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Don't You Like MeCh94 - [Extra: Wang Tiantian] Every morning there would be the sound of reading aloud!


Translator: reiyu; Editor: GlitteryPanda

  WAJ aS

Wang Zhuo blinked and said shamelessly, “You teased me first.”

He Hao narrowed his eyes.

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It had clearly been Wang Zhuo who touched him first, and then teased him. And now that he was done teasing, he wanted to run?

Wang Zhuo: “Yes, you teased me first by making eyes at me.” 16E4Sr

He Hao: “……”

He Hao glanced around. Seeing that there was no one looking and the shower curtain was drawn behind them so no one could see, he pressed forward again and bit Wang Zhuo’s lips in a punishing manner. Then he nudged against him and said, “We have to go out like this later? It’s like you want everybody to know you’re gay.”

Wang Zhuo reached out to grasp the awkward area. “No. Wait a while and it’ll go down.”

He Hao said roughly, “Won’t go down as long as I’m thinking of you.”


“… Then what do you want to do?” Wang Zhuo had the wall at his back, and could not back away anywhere. So he could only shrink into the corner, his eyes flashing. He was very timid.

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Yes, Baby Wang was only a verbal tease. When it came to action, he shrank away immediately!

“What do you think?” He Hao trapped him in the corner, and Wang Zhuo’s legs went weak at his action. His knees bent without him meaning to, so he was now shorter than He Hao who covered him with his whole body. Then He Hao trapped Wang Zhuo with both his legs so he could not run, one hand catching hold of Wang Zhuo’s chin as he kissed him, his other hand sliding downwards inappropriately.

“Don’t make a commotion! There are people in the next stall!” Wang Zhuo whispered fiercely in opposition. VwGiSy

He Hao: “They’re short and can’t see.”

Wang Zhuo: “……”

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It might have been his imagination, but he felt that when He Hao heard ‘there are people’, he became even more ardent and used even more force to trap him against the wall.

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After this indescribable shower, they returned to their dorm room. On the way, Wang Zhuo grit his teeth and kept trying to kick He Hao’s butt, but He Hao let him kick twice, then smiled as he dodged. They ran circles around each other, and because the day was hot, the shower from before had become almost pointless.

After returning to the dorm room, He Hao finished his homework as quickly as he could, then started helping Wang Zhuo write his reflection essay. jPcRw2

“I’m done. Just copy it.” He Hao pushed the reflection essay draft towards Wang Zhuo.

But Wang Zhuo was still struggling with his own homework.

“Ah ah ah… I can’t do these math questions… not doing them!” Wang Zhuo complained weakly, threw down his pencil, then climbed up to his top bunk and lay down resolutely. He said guiltily, “I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.”

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He Hao snorted. He took Wang Zhuo’s math exercise book and scratch paper, then climbed up too and said, “I’ll explain them to you. While I’m on the watch, you can forget about copying homework.” C6diQS

Wang Zhuo was driven to madness. Out of habit, he said, “Are you my dad? Not even my dad nags me so much…”

Before he had finished, both of them froze.

He Hao said matter-of-factly, “Yes, I am your dad. You called me that.”

Wang Zhuo: “……” zHsBqO

His stellar reputation had been wrecked by that little brat.

Wang Zhuo was already lying down, but He Hao dragged him back up, then awkwardly pulled him into his arms within the narrow confines of the top bunk. “Come on, papa will love you.”

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Wang Zhuo had to surrender at his hands and listen to him explain the questions.

After listening for a while, Wang Zhuo exclaimed, “When my boyfriend personally explains the questions, it really is different than when other people explain it.” KkAw i

He Hao, hearing this, was proud. “Do you feel that you can think more clearly?”

Wang Zhuo said in pain, “No, I didn’t pay attention to a single word. I’m only thinking about you!”

He Hao’s blood ran hot, but he forcibly suppressed it and said gravely, “All right, focus and pay attention.”

Wang Zhuo shook his head. “Can’t focus. I keep thinking that “He Hao has a very magnetic voice. Very powerful.”” 5vOxh8

He Hao took a deep breath and tried to frighten him. “Tease me again and you’d better not regret it if I can’t hold myself back from doing something to you.”

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“Come on, baby. There aren’t outsiders in the house.” Wang Zhuo started flirting again. He took off his tank top and beckoned to He Hao with one hand. “This is more comfortable than doing questions.”

He Hao: “……”

They had confirmed their relationship less than 24 hours ago and he was already like this. How would they be able to live in the future? ChiLjn

“Ahem.” He Hao averted his gaze, switched to a piece of blank scratch paper, and prepared to explain the question over again. He tapped Wang Zhuo’s head lightly with the pen. “You don’t want to get into the same university as me any more? Or do you want me to lower my prospects to match yours?”

“Don’t!” Hearing this, Wang Zhuo got serious too. He sat up straight and said seriously, “I want to go to the same university as you.”

He Hao’s lips twitched upwards.

Wang Zhuo added, “And the same dorm room too.” K5Vh8t

He Hao said gently, “Mm. If we can’t get the same dorm room we can just rent a place together outside. It’s the same.”

Wang Zhuo nodded, then forced himself to focus and listen to He Hao explaining the questions.

By the time He Hao had finished explaining the questions Wang Zhuo was not sure of, it was time for lights out in the dorm. He Hao tossed the study materials onto his lower bunk, then comfortably took Wang Zhuo, who was still sitting frozen on the bed, into his arms and dragged him down.

Wang Zhuo was surprised. “You’re sleeping with me?” E6Dgbp

He Hao reached a hand into his tank and said self-righteously, “Mm.”

Wang Zhuo was stubborn. “Don’t. It’s too cramped.”

He Hao was silent for a moment, then he said gently, “I want to sleep hugging you. Just once.”

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“… All right, all right. You can sleep here.” Wang Zhuo stopped struggling and moved inward so he was lying against the wall. d g451

The second day, 6 a.m.

Wang Zhuo was woken by the fragrance of buns in the dorm room. His stomach growling, he rubbed his stomach as he sat up.

“How rare.” He Hao was currently sitting by the desk, writing something. He glanced up at Wang Zhuo. “I didn’t call you this morning and you actually got up on your own.”

“Smells too good.” Wang Zhuo sniffed at the air as he crawled down. “Pork buns or beef buns?” 6pQi7U

“Both.” He Hao opened both bags for Wang Zhuo. “This one is pork and that one is beef.”

Wang Zhuo grabbed a bun and took a large bite. “What are you writing?”

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He Hao had just finished writing the last word. He showed the paper to Wang Zhuo. “A customized study plan I made for you.”

Wang Zhuo mechanically swallowed the bun. “… Ah?” 0A4hZR

He Hao pointed to the paper and read aloud, completely seriously. “Before the end-of-term exams, you must finish your homework, and also the study questions here. English: Century Gold List. Chemistry: Step Up. Physics…”

Wang Zhuo was about to cry, but he did not say no. “So many?”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll do them with you.” He Hao’s eyes radiated a warm and gentle smile. He lifted a hand and tousled Wang Zhuo’s already messy hair until it was even messier. “We said we’d get into the same university. Don’t be scared, baby.”

Wang Zhuo had a pork bun in his left hand and a beef bun in his right hand, and was wolfing them down. After eating them both, he gulped down a big cup of soymilk, then wiped his mouth and said loudly, “Who’s scared! I’ll recite vocabulary for you right now!” w dbLc

From that day on, every morning, there would be the sound of reading aloud from dorm room 510.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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