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Class Teacher SystemCh51 - Against heaven and earth (10)


Ren Zhu already had some doubts regarding his own identity in this world. After all, according to his age, as a young man who was only 25 or 26 years old, no matter how formidable of a bookworm he was, it was impossible for him to be a teacher in this rich and powerful Dingdian School without having any connections. What’s more, Ren Zhu had seen his predecessor’s memories before. The intellect his body possessed was just ordinary.

Therefore, he definitely had some connections to be able to teach at Dingdian. SXrhiU

But in the end, what was the connection? He couldn’t find any relevant information in his memory. Perhaps it was shielded by the system, or perhaps his predecessor was someone controlled like a puppet by that organisation. In any case, he was perplexed.

However, he could now at least understand that ‘those people’ behind him definitely didn’t let him enter Dingdian to benefit the development of society. Thinking about it, he was probably the same as that Assistant Su, just an operative planted into the school.

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However, his role as an operative should be a little more important than that assistant’s.

Let’s think about the task mentioned in the text message —– first, he saved Zhang Hai Tao, the only child of a rich man leading the oil and military industry; now, someone was targeting Zhao An An and the other girls. Their families were all famous leaders in the clothing and synthetic fibres industry. The 3 girls were also the only daughters of their families. Don’t mention what kind of benefits he would receive if he saved these girls, even if he didn’t receive a single cent, he would at least gain the full trust of their families. After gaining their trust, what could he do? QNSFJA

Ren Zhu’s expression chilled. He could do a lot. Furthermore, as a teacher, the things he could do could completely affect a child’s life.

He didn’t know what those people were planning, but this method alone was enough to make Ren Zhu disgusted from the bottom of his heart. What he hated most were those who took advantage of his profession to do things that could ruin a child, because in his mind, this profession was absolutely sacred and beautiful. Now, even if many people no longer know to respect their teachers, the word ‘teacher’ stood for ‘virtue’ and ‘wisdom’, so no one could tarnish such a word.

Thus, even if the opponents he encounters this time might be very difficult to handle, Teacher Ren still decided that he must pull the carpet from under this group of scumbags and then fiercely slap their faces.

So, the first thing to do was to find out what the ‘organisation’ behind him was, and also what was their objective. Hence, in the next 10 days, Ren Zhu wandered around the school whenever he had free time. He was absolutely not convinced that those people had arranged only him to be an operative in this school. Although there were more than 200 teachers here, but in fact, so long as he focused on the important things and a few disorderly places, he could then identify those operatives. eOQPFo

Ren Zhu regularly used his new skills.

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He then discovered the hidden side of Dingdian School, and it was exactly this hidden side that made Ren Zhu burn with anger.

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On the first day when he was walking around, he discovered at least 3 couples doing unsightly things in hidden corners of the school. Teacher Ren flew into a rage and used the ‘class teacher’s chalk (brick)’ to knock out 4 of them from a distance, causing the entertainment news headlines to read ‘Teachers attacked in Dingdian School’. For this reason, the school immediately had their public relations deal with this and also held a big meeting.

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Afterwards, on the third day, Ren Zhu walked around as usual and found several teachers accepting bribes and leaking exam questions. This time, Ren Zhu couldn’t use a brick again to knock them out. He silently used his phone to take pictures and record a video, intending to used it later to kick these people out. In order not to alert the enemy, he didn’t take action for the time being.

On the fourth day, Ren Zhu discovered two physical education teachers who were just like special forces soldiers. He noticed that when one of them was teaching the students, their eyes possessed a cold light stirring up wild schemes. Ren Zhu remembered that teacher’s name —– Fu Bin.

On the fifth day, Zhang Hai Tao came to find him and tell him what happened to Assistant Su.

“He wanted to kill me because my second cousin crashed into his daughter and killed her. She also covered up the incident.” Zhang Hai Tao’s expression was very ugly: “This is simply ridiculous! How can his daughter’s life compare to mine? I am the future oil king!” 4IBvo6

Ren Zhu heard these words and calmly looked at him. Only when Zhang Hai Tao couldn’t stand it anymore did Ren Zhu finally remove his gaze.

“Oh, then if you swapped places with that daughter who was killed, would you be fine just dying?”

Zhao Hai Tao frowned: “But I am not her. This is just a scenario.”

Ren Zhu smiled: “Yes, this really is just a scenario. However, at least in the heart of that Assistant Su, your life is no more than a means to avenge his daughter. It also has little value. If you die, there won’t be anyone to inherit your family’s business in the future? Use your head and think, is that possible? Although you now seem very important, but even the most important people, like the emperors in ancient time, will still have someone to replace them when they die.” MjHC9D

Zhang Hai Tao’s expression instantly became ugly: “I am my family’s only son!”

Ren Zhu continued to smile: “So what? Can’t your parents make more children?”

“That girl was also Assistant Su’s only daughter. Your second cousin killed her and covered it up. Shouldn’t she be comforted?”

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Zhang Hai Tao was already 10 years old. With the knowledge he has received, he could understand that what his second cousin did was very wrong. However, at the same time, the pampering and opinions from his family made him unable to equate himself with that ordinary girl. He could only grit his teeth and stare at Ren Zhu, suddenly saying: “Your words can get you fired.” Ndqh7Z

This time, Ren Zhu directly let out a laugh. His expression immediately became cold and severe: “My words are exactly what you should know. Even if the most powerful and talented person becomes the leader of a country, if they don’t have upright views or a moral bottom line, then they would also be abandoned by everyone and not have a good end!”

Zhang Hai Tao’s eyes widened and his whole body went stiff, staring at the teacher before his eyes. He felt that this teacher’s each and every move was mighty and imposing, making him tremble with fear. It was the same as his grandfather.

“You should bear in mind, the higher your status, the greater your responsibility. Money can’t buy respect or trust. I hope that when you grow up, you won’t be someone like your second cousin, but rather a person who is admired and respected by everyone.”

After saying this, Ren Zhu directly turned around and left, leaving Zhang Hai Tao stunned on the spot. uiTzxO

Afterwards, that night, Zhang Hai Tao was called into his grandfather’s study. Seeing his grandfather sitting in a leather chair, Zhang Hai Tao didn’t know why he wanted to speak with him alone.

“Good child, what do you think of your teacher’s words today?”

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Zhang Hai Tao thought for a moment and said: “…… I think, I want to be someone who is admired and respected by everyone. Not just being rich.”

Consequently, Grandpa Zhang laughed. He imposingly but also affectionately looked at his only grandson and nodded: “Then, work hard to become this kind of person. Your Teacher Ren is very good. I should find a time to invite him for a meal.” iXK2sm

The words Ren Zhu said to Zhang Hai Tao that day were passed on to Grandpa Zhang’s ears word for word. After all, something had just happened to his grandson, how could the Zhang family not pay attention to him? However, what made Grandpa Zhang surprised was Teacher Ren’s behaviour. It wasn’t that Dingdian School wasn’t good, but with a school that was built up using riches and honour, it was always easy to forget a few more important matters. Grandpa Zhang was already too old to control his sons and daughters, but he hoped that his grandson could be different.

While Grandpa Zhang was happily thinking about inviting Teacher Ren for a meal, Father Qin, Grandpa Qin and Grandma Qin had already received all the information they could get on Ren Zhu. Naturally, this included a print of what Ren Zhu said to Zhang Hai Tao this afternoon.

Father Qin’s expression was dark and he unhappily said: “He just has some relations with that Sun family who sells chinese cabbages. So poor.”

Grandma Qin gently laughed: “Well, he is also better than that actress you found. You still dare to dislike Cong Er‘s love? Compared with your actress, this person is many mountains better.” YWf5xm

Father Qin’s mouth twitched and his face blushed, but he quickly retorted: “The person I found could at least give birth. Didn’t she also give birth to Shu Er?! No matter how good he is, he is also a man. Are we planning to cut off the family line?”

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Then, Grandpa Qin gave Father Qin a slap: “Laozi isn’t dead yet. You still dare to curse that our family line will be cut off?! Do you take our family’s Shu Er to be dead?”

Father Qin clenched his teeth. In any case, he just wanted to criticise his unreliable eldest son.

In the end, Grandpa Qin firmly decided: “This child is a good one. If Cong Er insists on chasing this person, then just let him be. Seeing that he can even get a nosebleed from helping someone bath, hehe, if he wants to do things, I don’t know how many years he would need to take. This silly child, he didn’t even learn a single bit of his father’s playboy style.” aZCgqj

Grandma Qin nodded: “Ai, in this aspect, Cong Er is still like you ah. Fortunately, he is not like his father. I hope that Shu Er would also be a little more like you. After all, no matter how much money they have, it also can’t buy true love.”

Consequently, Father Qin was troubled. His initial thought of inviting the teacher who could tame both his sons for a meal vanished into thin air. Being a teacher was one thing, but if this teacher became his future daughter-in-law, then that would be a whole nother matter.

However, even Father Qin had to admit that Ren Zhu’s morals were very upright. He also had skills and looked pretty good. No wonder his ‘against heaven and earth, if heaven is first then I am second’ bear child would fancy him. Hehe, serves him right to get nosebleeds. Just bleed out his bearishness.

At this moment, the nosebleeding bearish young master was currently drooling, repeatedly watching the video his little brother had secretly taken of Ren Zhu teaching Zhang Hai Tao. The more he watched, the more he felt that his future partner was extremely handsome and sexy! Really, he was beautiful no matter how he looked at him. Qin Cong really wanted to hug him so that Ren Zhu would also teach him a round. ePVhwF

Beside him, little brother Qin watched the video while thinking, he also wanted to be someone respected and admired by everyone. At least, he wanted to be like Teacher Ren and not like his stupid older brother. Someone who has money but doesn’t have any grandeur, wasn’t that exactly his bearish brother?

That night, Teacher Ren fiercely sneezed a dozen of times at home. His whole body didn’t feel too well.

In the end, how many people were thinking about him?!


Translator's Note

To take drastic measures to deal with a situation.

Translator's Note

Male-female, male-male or female-female.

Translator's Note

Also means stupid.

Translator's Note

Adding ‘er’ is an endearing way to call a son/grandson in a family.

Translator's Note

Meaning a lot. Infinite times.

Translator's Note

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Translator's Note

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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