is to stay put and continue your research. But I have to tell you that the rest of us, including Rhine, have to stay on land for the time being. Mister Desharow, I’m afraid you’ll have to stay there alone for a few days, but, I promise you that the research facility is extremely sturdy, the waves should not have any damaging impact whatsoever. We’ll come to rescue you as soon as we can.”  

I thought about the plentiful food and water stored here, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to spend a few days alone here. I pressed the microphone, preparing to reply.

“Understood, you guys also make sure to stay safe up there too. I’ll be waiting for your return.”

“Okay,” Sakarol replied in agreement. “The pager in your hand can still connect with us on land. If there’s any problem, please call⁠— 0Gtedl

Bzz… bzz”

The signal was suddenly cut off by a loud electric current. I tried speaking into the microphone again, thinking that this was probably caused by the impact of the waves on the communication facilities right before the lull of the storm. I waited again, but the pager only continued to sing a monotonous beep.  

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Unease boiled up inside me as I hung up the pager and walked towards the desk. I carelessly glanced at the glass floor, only to see scattered black things on the ground that wasn’t there before.

Giving them a closer look, to my surprise they were a bunch of seaweed with water tracks trailing behind them. I trailed my eyes along the water marks, down the stairs, leading me to stare at the pressure hatchet door located on the second floor. piHWTU

I didn’t know when the hatch opened to the width of a single person, with the water level already dropping to half of the original volume

A frightening chill crawled up from the sole of my feet, hitting me hard in my forehead. 

As I was observing this, my sight focused towards the glass floor underneath my own feet, and I saw a python-shaped shadow enveloping over my body. My back coincidentally rubbed against the damp long hair, a deep sigh was heard close to my ear as a hot breath brushed past my sensitive neck. 

 I didn’t bother thinking how the mystical merman even came out here, the only thing my mind was focusing on was  his head pressing close to my neck as he deeply inhaled my smell. As for me, I was still practically naked. Kq GRb

My brain was buzzing and my legs were shaking. I need to run, but the sudden panic deeply rooted me to the spot like an anchor, keeping me in prison. It was only until the merman’s icy wide chest pressed against my back and the sensation of a hard, wet object poking against my lower half did I suddenly wake up. Panic and adrenaline mixed together. Before I could take a step forward I was tripped by the sweeping tail of the merman and ended up stumbling several steps away with an unstable center of gravity. I tried to support myself by holding onto the desk, but accidentally knocked the drawer open which revealed the anesthetic gun hidden inside.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This is a life saving tool!

I prepared the gun and twisted my body around, pointing its head towards the chest of the approaching merman. He instinctively grabbed my gun and tried to hurl it away, and it certainly seemed possible with his literally iron-like grip. I even suspected that he could crush the long steel gun easily.

I still, however, resisted against him with all my strength. Sweat was dripping down my forehead as I was holding my breath while struggling. Just when did I become so scared of the merman? Just a few days back, I was so eager to have some personal contact with him in person, but now, I felt as if something extremely terrible would happen if I were to give up my resistance, just as if I have encountered a situation like this before. wRloTu

I suddenly realized that I was afraid that the merman would violate me because his high-spirited ‘part’ was a clear indication of his desperate desires. He didn’t even seem to care about the anesthetic gun pointed at his chest, instead, his eyes greedily traveled across the contours of my body, and onto the thing between my legs of which I couldn’t hide. 

The hairs on my body stood on end. My fingers tightened around the grip, and I hardened my voice and warned, “Don’t come near me! Stay away, you beast!” 

I felt mentally exhausted and wanted to faint. I was careful in choosing my words to avoid my past mistakes, so as to not cause any more unimaginable consequences. After I finished my words, I pressed the gun onto his chest to show that if push comes to shove, I’d be more than willing to let him have a taste of the anesthetic bullet.

Agares’s eyes sank to a deeper shade of black, he parted his jaws, revealing sharpened teeth with a sheen of icy uncaringness in his expression. His bared teeth could instill terror into the hearts of his victims, and right now his lips naturally curved into a menacing grin as if to laugh at his easy gain and win. qQDXNB

His eyes locked with mine again, he grabbed a hold of the barrel of my gun with his webbed claws, and with brute strength, he moved the gun away inch by inch. My muscles were aching in pain, like using a dismantles arm to fight against an unwinnable match. A chill ran up my spine as a wet thing wound around my ankle, pulling my legs open to an extremely humiliating angle. And soon, I saw Agares gaze intently between my widened leg, he stuck out his velvet tongue and licked his lips in hunger.

“Fuck Off!”

The humiliation of being played made my fingers tremble from a wide array of emotions, and a dart of the anesthetic gun struck Agares’s shoulder. His movement immediately slowed down with his grip also loosening its hold, giving me a chance to escape towards the door, grab the pager, and stumble my way down the stairs.

“Hey, hey, is there anyone who can hear me?! I’m Desharow and I need urgent help!”  aZgNWK

I shouted into the pager in panic, however, the only response I got were several static noises from the other end. Then suddenly a very intermittent yet familiar voice responded, it was Rhine.

“Hello, hello, is this Desharow?” 

A string of hope immediately raised in my heart, and I was just about to reply before my foot stumbled onto something wet and slippery. My weight collapsed forward and down the stairs. I didn’t know how many somersault it took for me to get to the bottom.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The ceiling was spinning above me, and all four of my senses shook violently. The only thing that remained clear in this situation was the piercing stab of pain in my knee. I had probably cut a ligament on the fall down the glass stairs, as I wasn’t even able to get up. CNpP W

This was really bad. The pager and anesthetic gun had landed a few meters away. I had to get them as they are my only defense.

Steeling myself, I gritted my teeth and started to crawl with my arms. Little by little, I was getting closer, but a sudden regret flooded into me.

I instantly hated my decision of staying here alone with the merman. Rhine was right, I should’ve listened to his warning.

I really should’ve listened. BMdleF

As my mind reflected this point, the sound of Agares closing in was coming closer above my head. His shadow stretched across my vision like a black abyss, and the chill I felt in this moment made the abyss seem so much more convincing than it should’ve been. The merman made a low, breathy sound which gave off a haze of desire and hope, rendering people unable to escape.

“My… Desharow…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

JunkFood the translator have something to say: Did you know qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm is actually a word in the Urban dictionary? It means when your supposed to be doing your homework or something productive and your bored,so you type all the letters on the keyboard.

I know, sorta random but I kinda wanted to share that. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. It is a little crusty I know, but I’ll try my best to get better at this if I ever get a chance to translate a chapter again. Translating isn’t really my forte after all (though nothing really is *cries).  CcwgY8

Hello! Translator back! I am finally done with my exams for this marking period. I want to thank you guys for waiting patiently for updates. And to apologize for the long wait, I have two more chapters being updated TOMORROW!

I also want to thank JunkFood for helping me with this chapter as I was busing myself with studying.

Also another announcement: Desharow is now being translated to Indonesian, you guys can check it out here: https://www.wattpad.com/791487506-bl-desharow-merman-warning

(Chapter 16 had been updated with the edited version so go back and reread if you like!) TkO8IY

Happy Reading

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Translator's Note

pager (also known as a beeper) is a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays alphanumeric or voice messages.

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