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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh13 - Luxury Villa


Edited by Wiji and Noks

The vegetables had already been picked and could not be stuck back to their stems. So Le Yao had to accept Uncle Ming’s kindness and let him pay for the vegetables first. When he received the vegetables, his face was more purple than the eggplants in the bag. 9cu8Kg

Uncle Ming stopped walking and said to Le Yao, “Don’t be sad, please wait for the General to come back. He will have a way.”

On their way home, Le Yao firmly said that he still owed the money to Uncle Ming. He would think about a way to return it later. He nodded his head and listlessly said, “I have troubled you today Uncle Ming, I’ll go into the house first. Thank you.”

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Uncle Ming replied, “Please call me if you need anything later.”

Le Yao waved, closed the door, picked up the vegetables and began to wash them. He took out the eggplants, removed their stalks and cut them down the middle, which divided each one into two parts. He also took out a piece of meat and thawed it. He didn’t know when Xu Yao would be coming back, so he didn’t hurry to finish cooking. He just stood beside the kitchen table and peeled garlic cloves and onions. After he finished peeling, he hesitated whether or not to send a message to Xu Yao. After some deliberation, he lifted his wrist and instead dialed Le Feishan’s communicator. nyeYUR

“Le Yao?” It didn’t take long for Le Feishan to pick up the call, “It’s rare for you to call me. You still think about your father?”

“How could I forget about you, dad? I just wanted to ask how you’ve been doing these days.”

“… Not good.” It seemed that Le Feishan had some problems at home. After all, he seemed a little bit upset. “Your mother fell off the balcony today and was hospitalized. What about you? Are you used to living on Huaxia?”

“I… I’m used to it. The prices are very high here. Do you think it is possible for you to…” Le Yao gritted his teeth and braced himself, and then asked, “Do you think you can transfer three million yuan to me? If three million is too inconvenient, two million and three hundred thousand will do.” DJ nI3

“Le Yao!!!” Le Feishan suddenly roared, scaring Le Yao, “Don’t you have anything else to ask from me? I said that your mother was in the hospital, don’t you care about her? You ask for money every time we talk! Don’t you have a heart?”

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“I promise it’s the last time, dad!” Le Yao said, “I borrowed some money three months ago. If I don’t pay it back, it will affect my credit investigation. In the future, I won’t even be able to sit on a spaceship if I don’t solve this. Please just help me this time.”

“Help you? Which ‘time’ have you not said is the last time, huh? Which ‘time’ is the real last time?! Your mother may be used to it but I’m not! ” Le Feishan said angrily, “I won’t send you any money! Let’s see how you’ll solve this now!”

“Dududu…” KHi8ud

Le Feishan cut off communication.

When Xu Yao came back, he heard the familiar ‘clang clang’ sound inside the house, but this time, it seemed a bit heavy. When he opened the door and looked towards the kitchen, Le Yao had a knife in his hand and was trying to cut the meat on a chopping board. Xu Yao didn’t know what was wrong, but Le Yao didn’t seem like he was cutting meat, but instead looked like he wanted to kill someone.

Didn’t he realise that someone is here? His alertness is really too poor.

Xu Yao took off his coat and threw it away. He quietly went behind Le Yao, then pressed down on the hand that was holding the knife and covered his eyes with his other hand. He lowered his voice and said fiercely, “Don’t move! Robbery!” PvGjUk

The sudden hot and humid feeling on his eyes shocked Le Yao, and his whole being froze up. But when he smelled the familiar scent and realised it was Xu Yao, he relaxed a little. Just a little. He took his knife with his other hand and angrily said, “Robbery? You can inherit my huge fortune after robbing!”

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It is not a huge fortune, it is a huge loan!

Dfobgf We Tjb tjv mbwf yjmx, tf tjv mbcajmafv Fcmif Zlcu. Lf xcfk atja ktfc Of Tjb tjv ybeuta nfufajyifr abvjs, tf mbeivc’a fnfc qjs 110 sejc. Ojafg, tf erfv rbwf rqfmlji wfjcr ab mtfmx bea Of Tjb’r jmmbeca, rb tf xcfk atja Of Tjb’r jmmbeca kjr ralii lc vfya.

Hmm, poor child. 6TIzjS

Xu Yao felt his bad mood rising during the middle of Le Yao’s struggle, “Little rabbit, who dares to make you so upset?”

Le Yao replied in a low voice, “Myself!”

Even if the one who had borrowed money was actually not himself, it was still all up to him now. As soon as Le Yao thought about that loan of more than two million yuan which was such a frightening amount, he just wanted to lie flat under the kitchen knife and cut himself up!

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Xu Yao smiled, “You finish making dinner first. I’ll go take a bath. Whatever it is, we can talk about it later.” EXnfP0

The smell of Xu Yao’s sweat was very heavy because he had been very busy outside. Le Yao distinctly felt that the pressure in the air had increased. He nodded, then concentrated on making dinner. Tonight’s dishes were eggplants, braised pork with beans, and tomatoe salad. It was only ordinary home cooking, but he did it all with great care.

Why shouldn’t he care about the food? He had borrowed Uncle Ming’s money to buy these ingredients!

Le Yao felt like he was suffocating. He hadn’t thought of what he could do to earn more than two million yuan. Two million here was no different from the two million in 2019 on Earth. Ordinary families needed several years or even longer to earn this amount, but he had to find a way to make it in half a month. How could this even be possible?

Putting the vegetables in the pot as he mixed the ingredients, Le Yao still felt upset. He went over to pick up all the clothes Xu Yao had left on the floor, including the pants he had replaced in the morning and the one he had stepped on. When he was upset, he would be even more agitated upon seeing disorder around the house, so this mess couldn’t be tolerated. He first piled up these clothes by the door of the bathroom. tg5j2k

When Xu Yao came out of the bath, he saw the pile. He asked Le Yao, “Why did you pile up the clothes here?”

“Do you have anything in your pockets?” asked Le Yao, “Take it out first.”

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Xu Yao was a little surprised, “You’ll wash it for me?”

Le Yao said gloomily, “I’ll just put it in the washing machine for you. Ah! Also, I borrowed 110 yuan from Uncle Ming when I bought vegetables today. If it’s alright, can you pay him back first?” N7Y6rA

After that, he went back to the kitchen and thought about whether or not he should borrow money from Xu Yao.

If he didn’t pay back the borrowed money within 15 days, it would affect his credit worthiness. In the future, no matter whether it was riding a spaceship or buying valuable things, he would encounter special troubles. But, to borrow money… He was an adult, but he hadn’t borrowed money from anyone before.

Le Yao placed all the dishes on the table. Throughout dinner, he was absent-minded whilst eating. He placed some beans in his bowl and only spooned up three bites. On the other hand, Xu Yao ate a large amount of the eggplants, and half of it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

With his own speed of eating, Xu Yao fully expressed his affirmation of Le Yao’s cooking skills. He finished and put down his chopsticks, “You should cook more next time, it’s still not enough to eat.” GsLKa2

This much meat was still not enough?! Such a rice pit!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao saw that only half of the eggplant dish was left on the plate, and thought for a moment with chopsticks between his lips. “It’s alright to make more, but for fairness, I’ll cook and you’ll pay for the ingredients.”

Xu Yao said happily, “No problem. I’ll give the living expenses to you later.”

Le Yao nodded, after borrowing this money he chewed the food in his mouth three times faster and finally did not talk anymore. After finishing the last half of the eggplant dish, he simply cleaned the table, and then put the clothes that he had piled up into the washing machine. bVsJpF

After eating until he was full, Xu Yao sat on the sofa and watched his little wife rush around doing housework. He was very happy. He took out his communicator and wondered if Le Yao would borrow money from him. But he hadn’t mentioned it to Le Yao when he was eating before. Instead, he had caught a glimpse of the paper house which had been put aside.

The paper house was very colorful, and was placed in an inconspicuous place by Le Yao. At first, he didn’t pay attention to it.

“Le Yaoyao, do you want a dog?” Xu Yao asked, “What is that?”

“A dog?” What kind of dog do you have? When Le Yao got closer and realised what Xu Yao was talking about, he immediately took a swipe at the corner of his mouth, “This is not a dog house!” Fortunately, Ji Fengyu didn’t come here today, or you wouldn’t feel like you’ve only been run over by a truck! vdgRC

“Not a dog house? Then what is that?” Xu Yao asked, “A cat house?”

“No,” Le Yao replied, “This is… Well, you can think of it as a house of troubles. When I’ve finished making it, I’ll put all my troubles in it and burn it, and then there will be no trouble left!”

“Is that true? So divine?” Xu Yao’s expression resembled that of a child.

“Of course!” In order to burn a ‘mansion’ for his friend reasonably, he also said, “But now, I don’t know where to burn it. Can you tell me of a good place to burn it?” TASnHW

Xu Yao crossed his hands in front of his chest for a long time. Upon seeing Le Yao’s unflattering eyes, he was reminded of a little white rabbit who wanted to ask for a carrot from a wolf’s daddy. So, he made a mess out of Le Yao’s hair and said, “Wait for me, I’ll take you out after I’ve changed my clothes.”

Le Yao finally smiled for the first time after returning from the cold shed, “Okay!”

Xu Yao took out some clothes from the wardrobe. Seeing that Le Yao was still waiting for him in the bedroom, he asked with a smile, “You don’t want to go out? Do you want to see how big the ‘fish’ you didn’t eat yesterday is?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hearing what Xu Yao had said, Le Yao’s ears turned red again. He hurriedly left the bedroom while holding the paper house. WcldD

After Xu Yao got dressed and came out, he found his hover car suspended mid-air in the yard. Uncle Ming and Yan Jie heard their voices and saw them coming out from their house. 

Uncle Ming asked, “General, are you going out?”

Xu Yao lit a cigarette and held it in his mouth. He smiled and said, “I’m going out to take a walk with my little wife.”

Uncle Ming: “…” uUgc6

Yan Jie: “…”

Le Yao took his ‘trouble house’ to the hover car and repeatedly said in his heart: Not angry! I’m not angry!

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By this time, Xu Yao had also sat inside, and the hatch closed before the hover car slowly started to fly up.

Le Yao didn’t know where Xu Yao was taking him, so he held onto the paper house tightly and looked out of the window. At this time, the outside surroundings were very dark, and there were only a few bright places outside of the living area. The hover car slowly accelerated. Xu Yao specified a point on the map and Le Yao looked at it. It seemed to be the seaside. sRdN9V

In fact, it was indeed the seaside. After Xu Yao and Le Yao got off the hover car, it’s headlights illuminated the seaside. Le Yao saw that he was now standing on the beach, and that there was a small forest not far from here. But because it was too far away and the lighting was not enough, it couldn’t be seen very clearly. At this moment, waves beat up and down along the shore, crashing against the sand.

Xu Yao said, “Burn it.”

Le Yao asked, “Can you lend me a lighter?”

Le Yao had actually brought a lighter, but he saw that the lighter used by Xu Yao when he lit up his cigarettes seemed to be better. 4I3Qf7

Xu Yao happily gave the lighter to Le Yao. After Le Yao received it, he took the paper house and walked closer to the sea. He squatted down, and began to write something on the sand.

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Xu Yao was very curious. He looked past Le Yao’s shoulder and found that he didn’t understand anything that Le Yao had written. It seemed to be some words, but after it was written, why did he draw a geometric figure around it? It looks like instant noodles!

Le Yao wrote very fast. In a short time, he had finished Ji Fengyu’s eight characters of birth and and his receiving address, as well as the complicated rune, which was enough to make the people here look foolish. After finishing the rune, he placed the paper house in the center. He took out the lighter and aimed it at the paper house. Soon, after catching fire, the paper house quickly burned out.

Xu Yao asked, “Is it done?” oUT16R

Le Yao nodded, “Yes! It’s finished!”

At the same time, in a cemetery about 650 kilometers away, Ji Fengyu suddenly received a large villa from the world of the living. The living world hadn’t burned anything for the undead for many years. But suddenly, a big villa had appeared here, so many ghosts from the cemetery came over to see.

They found that the villa was very magnificent. There were three floors in total.

On the table of the first floor, there was a bowl of noodles. Beside the flat table was a note that said: ‘Fragrant and crisp, with an endless delicious aftertaste!’ 2vYst

Not far from the table was a razor. A note next to the razor said: ‘Shave clean and leave no marks!’

Beside the razor was a bottle of shampoo, which said: ‘Dandruff removal and hair nourishment, two steps in one go!’

On the left side of it was a lollipop, which said: ‘Lick and lick, forever sweet!’

On the right side was something even more powerful. There was a condom, and the note next to it said: ‘Experience zero distance pleasure, bringing you ultimate safety and enjoyment simultaneously!’ dsl6Yh

Ji Fengyu: “…”

At this moment, Ji Fengyu was quite sure that Le Yao was definitely his real brother!

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Translator's Note

a face that turns dark red due to anger or embarrassment

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

The Le Yao who has transmigrated has never borrowed any money before…just in case anyone gets confused :)

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