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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh16 - Touch the Fish


Edited by Noks and Wiji

The rain didn’t stop until midnight. It was inconvenient for Le Yao to go out, so he just waited for Xu Yao at home. At five o’clock in the afternoon, he prepared the ingredients for dinner and sent a message to Xu Yao, but he didn’t receive a reply. Later, he went out to find Uncle Ming, but there was no movement in his house. SIyTMf

Looking out of the window at the dark night sky, Le Yao unconsciously rubbed his arm.

In fact, he didn’t like the rain very much.

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He still hadn’t’t received a reply to his message from Xu Yao by nine o’clock in the evening. Le Yao put away the ingredients, took a bath and then laid down on the bed. He thought that he would fall asleep soon. After all, he had hardly slept the previous night, as he had been lost in thoughts of his greater than two million yuan debt. But, after spending some time tossing around the bed, he still couldn’t sleep, so he got up and looked around for something to do.

He took out the rest of the paper — yes, he still hadn’t given up on this little piece of paper. After all, it was bought at the risk of being bitten by Xu Yao. When he pondered over it, he realised that there were too few things that he could do with it. So, he simply cut the paper again, cutting out six pieces of small squares, then drew one to six dots on each respectively, stuck them together and made a dice out of it. bcYIz

Ji Fengyu had to run after the Playing Cards at least ten times while he played poker. He was about to be fed up with it all, when a dice fell out of the air.

Song He immediately asked, “Is Brother Xiao Le going to burn mahjong tiles for us?”

Wang Feixia, “This time, it’s not that bad. The size of the dice is good.”

Ji Fengyu: “…” I don’t want to speak up for my brother before I see the right things appear with my own eyes.


Sure enough, after waiting for a long time, there was only one dice and no mahjong tiles. So, the three brothers went to Le Yao’s house.

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When Le Yao saw them coming, he was so happy and ran forward to greet them. But before he could say more than just “You..”, Wang Feixia stopped him with a hurried “Shh!”

Le Yao paused and asked ‘what’s wrong’ with his eyes.

Wang Feixia said, “You’d better go into the bathroom. In addition, don’t type words into the communicator in the future. The intelligent assistants here are very powerful and can automatically record all pictures and sounds.” ymiZCd

Ji Fengyu added, “Brother Wang was a programmer before he opened his small store. Although he has been in the Underworld for many years now, he often goes out at night to look around and understand the new knowledge and technology here. You and Xu Yao are just husband and wife in name. What if he is guarding against you? You better listen to Brother Wang.”

Le Yao then thought of the second level authority that Xu Yao had opened for him in the morning, and the borrowed money, which was a little greater than two million yuan. There was no doubt that Xu Yao was indeed being very kind to him. But it would also be proper to act carefully, so he went into the bathroom to talk with them.

He went to the bathroom as per Wang Feixia’s advice. After he squatted down on the floor, he clamped the communication device on his wrist between his thighs and lower abdomen to prevent any visual or auditory transmission from reaching it, and then began to write on the floor.

He told them that he couldn’t go outside to find the branches that he needed as ingredients for incense because of the rain. Once the rain stopped, he would be able to start preparing incense for them. GujUWc

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Ji Fengyu had already been hungry for hundreds of years. It was okay to wait for a few more days though, as they were not in a hurry. The ghost brothers just tacitly took out the playing cards and started to play poker right next to Le Yao, thereby letting him see the quality and size of the poker cards that he had made.

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Le Yao felt a bit guilty and wrote: Just make do with this first. After I get to know Xu Yao better, it will get easier to make other things.

Ji Fengyu asked, “By the way, why hasn’t Mr Xu Yao returned home yet? It’s still raining outside. Is he still working at this time?” 4g3rdf

Le Yao: I don’t know. He didn’t reply to my message.

Le Yao didn’t expect Xu Yao to not come back at all that night. He waited until the second half of the night, but he still didn’t see him return home. So, he cooked himself a bowl of noodles and ate them alone.

Then, he considered for a long time about whether to take more paper to make handicrafts or not. He finally decided to take a sheet of paper again! Since he didn’t feel sleepy, it was better for him to do something else. 

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Besides, one more bite is still a bite. How many times would Xu Yao bite? It is all the same anyway. And it would be polite to bite him back! vnpX6c

Le Yao made a complete set of mahjong. This time, because Ji Fengyu and his friends were keeping a watch, Le Yao was even more tense while drawing and did not forget to write down the actual size the pieces should become into the mahjong tiles. During this entire period, Ji Fengyu continuously received ugly little stares from his brothers, but he reassured himself in his heart with a ‘it was okay’.

As mahjong had too many tiles and was three-dimensional, Le Yao took a long time to make it. By the time he had finished all his work and collected the garbage, it was almost dawn and he finally felt sleepy.

Ji Fengyu said, “We will go first, you should get some sleep.”

Le Yao squinted his eyes in reply and climbed onto the bed to sleep. mgve8y

The three ghost brothers took advantage of the twinkling still-dark dawn,  and quickly floated to their graves. Song He said to Ji Fengyu, “Brother Ji, you are too mean. Why did you let Brother Xiao Le make mahjong all night long? I’m glad that he has a good temper and wasn’t even angry at us. Give me a good reason for this or I will give you a thorough beating!”

Ji Fengyu said, “Why do you think I did something like that? When he was a kid, he had some problems with his leg and he couldn’t walk like normal people. His family threw him away in front of the door of a Buddhist shop. It was raining that day. The shop owner found him and decided to adopt him. Later, when he found out about this, he didn’t like it and always felt uneasy when it rained. You know, with his good temper and personality, he will keep silent about his troubles and even if he went to sleep early, he won’t have a good night’s sleep. It was better for him to stay up all night and do something together with us.”

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Song He: “…”

The rain poured all day and night, and finally stopped only when the sky fully lit up. If Le Yao had read the weather forecast, he would have realized that today was going to be an extremely hot and sultry day, but he would not wake up for a while yet. hJs5Ml

He had just slept for a little while, but managed to have a very bad dream.

He dreamt that Xu Yao had come back home. He had asked him about his task from before. Did you think about a unique nickname for me? How many pieces of paper did you use?

He saw Xu Yao’s scarlet eyes, as if they were burning with fire.

He trembled: No, I haven’t thought about it. And about ten pieces of paper? ndiO0L

Xu Yao said: It’s over. You are going to be miserable now.

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Then Xu Yao grabbed him, lifted his clothes and found a place to bite him…

Le Yao woke up in a flash. His heartbeat was racing so fast that it seemed out of control.

He discovered that the rain had stopped while he had slept. The sunlight came in through the window and spread bright white light on the floor. When he heard the sound of water flowing in the bathroom, he got out of the bed to find a pile of dirty clothes lying on the floor. hSV5CL


Xu Yao’s bad habit still couldn’t be changed. But…

This wasn’t right! These were not the clothes that Xu Yao had worn when he had left yesterday. When Xu Yao had gone out, he was wearing his military uniform, while those on the floor looked more like outdoor clothing. Le Yao stretched his neck to the bathroom and asked, “General, is that you?”

There was no response from the bathroom. aKPSHo

Le Yao shouted again, “Xu Yao?”

The person in the bathroom remained silent.

Le Yao became alert all of a sudden. He got out of the bed quietly, glanced around and picked up the pair of scissors that he had used to make handicrafts. He held the scissors tightly with his hands and walked quietly to the bathroom door. As soon as the bathroom door opened, Le Yao thrust his arms out in fright, and quickly pointed the scissors at the person inside the bathroom, while yelling, “No, don’t move!”

“Why?” Xu Yao, who was still drenched with water and was tucking a towel into his waist, answered casually, as if he didn’t register the threat of the scissors in front of him. “Your husband didn’t come back for just one night, are you that angry?” aVy7 b

“My god! That scared me to death!” Seeing that there was a thick layer of grievance surrounding Xu Yao’s body, Le Yao frowned and put down the scissors. “Why didn’t you answer when I called out to you?”

“I won’t answer if you call me in that manner.” Xu Yao said, “Do you have anything to eat?”

“There is nothing ready yet. You will have to wait for a moment.” Le Yao hurriedly placed the scissors back. “Is barbecue alright? I had marinated some meat last night.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s okay.” Xu Yao sat on the chair and watched Le Yao get busy in the kitchen. “Have you finished the task I assigned to you? The sun is already this high in the sky, yet you were still sleeping on the bed, and didn’t even know that your husband had already come home.” 4umL0e

Le Yao raised his wrist and looked at his communicator. Gosh, it was already noon.

He couldn’t understand why Xu Yao had gone to that place again, but he brought back so many grievances with him. Le Yao doubted whether this guy was robbing tombs here, by relying on the distance between Tarot and Huaxia to be free of any scrutiny. How else could he be so rich? He took three million yuan out for him without any hesitation. He did not have a foundation like the Le family did, as an old generation family that has business everywhere.

Xu Yao said, “What about my question earlier? Did you finish the task I gave you?”

Le Yao quickly put the marinated meat into the intelligent chef’s side opening to bake, and then cooked some rice. He said, “I can’t think of any.” 1KD9eP

“Hmm. How many pieces of paper did you use last night?” Xu Yao asked.

Le Yao: “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

What? No! As soon as you returned, a horror movie started here. Are you that bored? Just tell me if you are bored!

“It seems that many have been used,” said Xu Yao. “Okay, come here, Le Yaoyao.” Xu Yao pointed at his little wife, “I’ll give you a choice.” BnzgMs

Le Yao looked at Xu Yao defensively and asked, “What’s the choice?”

Xu Yao said, “First, take off your clothes and lie flat on the bed. For each piece of paper, I will bite you once. Second, from now on, you should call me husband.”

Le Yao: “…” You are a bully! Making trouble out of nowhere!

Le Yao courageously shook his head in denial, “Then, what if I don’t want to choose?” Okgruq

Xu Yao didn’t answer the question, and just stood up from his chair and approached him. Le Yao got so scared that he grabbed the carrot on the chopping board and pointed it at Xu Yao. “What are you doing?”

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Xu Yao slowly closed the gap, took away the carrot, and pressed Le Yao’s body against the kitchen counter. “What do you think I want to do?” He asked in a low tone, with a smile on his face.

Le Yao was so flustered that he wanted to grab something. He subconsciously tried to grab Xu Yao’s clothes, but forgot that Xu Yao hadn’t worn any clothes at all. He was bare chested! So he clutched at Xu Yao’s bath towel. He wanted to shake the clothes to get Xu Yao’s attention and negotiate for some more time for him to adapt.

Who would think that just because of his act of grabbing and shaking, the bath towel would move and become loose? Then, a special opening was created right in front of his eyes! DYu pH

Le Yao was so scared that he froze on the spot. He immediately wanted to pull up the bath towel that was going to fall down. As a result, he ended up grabbing a place that he shouldn’t have grabbed!

His husband chuckled and with a low voice full of interest, said, “Where are you grabbing, ah?”

Le Yao: “…”

A few seconds later, Le Yao bowed his head, and to save his life, he cried out in a tiny mosquito-like voice, “Husband…” M5tOdg

The author has something to say:

Le Yao: I’m not his opponent ah! (﹏<)


Translator's Note

After midnight

Translator's Note

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  1. After all, he hardly slept the <s>bight</s> night before because <s>oft</s> of his debt of more than two million yuan.

    It was okay to wait for more days <s>tough</s> though, they were not in _a_ hurry.

    Thanks for translating =)