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Don't You Like MeCh56 - That was Gu Kaifeng’s spirit.


Translator: Reiyu; Editor: GlitteryPanda
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The image in the ceiling mirror made Lin Feiran’s face go red and his heart pound. Lin Feiran panted erratically, his pale fingers reaching into Gu Kaifeng’s black hair. In a fit of passion, he pressed Gu Kaifeng’s head downward; on the other, he continued preparing Gu Kaifeng… W1VhwC

“In a while, you might see some very scary things.” Keeping his red face blank, Lin Feiran turned from a little apple into a grave little apple.

Gu Kaifeng glanced at him. With a smile, he stuck out his tongue and licked the layer of cloth, asking, “This scary little thing?”

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That was indeed so hard it was scary.

“No!” All the blood in Lin Feiran’s body had rushed to the lower half of his body, and he completely lost the point. “What’s small? I’m perfectly proportioned. Do you think everyone’s like you…” GJavrP

The following words all turned into halting moans and panting.

Ten or so minutes later, they took a break and changed positions. Gu Kaifeng leaned against the headboard, his slender legs straightened and casually spread apart, his arms lying casually at his sides on the pillow and the blanket mound. Lin Feiran knelt between his legs, and in the instant their gazes met Gu Kaifeng raised one eyebrow, saying, “Baby, come, lie down on me.”

He had never been able to bear letting Lin Feiran do anything else, so under these circumstances, they just embraced and let Lin Feiran use his hand to finish things.

“Today I’ll use this too…” Consider this a benefit gained before he had to see ghosts! Lin Feiran’s voice was so soft, one could only see his lips move. With lidded eyes he touched his lips with one finger, then dragged over the clothes he had tossed to one side and said, “I’ll put on clothes first.” r6Xc8Y

“You’re not to put on clothes.” Gu Kaifeng snatched the piece of fabric, put it to his nose and inhaled deeply, saying, “Just like that. I want to see you.”

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On reflex, Lin Feiran said, “Don’t smell my clothes…”

“What clothes? Be more precise.” Gu Kaifeng spun the ‘clothing’ around leisurely twice, heart light as he teased the flirtatious little sticky cake Lin.

Lin Feiran bit his lip and did not answer. Aside from a thin sweater, he wasn’t wearing anything at all, and the collar of that sweater had been pulled into disarray by Gu Kaifeng, revealing his collarbone and neck which were lined with red marks. Lin Feiran tugged hard at the bottom of his sweater to pull it down, barely covering a little more of his body. Then, as he bent down, the loose sweater slid toward his head and no longer covered anything at all. DQx5Lg

Gu Kaifeng stared at the places the sweater couldn’t cover, eyes spouting fire. In the mirror on the ceiling, he could clearly see Lin Feiran’s round pale buttocks and the slender waist extending from it. Out of nervousness, Lin Feiran’s toes curled and relaxed. All the little details Gu Kaifeng could not see from his perspective were captured by the mirror and faithfully displayed.

With Lin Feiran’s gentle voice– Gu Kaifeng could not bear it at all. He felt that even his soul had left his body; he could not hold back a small cry. When Lin Feiran heard this, he swiftly glanced up at Gu Kaifeng, his gaze pure yet seductive.

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Gu Kaifeng’ Adam’s apple bobbed. His hand gently caressed Lin Feiran’s soft hair, then stroked over his burning cheeks, finally stopping at his lips moist with saliva. Gu Kaifeng played with Lin Feiran’s busy lips, whispering, “Baby’s so good.”

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“Spit it out.” In a second, Gu Kaifeng pulled out the tissue he had prepared, putting it to Lin Feiran’s mouth to catch it.

Lin Feiran’s jaw lifted and his throat jolted. With a gulp, he swallowed it all down. vuw12W

“Damn…” Gu Kaifeng cursed softly, and immediately he felt something.

Lin Feiran pressed on his chest and dry heaved a moment. When the uncomfortable feeling went away, he furrowed his forehead and asked Gu Kaifeng, “It’s not sweet! Tell me, what part of it is sweet?!”

It tasted very bad!

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Gu Kaifeng was overjoyed. He pulled Lin Feiran into his arms, palms stroking his slender back to soothe him. He said, “You’re sweet. You’re a cream-filled little sticky cake.” vRkJw6

In Gu Kaifeng’s arms, Lin Feiran watched him unblinkingly with bright black eyes.

Really! At the critical moment, he becomes compliant!

“I’ll ask you one more thing.” Lin Feiran tapped Gu Kaifeng’s chest with a fingertip and whispered, “Will you be with me… for our entire lifetime?”

Gu Kaifeng’s face went solemn, and the teasing expression from before vanished without a trace. Gvfp42

“Of course,” Gu Kaifeng’s voice was very gentle. “I have to be with you for our entire lifetime.”

“Then, in future, if there’s a guy whose every quality is better than mine who falls for you, what will you do?” Lin Feiran asked.

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Gu Kaifeng laughed as he pinched Lin Feiran’s face: “Do you think someone like that exists?”

Lin Feiran quirked his little tail and said confidently as he shook his head: “I don’t think so. It was a hypothetical. A one-in-a-billion chance.” 6R8zqs

“Then I’ll still only want you and only love you,” Gu Kaifeng said without a second thought. He used his hands to cup Lin Feiran’s face and said with some unhappiness: “RanRan, who do you take me for? Do you think I’m so heartless?”

Ingratiatingly, Lin Feiran scooched over and kissed Gu Kaifeng’s lips. Soft as cotton, he apologized: “Sorry, I just wanted to make sure.”

Gu Kaifeng’s temper was kissed away. In return, he kissed Lin Feiran’s eyebrows, eyelids, cheekbones, the tip of his nose and the corner of his lips, saying a line with every kiss: “RanRan, you’re my first love. The best memories of my life are all of you. It’s impossible for me to think that anyone is better than you. Take the feelings we’ve accumulated together– what could anyone use to compare to that?”

Lin Feiran acknowledged it solemnly. “I understand.” S106f

After a pause, Lin Feiran asked again, “If I had a secret… that wasn’t very good, would you want to know or not want to know?”

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“Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, of course I want to know.” Gu Kaifeng’s forehead furrowed. “RanRan, what’s gotten into you today?”

“All right, I’ve decided. Today I’m going to tell you a groundbreaking secret!” With a stern face, Lin Feiran crawled out of bed naked, completely serious.

Gu Kaifeng was both anxious and amused: “……” 8hr2pI

Lin Feiran picked up a small paper bag from the table and ran back, still naked. He took out a box of needles and a lighter from the paper bag.

The box of needles looked new; they were very ordinary sewing needles. The lighter was also new, and Lin Feiran thought it had never been used. He pressed it three times before it ignited. He pulled out a needle and heated it in the fire, as if disinfecting it.

After heating the needle, Lin Feiran used it to prick the pad of his finger and squeezed out a drop of blood.

Lin Feiran solemnly brought his bleeding finger to Gu Kaifeng’s lips, saying, “Lick it.” B30VXa

Before he finished, Gu Kaifeng had already hurriedly taken the finger into his mouth. He licked the bleeding little wound with the tip of his tongue until he felt the blood was no longer flowing, then took out the finger and kissed it. Confused from the bottom of his heart, he asked, “Baby, what are you playing at?”

“You’ll know in a bit.” Lin Feiran caught hold of one of Gu Kaifeng’s fingers and lined the needle up with the pad. Despite the gesture, Lin Feiran couldn’t bear to do it. He pressed the needle into Gu Kaifeng’s hand and said, “Give me a drop of blood too. Prick it lightly.”

Gu Kaifeng laughed as he asked, “Are we making a blood oath?”

Lin Feiran: “No!” 8Pt5wf

Gu Kaifeng: “Then what?”

“Can you not ask for now?” Lin Feiran planted a kiss on Gu Kaifeng’s face.

“……” Now that Lin Feiran had wheedled him, Gu Kaifeng’s intelligence and principles had vanished into the heavens. He decisively pricked his own finger.

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Like a kitten, Lin Feiran took the finger into his mouth and suckled for a moment, then removed the clothes from his upper body, and pulled out the paint he had prepared beforehand from the mysterious paper bag. He opened the cap and dug out a big blob with his finger, then used it to draw a strange symbol on his own chest. pZ67kc

His handwriting was ugly, and he drew the symbol ugly too!

This was very logical.

The paint spread on the surface of skin, and a pungent scent rose into the air, like traditional Chinese medicine but also mixed with the scent of something else.

By this time, Gu Kaifeng’s expression had changed from playful to somewhat serious. He knew that Lin Feiran never joked around easily. MioV4p

“Want to draw on me?” Gu Kaifeng lifted up his shirt of his own accord, showing his chest.

“Mm.” Lin Feiran nodded and explained attentively, “It has to be drawn over the heart.”

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The corner of Gu Kaifeng’s lips lifted. Half-seriously, half-teasingly, he asked, “Baby, are you a Yin-Yang master?”

Lin Feiran looked at him silently and did not answer, but from his expression, he was silently admitting it. kDLpiS

Gu Kaifeng laughed with surprise. “Don’t keep quiet! Are you really?”

Lin Feiran dug out another big blob of paint, his finger hovering in front of Gu Kaifeng’s chest. He gave a final warning: “Later, you might really see something terrifying. But everything you can see, I can see too. If you feel scared, you only need to close your eyes for ten seconds and you won’t see it any more.”

“Damn, now I’m a bit curious.” Gu Kaifeng urged, anxious to try. “Come on, baby, I know you won’t hurt me.”

Lin Feiran pressed the paint on his finger to Gu Kaifeng’s chest, and drew the symbol he had practiced more than a hundred times on Gu Kaifeng’s chest. P125Uz

The symbols over their hearts were identical.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the moment the symbol over Gu Kaifeng’s heart was finished, Lin Feiran felt the pool of chilly Yin energy, which had been buried somewhere deep in his body since absorbing Gu Kaifeng’s Yang energy, start to rise from his feet and permeate his limbs and bones. The icy cold feeling tyrannically swept through Lin Feiran, stealing all of his body warmth in a mere second. After that, Lin Feiran felt that the skin over his heart seemed to have been broken and his cold spirit kept flowing out from that breach. In that moment, Lin Feiran was like a punctured balloon. But very quickly, the terrible feeling that his soul was flowing away stopped. A counter-feeling began: a warm sort of energy flowed into him from the breach over his heart. That energy was very foreign, but also very familiar…

That was Gu Kaifeng’s spirit.


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