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Escape the Infinite ChambersCh60 - Burial Grounds (VI)


Editor: Kitty

After being unconscious for about 10 minutes, Luo Jian was the first one to wake up and sat up in a daze. At one glance, he saw Duan Li pressing his body onto Feng YuLan’s. With one hand, he was haphazardly tearing Ah Lan’s clothes, and with the other hand, he was kissing and touching Ah Lan all over. His actions were extremely fierce, like an evil beast that was devouring a small animal! hKGmjt

This terrible scene that Luo Jian saw immediately scared him. He jumped up from the ground and angrily hollered at Duan Li, “Stop it!”

Duan Li turned to look at Luo Jian. He did not have a good expression on his face, but he did not say anything. He actually obediently removed himself from Feng YuLan’s body. However, he did not intend to give up his ownership of Ah Lan so easily. He immediately placed Feng YuLan in his bosom and stared at Luo Jian warily.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Although you have signed whatever dogshit kind of symbiotic contract, it doesn’t mean that Ah Lan belongs to you.” Luo Jian decided to earn some human rights for his brother, so he said to Duan Li, “I don’t know what you are actually thinking or what you think of Ah Lan. Although I am unwilling, we are still a team now. So…… please at least treat Ah Lan as your equal and respect him.”

Duan Li did not answer Luo Jian’s words. He squinted at Luo Jian and suddenly stretched out his hand to pull the mask on his head and put it on his face. trxSe8

Luo Jian also did not know if Duan Li had listened to him or not, but he did not want to care about this stupid fool. Instead, he turned around and looked at his environment. There were three big coffins in a narrow tomb vault. There were no funerary offerings. Some inexplicable pictures were carved on the wall, and it seemed a series of carvings that told a story. But Luo Jian could not understand them. The pictures drawn were too abstract.

“I don’t know much about tombs, but this should be a tributary tomb vault.” This time, Duan Li suddenly opened his mouth and spoke in a proper way. However, Luo Jian’s first impression of him was not good, and he felt that Duan Li was not trustworthy. Therefore, Luo Jian asked, “How do you know?”

“I opened the coffins and saw that all three of the corpses were forcefully stuffed into them. They were struggling before they died.” Duan Li hugged Ah Lan and shrank in a corner of the room. From time to time, he would touch strands of Ah Lan’s hair. He looked very happy, as if he was playing with a large toy.

Thus, Luo Jian could only go to the area near the coffins. He found that the coffins had indeed been opened, and by chance, the opening revealed the corpse’s head. All that remained of the corpse was white bones. When the person died, he was in a distorted position. All his limbs were pushing against the lid of the coffin, and it seemed that the person wanted to push the lid up. The people in the three coffins were all in a similar situation; all the deceased appeared to have remaining grievances when they died.


“How cruel…… to send someone to be buried with the dead……. ” Luo Jian felt a little sad and sighed regretfully.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s just this, yet you feel it’s cruel? Newbie, I’m afraid you haven’t seen anything crueler than this,” Duan Li teased sarcastically. Since he was wearing a mask, Luo Jian could not see his expression, but he could also imagine Duan Li’s disdainful expression. He did not want to fight him and was too lazy to argue with him. He continued to walk in the narrow pathway of the tomb.

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After that, Luo Jian found that there was no way to get out of the tomb vault, and on all four sides were barren walls. He could not help but ask Duan Li, “How did we get in?”

“P ygbeuta ybat bo sbe lc tfgf.” Gejc Ol mbcalcefv ab olvvif klat Ct Ojc, ktb kjr lc tlr fwygjmf. E0Jeb2

“P wfjc…… Qtfgf’r atf fzla?” Oeb Aljc gfwfwyfgfv atja tf tjv yffc lc j aeccfi atja tf mbeiv cba kjix bea bo. “Lbk vlv kf ufa bea bo atja aeccfi?”

“Naturally, I was also the one who brought both of you out of there.” Duan Li seemed to be impatient with Luo Jian’s many questions and said, “Also, you don’t need to walk back and forth around here. Take a rest first. Aren’t you hurt?”

Luo Jian felt sharp pain in his shoulder, so he found a place to sit down and began to check the wound on his shoulder. What was strange was that he still remembered that the monster was poisonous. After being scratched, he should have been poisoned and would slowly be unable to move. But now, Luo Jian felt that except for the pain in his shoulder, there were no other abnormalities in his body.

Did Duan Li save them? Luo Jian could not help but look up at Duan Li, who was sitting at a distance not far away from him. Duan Li had no time to deal with Luo Jian. He had been joyously teasing Ah Lan, who was in his arms. Ah Lan was sleeping very soundly as he curled up in Duan Li’s embrace. Perhaps it was instinctive, but both of his hands moved to wrap around Duan Li’s waist. tMQ3Ye

Luo Jian’s frown deepened. Thereafter, he did not ask Duan Li if he was the one who had detoxified them, too. Then, Luo Jian decided to go to enter his carry-on secret chamber and get some medical supplies. Duan Li was also there, but he was too lazy to worry about him. He took out the small mirror and went into his carry-on secret chamber.

Unexpectedly, Duan Li was not surprised to find that Luo Jian had suddenly disappeared. He just smiled sarcastically: “Indeed, he’s a newbie.”

After a while, Luo Jian came back with a big backpack containing some medical supplies, food, and water. He first bandaged the wound on his shoulder. Then, he recalled that Ah Lan’s right hand was also hurt, so he took the medical bag and moved in front of Duan Li.

Duan Li raised his head and looked at Luo Jian, who strangely felt uncomfortable. So long as Luo Jian thought that he would have to face this disgusting pervert in the secret chambers in the future, Luo Jian felt very uncomfortable. This was especially the case when his family’s Ah Lan was in the hands of the other party. It was almost as the other party had a bargaining chip in their hands, which made him wish that he could send this fool to his death with a gunshot. qMO39L

“I say, you…” At this time, Duan Li suddenly opened his mouth, tilted his head, and said, “Newbie, you should not use this thing in front of others unless you can absolutely trust the person. This thing is not like a backpack in a real game that can be bound to the owner. As long as they master the way to use the key prop and passwords, anyone can easily steal your prop from you.”

Duan Li’s words made Luo Jian still for a while, and he could not help say, “You know…… about the carry-on secret chamber?”

“Why wouldn’t I know about it? Among veteran players, almost everyone has one, and of course, there are people who have an extra one as well. Naturally, I also have it.” Duan Li suddenly showed his left hand to Luo Jian, and a jade ring on his forefinger flashed in front of Luo Jian.

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Luo Jian suddenly felt he was so stupid. He always thought that it was quite miraculous to be able to obtain a carry-on secret chamber, but he did not expect that among all players, it was such a common prop. But come to think of it, it was reasonable that what he could get in the secret chamber, others would naturally also be able to obtain. VXJ6uM

“Alright then, thank you for reminding me.” Luo Jian helplessly shook his head as he crouched down and looked at Duan Li: “How long are you going to hug him? Can I have Ah Lan back?”

“Leave the dressing of his wounds to me.” Duan Li seemed to have heard Luo Jian’s words but refused to heed them. He straightforwardly took the medical bag from Luo Jian’s hand and picked Ah Lan’s small hand up to bandage his wound. He moved skillfully as he wrapped Ah Lan’s hand into a zongzi. Shortly after that, Ah Lan woke up.

When Ah Lan woke up, he was very confused. When he first opened his eyes, he saw Duan Li. His hands instinctively stretched out to hug him and to rub against his waist, but one was wrapped into zongzi. It was inconvenient for him to move this hand. Therefore, Ah Lan frowned and looked at his zongzi hand, muttering, “Who was the one who had such a bad technique in bandaging that they wrapped my hand into this?”

Duan Li’s face turned black. At this time, Luo Jian sneered, and immediately, Duan Li glared at Luo Jian fiercely and viciously. However, Luo Jian completely ignored the look in his eyes and beckoned Feng YuLan with his hands to ask him to come over to him. Ah Lan obediently pushed his way out of Duan Li’s arms and threw himself onto Luo Jian. 0Xzonw

“How obedient. I’ll re-bandage it for you.” Although Luo Jian had a wound on his shoulder, he had a good physique, and his wound would recover quickly. He did not think it was inconvenient for him to move around even with his injury. He flexibly took Feng YuLan’s zongzi hand and bandaged it so that it was in the original shape of his hand, using new pieces of bandages. Luo Jian carefully wrapped Ah Lan’s hand all the way from his palm and the back of his hand to his fingertips.

In fact, Luo Jian was taught this technique for dressing wounds by his mother. His mother’s ancestors were born into a family that dabbled with traditional Chinese medicine, so he was familiar with all kinds of traditional Chinese medicines. Unfortunately, the knowledge and skills had almost been unable to be passed down in this generation, and no matter how one tried to learn, the knowledge and skills were just subpar. When he was a student, he had wanted to go to medical school, but because of various reasons, he had chosen to give up.

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After Luo Jian wrapped Feng YuLan’s hands, Ah Lan just wanted to stretch out his hand to inspect Luo Jian’s incredible dressing technique, but Duan Li, who was behind him, suddenly reached out his hands and carried Ah Lan away. Ah Lan blinked and did not struggle. He looked around and said, “How long have I slept?”

“About half an hour,” Duan Li answered. “From the moment I brought you here.” E2iowI

“Alright…… So.” Feng YuLan turned to look at Luo Jian: “Lord Captain, please decide how we should proceed.”

“Captain? Me?” Luo Jian pointed at himself.

“Who else if not you?”

“Wait…… Is the captain decided like this?” Luo Jian recalled what Uncle Boss said: After forming a five-man team and unlocking team battle mode, the captain would be decided by the team members themselves. As long as there were more than three people who considered someone as the team captain, the secret chamber would acquiesce that the person was the team captain. It was not necessary to submit any application, and the secret chamber would directly entrust the authority of the team captain to that person. 8Ae73Z

“Who told you to be the first person to form the team? Therefore, I feel that you should be the captain.” Feng YuLan spread out his hands and put on an expression that said he intended to shirk responsibility.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s obviously unscientific. Fundamentally, I didn’t invite you to be a player on purpose.” Luo Jian indicated that he was very innocent.

“That is to say that you want Duan Li to be the team captain?” Feng YuLan shrank into Duan Li’s embrace and pointed with his chin.

“No! I firmly disagree!” Luo Jian refused immediately. weC9ou

“Then it’s decided. Isn’t this issue easily settled?” Ah Lan continued to spread out his hands to show that he was at ease.

“Alright then, can I make my first order as captain?” Luo Jian frowned and stared at Duan Li: “Duan Li, you let him go! Isn’t it improper to constantly hug him? My family’s Ah Lan is not your toy!”

(T/N) Fleur: This chapter, we see more of their team dynamics.

Kitty: They’re already a mess, and we’re still missing two members! 3bJwdS

Fleur: Yea. One’s missing and they don’t even have an extra one and they’re still fooling around :blobpeek:

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Translator's Note

The zongzi is a type of glutinous rice dumpling, usually eaten at Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu festival). In 2020, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Duan Wu festival is on 25th June. The fillings of the dumpling can range from minced pork and mushrooms to red beans. Whatever kind of zongzi one eats at Duan Wu festival usually is dependent on dialect group and region.

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