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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch8 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 8

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis, Shirubame, playerprophet fy1n6l

Zi Xuan stood in the dark alley, his eyes red, looking at the brothel opposite him. Two prostitutes supported a drunken man through the door. One put her hand into the pendulum of his coat, caressed his strong pectoral muscles, and the other whispered in his ear, occasionally hiding her lips and giggling.

The big man seemed to be stirred up. He grabbed the prostitute in his arms and gnawed at her wantonly. He kept rubbing her rich, white and greasy bunches of soft meat with his big palms. Coming and going guests laughed loudly when they saw the scene, and a few whistled to make the big man work harder.

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The lustful picture stung Zixuan’s pupils. He put his hands together and told the Buddha about his sin. He then jumped onto the roof without hesitation and approached the brothel.

He couldn’t help wondering what the man was doing right now. Would he have fun with a couple of prostitutes like other men? The imagined picture made his heart ache and made the vigor and true Qi flow uncontrollably through the meridians, making him stagger and almost fall from the roof. He stopped immediately and sat on the roof for a breath. It took him a moment to get rid of his confusion. MtPcqQ

He didn’t know which Pavilion he was looking for, so he could only stand and look around, then choose a direction by intuition and quickly sweep away.

Around him were guards who had their acupuncture points sealed, and these tricks were supposed to be the man’s masterpiece, which means he must be nearby. Zi Xuan’s mood eased slightly, and he went past courtyard after courtyard searching, but suddenly froze. Hidden among the thick branches and leaves, he stared incredibly at the two men in the opposite room.

There were two men, a thin man, and a tall, strong man, leaning forward and backward against the window. The thin man wore nothing, his hands on the windowsill, two lines of tears hanging on his cheeks, his eyebrows tightened and his expression was painful.

The tall man stood naked behind him, slapping his white buttocks with one hand, grabbing his hair with the other, constantly speaking foul language in his mouth. A purple-red giant was closely connected with the man’s private place, and repeatedly rammed deep, shallow and light into it.


Although Zixuan is a monk, he spent a lot of time walking in the rivers and lakes. He did not know anything about men and women in detail, but he also knew what he should know. At present, however, both men are clearly men, but they are doing things that only men and women can do. From their painful and joyful expressions, as well as their constant pumping and striking movements, Zi Xuan already knew that they were having sex.

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Saints have a saying: Do not look at, listen to and move without ceremony.



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He felt panic, shock, confusion, but vaguely excited.

In a trance, the thin man’s face becomes the beautiful face of that man that makes him miss and worry about him in his heart. The tall man becomes himself. He is striking hard into the hot and humid depths with all his strength. kNg4jF

“Ah, this slave is coming! Your excellency, hurry up, and finish this slave! “The thin man suddenly screamed loudly, then pushed his waist and limbs down, and the tall place squirted white and muddy, splashed on the windowsill, and splashed on his smooth chest.

The strong man worked hard for more than a dozen times before trembling on the man’s back and putting a little white turbidity into his opponent’s mouth, ordering him to eat up as much as possible. The man has some grievances but dare not resist, reluctantly swallow dirt, eyes full of tears.

If this tearful face is replaced by that person, how wonderful is that scene? What happens if the person who makes him cry is himself? These lustful ideas, like poisonous snakes, are in the mind of Zi Xuan, unable to wield, chop and forget.

Zhenqi, which had just been controlled, began to flow through the meridians again, causing severe pain in his limbs and disordered breathing. 9vrlIO

“Pui” a muffled sound, he can not help but spit out a mouthful of sweet blood, under the foot of the trampled branches can not withstand the strong internal force and rustled as it was about to break.

Just then, two men flew out of Linshui Pavilion in the distance and swept toward the southwest one after another. It was the one Zixuan was looking so fruitlessly Yu Canghai.

Zixuan could not catch up with the internal injuries as he tried to heal.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His red eyes swept the man from head to foot several times, and when he saw that his clothes were neat and his hair was not in disorder, he knew that he was not here for pleasure, but his Zhanqi, which was about to burst out, was slowly sinking back into Dantian. Feeling a lot better, Zi Xuan had the mind to observe the person after him, and only when the other side changed direction could he see half of his face, which was Yuan Kunpeng, the well-known master of the Southern territory. 62wuGJ

Yuan Kunpeng and Zhan Chenyang are close friends. What did Yu Canghai look for him for? The doubts in Zi Xuan’s heart became more and more as he closely followed.

The three jumped on the roof and soon came to a remote courtyard. Zhou Yunsheng led Yuan Kunpeng to avoid heavy escorts and hid himself on the beam of a room, looking down silently.

There is an eight immortal table and three bookshelves in the room. The strong smell of ink is floating in the air, which shows that it is somebody’s study. It was almost midnight, but there was still a candle fire in the room. I thought that the master of the house had not rested, and maybe he would return back in the next moment.

“Where is this?” Yuan Kunpeng asked in silence. SUFzHY

“You’ll know in a minute.” Zhou Yunsheng waved his hand carelessly.

Zi Xuan stood on a branch a little farther from the study, wondering what they came to and who lived here. But soon, his doubts were answered. He saw a tall, elegant man walking along the dark path, followed by two guards carrying lanterns, accompanied by a graceful, beautiful woman. These two people are the renowned master of Biyun Village, Zhan Chenyang, and Mu family’s Mu Ruiling.

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When Zi Xuan went down the mountain, he had heard from his master that the Demonic Master, Yu Canghai, not only robbed seven Wulin families after killing them, but also took away the loved daughter of the Miu Household Master for the sake of her devilish beauty.

Is this woman Mu Ruiling who turns the soul of Yu Canghai upside down? Sure enough, she looks good. ibePp

Zi Xuan stared at each of them, but did not know that his beautiful face was uncontrollably distorted and transformed into a grim expression. It seemed like it took a long time, in fact, it was only a moment. He quickly controlled his slightly heavier breathing, so as not to be found by the two people who came nearer and nearer.

Fortunately, his martial arts are far superior to those of the two. Even though he suffered serious internal injuries, and there are hidden signs of falling into the devil’s path, he also has a very good breath of convergence, which has not been found by the people below. They slipped unconsciously past the tree where he was hiding and pushed the door into the study.

Yuan Kunpeng was surprised to see two familiar faces under the candlelight. He received a letter from Zhan Chenyang yesterday saying that he was now accompanying his frightened fiance in Mu household and could not go to the military camp to work with him.

People who should have been thousands of miles away, but had been under their own eyes, Yuan Kunpeng wondered why his good brother deceived him, and his heart could not help but produce a variety of guesses. 3ZycjP

His eyes were dark, his lips were tight and his expression was very unhappy, but he unconsciously softened his face as he gazed at Mu Ruiling. That’s the woman he loves but couldn’t get.

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Zhou Yuncheng knows that Mu Ruiling’s charm is extraordinary, but he doesn’t know that Yuan Kunpeng also got tricked, so he can’t help laughing. Just like this, how much love you had before, will be how much hate you have afterwards, and the game became more and more interesting.

Both of them are excellent players. As long as they don’t want to be exposed, no one can find them.

Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling went to the table and sat down without noticing anything unusual. They poured two cups of hot tea and talked slowly. 4RbV S

“When will the Wuji Xinjing come into our hands? “

“All the people I sent were killed, and the people were killed so fiercely that even a whole body was not left. This is not the style of the monk Zi Xuan. Would you say it’s Yu Canghai? “

“No way. I watched him drink Duanchangsan. Now it’s time for him to wear his belly and lose all his martial arts. How can he kill? “

“If he didn’t kill. Who would it be? “ TOVifC

Mu Ruiling waved and did not answer, as if thinking.

Yuan Kunpeng, concealed on the roof beams, had understood a bit through these short sentences.

The two people wanted to kill Yu Canghai, not for the sake of justice and awe, but for the sake of seizing the so-called Wuji Xinjing.

Yu Canghai is a martial master of ancient times. It is not uncommon to have some antiques in his hands, besides treasures. But if it is a Book of martial arts in mind, it should be different. unoNC

Everyone knows that the masters of the ancient times had the ability of overturning mountains and seas. The writing skills are very abstruse. They are most suitable for the operation of the human body’s meridians. To a certain extent, they can also break the void and become supreme saints. However, the successive catastrophes caused the loss of inheritance of these skills, which led to the decline of Martial arts. Now, if the top master was put in ancient times, it would be just an ant that could be pinched to death at will.

If at this time who can possess a Book of ancient skills, it is like having the capital above the masses. It may be impossible to achieve sainthood beyond expectation, but it is easy to ascend the supreme throne in the world.

The deeper Yuan Kunpeng thought, the more surprised he was at his friend’s ambition.

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He thought that the other party was a man above the world who did not admire fame and wealth, but he was a beast in sheep’s clothes. However, his pure, kind and enthusiastic sweetheart acted viciously and fiercely in private. Yuan Kunpeng was extremely disappointed and deeply frightened by the huge contrast between the two people. 4Mcb8H

Who else in the world knew and could tell him how this man with him is holding a Book of ancient skills and will succeed in becoming stronger in the future? Yuan Kunpeng looked at each of them and his eyes changed, but eventually suppressed his dark thoughts.

The other side only relied on himself to put an end to the secret guard he had trained so hard, that is, to go without a large army and suppress him like this, and to leave without loss of ability. It would not be easy for him to steal back his life after leaving. It would be better for him to not provoke him and  make such a strong enemy.

How could Zhou Yuncheng not know what Yuan Kunpeng thought, but he didn’t care at all. If the other party was a clear person, he could continue to cooperate with him. If he had a brain attack, he could immediately send him to his death.

Sensing the coldness that gushed from the man’s tea-golden eyes, causing Yuan Kunpeng to shiver. y4oB29

He looked down and dared not think more.

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If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Basically refers to indecent things that you should avoid it but it has many meanings and too much for me to add here…

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    • “The other side only relied on himself to put an end to the secret guard he had trained so hard, that is, to go without a large army and suppress him like this, and to leave without loss of ability. It would not be easy for him to steal back his life after leaving. It would be better for him to not provoke him and make such a strong enemy.”

      —This is confusing.

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