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FOG [e-sports]Chapter 27


Chapter 27

Yu Sui looked into Shi Luo’s glossy dark eyes. For a long moment, he debated whether to give this whelp a big slap to wake him up or go to hell with it and just confess outright. ztMfZn

He’d hesitated for so long that Shi Luo got tired squatting and just sat down on the carpet in front of the sofa.

Yu Sui looked at Shi Luo and suddenly whispered, “For me?”

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Shi Luo nodded, “Yes, for you.”

After a long stretch of silence, Yu Sui asked, “What am I to you?” vA5Vm

“The ultimate aim for medics, my starter, my captain, my friend, and …” Shi Luo was a little embarrassed and turned his head to look around. “How come you’re suddenly asking this …”

Yu Sui tried his best to make his tone seem casual, “And?”

Shi Luo was having a hard time saying it, “A bi- …big brother.”

Yu Sui looked at Shi Luo and said quietly, a pause between each word, “Shi Luo, you absolute bastard.”


Shi Luo wasn’t happy about that. “What are you cursing at me for?”

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“Not just that. I still really want to hit you.” Yu Sui was quiet for a moment, and then smiled, “Forget it, let’s talk about it later.”

Shi Luo didn’t understand what Yu Sui meant. Rubbing his knees, he said, like a complete rogue, “No need to talk about it later, if you want to hit me then hit me, if you want to scold me, then scold me. When Ji Yanhan sent me a message yesterday, I already guessed that you two were quarrelling for a long time because of this. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to find me. I don’t quite understand what about this you’re taking issue with. Is it possible that you still want me to sign to another team? Didn’t you already decide that you want me here a long time ago?”

“I want you, but I didn’t want you to sign for that long.” Yu Sui asked Shi Luo, “Do you know how many years are left in my contract?” vK6Dd3

Shi Luo froze, “How many years?”

Yu Sui whispered, “A little more than two years.”

Shi Luo blinked, “What do you mean? Will you be transferring in two years? F*ck, don’t play with me!”

If someone had asked Yu Sui this question a week ago, Yu Sui would have said that it was absolutely impossible. 6X5IlF

But now Yu Sui was not so certain.

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But recently, or for a long time recently, the atmosphere between Yu Sui and Ji Yanhan was a little bit tense.

This kind of subtlety existed even before Shi Luo joined the team. Yu Sui originally made allowances for Ji Yanhan. His business was getting bigger and bigger and the more involved in the business he became the greater the pressure he faced. Yu Sui turned a blind eye on many things, but he couldn’t pretend to be blind to what Ji Yanhan did today. vrWB3p

Both Yu Sui and Ji Yanhan knew that Shi Luo was at that most rash and impulsive age and he himself already had a somewhat extreme personality. So from the very start, it was Yu Sui who talked with Ji Yanhan on matters regarding Shi Luo’s contract. They’d talk about it between themselves and if Yu Sui finds nothing wrong with it then Shi Luo’s family would be notified. Although Shi Luo was already past 16 and could sign the contract without a guardian’s signature, in the end, he was still a minor. According to common practice within the circle, he still needs to notify his family. This was the same for any team.

Ji Yanhan was well aware of these things. And before, he answered positively, giving pleasant to hear answers. But when the two hit stalemate yesterday, he went to Shi Luo behind his back, taking advantage of when Yu Sui was asleep to cut the Gordian knot and pressed Shi Luo to conclude the contract.

Shi Luo did voluntarily sign the contract but what Ji Yanhan did was disgusting.

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Not to mention that he already knew of Yu Sui’s intentions towards Shi Luo. Even if the player were a complete stranger, he shouldn’t have been so ruthless. B1sGHC

Shi Luo saw that Yu Sui wasn’t speaking and couldn’t help but urge, “Hey, say something, what’s the matter with you? Hasn’t… hasn’t Ji Yanhan said that he’ll give you FS? How could you transfer to another team?”

Yu Sui didn’t speak.

Ji Yanhan did say before that he’d give him the club, but that was before.

Ji Yanhan had already gone silent about this matter. MulFpi

Yu Sui never thought about asking for FS nor did he ever think about leaving FS, but Shi Luo’s contract really made him a little uncomfortable.

This uneasiness was exactly the same that he felt when he was in Team Knife Edge.

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No freedom.

Shi Luo looked at Yu Sui, confused, “What’s wrong with you?” 0m3DbA

“It’s okay, I’m not going to transfer.” Yu Sui lit a cigarette. “I’m just annoyed by your contract.”

Shi Luo smiled, “Upset that your good captain pulled one over you?”

Yu Sui said nothing. Shi Luo said easily, “I told you before. Ji Yanhan is very selfish, and although he was also a professional player once, he’s already different from you and your teammates… Making money and chasing a dream, there’s an inherent difference between the two. He and you are no longer the same kind of person. I have seen a lot of this kind of person. I’m not at all surprised that he could come look for me behind your back.”

Shi Luo looked at Yu Sui and saw that Yu Sui wasn’t going to say anything. He looked at Yu Sui again and looked at Yu Sui again. He looked over and over. YXtgUb

Yu Sui said, vexed, “Shi Luo, I’m already being very restrained by not beating you up right now. Don’t expect me to praise you for being smart.”

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Shi Luo’s petty thought was seen through. He coughed and stopped fishing for compliments. He looked at Yu Sui, afraid that Yu Sui would really get angry with him. He thought about it and said, “It’s because I’ve already seen early on what kind of person he is, that I simply couldn’t understand why a person like you would be so dead loyal to him and be so willing to invest so much back then for him … Ji Yanhan told me yesterday. Back then you also signed a five-year contract. I really wanted to look for you and give you a piece of my mind. But when I thought about it … what right do I have to criticize you? ”

Shi Luo raised his eyes and looked at Yu Sui, whispering in a low voice, “Now, am I not f*cking the same as you are. For you …”

“Was he very good to you back then?” Shi Luo inexplicably felt a little bit jealous. “Did he also defend you in front of your other teammates? Did he also play with you in your first game? Did he personally teach you? Did he ever take you to eat wonton? Or did he … ” eaIYZA

“Stop.” Yu Sui said coldly, “He was a striker before he retired and I’ve always played as a medic. There was no way he could have taught me anything. And I never eat breakfast. If he dared to wake me up before 11 telling me to go eat wontons with him, I’m afraid I would have done something terrible to him. ”

Shi Luo pouted, “Was he good to you some other way? That must be the case. I’m the unluckiest one here. This is a closed circle … He was good to you, you are good to me, so it’s only natural that I should be good to him. But really, Ji Yanhan is just so disgusting. Instead of being nice to him, I can only be nice to you back. So the relationship between the three of us will never be equal. In this cycle of karma, the three of us … ”

“I beg you.” Yu Sui’s stomach hurt. “Shi Shen, I don’t want any part of this three-way relationship. Spare me.”

“What? You don’t like the sound of it? A relationship?” Shi Luo got up and patted his legs. “Isn’t Ji Yanhan going to get married?” zcMg7F

It’s true, he’s going to get married. Ji Yanhan was also a straight man. Shi Luo was making Yu Sui’s head ache and stomach churn with his “Three Person Cycle of Karma Theory”. Shi Luo, this wretched kid. If this were a love triangle movie, if both other parties were straight then he’d wind up being the most miserable.

Yu Sui was upset and said, “Go back to your room and rest. Training starts back up at 4 this afternoon.”

During the next few days, Yu Sui didn’t know if it was because he’d been so angry about the contract but his stomach ache began to hurt more and more. The playoffs were almost upon them. The training load became heavier and heavier and he didn’t have the time to have it checked at the hospital and if he did have the time, he’d rather use it to quarrel with Ji Yanhan to have Shi Luo’s contract scrapped.

It seems that something fairly big had happened at his girlfriend Min Min’s family business. Yu Sui originally had no intention of pressuring Ji Yanhan during this time, but that five-year contract  just f*cking sucked. Yu Sui had no choice but to pester Ji Yanhan. Ji Yanhan’s attitude also blew hot and cold. At times, he would be on edge, saying that he didn’t want to manage anything anymore. He was going to give the club to Yu Sui. He didn’t even want his own business anymore. He was going to come back to be an instructor for the team. 47NKSv

Sometimes, he’d take leave of his senses and say that Yu Sui and the other starting players should sign contract extensions and have it end at the same year as Shi Luo’s. Naturally, Yu Sui would never agree.

While Yu Sui was tangling with Ji Yanhan, he couldn’t help worrying about his condition. When he asks him if he had drank too much, Ji Yanhan would say no and hang up the phone in a hurry. When Yu Sui tries to call again, the line would either be busy or he’d refuse to pick up.

Yu Sui and Ji Yanhan have known each other for many years, and this is the first time their relationship had reached a stalemate.

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Fortunately, Ji Yanhan only acted crazy with Yu Sui. He didn’t mention anything to the others in the club. Yu Sui hid his emotions very well, and the FS club wasn’t affected. qmSBQo

Only Shi Luo, who was sensitive by nature, felt that something was a little off. But when he thought about his practically ‘give-away’ contract, he automatically thought it was about that trivial matter of his.

Shi Luo had some qualms about it. He actually regretted it a bit. He shouldn’t have signed a contract at this critical junction. They’ll soon be entering the semi-finals. He shouldn’t have added this kind of trouble for Yu Sui. Seeing Yu Sui weighed down with anxieties very day, Shi Luo worried right along with him. But when he hears or sees Yu Sui arguing with Ji Yanhan, Shi Luo couldn’t help but be happy.

It was inexplicable. Shi Luo himself couldn’t explain why. But he just liked it when Yu Sui argued with Ji Yanhan for his sake. The fiercer the quarrel, the more pleased he felt.

Every time he saw Yu Sui frowning and smoking a cigarette while he quickly typed on his phone, Shi Luo knew that Yu Sui was having another row with Ji Yanhan. ErNHy5

This unnamed desire to possess that emerges during one’s youth, made Shi Luo even more extreme. He was jealous of Ji Yanhan’s many years of close relationship with Yu Sui and the team. He obviously didn’t want Yu Sui to feel troubled but every time he sees Yu Sui at odds with his former captain for his sake, he simply couldn’t control his happiness.

At first, Shi Luo could still conceal this dark happiness, but it didn’t take long before he simply couldn’t.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Sui was having a call with Ji Yanhan and he walked into his room. Shi Luo just so happened to have been right behind Yu Sui. He took advantage of Yu Sui not closing the door to slip in and sit to the side. He was looking very much forward to listening to the live broadcast.

Yu Sui: “…” JUHIhX

Yu Sui really wanted to throw this little whelp who simply couldn’t wait to watch the spectacle and fan the flames right out the window.

Shi Luo refused to budge. Yu Sui shoo-ed him away. He whispered, “I’ll shout. I’ll shout and let Chen Huo and the others know!”

Yu Sui was helpless. He threw a cold look at him and then refused to pay him any more attention.

Shi Luo was awfully pleased with himself. Look! Chen Huo isn’t allowed to listen in! But I can! I’ll sit here and listen to this live! Lb2oqk

After another day or two, Shi Luo’s ego started to inflate and he was no longer content. He was now brazenly listening to Yu Sui’s phone call and also took the opportunity to take in eye drops.

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Every time Yu Sui quarreled with Ji Yanhan, he was particularly nice to Yu Sui. Whenever this happens, Shi Luo would pour Yu Sui a cup of hot water or maybe give him a snack. His eyes would be provocative and also blunt. It was short of just outright saying, ‘Look, who is it that really cares about you? It’s not that shitty Ji Yanhan, it’s me, Luo Luo!’

Yu Sui was physically and emotionally drained from quarreling with Ji Yanhan. While doing so, he watched as Shi Luo repeatedly handed him cups of hot water. Nevertheless, he didn’t feel the least bit comforted. On the contrary, a cold wind chilled him to the bone and he was bitterly disappointed.

The way Shi Luo eagerly urged him to drink his hot water, it looked much too much like the actions of a straight guy. GZrh4Y

What’s the use even if had five piercings on his ear? The practiced way Shi Luo poured that hot water was enough to make people despair.

Yu Sui was made all the more mentally and physically exhausted by Shi Luo’s cup after cup of hot water. He was struggling to stay alive, and then finally the day of the semifinals arrived.

Translator’s notes: =)
Chapter 27 (this chapter) AKA If there’s anything worse than being friend-zoned, it’s being big-brother-zoned.
Chapter 28 (next chapter) AKA Shi Luo: green tea b*tch or jealous wife?


Translator's Note

To add details to a story

Translator's Note

Apparently, Shi Luo’s actions, the way he so obviously is trying to stake his place as friend over Ji Yanhan, is seen as very ‘manly’ and straight guy behavior. Go figure. *shrugs helplessly*.

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  1. I couldn’t help hate Shi Luo this chapter. It’s disgusting that behaviour of his. I understand Yu Sui is the first person who cares for him… but shouldn’t he try to reciprocate those feelings instead of fan the flames for conflict? UGH.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • I think he is just yearning for attention that he never got in his life. Its a bit immature and he is only 17 but he is shown quite smart so I guess we can just say its human nature to be dumb when it comes to these things??

      Anyways Sl was really a bit overboard. So he is feeling guilty now.

    • I’m not gonna lie. I did too when I read this the first time. But I’m making allowances for his age and his bad life experiences. I think he’s feeling so many things he’s never felt before that he just can’t understand and process it properly. I think SL does a bit of growing up as the novel progresses.

      I hope you stick with the story because the next chapters are a doozy. =)

      • Of course I Will be around here till the very end!! I Just needed to vent my fury.

        Seeing Shi Luo be like this, It’s no Wonder he’s acting all meek in the present. He has debts to pay.

  2. I think SL was really immature at that time. He didn’t know how he was feeling and couldn’t understand the overall situation and YS’s condition. Its like when boys tease the girls they like for their attention but it ends up backfiring. Now I really pity YS and can somewhat understand SL’s current behavior.

    Its a mess.I am clear now about why angst tag is given to this novel. Quite different from normal gaming novels.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    • This really is quite different from the normal gaming novels which is why, for me, it’s such a fun read. I agree that SL is very immature at this point (and truthfully he’s still a little immature even at the present timeline) but what we forget when we read gaming web novels is that all these players are really young. Aside from being young, he’s not perfect. He has a lot of flaws. Which is another thing that I like about this novel. A lot of the characters are flawed and not in the cute-sy kinda way. Conflict in the novel arises from flawed characters facing the problems life in the gaming industry throws at them. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s very refreshing.

      Sorry I’m gushing about it here. orz

      Thank you for reading. =)

      • You are right…and frankly these flaws bring an element of reality in the character. I mean everyone likes to read about a perfect all powerful character and that’s how MC and ML are portrayed normally which sometimes make me feel a bit of pity for them. As if ,if they are not perfect they can’t be main characters.😂

        Its refreshing to read such a novel every now and then.

  3. Everyone is talking about Shi Luo’s immaturity etc while I was just purely pissed at JYH. Like dude, you’re trapping a minor and going behind someone’s back, you trash trash TRASH

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂