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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh13 - Luxury Villa


The vegetables were already picked and could not be re-sticked back to the stem. So, Le Yao had to accept uncle Ming’s kindness and let him paid for the vegetables first. When he received the vegetables, his face was more purple than the eggplant in the bag.

Uncle Ming stopped talking and said to Le Yao, “Don’t be sad, please wait for the general to come back. He has a way. ” JbUNyI

On their way home, Le Yao said that he still owed the money to Uncle Ming. He would think about the way to return it later. He nodded his head and listlessly said, “I have troubling you today Uncle Ming, I’ll go to the house first. Thank you.”

Uncle Ming said, “Please call me if you need anything.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao waved, closed the door and began to pick and washed the vegetables. He took the eggplant, removed the stalk and cut it in the middle and divided it into two parts. He also took a piece of meat and thawed it. He didn’t know when Xu Yao would come back, so he didn’t hurry to cook them. He just stood beside the kitchen table and peeled garlic and onion. After peeling, he hesitated to send a message to Xu Yao. Instead, after lifting his wrist, he dialed Le Feishan’s communicator.

“Le Yao?” It didn’t take long for Le Feishan’s side to pick it up. “It’s rare for you to call me. Did you still think about your dad?” fnlzmA

“How can I forget about you, dad? I just want to ask how you are these days.”

“… Make it up. ” It seems that Le Feishan had some accidents. After the accident, he was a little bit upset. “Your mother fell off the balcony today and was hospitalized. What about you? Are you used to living at Huaxia star?”

“I, I’ll use to it. The price is very high here. Do you think it is possible to…” Le Yao gritted his teeth and braced himself, then said, “Do you think you can transfer another three million yuan to me? If three million is inconvenient, two million and three hundred thousand will do.”

“Le Yao!!” Le Feishan suddenly roared and scared Le Yao. “You have nothing else to talk to me, right? I said that your mother was in hospital, don’t you care about her? You ask for money every time you talk! Don’t you have heart? ” reZ3yK

“I promise it’s the last time, dad!” Le Yao said, “I borrowed some money three months ago. If I don’t pay it back, it will affect the credit investigation. In the future, I can’t even sit on the aircraft. Please help me just this time.”

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“Help me? What time do you say is the last time, huh? Which time is the last time?! Your mother’s used to it! ” Le Feishan said, “I won’t send you money! How do you like to solve it?”


Le Feishan cut off the communication. c30IpH

When Xu Yao came back, he heard the familiar “clang clang” sound inside the house, but this time it was a bit heavy. When he opened the door and looked at the kitchen, Le Yao took a knife on his hand and tried to cut the meat on the table. Xu Yao didn’t know what was wrong, but he didn’t seem wanted to cut the meat, instead he looked like someone that want to kill people.

Didn’t he find that someone was here? His alertness was really poor.

Xu Yao took off his coat and threw it away. He went behind Le Yao in a quiet way. He pressed his hand that holding the knife and covered his eyes with another hand. He lowered his voice and said fiercely, “Don’t move! Robbery!”

A hot and humid feeling in his eyes suddenly shocked Le Yao, and the whole person froze. But when he smelled the familiar scent and he knew it was Xu Yao, he relaxed a little. Just a little. He took out his knife with his other hand and angrily he said, “Robbery! You can inherit my huge fortune after robbing!” bGwDqt

Not huge fortune, it was a loan!

Before Xu Yao came back, he had contacted Uncle Ming. He knew that when Le Yao bought vegetables today, he couldn’t even paid 110 yuan. Later, he used some special means to check Le Yao’s account, so he knew that Le Yao’s account still owed some loan.

Hmm, poor boy.

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Xu Yao felt the bad mood feeling in the middle of Le Yao’s struggling, “Little rabbit, who makes you upset?” 1LUR3B

Of Tjb rjlv lc j ibk nblmf, “Zsrfio!”

Snfc lo atf bcf ktb ybggbkfv atf wbcfs kjr jmaejiis cba tlwrfio, la kjr eq ab tlw cbk. Cr rbbc jr Of Tjb atbeuta atja ibjc bo wbgf atjc akb wliilbc kjr remt j oglutafclcu jwbeca, tf pera kjcafv ab ilf oija ecvfg atf xlamtfc xclof jcv mea tlwrfio.

Xu Yao smiled, “You make the dinner first. I’ll take a bath. Whatever it is, we can talk about it later.”

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The smell of Xu Yao’s sweat was very heavy because he was busy outside. Le Yao felt that the pressure in the air had increased. He nodded, then concentrated on making dinner. Tonight’s dish was eggplant, braised pork with beans, and tomatoes salad. It was just ordinary home cooking, but he did it with great care.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Couldn’t he care about the food? He borrowed Uncle Ming’s money to buy these ingredients!

Le Yao was almost suffocating. He hasn’t thought of what he could do to earn more than two million yuan. The two million here were no different from the two million in 2019 on the earth. Ordinary families needed to make money for several years or even longer, but he had to find a way to make it in half a month. How could this be possible? VP59dv

Put the dishes in the pot, mixed the ingredients, and Le Yao was still upset. He went to pick up all the clothes Xu Yao left on the floor, including the pants he replaced in the morning and the one he stepped on. When he was upset, he would be more upset to see the disorder in the house, so this couldn’t be tolerated. He piled up his clothes at the door of the bathroom first.

When Xu Yao came out of the bath, he saw it. He asked Le Yao, “Why did you pile up this clothes here?”

“Do you have anything in your pocket?” said Le Yao. “Take it out first.”

Xu Yao was a little surprised, “You wash it for me?” dajf58

Le Yao said gloomily, “I just put it in the washing machine for you. In addition, I borrowed 110 yuan from Uncle Ming when I bought vegetables today. If it’s alright, you can pay him back first.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After that, he went back to the kitchen and thought about whether to borrow money from Xu Yao first.

If he didn’t pay back the money within 15 days, it would affect the credit investigation. In the future, no matter whether he was on a spaceship or buying valuable things, he would have special troubles. But, to borrow money… He was so big that he hadn’t borrowed money from anyone before.

Le Yao put all the food on the table. He was absent-minded when eating. He took the bean on his bowl and just spooned three bites. On the other hand, Xu Yao ate a large amount of the eggplant, half of it would disappear in a blink of an eye. FBHnW3

With his own speed of eating, Xu Yao fully expressed his affirmation to the cooking skill of Le Yao. He finished and put down his chopsticks, “You should cook more next time, it’s not enough to eat.”

So much meat was still not enough?! Such a rice pit!

Le Yao saw only half of the eggplant left on the plate and thought for a moment with chopsticks in his lips. “It’s alright to do more, but in fairness, I’ll cook and you’ll pay.”

Xu Yao said happily, “No problem. I’ll give the living expenses for you later.” 3 mF4g

Le Yao nodded, after borrowing money he chewed the food in his mouth around three times and finally did not talk anymore. After finishing the last half of eggplant, he simply cleaned up the table, and then put the clothes that he had pilled into the washing machine.

After eating until full, Xu Yao sat on the sofa and watched his little wife doing the housework. He was very happy. He took the communicator and wondered if Le Yao would borrow money from him. But he didn’t mention it to Le Yao when he was eating before. Instead, he caught a glimpse of the paper house which was put aside.

The paper house was colorful and put in an inconspicuous place by Le Yao. At first, he didn’t pay attention to it.

“Le Yao Yao, do you want a dog?” Xu Yao said, “What is it?” wb2PWy

“A dog?” What kind of dog do you have? When Le Yao got closer and knew what Xu Yao was talking about, he immediately took a swipe at the corner of his mouth, “This is not a dog house!” Fortunately, Ji Fengyu didn’t come here, or you were not only run over by truck today!

“Not a dog house? What is that?” Xu Yao said, “Cat house?”

“No.” Le Yao said, “This is… Well, you can think of it as a house of troubles. When I’ve finished, I’ll put the trouble in it and burn it, then there will be no trouble!”

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“Is that right? So divine?” Xu Yao’s expression was like a child. mvdciW

“Of course!” In order to burn a “mansion” for his friend reasonably, he also spelled, “But now, I don’t know where to burn it. Can you tell me a good place to burn it?”

Xu Yao’s hands crossed in front of his chest for a long time. Seeing that Le Yao’s eyes were not so flattering, he was just like a little white rabbit who wanted to ask for a carrot from wolf’s father. So, he made a mess on Le Yao’s head and said, “Wait for me, I’ll take you out after change my clothes.”

After returning from the cold shed, Le Yao finally put on his first smile, “Ok!”

Xu Yao took some clothes from the wardrobe. Seeing that Le Yao was still waiting for him in the bedroom, he asked with a smile, “Don’t go out? Do you want to see how big the ‘fish’ you didn’t eat yesterday?” cyB1RX

Hearing what Xu Yao said, Le Yao’s ears turned red again. He hurriedly went out of the bedroom while holding the paper house.

When Xu Yao got dressed and came out, his aircraft also hovered in the yard. Uncle Ming and Yan Jie heard the voices and coming out their house. Uncle Ming asked, “General, are you going out?”

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Xu Yao lit a cigarette and hold it in his mouth. He smiled and said, “Well, go out and take a walk with my little wife.”

Uncle Ming: “…” 1ujq6

Yan Jie: “…”

Le Yao took his “trouble’s house” to the aircraft and repeatedly said in his heart: No anger! I’m not angry!

At this time, Xu Yao also sat up inside, the hatch closed, and the aircraft slowly flew up.

Le Yao didn’t know where Xu Yao was taking him, so he held the paper house and looked out of the window. At this time, outside the window was very dark, and there were few bright places outside the living area. The aircraft accelerates slowly. Xu Yao specified a point on the map, and Le Yao looked at it. It seemed like the seaside. PSD8R2

In fact, it was indeed the seaside. After Xu Yao and Le Yao got off the aircraft, the aircraft illuminated the site. Le Yao saw a beach under his feet and there was a small forest not far from the beach. But because it was too far away and the lighting was not enough, it couldn’t be seen clearly. At this moment, waves came up and down on the beach, making a “crash” sound.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xu Yao said, “Burn it.”

Le Yao asked, “Can you lend me a lighter?”

He actually brought a lighter, but he saw that the lighter used by Xu Yao when lighting cigarettes seemed to be better. 5f03qF

Xu Yao happily gave the lighter to Le Yao. After he had received it, he took the paper house and walked closer to the sea. He squatted down and began to write something on the beach.

Xu Yao was curious. He looked past his shoulder and found that he didn’t understand what Le Yao wrote very well. It seemed that it was some words, but after it was written, why he drew a geometric figure outside? It was like instant noodles!

Le Yao wrote very fast. In a short time, he finished Ji Fengyu’s eight characters of birth and wrote the receiving address, as well as the complicated rune, which was enough to make the people here look foolish. After finishing the rune, he placed the paper house and put it in the center. He took out the lighter and aimed it at the paper house. Soon after catching by the fire, the paper house burned out in a short time.

Xu Yao asked, “Is it done?” P7m lu

Le Yao nodded, “Yes! That’s all! ”

At the same time, in a cemetery about 650 kilometers away, Ji Fengyu suddenly received a large villa from the world of the living. Living world hasn’t burned anything to them for many years. Suddenly, a big villa appeared here, so many ghosts from the cemetery came to watch.

They found that the villa was very magnificent. There were three floors in total.

On the table of the first floor, there was seafood dishes on it. Beside the flat table there was a note that said: ‘Fragrant and crisp, endless aftertaste!’ TXd7KM

Not far from the table there was a razor inside the cabinet. It said next to the razor: ‘Shave clean and leave no marks!’

On the top of the razor was the shampoo, which said: ‘Dandruff removal and hair nourishment, two steps at a time!’

On the left side was a lollipop, which said: ‘Lick and lick, so sweet!’

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As on the right side, it was even more powerful. There was the condom, which said: ‘Experience zero distance pleasure, bring you ultimate safety and enjoyment!’ pKwYDJ

Ji Fengyu: “…”

At this moment, Ji Fengyu was quite sure that Le Yao was his real brother!


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Translator's Note

Translator's Note


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