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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch1 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 1

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis, Dragon, playerprophet, Shirubame 20QnDE

Zhao Xuan fulfilled his promise and sent Zhou Yunsheng back to the capital city. Then, he went Northwest alone.

Since the chaos in Northwest China happened because of his instructions, it took a few months after his departure to push the barbarians back. He then rushed back to the capital, never leaving the city again. When Emperor Sheng turned 37 years old, the imperial throne was passed on to the crown prince. By then, the great emperor was just fifteen years old, and his methods were immature. He was worried he wouldn’t be able to control the ministers, especially Zhao Xuan, the northwest Beiwang of the empire, who held overwhelming power. However, Zhao Xuan handed over his power unexpectedly, and returned to his hometown after the Coronation Ceremony.

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One after the other, these two important figures withdrew from the stage of history, causing a great shock to the Qing Dynasty. Fortunately, the great emperor inherited the wisdom and ability of Emperor Sheng. After several years of training, he stabilized, but often missed his father, who travelled the mountains and rivers with Duke Yu.

It wasn’t known if Zhao Xuan had noticed anything. So, in order to keep his lover, he sent out fewer and fewer lines of code. Zhou Yunsheng was anxious, but he couldn’t do anything about it. After all, this was his subconscious behavior. If he asked for it directly, he would ignorantly ask him what code was. 1ALQoE

They traveled all across Eurasia until they were too old to walk, and settled down in a small village with beautiful scenery, and slowly aged together.

When Zhao Xuan closed his eyes forever, he held his lover tightly in his withered old arms, kissed him reverently, and gave him a long string of code as the last gift of his life.

Even after numerous partings, despite knowing that he would meet him again, Zhou Yunsheng still felt the agonizing heartbreak. He held his lover’s cold hand and eased himself into the same coffin, thinking: Next time, let’s close our eyes at the same time, not a minute more or a second less. We cannot be together until we die together.

Striding out naked from the restoration cabin, Zhou Yunsheng’s face was not pleasant, which worried the doctors and nurses who came to check his physical data.


“Are you all right, Mr. Zhou?”

“I’m fine. What about General Orr?” Zhou Yunsheng wiped off the pale blue prosthetic solution while walking to the next hospital bed, gently touching Orr’s messy forehead with his fingertips.

“The general is still like that. There are no signs of awakening, but the further deterioration of his brain has been contained. As you know, we are very short on medical resources. In order to save more people, we may not be able to sustain his life any longer.” The head nurse shook her head and sighed.

Zhou Yunsheng’s eyes dimmed. When he saw the Marshal hurrying in, he pointed at Orr and said firmly, “If I live, Orr must live. If I don’t wake up next time, you can decide his fate. Can you do that?” PlNbq1

This teenager was the last hope of the Empire. No matter what he asked for, the Marshal would seriously consider it, even something like this that seemed like a trivial request. He nodded, “Of course, we promise to keep Orr Assai alive until the end of mankind.”

Satisfied, Zhou Yunsheng went to the lab to extract the code, and put most of the energy from the previous world into Orr’s brain while leaving a small amount of spare energy for himself. Two hours later, he laid down in the restoration cabin and waited for the transfer to begin.

The Marshal and the medical staff were moved to tears by his spirit of forsaking his life and death. After he left, they took good care of Orr Assai. They kept a watch over everything in the ward day and night.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Now, Zhou Yunsheng was called Yu Canghai, the fourth generation of Holy Sect Lords. At the age of 23, he had already practiced Wuji Xinjing to the sixth level, and was the first member of the Holy Sect with absolute strength. Lenql1

Qepl Wlcplcu kjr j xlcv bo rxlii atja mbeiv yf qgjmalmfv ys tfjnfcis wjrafgr lc qjra vscjralfr. Ktf alwf bo atf rxlii mbeiv yf lctfglafv kjr ecxcbkc, yea atf tlrabglmji bglulc bo atlr rxlii mbeiv yf rffc ogbw jii atf jcmlfca afzar. Ktf wjlcijcv kjr cba qfjmfoei, jcv joafg wjcs kjgr, atf jcmlfca rxliir tjv yffc ibra. Ktf qbkfg bo atf jcmfrabgr, ktb mbeiv gjlrf atflg tjcvr jcv bnfgktfiw atf wbecajlcr jcv atf rfj, tjv yfmbwf j ifufcv atja kjr wlrrfv ys atf sbecufg ufcfgjalbc. Dea jr ibcu jr atf ifufcv fzlrafv, atfgf kbeiv yf j qbrrlylilas bo aegclcu la lcab gfjilas.

The Holy Monks had lived, secluded, in Cang Lu Mountain for many generations. They never asked after Jiang Hu’s affairs, and were only known as a reclusive sect. In fact, it was an ancient sect. In order to avoid war, the holy sect had gathered, and everyone believed in jia lan jiao.

Every year in the clan, a skilled martial artist was elected to take responsibility for defending the land and honoring their sect lord over time.

Every generation of sect lord would choose the best-qualified child from amongst the clans as their descendants. When they became adults, they would have to pass many tests to become a sect lord. Although Wuji Xinjing was very powerful, it lacked the most basic of body forging. His body was not invincible. It would not be able to bear an internal force as vast as the sea. So, as the students advanced towards the fifth level, they would succumb to their heart devils, explode, and die. Kw0ruc

Zhou Yunsheng was the only exception. With the support of the villain system, he exchanged his points for a stronger physique, so he could train into the sixth level. Not only could he use flower petals and leaves as powerful weapons, but he‌ ‌could also kill people even if they were invisible with a slight flick of his sleeve. Thus, he could be called a true great master of the world.

Such unpredictable skills placed in the outside world would become the target of greed and competition, setting off a bloody storm. To avoid being involved in such disasters, people who were not in the sect were banned, and the practitioners were prohibited from leaving their sect areas, let alone intermarrying with outsiders.

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Zhou Yunsheng liked this peaceful, self-sufficient life very much and was happy to protect his sect. Unfortunately, he was bound to do some foolish things because of the system. In order to not be obliterated by the Lord God, he accepted the first task issued by the system, and rescued a distressed woman traveling to Hui Nation. After a long time of living with her, he forbade her to return to the Central Plains, and wanted to marry her. He allowed her to read Wuji Xinjing all she liked.

At only fifteen years old, Mu Ruiling was not a pure and good person. On the contrary, she was deep-minded, fierce and knowledgeable. She understood what Wuji Xinjing was at a glance and intended to take it for herself. z9deN2

However, the whole ancient text was not so easy to understand. If you did not even know the pronunciation and meaning of the words, how could you record them silently? Mu Ruiling could not, so she could only copy quietly.  However, Zhou Yunsheng’s close maidservant found out. The maidservant seized the collection and informed the elders. Several elders were angry enough that they wanted to kill Mu Ruiling. Mu Ruiling used Zhou Yunsheng’s love to gain his protection and slip away safely. When Mu Ruiling returned to the Mu household, she remembered the secret text and told her father, Mu Jinsong, and her fiance, Zhan Chenyang, about it.

Zhan Chenyang was the master of Biyun Village. He had a good reputation with the Wulin community of Central Plains. He was also a close friend and frequent confidant of General Yuan Kunpeng of Dingguo.

The Daxia kingdom was no longer as strong as it once was. Under the tyrannical levy of Emperor Yuan, it fell into chaos and fragmented.

Yuan Kunpeng was highly regarded and well-known in the war, and Emperor Yuan was suspicious of him. Emperor Yuan not only withheld his military salary, but also falsified documents to slander him for collaborating with the enemy, and betraying the country. He issued several consecutive decrees for Yuan Kunpeng to be tried in Beijing. 6AWp3U

Yuan Kunpeng was not a foolishly loyal man. He soon raised his rebel flag and became King.  Influenced by him, several Kings also broke from the court one after another, in an attempt to seize rivers and mountains.

Now that Daxia had assumed the trend of separatism, and Yuan Kunpeng was one of the most powerful forces, he was most likely to sit on the throne. Zhan Chenyang was ambitious and had never been willing to submit to others. He originally wanted to use Yuan Kunpeng’s power to unify the rivers and mountains, but after learning of the power in “Wuji Xinjing”, his idea was replaced. With Wuji Xinjing’s power, he could take over the throne himself.

If you practiced it, you could achieve great divine feats, and become the Supreme existence. Then, wouldn’t you be able to come and go in this world as you please? How many great things could be accomplished with a wave of the hand? Such ideas became obsessions, and could not be eradicated from his day-to-day thinking. Zhan Chenyang could not resist temptation. After discussing with the similarly greedy and vicious Mu Jinsong, he set up a trap and waited for Zhou Yunsheng to throw himself into the net.

They made Mu Ruiling pretend to be in distress and sent a letter to the Holy Sect so he would come to save her. bPlRjv

Mu Ruiling had inherited her father’s cunning and treacherous personality, and she deliberately caused a lot of trouble in the world. She caused problems that ordinary people couldn’t fix. Zhou Yunsheng accepted tasks from the system, and solved her problems again and again. Even though he knew that she had a bad heart, he still had to fake infatuation.

He used his power to clean up several messes for Mu Ruiling, making the existence of the Holy Sect more and more widely known.

While the people were speculating about the sudden emergence of the sect, and wondering whether it was evil or just, Zhan Chenyang and Mu Jinsong secretly destroyed several Wulin families, stole their treasures, their secrets, and placed the blame on the head of the Holy Sect.

Seven tragedies happened in succession, and the Holy Sect came to be known as a demonic sect with many evils, hated by everyone.  Zhou Yunsheng knew that the situation with the Holy Sect wasn’t good, but he couldn’t do anything to save it. Under the system’s coercion, he had to take Mu Ruiling away. Dxj2Un

After Mu Ruiling left, Mu Jinsong and Zhan Chenyang complained that their daughter had been abducted by the demonic sect’s Lord, hoping that their friends around the world would provide assistance.

Seven great families had lost so many treasures and secrets, and now they were in the hands of the Demonic Sect. Honest people wanted to save each other, those who had suffered thought of revenge, greedy dreamers thought of money and all of them rushed to Biyun village. In a few days, Zhan Chenyang had thousands of martial arts masters at his call.

When the sect was besieged by countless masters, Zhou Yunsheng knew his villainous mission was coming to an end.

He drank poisoned wine brought to him by Mu Ruiling, which made his true spirit run against the current and his life abandon him. However, he still carried out the task issued by the villain system, pretending to get Mu Ruiling safely out of his sect as if he did not know of her betrayal, and then he fainted. More than a dozen surviving sect members tried their best to smuggle him to safety, and hid him in the complex terrain of Cang Lu Mountain. sWMYUE

Zhan Chenyang and Mu Jinsong were afraid that someone else would discover Wuji Xinjing first. So, they did not pursue the sect, but opened a darkroom under Mu Ruiling’s guidance and searched fruitlessly, over and over, until the other people in the mountain were able to catch up.

The rest of the people shared the wealth that the holy sect had accumulated over many years. They were satisfied with their reward. Soon after, they left, one after another. A few people remained from some families who were deeply angered by all that happened wanted the life of Yu Canghai and continued searching the mountains.

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Zhou Yunsheng thought all he had left was to wait and die slowly, but he received the last task from the system. It demanded that he give the Wuji Xinjing to Mu Ruiling.

He knew that the disaster had been caused by the joint efforts of the Mu household and Biyun village. They did not find what they wanted, so they sent Mu Ruiling to talk to him. In fact, Mu Ruiling pretended to be unable to leave him, and rushed to his side. Her hair was messy, her clothes were torn, and her body was covered with wounds. She looked miserable, and claimed that she was pregnant. 5DbgRT

This unborn child was the last hope of the survivors in the sect, so the people who had planned to kill her let her go, instead. When they saw the Holy sect’s Lord handing down the Wuji Xinjing book, they didn’t interfere. They could only wait for the younger master to grow up to become a great lord, and he would take revenge for them.

When Mu Ruiling got her hands on the secret text, she turned her head and gave a signal. She led the killers of Mu household and Biyun village to cut the grass from the roots. Then she handed the secret text to Zhan Chenyang and urged him to practice as soon as possible.

After all, Zhan Chenyang was the son of fate of this world. Although he was only 25 years old, he would be efficient at learning the Wuji Heart Sutra swiftly. In just three years, he trained to the fourth level and became a top master. He also discovered a treasure map drawn in the Heart Sutra, and used the wealth of the ancient relics to purchase grain, grass, and fund an army with weapons and war horses. He became the founding emperor of the new dynasty.

This was an inspirational story of a hero and heroine working side by side, starting from the rivers and seas and climbing to the top of the court. When Zhou Yunsheng opened his eyes, the story had already developed halfway, and Yu Canghai’s life had already come to an end. g8dP5V

Sorry guys who follow my other work MCEA for not giving any chapters last week but I was getting this little project ready!

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When Zhan Xuan closed his eyes and Sheng kissed him one last time:

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When Sheng slid into the coffin with Xuan:

Callis: As romantic as this sounds, you gotta admit it’s kinda creepy

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Naked Sheng striding around the place: SY7eIM

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Translator's Note

北王 -> It is usually the title of king which can be given to those who are brothers of the emperor or a title given as a reward.

Translator's Note

歐亞大陸 -> This just combines Europe and Asia so they basically traveled through them together.

Translator's Note

Something that has to do with cultivation maybe?? 伽蘭教

Translator's Note

武林(wǔlín) -> this refers to martial arts so I will continue using the pinyin.

Translator's Note

王也(wáng yě) -> Not literal Kings but a title given by the emperor as a reward and usually it refers to the emperor’s brothers or children.

Translator's Note

斬草除根 -> it refers to taking care of something completely like annihilating the entire sect so nothing will be traced back to them or any revenge taken.

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