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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 6.1


This arc, it is a beastman arc. Sort of like an ABO but not quite. One novel which I recommend that has this type of world (not a system novel) is “A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy”. It’s so cute!

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy! 0ZvfPJ

When Sui Yuan finished looking at the settings of this world, the feeling in his heart could only be described with a dark and gloomy “囧”.

5237 looked at his face and coughed softly: “What’s wrong?”

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“I just think that… it’s really strange?” Sui Yuan frowned slightly, looking at the red lips and white teeth reflected in the mirror, resembling a beautiful boy who was like a thorny rose (?) 1, and could not help but vomit, “I seem to have become a woman.”

“…You think too much,” 5237 patted his shoulder in consolation, “Look! What part of your body resembles that of a woman? You don’t have a woman’s chest, but you have what all men have!”2 g7h6IS

“…But men shouldn’t have children, that is a privilege that only women have,” Sui Yuan replied solemnly.

“In any case, that’s just the settings. Don’t think too much and just accept it…” 5237 coughed awkwardly.

This world is a beast world. To be exact, there is no women, only men, and men are divided into beastmen and sub-beastmen. The former is like a male in the ordinary world, while the latter is like a woman, although they have a male appearance. However, they’re able to give birth to children.

“This is the transitional world of the BL and BG worlds,” 5237 seriously informed Sui Yuan, as if teaching a class, “Generally, it is classified as BL because the appearance is male, but some people think that this is exactly the same as BG, and thus should not be called BL. But its existence makes sense. In order to better help the player transition from BG to BL or from BL to BG, this kind of world is placed at the intersection of two worlds, allowing the player to understand the characteristics of the BG world, and also allow them to gradually accept the setting of the BL world.” JdQztD

“…But I think I would rather go directly to the world of BL,” Sui Yuan answered with sorrow, “At least in the world of BL, I am still a real man, and I can’t have a child like a woman!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“There is nothing we can do in this situation…” 5237 said with deep sympathy, “The setting of the rules is like this, and in addition, when I applied to change worlds, the rules thought that you are more suitable for the role of shou [T/N: is the rules actually a fujoshi in disguise?]. So it became like this…”

Sui Yuan turned his head away, feeling slightly wronged.

“Okay, okay, you could even begin to play the part of a dog for no reason whatsoever. Even if you become a woman –  no that’s not right – even if you become a sub-beastmen, I believe that you can definitely do it!” 5237 exclaimed, trying to raise his partner’s spirits. ESq3hF

Sui Yuan pondered deeply for a moment, and suddenly thought that it was very reasonable, and immediately became much more calm and collected 3

In this world, the beastman is responsible for fighting and providing for his family, taking care of his sub-beastman. As for the sub-beastman, aside from the ability to give birth, they have an ability – Incantations4.

The sub-beastmen can feel the power that exists within nature, and can condense it into runes through the use of their bodies and a brush. These runes can be absorbed by the beastmen and enhance their own strength. Therefore, although the sub-beastmen themselves do not have any combat power, despite being weak, no beastman is willing to offend them casually.

The sub-beastmen are dependent on Incantations. The talented sub-beastmen will be held in high regard by the beastmen. There will be a large group of followers around him. In contrast, the sub-beastmen without talent, will never be able to enjoy such an opportunity. At best, they can only continuously use their ability until it disappears. Even if they are taken care of by a beastman, they will not be able to lift their head among the sub-beastmen. They will be despised and ridiculed. It is difficult to find a good partner, and even then, you have to keep alert – in case your beastman decides to follow another sub-beastman. MxQc3J

And Allen, the protagonist of this world, was such a sub-beastmean with no talent for Incantation before having been taken over by a transmigrator.

As for after the transmigration, the main character who became Allen suddenly had a golden finger, and then began to demonstrate extraordinary talent and skill. There was basically no need to say any more.

However, compared to the protagonist who had a low starting point and thus had to work hard and struggle, Sui Yuan, currently in the body of Eli, is a man with a high talent, and is used to the having crowds of admiring beastmen following him around5.

“This person is so stupid. He and the protagonist could originally keep out of each other’s business. Why did he have to always run out to look for trouble?” M94PHF

After reading his own character setting, Sui Yuan was very puzzled.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Dfmjerf tf lr cba jr wjucjclwber jr sbe jgf, tf vlvc’a mjgf,” 5237 gfqilfv klat j ijmx bo lcafgfra.

Vel Tejc rtgeuufv tlr rtbeivfgr jcv mibrfv atf kbgiv’r afza jcv meglberis rtbbx tlr tfjv. Yc abq bo tlr tfjv kfgf j qjlg bo yijmx…mja fjgr? Lf atfc rtbbx tlr yijmx ajli jcv yfujc ab ufa erfv ab tlr cfk ybvs.

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As one of the world’s important supporting male leads, although it is a villain role, Eli is unique in appearance, talent, and identity. Having a level 7 spiritual ability was already considered to be very outstanding among the sub-beastmen. Not only that, but he also has very high-ranking parents, and an outstanding beastman brother who is both highly loved, and exceedingly beautiful. Although the character is somewhat arrogant (… Is this really a man’s character?), it also attracts a group of pursuers. WVkwOD

Because his outlook seemed great from a young age, Eli had his eye on the equally noble and powerful Leonard. Furthermore, the two families had a shared interest and thus signed a guardian contract between the two. Only, towards Eli, Leonard is not at all interested. Although he will do things for him because of the contractual relationship, he does not act like all the other beastmen who act totally submissive towards Eli. It’s unknown whether Eli really likes Leonard, or if Leonard’s cold shoulder ignited Eli’s desire to conquer, but Eli began to close in on Leonard, unwilling to let Leonard go. Eli never thought that this method of chasing and holding on tightly would be unbearable to Leonard. The other party grew increasingly impatient, running further and further away. He gradually came into contact with the protagonist more and more frequently, thus increasing the good impression he had of Allen.

In order to seize Leonard back, and also because Allen’s talent in Incantations made him feel threatened, this sub-beastman began to provoke Allen with all kinds of face-slapping. However, when Eli went to pursue Leonard, he too suffered through all kinds of face–slapping. This truly made Sui Yuan want to replace Eli – and also replace himself. His eyes wanted to let out bitter tears of grief….

Aside from the idiotic Eli who jumped out from time to time, the story of this world is based on Allen’s struggle, among them, one being his feelings of love and hate towards beastmen. So basically, just like in the world of cultivation, Sui Yuan can more freely act on his own with regards to his task. Looking at the plot, there are two beastmen who ought to play the important role of “gong”. The final outcome is also 3P: one is the previously mentioned Leonard and the other one is the mysterious gentleman, Monroe. If Zhao Xi He also came to this world, his identity should be one of these two people.

… However, it is useless to think so much now. If Zhao Xi He really appears, unless he intentionally conceals it, Sui Yuan believes that he will be able to recognize him. ROELqc

Eli’s debut was really simple. He simply brought his crowd of beastmen followers to confidently make Allen, who had just entered the school, suffer. He therefore had caused all the sub-beastmen around to gossip about him (SY) in worship, or in jealousy.

According to his character, Eli should be very fond of this feeling of being surrounded by fawning attendants, so even though he (SY) feels a little uncomfortable, he tries to make himself get used to this identity as quickly as possible. Of course, he also discretely observed the protagonist of this world.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The main character Allen, who had just entered the school, didn’t seem any different from the ordinary sub-beastman. His appearance was beautiful, but not too amazing. It should be considered the type to give people a comfortable feeling. As for his personality, Sui Yuan could only speculate, considering they had yet to make much contact. He guesses that it should be the strong and resilient kind, the kind that holds the belief that “if people do not offend me, I will not offend them. Those that offend me, I will offend them.”

Although according to the plot, Sui Yuan and Allen should be completely incompatible and disgusted with one another, Sui Yuan doesn’t know whether it was due to the influence of the past worlds but he always had an innate god impression of the protagonists. Once he sees them, he gets the feeling of wanting to be close…… Well, this habit will need to be corrected. v4qLDw

After having swaying around in a circle in front of the protagonist, Sui Yuan used the excuse of “wanting a bit of peace and quiet” to send away the disorderly group of beastmen surrounding him away. Then, he found a good location on campus to try out his skill in Incantations.

This was very important. If he couldn’t learn well, then there will be no way for him to pass as Eli in this world. Therefore, he was extraordinarily serious towards this. After grinding some cinnabar into ink and taking out a piece of incantation paper, he then began to try to feel “the force of nature” under the guidance of 5237.

Of course, if he is unable to sense it, he could also spend points to purchase such an ability. However, for the broke Sui Yuan, if he could save a little, then he would definitely save. After all, purchasing whatever power, it is still an expense after all.  

Yet, he didn’t know if it was because his physical talent wasn’t bad, or if it was because he had previously played a role in a cultivation world for decades, but really quickly, he could faintly grasp how to do it. Taking hold of his brush, he quickly dipped it in the cinnabar ink and wrote on the incantation paper in one go. HZ9nk

This kind of thing seems to be very similar to that of the cultivation world. After having diligently practiced drawing arrays for decades, the “natural force” gathered within his body and circulated throughout his meridians, and then flowed through his hands to envelop the cinnabar ink-covered, custom-made incantation brush, condensing just above the piece of incantation paper. Sui Yuan’s strokes were smooth and continuous. Finally, he brought the tip of his brush towards the origin point and closed the rune, thus successfully completing the incantation. After the power had completely been confined within the incantation paper, Sui Yuan let out a sigh of relief and put down his incantation brush.

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The red-ink of the cinnabar on the paper seemed to flow with power, shimmering slightly, as if it had become a small universe. Sui Yuan looked at his first attempt and felt rather satisfied. He wanted to ask 5237 for his evaluation and suggestions, only to realize that someone had already taken his incantation from him.

Sui Yuan looked up in alarm and saw a tall beastman standing in front of him. He immediately entered acting mode. With a frown, he shouted: “Who are you?! Dare to take my things?!”

WIthout regards to Sui Yuan’s angry tone, the man just sneered a little and suddenly bent down in front of Sui Yuan, leaning close. RDSx1b

At this time, Sui Yuan saw the man’s appearance and his heart could not help but “thump” in his chest.

The man had long silver hair and golden eyes that were slightly upraised. There was a somewhat unrestrained and unruly look in his eyes. The imposing aura emitted by his body, without a doubt, made clear that this was a strong character of high status.

The beastman then suddenly looked at Sui Yuan, who did not show any sign of weakness, up and down with a keen interest while arrogantly raising his chin. The corner of his mouth raised and he happily asked: “Little sub-beastman, what’s your name?”

“Before asking this question, you should first introduce yourself, shouldn’t you?” Sui Yuan coldly replied, putting his prideful and arrogant attitude on display. However, he was eager to ask 5237 who this person was. What to do — this kind of imposing appearance, obviously this was one of the world’s important male leads! qgjstI

“Me? My name is Monroe,” the silver-haired beastman replied with a smile.

5237: “Looking at his appearance, he should be one of the gongs, Monroe.”

Sui Yuan: “………………..”

Once he spoke his name, Monroe discovered the previously aloof sub-beastman suddenly appeared stunned, looking at him with eyes full of inquiry and scrutiny. vLbfWZ

The sub-beastman was very beautiful, having caught Monroe’s interest at first glance. Not to mention how powerful his talent was, judging from the incantation he had just painted. It was simply enough to make all of the beastmen want to recklessly and desperately pursue him.

Beautiful people were always privileged, let alone talented beauties. So, Monroe did not have any dissatisfaction with his (SY) unfriendly attitude. Neither did he feel unhappy with the other’s sudden change in attitude upon hearing his (Monroe) name. He was even secretly happy, even though he had never liked it when people wanted to get close to him because of his reputation.

However, his secret delight did not last very long. Monroe soon saw a flash of disappointment in the sub-beastman’s eyes, before the sub-beastman dropped his gaze.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“He’s not Zhao Xi He,” Sui Yuan said to his system with certainty. Hq dZ6

“Although he seems like that fellow, appearing earlier rather than according to the plot, it indeed seems to not be him,” 5237 agreed whilst nodding his head. The spectator sees most clearly, after all. He had continuously watched Zhao Xi He and Sui Yuan getting along, so he naturally could recognize the look in the other party’s eyes when looking at Sui Yuan.

“Say, do you think he will be unable to come to this world?”

Sui Yuan did not quite understand why, when he asked this question, he felt perturbed in his heart, but he knew that it was definitely not pleasant, making him feel a little vexed.

“It’s possible,” 5237 turned his body, “After all, his system does not know that I had already applied to change worlds, so it is possible that he is slower than us by a bit, and then maybe missed us….” J5SkX9

Seeing Sui Yuan’s lost expression, although 5237 was a bit worried, he still comforted him, “Of course, you know that 0007’s level is much higher than mine. Maybe it has a special way or privilege for Zhao Xi He? So this what I said may not necessarily be the case! Moreover, if he is not Monroe, isn’t it possible that he is Leonard who hasn’t debuted yet, right?”

Sui Yuan decided to compose himself.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Right, let me remind you of something. Although Eli likes Leonard, but he is also very appreciative of Monroe. He has also desired to attract Monroe away from the protagonist.”

5237 coughed a little, tone a bit sympathetic, “So…you know……” jRa6Wl

Sui Yuan: “………………….”

“My name is Eli. I believe you should have heard of my name too?”

Sui Yuan quickly shook off his silent demeanour and answered confidently. The corners of his pout were raised just right, giving off a arrogant and willful appearance, showing no trace of wanting to carry on with Monroe.

“Of course, I have certainly heard of you before. So young but already managed to achieve level 7 spiritual power, the beloved son of the Folson family,” Monroe smiled while replying, eyes slightly narrowing, “Furthermore, from having just seen your performance, it seems that level 7 appears to be a cover-up. What your real level is… it’s really got me curious.” 0Fx3D6

Sui Yuan silently choked, sorrowfully asking 5237: “……………Have I exposed myself?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“……It seems so. Despite it being your first time, you performed an incantation so well that it completely surpassed the character’s setting of level 7 spiritual power.”

Both 5237 and Sui Yuan were the same, they both were depressed and wanted to vomit a mouthful of blood.

“Why didn’t you warn me that there was someone nearby! QAQ” Sui Yuan truly had enough of this coming-to-a-new-world-only-to-be-exposed kind of day! MSB0bY

“Because you didn’t spend points to buy a probe radar for me! I don’t have that feature!” 5237 felt like he was dying.

For this unfortunate reason, the speechless poor person Sui Yuan was forced to hold back his bitter tears and try to cope with the current situation. With a guilty conscience, Sui Yuan got up with annoyance, pulled the incantation paper from Monroe’s hand and glared at him fiercely, “It’s none of your business!”

“Yes, yes, yes, it really is none of my business. I think that what you’re doing is very reasonable, so I don’t mean to reproach you. On the contrary, I will help you keep this secret.”

Monroe raised his hand in a slightly indulgent manner, adopting a soothing posture. Seeing that Sui Yuan’s expression relaxed a little, insatiably asked, “So, can I ask you another question?” cn75o8

“……What?” Sui Yuan restrained himself and answered awkwardly. Because of his character settings, he couldn’t act too coldly towards Monroe.

“When you looked at me at first, who was it that you thought about?” Monroe stood up and looked down with a condescending manner, slightly raising his eyebrows and exuding a little pressure, “Who did you think I was? In other words, who do you see in me?

Sui Yuan: “…………………”

     —— So sensitive and sharp, you are seeking death! DegAZ7

“Since you know who I am, you should know who the person I like is.”

The tone of the voice was a bit proud, a bit sweet, and a bit anxious. Suddenly, his (SY) eyes lit up and he tossed Monroe to the side, rushing past him, “Leonard!”

Monroe frowned slightly, turning to watch Sui Yuan who was cheerfully running towards another beastman, one who was surrounded by a crowd of people. Monroe never expected that this seemingly cold and detached person  would look at the other man with flirty eyes while tugging at his (Leonard) arms. His (Monroe) eyes gradually darkened, expression sinking.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A sub-beastman who is different from what the rumours say about him, rather, one who has even more outstanding talents than expected. In addition, his beastman seemed to treat him coldly, not sparing him a glance…. tlU96e

      —- Maybe, he isn’t completely without a chance to intervene, right?

The author has something to say:

I wanted to write a beast world for a long time >////<. The setting is relatively old, the plot….it is estimated that it is also old. But I always wanted to write this so I wrote it without hesitation… please bare with me. (T/N: The author then thanks several people using their usernames I think).

The translator has something to say: 9XdCxi

Well! Here’s the first chapter. Didn’t really fully understand how long these chapters were until now *vomits blood*. Please feel free to point out any mistakes or to leave a comment!


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1. [It was exactly like this in the raws lol. It happens again later on as well.]

2. [Lol. Google translated it to tintin but I thought it was a bit too obscure a term.] 0yfAjv

3. [The raws said 蛋定了很多 and I think there was a typo lol. I’m assuming she meant淡定and not蛋定, which to my knowledge, isn’t a real word?]

4. [符咒 If anyone knows a better translation for this, please let me know.]

5. [Original idiom: 众星捧月a myriad of stars surround the moon]


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    • We have a lovely web admin who did everything here <3 it’d be best to contact her through our contact us form as I don’t personally know. Thanks for reading!

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