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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch2 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 2

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis, Dragon, playerprophet, Shirubame Ie3vG8

A tall, strong man was running while carrying him on his back in the jungle, the rest were guarding from every side. The rushed breathing and the thud of his footsteps across the grass echoed in the depressing, dark space around them.

A heat stream was directly shot into his blood from 008’s energy pool, nourishing his poisoned body.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wherever the heat stream flowed, the veins eroded by the poisonous liquor were nourished a little, and the pain throughout his whole body receded slightly . Looking at the familiar faces guarding him from all sides, Zhou Yunsheng, with his unforgettable memory, knew very quickly which world he had come to.

Wuji Xinjing, the survivors, Mu Ruiling, Zhan Chenyang… The memory that was once painfully unforgettable to him deeply and painfully, seemed to flicker in his mind. UHGX7o

As soon as the heat stream disappeared, sharp pain again swept in like a tsunami, making his head clearer and clearer.

He breathed out with difficulty and knew exactly where he was at that moment.

He came too late! His sect members and brothers were all destroyed by the so-called decent people. They can never go back! Sorrow instantly concealed the discomfort of his body and made his throat fill with a gush of sweet blood. If he hadn’t had to finish the task, if he hadn’t known the traps ahead and still had to step into those muddy waters, these people would not have suffered such a great disaster! This was the result of his own actions, but it was always someone else who bore it all for him, and what about the innocent old and young who were able to survive!

The flame of hatred burned in Zhou Yunsheng’s dark eyes. He swallowed the blood inside his mouth and blew out a hot breath through his nose.


Zhan Chenyang, Mu Jinsong and Mu Ruiling, all the people who participated in this massacre, he will not let them go!

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As he thought of something, he barely raised his arm and slapped his sect member on his back: “Ah Qi, let me down. “

He was also wearing Mullin’s hand-sewn robe, and it had to be taken off as soon as possible. Currently, he was still escaping, so every minute and every second was extremely critical. It was not  just because he hated Mu Ruiling, he was not so vexed, but because this coat was stained with tracing incense. Mu Ruiling worried that he would flee and disappear without a trace, so she had prepared beforehand. If this robe was not destroyed, Mu Ruiling could easily find him, just as she had in his last life, and it would be quite easy to accurately find his hiding place in Cang Lu mountain, which stretched for 100,000 miles.

Yes, it was now the point where Yu Canghai was poisoned and seriously injured, and saved by his people. Although he came late, it was not as if there was no room for change. At the very least, Wuji Xinjing was still in Zhou Yunsheng’s bracelet. As long as he evaded capture, and did not get killed by the Biyun village and the Mu household, the poison could be removed, and the wound could be healed. After a period of closed-door cultivation, he could clean out the whole Central Plains of Wulin with his own strength. 89hyXv

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Ah Qi was very obedient. He stopped immediately even though he knew that time was pressing. He carefully placed the sect master on the clean and soft grass. About a dozen guards immediately gathered around him and looked around with a wary look.

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The strong man named Ah Qi immediately acted according to his words. Avoiding the sect master’s serious wounds, he peeled off the coat with the softest of movements and wrapped it into a roll in his arms. Without his jacket, the sect master wore only a snow-white indecent inner garment. It was late autumn and he feared that he would become cold in the evening.

“Throw away your clothes. They have tracing incense on them. We’ll leave right away.” There was no fire in the jungle, else Zhou Yunsheng would have liked to put his clothes in a fire. TZuJGp

Ah Qi immediately threw away his coat, but it was picked up by a thin teenager who looked to be around 13 or 14 years old. He said, “Brother Ah Qi, you take Master away, and I’ll wear this while I head to the west.” The idea was to use his body as bait to lead the pursuers away.

Ah Qi nodded his head and promised him. Zhou Yunsheng, however, was so angry that he spit out a mouthful of blood. He stared at the teenager and slammed his hand on the ground: “Shut up! Throw out your clothes and walk away with us. Who dares to ignore the orders of this sect lord and disobey the sect rules?”

However, the sect no longer existed. Why would these people still carry out the sect rules? His red eyes seemed as if they were about to shed two lines of blood and tears before his voice fell.

Everyone was silent for a moment. He then wiped the blood off his lips and swallowed some pills. Then he fled to the dark mountains with his remaining energy. The skinny teenager saw the sect master staring at himself with stern eyes from beginning to end, and had to clench his teeth, throw away his coat and catch up with him in a hurry. They crossed mountains and ridges,  not daring to stop until the middle of the month when Zhou Yunsheng found a rather hidden cave to hide in. QJMCoL

“Sect Master, have something to eat.” A middle-aged woman took out a piece of dry food from her bag and handed it to him.

Currently, Zhou Yunsheng’s meridians were all damaged, the true Qi was countercurrent, and his flesh and blood were eroded by poisonous wine. Not to mention eating, he felt too weak to lift even his fingertips. But he did not show any signs of pain. He took the dry food with great ease and placed it on his knee with both hands. But with this movement, even breathing gradually felt difficult. Sweet liquid poured into his throat, and was swallowed without any trace.

Everyone was still immersed in the grief of the collapse of the sect, and they had no desire to eat. They took out dry food and symbolically took two bites and stopped. They either sobbed silently or looked dull. Others were distorted by hatred.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“If Qui Xun hadn’t led the wolf into the room, how could the sect suffer such a great disaster? If I had known this, I would have cut him into a thousand pieces at the time.” It was unknown who choked and spoke, but Zhou Yunsheng’s breathing grew heavier. mLgNDE

Qui Xun was the personal attendant of the sect master and usually held a very important position. Zhou Yunsheng was willing to hand over many unknown private matters to him, including the secret placement of Mu Ruiling, who was rescued from the Hui nation.

Mu Ruiling was the daughter of fate in this world. She had a very special and very strong attraction ability, so if anyone stayed with her for a long time, they would be unknowingly captivated. 

Qui Xun had a secret affection for Mu Ruiling. Seeing her cry in sorrow the day after she was captured by the Sect Master, Qui Xun had a struggle in his heart. He was easily deceived by her words and scattered the so-called Ruanjin powder into the wine, trying to confuse the Sect Master and let her escape to her home.

Unexpectedly, Ruanjin powder was a Duanchangsan. After drinking a cup, the sect master vomited blood on the spot. His meridians were damaged, true Qi flowed counter-current, and he almost died. NFTvX2

Several elders immediately investigated the matter thoroughly. In order to safeguard Mu Ruiling, Qui Xun not only withstood all the charges, but also died by himself. As soon as the body cooled, Lu Jinsong and Zhan Chenyang led the crowd to knock on the sect’s doors.

Mu Ruiling and Zhou Yunsheng had spent most of the year together. She knew very well how advanced he was in martial arts. Not to mention gathering thousands of masters, even if all martial artists from the Central Plains come through the forest to attack, it might not hurt him at all. On the contrary, it was likely that Mu Ruiling would be the one to get slaughtered, unless Master Zhishen of Shaolin and his great disciple Xuanhe were willing to help. Therefore, Mu Ruiling pretended to be obedient, and Zhou Yunsheng returned to the Holy Sect. She then waited for the opportunity to poison him and succeed.

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In short, the main culprits of the destruction of the clan were himself and Mu Ruiling; it had nothing to do with Qui Xun. He could only be regarded as an accomplice at most. Thinking about this, Zhou Yunsheng became more and more angry and regretful, and almost couldn’t resist the blood gushing out of his throat.

He gritted his teeth and swallowed the blood, then mobilized the energy stored in 008 to detoxify and warm up his body. He waited until he felt better before he began to speak loudly: “Let’s go, the Central Plains people will not be willing to let us live, they will certainly go into the mountains to encircle and suppress us. We have too many people and this makes us an easy target. It’s better to act separately.” gc7x i

“No, if we leave, who will protect the sect master?” Ah Qi was the first to oppose, and the rest of the people echoed his words. Their loyalty to the sect master had long been engraved in their bones, and there would never be any hesitation in sacrificing their lives for the sect master.

“Just go. Don’t talk nonsense! This Lord has his own way of keeping safe!” Zhou Yunsheng snapped at him.

Ah Qi and the others expressed their protest with silence. No matter how the sect master wanted to expel them, they would not leave him. Instead, they clustered around him while keeping him in the middle, slept in their clothes and robes, and continued to flee for their lives the next day.

Zhou Yunsheng’s meridians are damaged and couldn’t withstand any more stimulus. Even if the energy stored in 008 could cure the wound, it couldn’t be inserted too much at a time. Otherwise, he would explode and die. nElS5L

Helpless, he could only take a little bit daily to nourish himself slowly, so it would take him half a month to recover.

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However, Mu Ruiling did not give him much breathing time. She followed the fragrance to find his coat, and guessed that Yu Canghai held doubts about herself. She abandoned the scheme of cheating secrets out of him and the killers surrounded the mountains.

After two days of running away, Zhou Yunsheng and his party were driven to despair by the killers of the Biyun village and Mu household. Seeing several more people of his sect die, he consumed his inner strength to run and shout towards the hinterland of Cang Lu Mountain and said, “What you want is with this Lord. If you have the courage then follow this Lord!”

Sure enough, the killers left the rest behind and rushed to catch up with him. HFbTz0

Ah Qi and the others wanted to follow, but saw that the Sect Master ran too fast, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, there was no trace of him and they were only like headless flies in the woods.

Leading the killers away, the hard-earned true Qi that he accumulated these past few days became exhausted and the newly relieved injures got aggravated again. Zhou Yunsheng spewed out a mouthful of blood. He was afraid to fall here at this time, but suddenly he felt his lover’s presence, and his dark and pale eyes shone brightly.

As he struggled through the crowd, he used the last trace of strength in his body and rushed towards his lover. As he rushed forward, a sword stabbed into his heart, and just as he was about to collapse, a man in snow-white monk’s clothes brushed away the overlapping branches and leaves and appeared in front of him. There was no expression on his handsome and resolute face, and his eyes were dark and deep with not a ripple in sight, even after seeing the bloody ground.

“Help me!” Zhou Yunsheng’s heartstrings loosened, and he suddenly dropped from the air and fell at the monk’s feet. Mupty

The monk glanced at him lightly, then took the next step and folded his hands and prayed to Buddha, but he did not show any intention of saving him. He had come down this time for experience, the second reason being to remove the Demonic Sect’s Master at the request of the Biyun village Master, and this was precisely the demonic master Yu Canghai.

Zhou Yunsheng looked up at him, and his red eyes were filled with complex and unspeakable feelings of shock, doubt, grief and indignation.

He thought that his lover would always come to him at the moment he needed him most, take him away from misery and help him out of danger, but he never expected that he would choose to look on coldly when he was dying.

He felt that he must have been mistaken about this man, but the strong throb in his heart told him that he was the one who he depended on. 5Lcqdt

He didn’t have time to just sit there, but when he propped himself up, he fell hard. When he saw the killers put aside branches and leaves to gather around, he felt like he was about to faint. He had to grip the outsider’s ankle and grind his teeth and open his mouth: “Help me! Please save me! “

Originally, I thought that the word “beg” would never appear between you and me. I thought you would save me at all costs. However, you reacted like this…

Thinking about this, Zhou Yunsheng spit a mouthful of blood and fainted.

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Here’s the second chapter for this week and more to come this weekend when the update schedule officially starts! Thanks for all the support guys and I’m glad you’re all happy about me picking this up! I’ll do my best to give you guys a great translation! EdrNZ4

When Zhan Xuan folded his hands and prayed:

Callis: ok this kinda made me laugh for some reason

Jostena: Yea… imagining Zhan Xuan doing something like this is surprising and funny XD

When Yunsheng fainted at the end: YTzvBV

Shirubame: Time to light some incense for Xuan

Dragon: No way, ZYS is too much in love with that idiot

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Jostena: I wanted to cry at this part T^T


Translator's Note

For those who don’t know, countercurrent means that it was flowing in the opposite direction of how it should.

Translator's Note

This translates to soft-muscle powder which is a type of powder that is supposed to make him unable to move but I kept the pinyin as it sounds better.

Translator's Note

迷倒 this word meant things like fascinate or enchant but the only ones that fit is getting rid of the sect master or confusing him.

Translator's Note

This translates to broken intestine powder but it makes no sense so I just kept the pinyin for the poison.

Translator's Note

It means that they had no idea where to go from here to try to find him.

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