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Blooming RomanceChapter 52


Edited by Erin & genesis

Chu Xun was restless. IaAb6s

Teacher Chu found that something was wrong with him since morning, especially after he ran out and made that phone call. Before piecing everything together, he asked curiously, “Who is this ‘Lin Yanchen’ ah?”

Chu Xun thought about it and said tactfully, “My… A friend.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He lied again: “It’s work matters. Don’t think too much about it.”

Teacher Chu said, “Oh, I don’t understand much stuff regarding your work, but I think you’re going to be late. Are you not going to work yet?” v5 VPC

Chu Xun: “!”

Chu Xun had also told the address of his company to Lin Yanchen. So, he was a little worried over him coming directly to the company.What should he do if he came?

He agonized over this all morning.

After they got in touch, Chu Xun texted him and added him on various other social media. RiJ74b

Lin Yanchen kept sending him messages.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Yanchen: I’m going by the high-speed rail, I already bought the ticket.

Chu Xun: Be careful on the way. Don’t rush.

Lin Yanchen: I’m on the train. It’s 6 hours and 40 minutes to Y City. I hope it won’t be late. NV0Jie

Chu Xun: OK. After you get off, if you are hungry, have a meal first.

Lin Yanchen: Still six hours left.

Lin Yanchen: There are still 5 hours and 30 minutes left.

Lin Yanchen: There are still five hours left. oR6sJM

Chu Xun: Can you stop announcing once every half an hour?

Lin Yanchen: Oh, there are four hours left.

Lin Yanchen: I saw a beautiful oilseed rape flower field. [Image] ApynzW

Lin Yanchen: Look, there is a rainbow on the mountain over there. [Image] three hours left.

Chu Xun: I’m in a meeting.

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Lin Yanchen: Two hours left.

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Olc Tjcmtfc: Valii bcf wbgf tbeg. MACx0X

Cc tbeg ijafg.

Olc Tjcmtfc: Pa’r ijaf. Pa’ii yf jybea afc wlceafr ijaf.

Jte Wec, tjnlcu atf alwf gfwjlclcu gfqbgafv ab tlw ilxf tf kjr atf qgbajubclra lc j tbggbg wbnlf jcv Olc Tjcmtfc kjr atf wegvfgfg, cb ibcufg ofia rbggbkoei. Lf kjr gfjiis meglber jybea tbk Olc Tjcmtfc’r ygjlc kjr mlgmelafv.

Was Lin Yanchen not angry with him? He didn’t want to ask carefully about the story? Originally, he had prepared himself to be scolded by Lin Yanchen. eX4p1H

At five, Lin Yanchen told him that he had already arrived at the station.

Chu Xun’s company also had that as their stipulated get off work time, but he never got off work on time, so he went to his master with a strong face: “I have something today, may I go back earlier?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

President Liu knowingly said: “Oh, your child’s body is not well? His constitution is too weak. It’s hard to solve the problem of his constitution only with western medicine. I know a really good old Chinese medicine expert. I can introduce him to you. Take your child for a look and help nurse his health.”

Chu Xun quickly wrote down the contact information and said emotionally, “Thank you master.” toMl8z

President Liu waved and said boldly, “You don’t have to thank me. When your child’s body is well, then you can work more for me when you have time. Hahahaha.”

Capitalism truly ignored master and disciple relations!

Chu Xun hurried home.

Teacher Chu had already made dinner and was waiting for him. Chu Xun anxiously finished his dinner in a few quick bites. M3ghnU

Teacher Chu asked, “Are you tired from work today? So hungry you’re like this?”

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Chu Xun said: “The weather is quite good… I want to take Jiu Jiu out for a walk.”

Teacher Chu didn’t think too much about it. He nodded: “Take a bottle of milk with you. Come back earlier.”

Chu Xun dressed Jiu Jiu in a one-piece with a panda hood, picked him up and put him in the stroller. He also brought along a bottle of freshly made milk. 8HhaQu

He had just pushed the stroller out of the door, and had not made it far, when the aunts in the neighborhood who enjoyed cooling off under the trees surrounded them: “Aiyo, Jiu Jiu came out!”

Jiu Jiu was a beautiful baby. It did not even do him justice to say that he was the best-looking in the whole neighborhood. When he was taken out the first time, he had elicited many gasps of surprise . Now he already had a lot of aunt powder.

Jiu Jiu was not often taken out of the house because of his health. Every time he was, he would be surrounded and photographed.

Chu Xun smiled as he escaped the blockade and finally reached the other side of the community. There was a small park that no one came to; there was a shabby stone pavilion in the remote southwest corner. There was not a single person in the park at this moment. 4EcZOS

Chu Xun and Lin Yanchen had arranged to meet here.

He didn’t know if Lin Yanchen would be able to find it successfully.

Chu Xun looked down and saw that Jiu Jiu was eating his fingers. He took his little hand away and said, “Not allowed to eat.”

Jiu Jiu looked at him pitifully. “Dad, Dad.” pTm90J

Chu Xun  could only give him the bottle and he held it, drinking happily.

Lin Yanchen… Lin Yanchen took the high-speed railway for the first time in his life. When he got on the train, he was sent off by his assistant, but he didn’t let the assistant come with him. After getting off the train, he got lost at the station.

He took half an hour to find a way out, then took a taxi to find Chu Xun

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He took a sniff of himself: he smelled of hair dye. He frowned, alas, at least it was better than having gray hair. kh6JAI

In fact, he had a lot of doubts, grievances, and anger. He wanted to ask Chu Xun and tell him, but the desire to see Chu Xun overpowered everything else.

He would see Chu Xun first. He wanted to see the living Chu Xun. They could talk about the other things later.

When he got to the park mentioned by Chu Xun, he still had to search for the meeting place for a long time.

Lin Yanchen has been tossing about on the train all day since morning. In fact, he wanted to appear in a bright and handsome way. But after sitting on the high-speed rail for several hours, running around under the sun, he finally appeared in a dejected and unkempt way. YQ2Bw5

Near the stone pavilion grew many lush trees. It had likely not been fixed up for a long time. The shrubs and weeds grew crazily, and soon they would cover the original path.

Chu Xun knew it was not easy to find this place, but it was hidden and also close to his home. Taking Jiu Jiu with him, he really could not go far.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Yanchen was outside of the woods. After walking around in circles for a while and looking for a long time, he was so anxious that his heart began to burn. He finally pushed apart some branches and saw a familiar figure.

When he saw Chu Xun, his eyes became moist and he dared not blink. He was afraid that it was just a dream. 4FV0Uu

Once he woke up, Chu Xun would be gone

In his eyes, he only saw Chu Xun, and nothing else.

Lin Yanchen wanted to call out “Ah Xun,” but he felt timid, so he walked over with light steps.

Even though Chu Xun didn’t look back, he felt a tender gaze and had a premonition. Looking back, he saw Lin Yanchen standing several steps away, his eyes red. nFmMjI

Lin Yanchen looked exactly the same as when they had separated. But if you looked more carefully, it also seemed as if he had changed.

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Oh, Lin Yanchen was still so handsome.

Lin Yanchen was below the steps and raised his head a little, gazing at Chu Xun. He felt that Chu Xun had gotten thinner, but was still as attractive as before. The thousands of words and thoughts he wanted to express converged into two painful and soft words: “Ah Xun.”

Chu Xun looked back at him, then softly, like a sigh: “Xiao Lin.” erNzas

Lin Yanchen really wanted to hug Chu Xun directly, but he was afraid of being rude or too hasty, and frightening Chu Xun. He went over step by step, took Chu Xun’s hand, and said, “Ah Xun.”

Before Chu Xun could say anything, Lin Yanchen lowered his head and looked at their interlocked hands. Suddenly, he smiled contentedly, “It’s so great, it’s hot, you’re alive.”

He smiled and smiled and the tears rushed out: “I’m such a fool.”

“After you left, I immediately went back to find you. I went to your company and then the hospital you went to get a checkup at. I asked about a 30-year-old surnamed Chu and heard that they had passed from a terminal illness. I thought it was you, and I didn’t dare to keep looking again.” z7Dv3h

“How could there be such a fool like me in the world?”

Chu Xun’s nose was sour: “It’s my fault, you should blame me. I made up my own mind to delete all the contact information and leave a letter for you to have you not come find me. I thought about going to look for you, but I could only fly to England and I really couldn’t.”

Lin Yanchen said, “Didn’t you contact me as soon as you found a way? Before you were even sick.”

Chu Xun said, “You believe whatever I say?” vl6hoC

Lin Yanchen smiled: “Believe, I would even believe you if you said the sun rises from the West.”

“Being able to see you well and alive is all that matters. It’s good that you are alive.”

Chu Xun saw Lin Yanchen’s smiling face, and suddenly felt extremely ashamed.

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It was too shameful. He had hesitated before, wondering if Lin Yanchen would accept him after he found him. 0DifzO

What kind of vile heart he had.

Jiu Jiu was in the stroller beside him, drinking milk and watching the whole incident with blinking eyes. He drank all his beloved milk and also sucked on the empty bottle for a long time. He couldn’t suck out another drop so he reluctantly let go of the tip.

Jiu Jiu raised his bottle: “Dad, Dad… Milk…”

Only then did Lin Yanchen notice how there was also a cute baby here. He hesitated, when was there a baby? I1Amer

Lin Yanchen and Jiu Jiu met face to face.

Lin Yanchen was still crying. When Jiu Jiu saw him, he smiled.

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This little expression was strangely cute, and also seemed familiar.

Lin Yanchen asked: “…Wh-whose child is this?” FS5Vdi

Chu Xun’s old turned red slowly. He was somewhat embarrassed and said, “He likes you quite a lot. Only when he sees a person he likes, will he laugh like this…”

Lin Yanchen stared stupidly: “Ah?”

Chu Xun said, “This is my son.”

Lin Yanchen: “…” f6VrMz

Chu Xun added, “It’s also your son.”

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Lin Yanchen: “???…!!!”

Happy Lunar New Year!!! <3 Tyjp2V

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

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