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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh23 - Subversion Imagination


It was already midnight when Le Yao and Xu Yao arrived at home. They really saw the change of Tang Ye’s wound with their naked eyes and were sure to go home after he seemed to get better. When they got home, they didn’t rest or go to bed immediately, but prepared the things for the next day.

To draw the rune on the talisman, you needed to invite Gods to give blessing on it. And to invite them, you absolutely needed incense stick. So Le Yao was not only making the various fragrant powders, but also boiling the glue from glutinous rice floor. He was terribly busy for the night. 5riYMv

As for Xu Yao, when such a big thing happened, he naturally wanted to discuss the matter with his subordinates. The general didn’t rest, let alone the subordinate. Although he couldn’t tell these people about Le Yao’s matter in detail, there were some special people in Huaxia star that he trusted the most, so he let them know.

“Brother Xu, you mean does this planet really have undead?” Asked Zhang Xuwei, the head of the light mecha regiment.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Yes, I know this thing is hard to understand.” Xu Yao said calmly, “I will let you see it personally in two days. Then you’ll know whether it’s true or not.”

“But this is the first time something like this happen in our whole division, although we had been here for several years. Before… ” ydsPhc

“It’s not certainly the first time, it’s just the first outbreak.” When Xu Yao knew that this matter happened after Le Yao came, and his performance this night also made people suspicious, it was inevitable that the subordinates had all kinds of doubts to him. But he believed they would understand in the future. They were not just ordinary people who has followed him until now.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing.” At this time, Uncle Ming said, “Think about it, we have been staying here for several years and assigned to look for the “Heart of the Sparrow”. We often encounter some abnormal energy fluctuations. Only a small part of it occurs during the day, and most of it occurs at night. Just now, the general also said that the dead will only come out at night. Is there a possibility that the fluctuation is related to those dead? How else would the fluctuations disappear as soon as the sun comes out?”

“Uncle Ming’s guess is similar to mine. In a word, nothing will be absolutely good, but it will not be absolutely bad either. For the time being, it seems that there should be more benefits for us, so you don’t have to be too conflicted.” said Xu Yao.

“I understand.” Liu Yi nodded. WtrpHE

“How about the others?” Xu Yao asked.

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“Understand! / Got it!”

Xu Yao got up and said, “Okay, I’ll be going then. My little wife should be still working on something to wake up the two guards tomorrow. I need to go back and help him.”

Zhang Xuwei asked, “General, can I help you?” ZsqUlD

Xu Yao was about to say no, but before he could make a sound, there came a helpless and pitiful voice from outside, “General… General, are you busy? Can you come out first?”

Xu Yao immediately got up and went out, “What’s the matter?”

Le Yao scratched his face which was full of tiny red marks. He saw Uncle Ming also coming out with the other deputy heads of the regiment and said sheepishly, “I’m sorry to disturb your meeting. Well… there is a snake inside the house. Can you help me to drive it away first? It just stays in the kitchen and I can’t do anything.”

No matter how frightening the ghost, he was not afraid of it. But even the most frightening ghost in the underworld still couldn’t be compared with a snake! So scary ah! 02TVeK

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The place of the meeting was in Uncle Ming’s house. The two houses were very close, so Le Yao came out to find Xu Yao. But at the beginning, he was not sure that Xu Yao would come out and help him. So he just wandering in the yard for a while and was bitten by mosquitoes. He was really terrified by the snake in the kitchen and couldn’t do anything except ran away. But if he didn’t hurry up to make the incense stick now, he would be more tired tomorrow.

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Le Yao was curious about how Xu Yao caught it, so he looked inside from the window. He thought that Xu Yao at least would take a stick or something, but he saw that the man grabbed the tail of the snake with his bare hands and slammed it hard to the floor.

What the… could it be dead?

The snake was not moving anyway. Le Yao looked at it for a long time and saw it didn’t respond. He went in with a sigh of relief, “Is it dead?”

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“Isn’t it?” said Xu Yao. 6aUYob

Le Yao said, “How can there be a snake? Are there many snakes here? Just gave me a fright.”

“It’s alright, you should scream when you see it and I’ll be here faster.” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao smiled awkwardly. Could he say that he didn’t dare to scream because he was afraid of being bitten by the snake? Moreover, he was sure that his scream could wake up all the brothers of the Flying Wolf Division! His master sometimes called him little Oriole! He said his voice was crisp and bright, and he could even made “wee wee” sound.

I’m not a bird, okay! Kg3wQP

Xu Yao then took out his knife and made a cut in the snake’s neck.

Le Yao asked, “What are you doing? Do you want to eat it?”

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“The smell of snake blood can prevent other snakes, so I’ll hang it on the tree so that there won’t be another snake to scare you little ant in the future.” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao shouted, “You are the ant!” I’ll let Rong Gui to step on you tomorrow night! Hmph! HG0N73

Rong Gui has already gone back. Otherwise, Le Yao would not go to find Xu Yao. But no matter what, the snake was gone and it was better than anything!

Well, he first thought like that.

When Le Yao went into the kitchen to get something, he kept looking at his surrounding from time to time and still felt a little goosebumps. And after some few minutes, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Seeing that Xu Yao didn’t sleep and fixed the gun hole in the wall, he took the broken wall materials, stand beside Xu Yao and handed it to him to continue fixing.

At a glance, Xu Yao could see that Le Yao was still afraid, but he didn’t say anything. He saw that from time to time, Le Yao scratched his face. So, he went to get some ointment and then smeared out the ointment on Le Yao’s face with his hands. After that, he looked at him attentively. BAZytq

Le Yao was embarrassed by his stare and asked, “Why do you look at me like this?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao fasten on the ointment lid and said, “I want to kiss you.”

Le Yao: “You! Who…who let you kiss me before?”

“Who else would I kiss other than my wife? It’s not against the law.” pUocM8

With that he returned the ointment and then went to the study.

Le Yao keep staring at his surrounding and felt goosebumps again, so he hurried to follow him into the study.

Xu Yao didn’t look at him. And Le Yao didn’t know what he was thinking.

Later, Le Yao finally made the incense dough. He went to wash and clean the syringe tube he bought before. Although it was new, he always thought it was better to clean it before used. Then he took a little wet dough and put it in the tube to squeeze. AiUnvf

He spread a piece of oil paper on Xu Yao’s desk. The wet incense sticks would be squeezed on it. As long as he didn’t shake when squeezed, the incense would become straight and then air dry on it.

Le Yao thought of the beautiful incense he would make, but after a long time, he just squeezed out less than two centimeters long.

Later, he gritted his teeth and tried to squeeze out the whole one incense, but he felt more tired than running a marathon. The most depressing thing was that he used too much force and trembled when squeezing, which made the incense not so straight.

Xu Yao couldn’t stand it, “Don’t pretend to be strong, I’ll help you squeeze so you won’t crush your teeth while squeezing.” Ba4w3y

“How could you say that? You are stronger than me!”

“Then, you mean you don’t need a help?”

Le Yao hurriedly changed his expression and said, “Of course not, general, hurry up and squeeze it, I’m almost sleepy.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xu Yao put the wet incense in the syringe, and in three seconds, he squeezed out a long and straight incense for him! He put on another dough and continued to squeeze. In a short time, the spread paper was full of incense stick. Le Yao counted about forty incense sticks was made. He would make some incense cones for the rest of the dough, which would be enough for tomorrow. VvcPAC

Le Yao was too sleepy to wait for the incense to dry, so he just left it for tomorrow. He washed and went to bed first. As for Xu Yao, it seemed that there was something that bothering him. He still in the study and has been looking at his light brain for a long time.

The next day, when Le Yao woke up, it was already noon and Xu Yao was taking a bath. As soon as Le Yao thought that there was no vegetable at home, he cooked dumplings again. After eating, he asked Xu Yao about the birthday of the two guards, as he did for Tang Ye yesterday, and then began to draw the talisman in front of the burning incenses. After the drawing, the three pillars of incense were still burning. Today, he put a bowl of water in front of the incense. In the evening, he poured the water in the bowl to a clean bottle and packed it in his bag with the dinosaur rattle and talisman. He then walked to the hospital with Xu Yao.

Originally, Le Yao thought that he would directly go home after helped to bring back the guard’s soul. But, unexpectedly a lot of people came to see him.

Yan Jie was stayed in the hospital all night, so he was naturally there. Four personnel of the light and heavy mecha regiment, Uncle Ming, and the hospital’s dean and doctor in charge all came. At first, Le Yao was not nervous at all. After all, soul summoning has been an easy level for him. However, he was a little uneasy when so many people watched. B4YSO8

But he couldn’t back off! The more the pressure, the more he had to prove that he has the strength!

So Le Yao straightened his chest and took out the soul talismans of the two guards. After walked in with Xu Yao, he put the talisman paper on the nearest guard’s chest and told the people in the room, “From now on, please keep quiet and don’t disturb no matter what I say or do. Before I say that you can make a sound, please don’t make a sound. If there’s slight sound from you, it will be really difficult to call them and make them even hard to wake up. Now please turn off all sound sources, including the communicator. Please turn off or set the mute mode.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was possible to scare away the spirits that have been attracted. Once they were scared away, it was not easy to summon them again.

Except Xu Yao, everyone face was a little confused about what he just said. Le Yao felt that the dean and the doctor were the most serious, and their eyebrows were wrinkled. They obviously didn’t believe what he said just now. However, they also complied with his requirements, all of them guaranteed that they would not make a sound and adjusted the communicator. rnomcF

After Le Yao confirmed, he opened the window and light three incense sticks.

He held the burning incense stick high above his head, bowed out of the window for three times, and then came to one of the guards who wanted the soul to be summoned. He still held the incense, put it up and down on the guard’s head three times. Each time, he said, “The spirit of heaven and the spirit of earth. Please call on the commander of the nine heavens to protect the house.”

Finished saying it, he took another step to the horizontal direction. At the guard’s chest, he also put up and down the incense three times. He said again, “The spirit of heaven and the spirit of earth. Please call on the commander of the nine heavens to protect the house.”

After saying it, he put away the rune paper in front of the guard’s chest, burned it with incense fire and threw it in the air. qFnNvV

It was strange to say. The paper was not small, but when it touched the incense fire, it burned completely in an instant, and no ash could be found.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a while, there was a cool and shady wind in the room. When Le Yao saw a transparent white soul floating back from the window, he took the water he had brought from home, touched it a little, and flicked it gently on the guard three times. He told the soul, “Come back, everyone is waiting for you.”

The soul hesitated a little and returned to his body. Le Yao’s three fingers were close together, pointing to the top of the guard’s forehead. He said lightly, “Get up.”

The guard slowly opened his eyes. After a moment of confusion, he was shocked to see his surroundings. He managed to jump out of the bed and stand straight, “Hello, General!” NwSFcx

Everyone in the room: “…” No, we’re not calm at all!

Translator's Note

Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis), a bird famed for its golden appearance and beautiful song. The usual call is a nasal niee or myaa and the song is a fluty iwee wee wee-leeow.

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