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Don't You Like MeCh87 - [Extra: Wang Tiantian] Baby stole peaches…


Translator: reiyu; Editor: GlitteryPanda

He Hao pulled Wang Zhuo’s hand aside, clutched his something which had been forcefully attacked and went into a daze of pain for three seconds before the pain brought him back to his senses! 9vTs1J

Amid Wang Zhuo’s strange laughter, He Hao leaned against the wall, pale-faced and sweating, and took deep breaths as he endured the pain.

Then Wang Zhuo stretched out his hand towards He Hao’s something again.

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Under ordinary circumstances, He Hao would have been 100 percent happy, but right now…

Lightning-fast, He Hao held down Baby Wang’s mischievous hands and coaxed lightly, “Baby, be good… don’t touch… hss…” wcSxQv

To be able to good-naturedly cajole a baby under such circumstances—and not spank the baby’s bottom— clearly, this was He Hao’s true, pure love.

Papa had unreasonably stopped Baby Wang’s entertainment of stealing peaches in its tracks, so Baby Wang pouted unhappily.

He Hao paused for a while to recover. He wiped his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand, then looked at the unhappy Baby Wang.

He Hao thought that Lin Feiran had been right this afternoon. The infant’s spirit wanted to fulfill its needs. In the afternoon, Wang Zhuo had drunk his fill of milk, so the infant’s spirit had vanished. Now it had emerged and started crying, indicating that it had other needs, but what were those other needs?


Needing to go to the toilet? He Hao’s gaze drifted downward over Wang Zhuo’s body!

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The issue was that when Wang Zhuo went to wash up, he had already used the toilet. He Hao had seen it with his own eyes. So this could not be the issue. As He Hao thought about it, he could not help feeling a little disappointed.

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Now He Hao suddenly remembered his own nephew. Before the child napped every afternoon and slept every night, he always wanted an adult to play with him until he fell asleep. It was said that babies under two years old were not good at sleeping alone. The vernacular in the area called this ‘making a fuss before bedtime.’

“P’ii qijs klat sbe ecali sbe riffq, jii gluta?” 3ta4 k

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Lf Ljb raglmais rfa eq rbwf geifr obg Qjcu Iteb. Lf qblcafv ja tlr ibkfg tjio jcv rjlv, “Po sbe kjca wf ab qlmx sbe eq, sbe’gf cba ab abemt atlr qjga.”

The baby’s expression immediately changed. Within one second Wang Zhuo stopped smiling and he pursed his lips and opened his eyes wide in grievance, trying to be cute.

He Hao was a total face-con and for a moment he actually seriously considered letting him grab it one more time. But the lingering pain stopped this ridiculous thought in its tracks. Zid9uy

In front of Wang Zhuo, He Hao had to harden his heart for once and refuse. “No means no, all right?”

Wang Zhuo’s eyes went red and he took a deep breath. He looked like he was about to cry!

“Don’t cry, don’t cry!” Seeing this, He Hao immediately picked up the 1.8m tall baby and put him onto his own lap, rocking him from side to side several times. He said ingratiatingly, “I’ll sing baby a song, all right?” He did not wait for Wang Zhuo’s response before opening his mouth to sing. “Go to sleep, go to sleep, my darling baby. Papa’s hands rock you gently…”

His voice was low, and sounded good singing such a slow and gentle melody. Wang Zhuo no longer looked so much like he was about to cry. He innocently blinked his eyes and pinched He Hao’s nose with his big hands, then pulled He Hao’s ears and poked at He Hao’s eyes. He Hao had to dodge back and forth as he sang. The whole scene was familial and happy. 0Za9W8

After He Hao sang for a while, Wang Zhuo seemed to get a little sleepy. His eyelids drooped and his gaze locked on He Hao’s face. Children did not avert their eyes when they looked at someone; they had no notion of awkwardness and did not mind meeting someone’s eyes for long periods of time. He Hao, on the other hand, felt his face go red and his gaze become unsteady from being stared at so intently. Whenever he looked at Wang Zhuo, Wang Zhuo would be staring intently at him, his childlike eyes clear and resolute.

“Ahem…” After meeting eyes several times, He Hao stopped dodging and stared back at Wang Zhuo, red-faced.

He could tell that it was not Wang Zhuo’s soul behind those eyes. But these were indeed Wang Zhuo’s eyes; the sharp corners of his brow, an unassuming brown mole at the interior of one eye, the slightly upward-tilting corners of his eyes, the narrow eyes that seemed to always hold a laugh… as He Hao met Wang Zhuo’s gaze, he remembered many things. None of which were worth mentioning, but they were memories of having been by each other’s sides for a year and a half. Going to class, leaving class, at mealtimes, playing ball… all little details like that. In those memories were the flying hems of school uniforms, arrogant and wicked expressions, jokes that were neither here nor there, being by each other’s sides from morning till evening, and feeling the warmth of each other close by…

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When He Hao came back to himself, he felt that his expression was probably not right. Worried that Wang Zhuo would feel awkward when he recovered tomorrow morning and remembered this, he glanced down, still humming a tune. zYCJIZ

Wang Zhuo’s eyelids grew heavier and heavier. He rubbed his eyes, and when his hands fell from his face his eyes had completely closed. His chest rose and fell, his breathing long and steady. He had fallen fast asleep.

He Hao put him down on the bed. Worried Wang Zhuo would kick the blankets off in his sleep, he only covered his stomach with a light blanket.

The sleeping Wang Zhuo smiled, a very pretty picture.

He Hao turned and went down the ladder. The moment his foot reached the rung, he stopped moving. He stared at Wang Zhuo’s sleeping face for a long time, then hesitated and climbed down another rung. Then all at once he grit his teeth and climbed back up two rungs, stealthily slipping to Wang Zhuo’s side and kissing his forehead. After stealing this kiss, he fled down the ladder, jumping off the last rungs. He shot onto his own lower bunk in a flash, as if he was scared. ALBfVW

He Hao lay on the lower bunk and played dead for several seconds. Hearing no movement on the top bunk, he let out a breath.

As he finished exhaling, the lights in the dorm room went out.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Hao lay immersed in the sudden darkness, head pillowed on his hands, his legs crossed as he stared at the underside of the bed above him.

Wang Zhuo had been possessed by an infant’s spirit and the dorm room was unclean. The infant’s spirit had made a big scene and who knew where the little rascal was now? Still in Wang Zhuo’s body, or had it slipped out during the night to play? … Several thoughts went through He Hao’s head but he did not feel scared. He felt that both he and Wang Zhuo were being very calm about the whole matter, but he really was not scared. Instead, he was worried. Currently, his mind was full of images of him hugging Wang Zhuo and cajoling him, and the feeling of Wang Zhuo’s body soft against his as he whined, as well as that stolen kiss from just now. 7nA0ZD

He Hao tossed and turned in the dark, on one hand planning the route they would take to the temple on Sunday, and on the other hand recalling those scenes. He felt a prickly, itchy warmth at his back and the strange chill the infant’s spirit had brought was dispelled by these sweet thoughts.

He Hao stuck out a leg to kick the boards above him, in high spirits.

… He wouldn’t wet the bed in the middle of the night, would he? If the pee went through the bed boards, that would be a sight to behold.

Making preparations before the event, He Hao pushed his pillow to one side of his bed and lay on his side, against the cool wall, as he went to sleep. tpuqCP

At 5:30 a.m. the next morning, He Hao was woken up right on time by his biological clock. The first thing he did when he got up was to stick his hand under Wang Zhuo’s blanket and feel around.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The bedclothes were dry. He Hao pulled out his hand, his palm faux-accidentally brushing against the top of Wang Zhuo’s thigh.

Come to think of it, it was surprising. Wang Zhuo, who usually slept like a pig in the mornings, having to be woken up by He Hao shaking his shoulders, was now awoken just by this light touch.

“What are you touching me for?” Wang Zhuo shot into a sitting position, his hair– which kept its shape–sticking up in all directions after having been rolled around in all night. The visual effect was very funny. oTid6Z

He Hao was clearly guilty, but he pretended to be calm. “Checking if you wet the bed.”

Wang Zhuo rubbed his hands hard over his face. Now that he had been reminded by He Hao, he instantly recalled the scene he had made before sleeping yesterday. He snapped. “Damn it…”

He Hao said, “You can stay in bed a while longer. It’s not yet six.”

Wang Zhuo held onto the railing and stuck his head out, looking at He Hao’s something in a panic. His face was explosion-red and he stammered, “You… you’re all right there, right?” 9GPd86

He Hao pursed his lips. “…What do you think?”

They were both guys and Wang Zhuo surely deeply understood the soul-rending pain!

Wang Zhuo hurriedly said, “Sorry, sorry. I was conscious at the time but couldn’t control my body. It was like I was watching a movie.”

He Hao waved a hand dismissively. “Day after tomorrow, I’ll take you to the temple.” wJhd4Z

Wang Zhuo swiftly climbed out of bed, standing face to face with He Hao, and said, “Does it still hurt? Shall I rub it for you?”

He Hao: “……”

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  1. Hello, i love this story so much and i would like to share to other people, your translate is understandable! >,<

    So, may i have your permission to translate this story into indonesia?

    I already look to the project page and know that you have someone translating this into indonesia. But currently, Neko-the indonesian translator no longer translated this anymore and she deleted the project when she stopped.

    I kinda feel dissapointed, because this story is so good and i love this story so much. So, i wants to translating this again to my wattpad account.

    I will be looking forward to your answer. Thank you. ^-^

  2. XD that ending was… Unexpectedly good!! He Hao should just grab more of this as opportunity!!! This time Wang Zhuo offers it himself!!! XD the dense is scary really

  3. Oh, please do!

    I’m sure Wang Zhuo is not dumb to that point. He also had a thing for He Hao unconsciously and now he will be all self aware.Thank you for the update!

  4. Poor He Hao 😅

    Wang zhuo ah wang zhuo… Were you asking seriously or jokingly?

    This is the turning point of their relationship, isnt it… They’ll realise their feelings here… He Hao might have already realised for a while…