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Class Teacher SystemCh52 - Against heaven and earth (11)


After that time Ren Zhu spoke to Zhang Hai Tao, he very clearly noticed that Zhang Hai Tao’s temper had become more stable. His manner of speaking became a lot gentler and he clearly considered things carefully before taking action. This kind of change was very gratifying, and when compared with the other few students in his class, Zhang Hai Tao seemed more modest and outstanding.

However, besides Zhang Hai Tao, Ren Zhu also noticed that Qin Shu seemed to be a lot more reserved than before. If it was said that Qin Shu used to like putting on an act to ask around for gossip, then the Qin Shu now was more low-key in finding information. Compared with his previous manner, the current Qin Shu seemed a little more ‘real’. 9JqjbI

Ren Zhu immediately knew the reason behind this. He found a time after class to call Qin Shu to his side, and the first thing he said to him was: “That day, did you secretly take a video of my conversation with Zhang Hai Tao?”

No matter how wise or steady-minded Qin Shu was, it was still difficult for him to conceal his expression when questioned like this. Adding on the fact that all students had a natural negative buff in the presence of Teacher Ren, before Qin Shu could even lie, he was already exposed.

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Consequently, Teacher Ren was all smiles as he punished Qin Shu to copy a literature article 3 times. Amidst little young master Qin’s look of dissatisfaction, he said: “This is to tell you using the most basic punishment that this line of work is very dangerous. Either you stop others from finding you, or you can stop sneaking photos of others. This is to prevent drastic consequences later on.”

Little young master Qin Shu expressed that next time, he must properly hide his tracks!! EAyDu

There were still 3 days before Zhao An An and the other girls would go to a party. It was also the 7th day Ren Zhu had decided to find that organisation and investigate the school.

Teacher Ren’s observations over the past 7 days made him realise that there were quite a few vermin within Dingdian School. Although these vermin all have several brushes and were rich in knowledge, once their morals no longer matched with their educated appearance, then they were also no longer fit to be a teacher.

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Not far from the headmaster’s office was the school’s free photocopying room, where teachers could print exam papers or other materials. This way, Ren Zhu could pass by the offices and use the ‘class teacher’s detail perception’ skill to carefully listen and observe if these leaders have any problems.

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Perhaps Teacher Ren triggered the ‘very lucky when meeting scum’ passive skill; he happened to come across a conversation between the headmaster and someone else.

“Hehe, do you take me for a fool? I have already arranged people for you, but because of some trivial matter that happened in our school, you want to go back on your word? I’ll tell you this, surnamed Fu! If you dare to do this, I will announce the details of your organisation to the entire world tomorrow! Don’t think that I don’t know what you guys are plotting. Although I am not some good person myself, you guys are the real filth. To have actually come up with such a disgusting plan, you’re not afraid of being struck by lightning?!”

“Hehe, lightning can also strike me? Do you think everyone would believe your words? I am a professor and also one of the top ten outstanding headmasters in the country! How can a person like me possibly do something harmful to students? It must be that you guys wrongly accused and threatened me!” nZ5LoG

“So, if you still want me to cooperate and continue to plant operatives for you, then you need to give me the promised money and villa!”

“Humph…… even a beauty trap didn’t work well. I had simply turned a blind eye and planted a few people for you guys.”

Walking down the corridor to the photocopying room, Ren Zhu heard these four segments in total, but it was already enough for him to make out a lot of useful information. Although he had expressionlessly walked into the photocopying room and caused the teachers there to retreat after seeing his cold appearance, his heart was already overturning seas and rivers. The most important figure in the school was actually a vile piece of scum who seemed to already be cooperating with some powerful force.

Teacher Ren’s face was expressionless as he thought, if this were made into a movie, then he would probably be the male lead who refused to submit to power and struggled to the very end, ultimately sacrificing his own life. Unfortunately, the female lead of this movie would also be a male. lsJHri

After he finished printing, he held the materials and started to walk back. On the way, he discovered that the door of the headmaster’s office was actually open. When he turned the corner, he took a peek inside. Even though it was only a glance, with his ‘class teacher’s detailed perception’ skill, he could clearly see that there were two sexy beauties surrounding the headmaster. The headmaster was holding two black cards in his hand, a pleased smile spreading on his face.

“Really a piece of scum.” Ren Zhu clenched his teeth.

Such a headmaster was simply tarnishing the reputation of Dingdian. He might as well be a piece of BBQ pork that's chopped up and fed to the dogs. He finally understood why there were so many malignant tumours in this school. This was simply because subordinates followed the example of their superiors, behaving recklessly without any restraint.

Consequently, Teacher Ren was in an extremely bad mood over the next two days. The 7 students in his class could all sense storm clouds approaching. Each and every one of them tore off their previous tyrannical, violent and mischievous labels and firmly stuck on a ‘smart and cute’ tag as to avoid being punished by Teacher Ren to copy literature articles. zuinf9

To tell the truth, of the 7 children in the class, apart from Zhang Hai Tao and Qin Shu, the remaining 5 all couldn’t quite understand the current situation and change —– clearly before they came to school, their parents told them that so long as they didn’t let others bully them and also didn’t bully others to death, then they could do whatever they wanted at school; clearly before they came to school, their parents told them that the teachers here were all gentle and easy to talk to. If they had any questions or areas they didn’t understand, they could ask the teacher and even get help from them; clearly their parents told them that there absolutely wouldn’t be something like punishment or homework here. But since several days ago, or should they say after Teacher Ren saved Zhang Hai Tao, their teacher has changed!

As soon as Teacher Ren changed, the entire school seemed strange!

In this school, you couldn’t do whatever you wanted. Once Teacher Ren discovers that you did something wrong, you must be punished. Even if you bring out the headmaster and your parent’s words, they would all be useless. Teacher Ren would just return you an incomparably gentle smile and then use a ‘showing concern for a retarded child’ kind of expression to say: “Before asking for help, you should first use your brain to think if there’s any method you can use to solve the problem yourself. Also, if you do something wrong, you will be punished. No matter how powerful you are in the future, even if you become Dingdian School’s headmaster, don’t try to speak about conditions with me. So long as you guys are still my students, then you must follow my rules!”

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As soon as he said this, the 7 little students all froze. Even the assistants and secretaries behind them looked at him with an expression that said ‘you are simply arrogant to the heavens’! vqJDZ6

But the situation was just this incomprehensible —– no matter how many times Peng Fei Qi and Peng Fei Xian wished that the school would change their teacher, they would still see Teacher Ren’s occasionally melting iceberg face every day. They sometimes also needed to write a reflection as punishment for bullying others, uncivilised language and lack of discipline in the classroom.

Peng Fei Qi and Peng Fei Xian were not fools. Seeing that Teacher Ren was watching them like a hawk, they had no choice but to obediently study and complete their homework. In this way, the atmosphere in the entire Grade 4 Class 4 classroom became intense. Ren Zhu planned to gradually influence and change their bad habits, helping them open the correct door to life.

Time quickly flew to the 10th day.

Early morning, Zhao An An, Wang Jie Er and Li Jia Xin had already woken up and started applying makeup on their faces. UWvkFb

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Translator's Note

Means they have knowledge like refined scholars

Translator's Note

In chaos

Translator's Note

Like when someone says ‘it’s better to have given birth to a piece of BBQ pork than you’

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