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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch7 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 7

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis & Shirubame  Bg1Qdr

Zi Xuan thought that his gloomy mood would quickly improve after he left the man, but his aching heart told him that the truth was completely contrary to his expectations.

He slowed down and finally settled on a flat rock. He sat down cross-legged and recited Buddhist sutras.

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It was so painful that every drop of blood seemed to coagulate, slowing him down, confusing his thoughts and twisting his numb expression into pain.

After only reciting twice, it was impossible for him to continue. He stood up, feeling that he should be on his way without thinking about anything. A bright red fruit rolled down from his sleeve, landed on the rock and split in two. 5 G7YB

It was the dinner he prepared for the man. He forgot to give it to him when he left.

That’s right, he hasn’t eaten yet. He was a Sect Master. He must have dressed in fine clothes when he was young, his servants gathered in groups. When did he ever live a hard life? Did he ever learned what fruit can be eaten and what fruit was poisonous? He said that he could take care of himself. It didn’t seem like a lie. But if he left him, would he be able to go to the Central Plains without problems? Could he find food? He didn’t have any silver on him. He couldn’t buy what he wanted even when he passes through a town. All kinds of ideas appeared in his mind that he couldn’t afford to throw away.

He jumped off the rocks and wandered in the woods for a moment. At last, he restrained his desire to fly back.

After two days of continuous walking, Zi Xuan finally arrived to a prosperous town, found a grocery store to buy dry food, and then spent a few copper coins to book a room in the inn.


If that man was still here, he would not be used to such a shabby room, but he had to book a room for him. When the man bent down to clean his bed, his mind would then usually fill with evil thoughts. When the inn staff came to deliver the food and hot water, Zi Xuan unwrapped the package and looked for laundry.

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A water bag with a bloody palm print was lying quietly on the set of snow-white monk’s clothes. A faint fishy scent penetrated his nose, which shocked his mind. He uncontrollably picked up the empty water bag and held it in his mouth. When they parted, the man had held it up and raised his head to drink from it. Glittering water droplets had slipped from his red and demonic lips and penetrated into his shirt. His unrestrained manners and free expression were still visible to him today.

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The man’s smile, words and deeds were unforgettable to Zi Xuan. He wanted to suppress his yearning for him, but the further away he was, the more empty he felt. When eating, walking, even meditating and practicing, his mind would suddenly think of the man’s figure, so vivid and lively.

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As Zi Xuan sought an excuse for himself, he returned with the fastest speed. As soon as he left the gate, he saw the man, with a pure black cloak from who knows where, hiding his head and face, and sitting in a shaky carriage.

Zi Xuan immediately restrained his breath and avoided him, then followed him not too far or near. He dared not appear in front of him, afraid that he would disturb his emotions and make himself more and more strange.

After the monk left, Zhou Yunsheng killed a group of people from Biyun village, searched for many belongings from the corpses, and hired a coachman to send him to the Central Plains. No one threatened him. Every meal he ate was full of fish, meat and seafood; and his mouth was full of oil. In only eight or nine days, his face became very rosy. After finding an inn and booking a room, he sent the coachman back to rest and ordered himself a good table of wine and dishes to enjoy slowly.

Zi Xuan hid himself in a tree across his room. The snow-white monk’s clothes were changed into black silk clothes, which merged with the dark night. When the man took off his cloak, his eyes darkened for a moment. b1UPDR

Originally, he thought that the man would not take care of himself, but the truth was contrary to what he expected. He looked much better, his body seemed a little stronger, his golden eyes were shining brightly, and he looked more beautiful than before.

So, he actually liked to eat meat in big bites and drink wine from huge bowls, but he had feared that the other, after living on a vegetarian diet for about ten days, would be starving. 

Zi Xuan gazed greedily at the man while uncontrollably watching the man take off his clothes, piece by piece. It wasn’t until the man took off all his clothes and he stepped into the bathtub that he turned around with flushed cheeks. However, he did not recite any Buddhist sutras because he knew that it had no effect on his tumbling mood any more. Only by operating internal forces could he suppress the crazy heartbeat.

Zhou Yunsheng hid his lips with his fist and laughed silently. He was superior to the monk in martial arts. How can he not know that he was following him? He knew he would come back, but he didn’t him expect to return so soon. It was very cute. oT8 GO

After washing, he lay in the warm bed and got some beauty sleep. Zhou Yunsheng left the town and headed for the southern border of the fierce war. Zi Xuan followed him all the way. When he found that someone was trying to kill the man, he drove them away secretly, never letting the man’s hands get bloody again. Over time, the rumor that Zi Xuan the monk was in collusion with the Demonic Sect master became very widespread. Even Zhishen, who has never been moved, couldn’t sit still. He ordered several elders who were highly respected to go to find him.

Zhou Yunsheng also came to the south to find some people, and soon that person will become a corpse. He stayed in an inn, and at night, put on his night jacket and secretly sneaked into a brothel.

Zi Xuan entered a dark alley outside the brothel, staring at the lively scenes of red wine and green lights and people coming and going His heart seemed to grow stuffy, which greatly confused him. It was hard to describe in words.

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What do men do in a brothel? Relieve desire? Or to find someone? wsqf9M

He preferred to believe the latter because he could not imagine the man rolling in bed with a woman in his arms. The stuffiness soon turned into a torrent of fire, burning from the heart to the bottom of his eyes. He wandered back and forth at the entrance of the alley. His eyes gradually turned red, and his nose gasped heavily, like a trapped animal in a cage.

Zhou Yunsheng didn’t know that the monk outside had his heart ablaze, but he knew that he probably didn’t feel comfortable. He jumped and moved onto the roof, then cleared all the security guards around him. He saw a group of soldiers standing in front of a water-front pavilion. He ejected several streams of air from his fingertips to hold them, then pushed open the door and entered in a magnificent manner.

The room was filled with the sound of silk strings, Yingge songs, and the fragrance of incense, making people intoxicated with the so called gentle countryside. Several big men in the room were sitting or laying down lazily until they found a stranger come in. They immediately pushed aside the women in their arms and drew their swords to greet him.

“Who are you? Do you know who you are provoking?” tDoSOK

“It was because I knew who you were that I came to see you.” Zhou Yunsheng, the only handsome man in the room who made no movement, smiled slightly.

A man was still askew on the couch, hovering over a beautiful woman and holding her in his arms, while behind him was a beautiful woman grabbing his neck, licking his ear lobe with a slippery little tongue and giggling.

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Even if they were suddenly interrupted by an unexpected guest, these women did not show any surprise, because they knew that whoever provoked the man had only one end, that is, no complete corpse.

The man was the king of the Southern land and the new owner of the Daxia Kingdom in the future. How could one man take on thousands of troops and horses? This Yihong courtyard was full of the man’s secret guards. It was easy to catch an assassin. 97fera

The man may seem leisurely, but he often struck fear within their hearts.

Every time he traveled, he had a hundred and ten high-powered secret guards following him. However, while all the men in black have entered the inner room,the secret guards did not act yet, fearing that they would have been dealt with by the man long ago.

Even Zi Xuan the monk, known as “the Top Man in Wulin”, who fought with his secret guards before, would retreat or he might lose his life. Seeing that this man had not lost his composure, he must be far above monk Zi Xuan. As he pondered the identity of the other side, the man waved his hand and said, “The visitor is a guest. Why don’t you sit down and have a drink with me?”

“Very well, Yuan Kunpeng’s wine is naturally the best in the world, but this seat is disrespectful.” Zhou Yunsheng sat down with a golden knife and drank from the wine pot. Evky1H

“The main master of the Yujiao Sect was badly injured, and his life would not be preserved for long. It seems to be empty talk.” Yuan Kunpeng was more and more alert when he guessed the identity of the man. Yu Canghai destroyed seven Wulin families, but this was not a good thing for him. Recently, Zhan Chenyang, a good brother of his, gathered experts to surround and suppress him for his fiancee. If he was not fighting in the north, he was afraid that he would have sent several troops to help him. Did he come here for revenge?

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“Rest assured, I will not be angry with you if you have not participated in the destruction of our people.” Zhou Yunsheng cleared his doubts and lightly pointed his fingertips at the table. “On the contrary, I’m here to save your life, because after tomorrow, you will become a dead man.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Believe it or not, Lao Tzu would cut your tongue!” The general who came with Yuan Kunpeng drew out a sword, ready to kill.

Zhou Yunsheng scorned and waved his sleeves slightly. The man blow into the wall and slid down. His eyes were closed and his mouth was bleeding, a picture of misery. Ke6dFB

Several other people were staring at each other, but they dared not move.

Only one man became the most courageous deputy general under the general’s command. A man alone took on a hundred people without defeat. He was a martial arts masterpiece. However, when swept away by the strong wind from the man’s sleeve, he fainted. It was clear that the man’s martial arts were higher than they expected. If he was annoyed, the nearest general would be in danger.

It's my fault.” Zhou Yunsheng did not arch his hand in sincerity.

“Well, it’s my fault for being lax on them. This wine is first dried up as a reverence. It’s a kind of apology for the Master of Yu Sect.” HMoqtd

Yuan Kunpeng was able sit on the whole southern border, so he naturally was not part of the mediocre generation. He could very well understand the reason that the big man can sometimes bend when needed to. He drank a glass of strong wine, and then turned the cup back to show sincerity.

Zhou Yunsheng lifted his wine cup and drank it lightly. His golden peach blossom eyes were full of strange and brilliant brilliance, which made Yuan Kunpeng become stunned. He did not expect Zhan Chenyang’s demonic master to be such an extraordinary figure. His handsome face and cold atmosphere were hard to resist even for such a high-ranking person as him. He couldn’t help thinking of what the other party had just said, and suddenly he felt a little convinced. His calm and steady expression cracked a bit.

“Lord Yu came to help me, where does this come from?” He sounded out.

“It’s a long story. It’s better to go and see it in person than to listen to one-sided words from this seat.” Zhou Yuncheng put down his wine cup and drew his lips in a vicious smile. mdLZ1I

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Translator's Note

He’s trying to say here that it’s his fault for saying such words and hurting his general but he’s not being sincere about it.

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