The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh22 - A Light Kiss


Because Le Yao talked to the thin air after he ordered to light the incense before, no wonder that some people doubted that there was something wrong with him. Not only the soldiers, even Uncle Ming and Yan Jie thought that Le Yao was a little crazy.

Yan Jie still remembered what Le Yao reminded him before. When Xu Yao asked him to check the problem with the light source, Le Yao said that even he went, he couldn’t fix it. Why did Le Yao think that he couldn’t fix it without check on it first? Rub6i2

At this time, Uncle Ming said, “Yan Jie, tell everyone here that no one is allowed to mention a word of this incident, let alone spread it out, wait until the general’s official statement about today’s matter.”

Yan Jie understood the matter and nodded, “I got it, Uncle Ming. I’ll go to the hospital to see Tang Ye first.”

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Uncle Ming, with a complex expression, looked at the incense ashes in his hand.

Tang Ye has been taken to the hospital. His body continued to have a high fever, so the doctor first gave him the antipyretic and checked whether there was a fracture or another heavy wound. After all, he just had a fight with the famous steel man, Xu Yao. Although Tang Ye was second only to him, obviously he was seriously injured. yOTFsc

“Don’t worry.” Le Yao told Xu Yao, “He’s already taking the medicine, it will be much better tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” Xu Yao couldn’t say how much he believed in what Le Yao said, but he knew that he wasn’t 100% suspicious of him. Otherwise, how could Tang Ye run out from the hospital with injuries and suddenly attacked him? They’ve been friends for a long time.

“I’m sure his injury will get better soon.” After a pause, Le Yao’s eyes wandered around. “But…”

“But what?”

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“But if you want him to wake up as soon as possible, you have to hold a big fish and do as I said. Otherwise, he would not be able to wake up soon because of his grievances.”

“Nonsense! Why can’t he wake up when his injury is healed?” Xu Yao thought it was impossible and illogical.

“I can’t help it if you don’t believe me. In fact, just as the doctor said, the two people who fainted at the door are the same. The doctor can’t find out any injuries, but they still can’t wake up.” Le Yao said, “I’m worried that you don’t believe me and only think it just an empty word, so I didn’t stop the doctor from continuing their examination, or you’ll see tomorrow they’ll wake up or not.” The soul has been dispersed by Rong Gui. It would be impossible if they could wake up by their own.

Xu Yao didn’t want to comment on this. He now believed that Le Yao was quite different from what he used to know, but the “holding fish” part was suspicious. He always thought that Le Yao was taking the opportunity to make fun of him. And he really couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t wake up if the injury really healed. At least he has never been in this situation before. 26fkp8

Rong Gui snorted, “This kid is very arrogant!”

Le Yao ignored him. At this time, Yan Jie came to them and Xu Yao said to him, “Yan Jie, you stay here first. I need to talk to Le Yao.”

Yan Jie nodded.

Xu Yao took Le Yao to the meeting room of the hospital. He told Le Yao, “Let’s talk about some personal matters. I hope there is no third person or anything other than us.” hIDYd8

Le Yao glanced at Rong Gui. He waved his hand and said, “No problem, I’ll go.”

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The couple entered the meeting room and closed the door. Xu Yao pulled a chair and they sat down face to face.

“Crx wf ktja sbe kjca ab xcbk.” rjlv Of Tjb.

“Qtb jgf sbe? Qts vb sbe xcbk rb wemt jybea wf? Qts jgf sbe tfgf?” We Tjb qea tlr tjcvr bc atf jgwgfra bo Of Tjb’r rfja jcv agjqqfv tlw lc jc lcmt vlrajcmf. Lf ibbxfv mibrfis lcab atf ylu rajggs vffg-ilxf fsfr jcv rjlv, “Djys, ulnf wf jc fzqijcjalbc.” nTCWUN

Le Yao was dumbfounded and confused.

This was not the first time that he was so close to Xu Yao, but the first time that he felt a strange emotion in his heart. He suddenly remembered when Rong Gui tried to shoot him, Xu Yao protected him with his own body. At that time, he thought that there was something wrong with Xu Yao’s act, but now he thought that Xu Yao was the first person who protected him. He felt so warm.

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The question hasn’t been answered yet, when Le Yao’s face turned red and his heart was overflow with a sweet and sour sensation.

He turned away from Xu Yao’s deep dark eyes, coughed softly to relieve the tension and said, “I… I am Le Yao. At the beginning… at the beginning, I really don’t want to get married, I don’t want to marry you and I don’t want to marry anyone. But later, something happened and… it was a little bit hard to tell, so I didn’t want to stay in that house any longer. Anyway, they don’t like me very much and I don’t like them either.” j FY4R

When Le Yao finished speaking, he saw that Xu Yao listened to him very carefully, so he got the courage to confess again. He said, “I told you before that I came to Huaxia star to find a friend, but in fact, I was looking for one dead friend, the kind you can’t see, so I told you that you can’t find him.”

Xu Yao asked, “Did you find your friend?”

Le Yao said, “I found him. I asked him to come and help us today. I can prove his existence to you when we come home later.”

Xu Yao asked again, “So… when did you find out that you had this… special ability?” r0K3R1

“After dying once.” said Le Yao.

Xu Yao narrowed his eyes, “What did you say?”

Le Yao had some conflict in his heart and he thought for a long time between telling Xu Yao all the truth or only half. He said, “I can tell you the truth, but the truth must be beyond your imagination and it’s hard to believe. You have to promise me that no matter what you hear, you can’t harm me. Because I don’t mean anything bad to you.”

Xu Yao moved closer and the tip of his nose rubbed against Le Yao’s. He said, “My wife, didn’t I show you my heart enough just now? Can’t you believe your husband?” znrVEC

Le Yao said “I just want to see you protect me first before I think about telling you!” Otherwise, I definitely won’t say it!

After some time, he spoke from the bottom of his heart and told Xu Yao everything. About the things more than five hundred years ago, including why he would come to Huaxia star to find his old friend.

Xu Yao has been listening to his every word, and he was sure that he had not heard any flaws. Some lies could be told, but some couldn’t. Le Yao’s words were clear and logical from beginning to the end.

Then Xu Yao also told him about the thing when he came to his house at the first time. He saw Le Yao drew the talisman in his room, and he thought that he was watching a fool. Wxkbs6

Le Yao was distracted and glared at him, “I didn’t know that Yan Jie was so brave and dared to use that invisible camera in Le family’s house? I told you not to look at me like this! I’m so good-looking, I can even cook, and I have such awesome skills. You can’t find anyone else as good as me, can you? Marrying me, you’re the one who take advantage of me!”

He just accepted the old devil Rong Gui as a “little brother”. At this time, he must spoke high!

When Xu Yao saw his little wife arrogant virtue, he snorted coolly, “Is it? So, is it me who take advantage of you? I don’t even eat you after our marriage for many days now. If there is a scoring system on the matchmaking website, I’ll give you ten bad reviews!”

Le Yao: “You!!!” You are too hateful! gqpe38

Le Yao became an angry ball in an instant!

The bastard man pulled away of his chair and stood up. With his hands in his pockets, he watched Le Yao’s angry expression for several seconds. Then when Le Yao thought the man was going to leave, the man suddenly bent down slowly and gave him a light kiss.

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Le Yao stayed on the spot and froze!

At this time, Xu Yao licked the corner of his lips and said, “It’s quite sweet.” nXiwCP

Le Yao: “…”

When Xu Yao saw that Le Yao was petrified, he wanted to smile but he remembered something, “Don’t let the third person know about what we talked just now.” he said.

Le Yao: “…Ah?”

I didn’t hear what you just said! mBrH5G

However, it was obvious that the general was not going to say it again, and the man had already gone out.

Le Yao touched his lips and said, “…What exactly was that?”

A familiar voice came from the corner of the conference table, “He said that what you just said should not be known to a third person.”

Le Yao was shocked and his eyes widened. He bent over to look under the conference table and saw three ghosts squatting there! A8sKZt

“When did you come?” he almost didn’t feel their presence.

Ji Fengyu took the lead and said, “Just when you were in spring. Didn’t you promise to burn us some incense? Where did you burn it? We didn’t get it at all!”

Le Yao coughed, “There’s nothing left for now. I’ll make it more tomorrow morning and I’ll burn it for you tomorrow night. Sorry, Brother Song, Brother Wang. Today’s situation is a little special. But don’t worry. I’ll burn it for you tomorrow.”

Song He said, “In that case, we will go back to continue play mahjong first.” UPdjtX

Le Yao said, “Okay. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Wang Feixia said, “Well, let’s go first. We’ll get in touch later.”

Ji Fengyu stared at Le Yao for a while and the three ghosts disappeared in a flash.

Le Yao also went out of the conference room to find Xu Yao. He went to the sterile ward where Tang Ye used to be treated and saw that the guard at the door had changed. Yan Jie and Xu Yao was inside and he didn’t know what they were just talking about. Ut xD6

Tang Ye was sent back to the sterile cabin again. Although his injury was worse than when he went out, the doctors and nurses obviously found that the recovery speed was different after taking the medicine now. At least every some period of observation, they could find that there were therapeutic changes, and always in a good direction.

Now the only problem was that the two fallen guards did not have any internal injury or trauma and there was no sign of brain damage, but they did not wake up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was unbelievable.

Xu Yao asked people to arrange the guards next to Tang Ye’s ward, and then asked Le Yao, “Tell me, how can they wake up?” uh1SJw

Le Yao said, “First of all, you have to tell me their specific birthday, and then I will draw rune for them to summon souls. But the incense is all gone. I can’t ask God’s help now. We have to wait until tomorrow.”

“What about Tang Ye?”

Le Yao sighed, “The situation of Vice Commander Tang is more troublesome. You have to hold the fish.”

In fact, he could also recite sutras for Tang Ye, but he has to recite them every day for more than half a month. It was surely faster and easier with the fish! Kh8XrO

Yan Jie: “…” Can you say something we can understand? My head can’t take it, thank you!

Xu Yao looked at his brother then his wife, “If you can really wake them up tomorrow, I will do as you say.”

Le Yao’s heart: Ha ha ha! Really? You want to run while holding the fish, general?

Le Yao was so happy inside but he showed a heroic like expression before going to war, “Okay! Don’t worry! I’m sure it’ll be alright!” lJdeV3

Yan Jie: “Okay, that’s all, right? Brother Xu, Mr. Xiao Le, you can continue, I’ll go out first.”

Le Yao asked curiously, “Where are you going?”

Yan Jie said, “I need to calm down.”

Le Yao: “…” WUo69X

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