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FOG [e-sports]

FOG [e-sports] FOG [dian jing]

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Author: man man he qi duo - 漫漫何其多
Total Chapters: 135
Genre: Comedic Undertone, Drama, e-sports, gaming, Modern, Power couple, Second Chance
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Translators: Sleepy Little Mushrooms
Release Schedule: Sporadic, Tuesday, Thursday


Yu Sui and Shi Luo met each other when they were much younger. One was a pro-gamer, a widely-renowned, best of the best, in-game medic. The other was an e-sports newcomer who was just starting out. The two originally played for the same team, during which their relationship became increasingly deep.

But things did not go as expected. Yu Sui went to Europe and Shi Luo changed his in-game job to become a striker. The two belonged to different teams and different divisions, with oceans between them, each doing wonderfully …

They had become two tigers on separate mountains. The last thing anyone expected was for Yu Sui to return to the domestic league two years later. There was no way to avoid it and the two met once again.

Tags : E-sports, Online games, Competitive gaming

Search Keywords: Main character: Yu Sui ; Shi Luo ┃ Supporting role: Chen Huo┃ Other: Love for e-sports

Male god x male god ; Medic Gong x Striker Shou


Translator notes:

First, let me give a disclaimer that I kind of feel should be in every e-sports novel. This isn’t like The King’s Avatar. In fair, nothing is. If, you’ve never read The King’s Avatar…what are you doing here? Go! Read it!

With that out of the way, let me say a few things to give people a clearer picture of what kind of story this is. While it is an e-sports setting, 80-90% of the story isn’t about the game. It is first and foremost a story about Shi Luo and Yu Sui’s life as professional gamers and about their relationship, history and future. The game is a made-up one and sounds pretty simple. While some familiarity with online games is helpful, it is not necessary.

The tone of this story is more serious than most danmei web novels. It’s dramatic and angst-y especially during the first 20-30 chapters or so. It gets a lot lighter after that and it will make you feel downright giddy. So I hope you give it a try. I really think it’s a good story. It has good pacing, good character design, the plot is interesting and the author weaves a more realistic feeling story (though, it is fiction and a web-novel after all so you’ll have to make some allowances. (^_^)  )

Happy reading!

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  1. Seems interesting, i’ve been reading a lot novels like this one lately and I can’t stop myself ^_^ waiting for when chapters are translated. Fighting 😊

  2. i just wanna know . . . . whos the top and whos the bottom . . . . . i’ve been thinking about it for a while but both could be possible . . . . i hope its yu sui . . . . i don’t like it when the story is narrated from the gongs pov . . . . . idk why i just dont like it.

    P.S. my heart is breaking for Shi Luo atm i feel so baddbfkeumoai xlruidumriogcmoitu, ql

      • omggg thank you smmmm. at first i was like how do you know and then i realized that you’re the translator. no shit sherlock you know. 🙂

  3. To be fair nothing is like TKA. I haven’t found a gaming novel that measures up to it yet. To be even more fair, if I’m reading a danmei novel with gaming, I’m really not here for the gaming element.