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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh15 - Le Yao’s Poker Cards


The next day, when Le Yao woke up, it was raining outside. He sat up with a chicken coop on his head and his eyes were still a little bit blurred. When he heard a familiar ringtone, he suddenly got excited and looked at his communicator. He was relieved to see that the loan was paid off.

“What are you doing? Are you afraid that the money will be transferred again?” The general beside him said it with a hoarse voice. bNYmu3

“No!” Le Yao stared at him. Xu Yao’s voice sounded deep and hoarse when he just woke up like this. There was a strange sensation in his heart and he seemed kind of hot. It would be better if his expression didn’t look like someone who had a bad intention to tease him everyday.

After staring him for some time, Le Yao stood up and walked into the kitchen pridefully, with his head high and puffing chest, full of fighting spirit.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As soon as Xu Yao saw that his little wife had taken the steps like a rooster, he was not in a good mood to stay in bed anymore, so he also got up. Although the sky hasn’t became bright, he went to take a bath and then came out with just a towel on his waist as usual. He sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette, habitually put a pair of long legs on the tea table, and listened to the morning military news broadcast by his intelligent assistant, Leslie.

After a while, Xu Yao shouted, “Le Yaoyao, give me a glass of water!” U0GJ91

Hearing this, Le Yao instantly thought about more than two million yuan that he owed. How dare he disobey his benefactor? He then asked like a good wife, “Cool or warm?”

Xu Yao said, “Cool.”

Le Yao quickly got a cup of cold water to Xu Yao and handed it to him. He said like a obedient puppy, “General, your water.”

Xu Yao took the cup and raised his eyebrows: “How can I remember that a certain someone last night owed me money in the name of a wife? What did you just call me?” KbwdfY

Le Yao made a quick decision, “Brother Xu!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I don’t lack brothers,” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao: “…” Xu Yao, you damn it! I would ask a group of ghost brothers to trample on your body tonight, could you still tease me?

The little white rabbit’s red eyes were glaring at the black as the abyss big wolf’s eyes. The rabbit was naturally defeated and said, “Ah! My breakfast is going to be battered!” RIYQm

He said that and ran quickly to the kitchen. Xu Yao looked at the running figure like he just stepped on his tail.

While making breakfast, Le Yao tried to call him more intimately in his heart. “husband”? “dear”? My god, how could I call him like that? I felt goosebumps all over my body! He turned around secretly to see what Xu Yao was doing. When he found that Xu Yao was staring at the kitchen, he quickly turned around and continued to cut the vegetables.

“Dangdang Dangdang!” Early in the morning, the general’s wife managed to make the kitchen so lively by himself.

Xu Yao didn’t feel upset at him at all. He just continued to watch the military news. When the smell of food came from the table, he went to the main chair and sat down. He found that today’s breakfast has changed to another style, bread, barbecue, fruit salad, juice, which looked full of color, so fragrant and various in nutrition. He suddenly had a kind of comfort in his heart, that someone only prepared this breakfast for him alone. n3REKy

“I don’t know if you’re used to eat this kind of food,” said Le Yao. “Anyway, I’ll try to do different things every day, so you won’t be bored. If you don’t think it’s delicious, you can tell me directly. Next time I won’t cook it.”

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“It’s not called virtuous, it’s called being able to see the situation clearly,” said Le Yao. “I have to serve my benefactor well. By the way, is there any place for me to work here?”

Xu Yao said, “No. We’re on military area, so we mostly just need soldiers to work. You’re an omega, and it’s a rare circumstances in here so there’s no suitable job for you. And what do you think you can do? If I remember correctly, you’re still a student.” brvpJG

Le Yao added in his heart silently: Yes, I also had poor grades at school.

In fact, he learned very well when he was on the earth more than 500 years ago, but the things he learned before could be said to be totally unsuitable here. So, it was very difficult to find a better job with these skills. Moreover, the metaphysics that he was familiar with, there were no one to believe.

“What are you going to do today?” Xu Yao suddenly asked.

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“Let’s see. If it’s raining all the time, I will just stay at home and draw something to pass the time.” ClidEy

“Can you draw?”

“Of course, everybody can do it, right?” If he couldn’t draw, then how would he made a deck of cards with such difficultly for his brothers?

Originally, Le Yao wanted to see if Uncle Ming was free after breakfast. If he was free, he would go to the mountain with Uncle Ming. He wanted to take some branches for the incense materials. But it was raining today, so he would cancel this plan. It was obviously impossible and dangerous to go up the mountain.

Xu Yao didn’t ask any more. He had his work to do even when it rained today, so he put on the military uniform he had prepared before. He straightened his collar and waved to Le Yao, “Yaoyao, come here.” 82QuPL

“Hmm, what is it?” Le Yao asked.

Xu Yao grabbed his hand, selected one of his fingers and presses it on his communicator screen without asking, “Leslie, record my wife’s biological data and open the second level authority to him at the same time.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Leslie: “Yes, general.”

A piece of blue light flashed on the communicator, and then the light expanded rapidly, forming an aperture with a diameter of one meter. This aperture directly covers Le Yao’s whole body and scanned it from the bottom to top and back from top to bottom. Leslie said, “Report to general, madam’s biological data has been recorded and has successfully opened the second level of authority to him.” eiaAyq

When Le Yao saw that the aperture disappeared, he wanted to draw his hand. But Xu Yao did not let him out of his hand.

“What are you doing?” Le Yao asked.

Xu Yao slowly rubbed his thumb against Le Yao’s palm, “What did you eat all this time? How can your skin is so smooth?”

Finish saying this with a smile, Xu Yao let go of his hand and said, “I’ll give you a task. Think about how to call me before I come back. Remember, I want something unique and affectionate.” EGw0eB

After that, he did not care whether Le Yao disagreed with him or not, he just turned to walk through the rain.

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Le Yao rubbed his palm like it was going to be burned and his heart beated so fast. He quickly used his hand to fan the wind to his face, and then went to drink a large glass of cold water. Hmm, what happened to me?

Uncle Ming and Yan Jie walked into the yard at this time, and soon they boarded Xu Yao’s aircraft. The aircraft took off slowly.

“General, Madam’s terminal communication device shows that his temperature has increased between one and two degrees at present.” Leslie said. HgRtZE

“With the terminal communication device, remind him about the specific power contained in the second level authority.” said Xu Yao.

Leslie: “Yes, general.”

Yan Jie was shocked, “Brother Xu, you open the second level authority to Le Yao? Isn’t that too risky?”

Every soldier in Huaxia star had a certain level of authority. Xu Yao was at the highest level. Uncle Ming and another deputy commander including him, about five or six people, were at the highest level too. Then there was ordinary level 1, level 2 and level 3. Although the level 2 seemed to be very low, it was free to enter most areas of the Flying Wolf Division. voHXG2

Xu Yao said, “There is no risk. When he came, he told me that he wanted to find someone here, but I don’t think there was much movement these two days. I want to know who he’s looking for.”

Yan Jie, “What if he is just under the cover of looking for someone, but he is actually going to do something else?”

Xu Yao glanced at Yan Jie lightly, “Have you ever met someone who dares to play me under my eyes?”

Yes, I have seen it! J3mxqY

There was something else that Yan Jie want to say, but Uncle Ming held him down. Uncle Ming said, “Mr. Xiao Le’s performance these days is really quite different from our investigation. Although we can’t confirm the real purpose of him coming to Huaxia star, we shouldn’t put any labels on him until we understand his plan. But then, general, do you intend to keep Mr. Xiao Le as your wife?”

“Do you think I can spit out the meat that was already on my mouth?”

At this moment, his expression was obviously a little bit playful. But strangely, it was impossible to question his words.

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Uncle Ming and Yan Jie didn’t talk about this problem anymore. Then, suddenly Le Yao sent the first voice message to Xu Yao at this time. jqOzi2

Little white rabbit: “General, can I use your printing paper? I think there’s printing paper in here.”

Xu Yao gently clasped the handrail and said with a smile, “Of course you can, one bite for one piece of paper, how about it?”

He didn’t know whether Le Yao was so scared or what, but there was no following after this sentences.

Yan Jie saw that Xu Yao seemed to be spoiling his wife, but in fact he was holding the power to control his life and death, and putting the person in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, he was speechless. Yes, how did he think that Mr. Fox would be tricked by a little white rabbit? That was impossible, right? DQX51K

The aircraft hovered near a valley with a low-pitched roaring sound. When the hatch opened, Yan Jie went down without the thought of his anxiety to Le Yao.

At this time, someone came out from the cave not far from the river valley to meet Xu Yao, and he called out, “General.”

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“Are you sure this is the position?” Xu Yao asked.

“Yes. There’s an unusual energy fluctuation here before dawn, but it suddenly disappears after dawn,” the man said. fZd1Ep

Xu Yao didn’t ask anything more. He directly walked and went into the cave.

At the same time, Le Yao took a very good quality printing paper. He measured the size and calculated the quantity. He cut this piece of printing paper into sixty-four pieces of small paper. After cutting, he took a black pen and a red pen, drew from A to 10. A piece of paper with only 2.5 cm x 4 cm was made of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

Honestly, he thought that his eyes would be blind when he drew in these small pieces of paper. But he was more afraid for the outcome if he took another paper, so he didn’t do it. Because the printing paper was close to the paper jam, the quality was very good, and the number of sheets in there was small. He thought that if he took more paper, Xu Yao would find out directly.

It was relatively easy to draw from A to 10, all of which were simple and geometric figures. But when drawing to J, Q, K and two jokers, Le Yao was a bit hesitated. Those knights, kings, queens and so on, where could he draw ah? So after he had thought for a long time, he suddenly had a brilliant idea! BdsE9K

Half a day later, Ji Fengyu and Song He who were bored, suddenly received a pack of playing cards! The playing card box written “Poker Cards”. They were so happy that they couldn’t wait to see the cards together. But when they opened the poker box and saw the size and the picture of the poker card in it, they were stunned and speechless!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was okay for the cards size and the picture from A until 10. It seemed that everything was normal except for these three cards! What the hell with these J, Q, K; and big and small “ugly”?

Le Yao drew four little match people on J cards, each of whom held a different weapon, including a knife, sword, gun and dagger. On Q cards, he also drew four little match people, each of whom wore a flower: red peach blossom, black peach blossom, square flower and plum blossom. On K cards, he also drew a little match people, whose on his head was a crown and did you know what was written on the top of the crown?

King 1, King 2, King 3, King 4! CzIj8M

What was more unpleasant were the jokers. The “joker” was also called “clown”. Le Yao may be too lazy to write it, so he just wrote a big “ugly” on the paper of the colored clown and a small “ugly” on the black clown.

It was daytime, so Ji Fengyu couldn’t fly to Le Yao and complaint about these cards in the first place. But they were bad! No! It was very bad!

Song He held a piece of red peach blossom Q card a with his big mother’s finger and index finger. “Brother Ji, are you sure that he can make the incense?” IHSg 5

Ji Fengyu stayed silent for a moment, “Let’s play with this cards first.”

Generally speaking, the things burned to the deceased were not made into the actual size. It was smaller and as detail as possible, so they should write the size data behind the things. The burning things that came to the underworld would become the same size as the data written on it, except for gold coins. But apparently, Le Yao didn’t write the size behind the poker cards.

Le Yao just really forgot about the size thing. The cards detail drawing was already made his back and eyes tired. It was already good to finish the drawing! With that small thing, he burned it in the bathroom and went to make lunch for himself.

It was still raining outside. He thought, Ji Fengyu and his brothers should have a good time, right? dzh 9j

In fact, the current situation was like this:

Song He slammed the poker cards and shook the table, “Three sheets 2!”

Ji Fengyu looked at the cards and confused, “Aren’t there only two of them? Where are the third?”

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Wang Feixia covered his face and shook his head, “It’s too small and light. One of them is blown away by the wind before it reaches the table. Don’t you see it?” RnF6 Y

Song He: “…”

Ji Fengyu: “…”


Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

“小丑” means clown, but in that card, he just wrote “丑” which means “ugly”

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