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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh45 - Proposals for Improvement


The smart robot did not receive the relevant instructions for this scenario, so it asked the long-legged soldier to wait a minute and went to the back kitchen to ask.

After considering it, Ruan Tang finally decided to agree to the soldier’s request for seconds. After all, this trial run was to test the operational capacity of the canteen. Now, it was only two dishes and one soup. If they couldn’t even meet the needs of this thousand people, how would they supply the entire army? pned4T

Unexpectedly, other people saw that the long-legged soldiers had successfully secured another meal and they all came over and returned for one more. Some even wanted to come back for the thirds or fourths. Wang Jun, Zhao Guangming and the others got even busier and they watched helplessly as the ingredients were almost used up. The canteen had to issue an announcement limiting each person to two servings. Those who wanted a third were resolutely rejected.

By any measure, this trial run was very successful. All the soldiers were satisfied, and they were full of praise for Wang Jun, Zhao Guangming and the others.

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Ruan Tang summarized the results of the trial run and thought that there were two aspects that needed improvement.

First of all, was the problem of the dishes. There were too few dishes to choose from. The two dishes and one soup looked rather too few and limited. The funds allocated by the military to the canteen were quite sufficient. It wasn’t a big problem to provide even ten dishes per meal. They would have to add some other dishes, otherwise, the self-service buffet would become quite monotonous. 3sb8ao

His apprentices were determined not to fall short. In addition to their lesson these past few days, they also watched his broadcasts on the star network. They’ve even managed to copy some of the dishes. Ruan Tang believed that it won’t be long before they could come out with more dishes, enriching the variety of the dining hall.

Second was the problem of too much work intensity. Although there were smart robots who were responsible for cutting ingredients and washing dishes, for Wang Jun and the others there was just too much work for the few of them. They were already so busy serving just a thousand people, what more when the dining hall was fully operational?

Ruan Tang thought that perhaps there was some way to replace the labor with smart robots. After all, there had been unmanned quick meal factories specializing in the production of supermarket meals during his past life. There was no reason why robots that were this intelligent couldn’t cook.

The difference between humans and intelligent robots lay in their ability to learn and adapt. The addition of smart robots would release Wang Jun, Zhao Guangming and the others from the high-intensity kitchen work. The six of them could take up the duties of a chef – planning the menu, ordering ingredients, and directing the robots to cook, so that the canteen could run smoothly.


In fact, Ruan Tang once proposed to He Yun Chen to hire a group of chefs directly from the Chefs’ Association, but He Yun Chen said that the military was very strict with security and they could not allow untrusted people to enter. Not to mention that the canteen would be serving the needs of the entire army. If someone with ulterior motives tampered with the food, the consequences could be dire. So, it was better for them to recruit from within. However, he also said that in the subsequent conscriptions, they could recruit candidates who especially wished to be stationed in the kitchen. After screening, they could be sent to man the dining hall.

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He was deeply impressed with his apprentices, so he gave his utmost when teaching Wang Jun and the others. Once their skills matured, they could recruit apprentices of their own and continue to expand their manpower. Ruan Tang believed that after tasting the dishes in the dining hall, there would be many people willing to sign up, and the dining hall’s dishes would become even richer and more diverse. Its operation would also be more efficient.

By the time the thousand soldiers finished eating, the entire back kitchen looked like a warzone. Fortunately, there were the very versatile smart robots, and the kitchen was quickly restored to its clean and tidy appearance. Ruan Tang looked at this group of weary people, who were leaning to the side and constantly rubbing their arms. Ruan Tang decided to personally prepare a meal for Wang Jun, Zhao Guangming and the others.

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However, the ingredients prepared in the kitchen have almost all been used up. After searching for a long time, Ruan Tang only found one chicken. However, potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables like these were plentiful. After thinking a bit, Ruan Tang decided to make Potato Chicken Rice, using the rice cooker. 4xVD0z

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After heating oil in the pan, Ruan Tang took the prepared chicken and shredded onions and slowly stir-fried them. When the chicken had changed color, he added soy sauce, salt and sugar for seasoning. After moving the pan about, he put in the potatoes, carrots and washed rice. He stirred the ingredients until they were well mixed. He then turned off the heat and poured everything into the rice cooker to cook.

Fifteen minutes later, a pot of potato chicken rice was done. After the rice was cooked, Ruan Tang let it continue to stew for ten more minutes. This was to ensure that the chicken would be even tenderer and that the rice would absorb even more flavor.

Wang Jun and the other had been watching eagerly at the side. When the rice cooker was opened, they were about ready to drool. This potato chicken rice smelled so good! 3EGYXR

Wen Zeyang couldn’t wait to get his hands on a bowl of the potato chicken rice. When he finally tasted the rice, he happily closed his eyes. The chicken cooked in the rice cooker was smooth and tender, and the taste was simply delicious. The rice had absorbed the juices from the chicken and vegetables, it had a rich and mellow taste. It was very appetizing.

Ruan Tang held two portions of the potato chicken rice. One was for himself and the other was for He Yun Chen. There were no senior officers in the 1,000 diners for the trial run, so He Yun Chen had not actually eaten yet. So he let Wang Jun and the others rest after their meal, and he went to He Yun Chen’s office with the preservation boxes.

Ruan Tang was very popular recently, and with the consultant status bestowed upon him by He Yun Chen, he proceeded unimpeded in the military building. When officers recognized him, they would take the initiative greet him and even point him in the right direction.

He soon arrived outside He Yun Chen’s office. He knocked lightly on the door twice and heard a deep and low voice say, “Come in.” J5q7kP

Ruan Tang opened the door and walked in, but he saw that He Yun Chen was so busy that he hadn’t even raised his head. These past few days, He Yun Chen had first been busy helping him handle matters on the Star network, then he was busy setting up the dining hall. Unsurprisingly, a lot of work had piled up. He couldn’t even take his lunch on time and was working overtime in his office. Ruan Tang suspected that if he hadn’t come with food, He Yun Chen would have made do with nutrient solutions.

He Yun Chen originally thought that Li Kai or some other subordinate had come in to deliver a report. When there was no movement even after waiting for a long time, he frowned and raised his head. Unexpectedly he saw Ruan Tang staring at him.

“Ruan Tang? Why are you here? Did something happen in the dining hall?”

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“We finished things at the dining hall. I’m here to bring you some food!” He took out the preservation boxes, sat down on the sofa to the side, put both meals on the table and opened them, “Why don’t you take a break and let’s eat together.” kzpMse

“Alright.” When He Yun Chen smelled the rice’s aroma, he indeed felt a little hungry and said, “smells good”. He tidied up the documents on his table then sat down opposite Ruan Tang to enjoy his meal.

The two chatted while eating, and Ruan Tang told him about his plans for the canteen. Hearing that he intended to cook with smart robots, He Yun Chen readily agreed. “Are there enough smart robots? If there isn’t I’ll order another batch.”

“En, a hundred more should be enough. The number of pots should also be increased.” Considering the number of people once the dining hall is officially opened, Ruan Tang felt that it was necessary to increase the manpower.

“No problem.” He Yun Chen readily promised, “Oh, right…” ZKkcdv


“The hot pot, when are you planning to make it?”

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“Pfft.” He couldn’t help but give a quiet laugh. Looks like that hotpot he mentioned the day before yesterday had, unexpectedly, been bothering He Yun Chen this entire time.  “If you want to eat, I can make it tonight. Are you free tonight?”

Realizing his implication, He Yun Chen’s face suddenly brightened up. “Yes, but it will be a while longer before I can leave work.” EDaWRi

“No matter, you’re busy so I’ll just wait here.” Ruan Tang put away the two preservation boxes, “I’ll give Big Brother He a call.”

“It won’t just be the two-…” He Yun paused, stood up and took two steps, and pulled out a book called “A History of Intergalactic Warfare” from the bookcase. He handed it over the Ruan Tang with some embarrassment. “I have nothing fun here. This could be a bit interesting. If you’re bored, you can read it.”

Ruan Tang took it and said, “Okay.”

When he saw He Yun Chen return to work at his desk, he turned to look at the book. The book was thick like a large brick. He opened the cover and scanned the list of names involved in its compilation. He Yun Chen’s name was included under consultants. Sb6TU7

“A History of Intergalactic Warfare” talked about the wars that the imperial people had been involved in since they set off in space. It spoke about wars they’ve fought against hostile forces or rebels from within. The language was humorous and interesting. It read like a story, and there were pictures to go alongside it. It wasn’t a difficult at all read.

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After the narration of each battle, there were personal commentaries from famous generals. In the latter part, when the settings for the battles were relatively close to the present, He Yun Chen’s name began to appear frequently — in the battles he commanded or in his comments and explanations of the various battles… He was completely different from the reticent, outwardly cold but inwardly passionate and somewhat adorable person that Ruan Tang knew. The He Yun Chen in the book was wise and resourceful, resolute and daring, the commander of many a battle won with inferior numbers and seemingly insurmountable odds. With his military record of having never lost a battle, he appeared to be formidable and fascinating, giving off the aura of a strong and capable man.

Ruan Tang finally understood why he had so many fans in the empire. Although he didn’t like to talk, the ability of this young and handsome marshal to fight a hundred battles and win every single one could fire up any hot-blooded youngster. Just by reading the description in the book, even Ruan Tang felt a bit moved.

He couldn’t help but to look up and observe He Yun Chen. He Yun Chen held several encrypted electronic files in his hand. All of them used a new type of material. At first glance, they were like plastic sheets, but once they were held in his hands, it would verify his identity through biometric information before revealing the text. 5PekEt

Because he was deep in thought, He Yun Chen’s brows were slightly knitted. His deep black brows were pressed against his eyes, making his eyes look sharp and focused. His well-defined fingers passed through the texts quickly. The documents on top of his desk quickly reduced.

After dealing with the last document, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. He Yun Chen moved his neck about and looked over to Ruan Tang. He was suddenly met with Ruan Tang’s sparkling gaze.

“What is it?” He was a little uncomfortable, and his ears were involuntarily turning red. “Are you tired of waiting?”

Raun Tang shook his head. “No, I just realized that you’re quite handsome.” VXM4aL

When he heard this, his eyes widened. The blush that was confined to the tip of his ears quickly spread like a tide, and his entire face and neck turned red.

“You, you look good too.”


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