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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh34 - Dual Ability


Nie Yi would never forget the name Yu Xuguang.

He was the most powerful ability user in the secure base during the later stages of the apocalypse… Those people probably didn’t count him and Qi Jingchen as humans at all, and had even called Yu Xuguang as ‘Humanity’s Strongest’. 7cjqdT

Unable to continue studying the abilities, the first thing Nie Yi did when opening his eyes was to look at the entrance of the secure base. And the next second, several water balls fell on him, and he was drenched all over, and his eyes were also covered.

The person who brought Yu Xuguang in was Zhang Zihai. He took Yu Xuguang to the entrance and promptly said, “I’ll call over the person in charge here, have him help you see if your friends from the same hometown are here.”

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“Thanks,” Yu Xuguang said gratefully, but his gaze subconsciously strayed to Nie Yi, who was nearby. As a result, he just happened to see Nie Yi watered all over.

Nie Yi presently looked even worse than yesterday… This… Was that lover of his really that amazing, able to make Nie Yi delighted to be punished? Yu Xuguang couldn’t help his mind from wandering. 5Pm8e3

“No problem.” Zhang Zihai didn’t notice Yu Xuguang’s peculiarity at all, and left with a wave of his hand.

If it was before the apocalypse, the places where the military lived wouldn’t allow people to simply waltz in because of the matters concerning classified military information. But now that all of humanity’s enemies were zombies, there wasn’t much need to keep things confidential, and Base Two wasn’t even regarded as a secret location, so it was fine for him to bring a person over.

After Zhang Zihai left, Yu Xuguang felt much more at ease. Yesterday, after he had seen Nie Yi and also heard some information about Nie Yi, he wanted to see Nie Yi. Because of this, he went to look for Zhang Zihai today, with the excuse of wanting to see if his relative was in Base Two.

Even though he came to Base Two, Yu Xuguang had initially thought that he wouldn’t see Nie Yi, but Nie Yi was unexpectedly sitting in the drills ground with water balls being thrown at him.


The large amount of water tumbling over at Nie Yi’s body was circulating back and forth; if it wasn’t for the circle of water ability users standing around him, automatically absorbing the surrounding water when using their ability, the entire drills ground probably would’ve become flooded…

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As a water ability user, he himself probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable when being pounded by water balls, much less a fire ability user like Nie Yi… Yu Xuguang couldn’t help sighing, then began to look for this person that was reportedly Nie Yi’s lover.

That person was super easy to find, because he was completely different from every single person present.

At the side of the grounds, a large beach umbrella was set up, casting a large shadow that perfectly shrouded the white, foldable deck chair. There was even a bottle of water and a plate of tomatoes on top of the stool next to it. rewuhf

That place was displayed like someone was on a vacation. A youth dressed in a white shirt was lying on top, hugging a coffee can that had some plant growing inside. He also had a relaxed expression, as if he really was on vacation.

Yu Xuguang had been reborn from the end days of the apocalypse, so he subconsciously enjoyed bright colors. This youth was entirely inharmonious with the apocalypse, yet he still involuntarily liked it.

Of course, he soon came back to his senses, and admired this lover of Nie Yi greatly.

It was rumored that Nie Yi’s lover was an ordinary person, yet he still dared to act so arrogantly with no real strength… Was he unafraid to die? FXZJ6s

He recalled something he had heard in his last life. Back then, there was a secure base leader who only had a daughter. That daughter’s heart wasn’t well, and the leader was totally submissive to her, and was unwilling to let her do the slightest work even during the apocalypse.

This girl was very beautiful, and she didn’t cover herself up during the apocalypse, and had always been clean and tidy, even wearing a skirt, then…

On a random day, she went out and was grabbed by a group of men to be defiled, and had even lost her life.

Honestly, that girl wasn’t really at fault. Her parents both worked for the base, and the workpoints they earned was enough to raise her, so they truly had no reason to insist on her to go unkempt. Yet, for many people, seeing someone living a life as different as black and white from them, it was enough for them to become envious. 8TMOk1

Even though the leader’s daughter was a little high-profile during the apocalypse, compared to this person before him…

For this person to dare act like this, was it because he was confident Nie Yi wouldn’t abandon him, that Nie Yi would be able to protect him?

However, Nie Yi truly could protect him, and after this person betrayed Nie Yi, he had even relied on the arrangements Nie Yi had initially made for him to take over Nie Yi’s battle squadron…

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Yu Xuguang had no idea on how to evaluate Nie Yi’s lover. dfbkVy

But at this time, Nie Yi had already become angry—  this guy actually kept staring at Qi Jingchen!

Nie Yi remembered Yu Xuguang as the water ability user he had run into a few times when he went to get water for the past few days, and he hated that he hadn’t recognized this person before!

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During the later days of the apocalypse, Yu Xuguang was a tall and large man with scars on his face, so how could he have thought that that shy water ability user was Yu Xuguang?

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“…” Rlf Tl kjr rajgaifv, atfc rafgcis rjlv, “Cii bo sbe, rabq!”

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Wait, maybe Nie Yi couldn’t put up with his lover? And was unwilling to be drowned in water anymore?

There were many people thinking this way, and some had even thought that, if that lover was spurned by Nie Yi, who knew how miserable he’d end up… Zuhoa6

Nie Yi simply didn’t pay attention to the thoughts of the people around him. His face turned icy as he wiped off the water on his face, wanting to walk over to Yu Xuguang.

Right at this time, Qi Jingchen suddenly said, “What do you want to do?”

“I didn’t want…” Nie Yi immediately said, and suddenly realized that he was a little impulsive— each time he came upon a matter relating to Qi Jingchen, he couldn’t stay calm!

“Come here,” Qi Jingchen said. Nie Yi had heard Yu Xuguang’s name, so how was it possible for him not to hear it as well? He also knew that Nie Yi might now be going to seek vengeance. SreJiY

If this was during the latter stages of the apocalypse, he definitely wouldn’t have stopped him, but it was the early days now… Nie Yi beating up or killing Yu Xuguang for no reason, even if he later found a way to conceal it, it would definitely become troublesome.

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Nie Yi had calmed down as well, and quickly went over to Qi Jingchen’s side.

Qi Jingchen stood up, opened the bottle of water Nie Yi left for him to drink, raised his hand high and poured it down Nie Yi’s head.

Those who had still been waiting for Nie Yi to get angry and abandon his lover, had now become dumbstruck… Just now, Nie Yi’s grandeur was so excessive, almost like he was about to burst into flames. As a result, his lover had just called him, then he obediently went over, and had even been obediently watered. This… Dkw93j

Everyone present was already pretty shocked, yet Nie Yi seemed to be resenting that he wasn’t doing enough. He went so far as to lower his head, making it more convenient for Qi Jingchen to pour the water on his head, lest Qi Jingchen raised the bottle too high and became tired…

Henpecked people… definitely couldn’t be appraised with common sense!

Everyone who had seen this scene was incredibly speechless, but Nie Yi himself was actually unspeakably delighted— For Qi Jingchen to suddenly stop him, was definitely because he had him in his heart…

Qi Jingchen didn’t want to live but was still concerned about him… Nie Yi felt happy just thinking about it, feeling like his entire body was endlessly energetic, and his lips had also curved up. AHop4D

When the people around them saw that Nie Yi wasn’t mad at all while being water, and was even grinning from ear to ear, they felt a sense of absurdness, especially for Yu Xuguang.

Yu Xuguang had seen Nie Yi before in his last life; it was before he had self-destructed, and he had once fought over supplies with Nie Yi.

Nie Yi’s expression at that time was cold and indifferent, his entire body emanating a murderous aura. With a single disagreement, he would kill them. It was unlike now… He’s an entirely different person!

There were many things that still hadn’t occurred at the moment. As long as he worked hard, he could definitely find a way for all of this! gxGMoc

Yu Xuguang secretly made his resolution. At this time, Qi Jingchen said, “Know your place more.” 

Don’t think that he didn’t know. Nie Yi was just about to awaken just now. Not grasping such a good opportunity, he instead thought of the enemy of his past life…

With so many enemies from their past life, if they really wanted to remember all of them, could they? Why care about any of them?

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He was told off by Qi Jingchen, but Nie Yi only felt at ease. Seeing Qi Jingchen lower his hand, with only an empty bottle in his hand, he subconsciously wanted to fill up that bottle. fU9q5z

This was something he had gotten used to doing in the past. Back then, the water Qi Jingchen used was all produced by his ability. As long as he was free, he would constantly keep an eye on Qi Jingchen, and would never let Qi Jingchen become thirsty.

But this was something Nie Yi had suddenly thought of, but unexpectedly, with this thought, some water actually appeared in the bottle in Qi Jingchen’s hand. At the same time, his mind began to ache violently, and his face whitened instantly as he promptly went down on one knee.

Qi Jingchen furrowed his brows. Seeing Nie Yi’s appearance, he knew that Nie Yi had awakened.

Nie Yi himself was a fire ability user, if he reawakened to his water ability, he would definitely be in extreme agony… and this agony, Nie Yi could only get by relying on himself. E1NAhv

“Ngh…” Nie Yi let out another muffled groan, then grabbed his head. His appearance clearly meant his body had a problem arising, but not only did Qi Jingchen ignore him, he even walked a few steps away at the first second, avoiding him— His current body was incomparably weak. If he was accidentally harmed by Nie Yi, he might die…

Even if he wanted to die, he didn’t intend to die in Nie Yi’s hands.

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Qi Jingchen had done this for Nie Yi, but it didn’t look like that for the others looking on…

After having seen firsthand how Qi Jingchen bullied Nie Yi, everyone now saw him staying away from Nie Yi when something bad happened to Nie Yi. HFcGjo

This person… was really heartless! Nie Yi had treated him so well in recent days, yet he didn’t even say a single word of concern!

“Nie shao, are you okay?” Qi Jingchen hurried to avoid Nie Yi, but someone went closer to Nie Yi to check Nie Yi’s condition. Right at this time, Nie Yi’s body suddenly spouted out flames, directly burning that person’s hand. That man cried out and backed away, even tripping over Qi Jingchen’s deck chair and tumbling to the ground.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Zihai had called over the person in charge of Base Two, then discovered that this place became a mess. He hurriedly asked around.

“We don’t know either,” the others immediately said. Nie Yi seemed to have fallen to the ground without warning… Could it be because he was poured with water too many times, and a problem was poured out? Ri1SMg

A fire ability user being soaked in water every day, wasn’t this just blindly looking for trouble?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No one knew what happened to Nie Yi, but presently, Nie Yi looked to have become even more in pain.

He didn’t cry out or roll about at all, only holding his head and kneeling on the floor, but the expression on his face showed that he was in great, great pain.

Nie Yi really was in great, great pain. RbaZFf

After he ate that plant in his last life, he couldn’t stop rolling around the floor in pain. This time was naturally the same, but now, his pain tolerance had become stronger, so he could still bear it. But when the pain reached its peak, he still couldn’t help moaning and groaning…

Yu Xuguang hated Nie Yi very much, so he had a faint sense of joy upon seeing Nie Yi’s state. But when he saw Nie Yi’s lover standing at the side, without the slightest worry on his face, this bit of joy became sympathy.

Nie Yi, who killed people like they were weeds, actually fell for such a person… No wonder he’d end up betraying the secure base.

When he thought of this, Yu Xuguang abruptly realized that Nie Yi was now… awakening to his ability? qrLbSt

Even though he had previously suspected that Nie Yi’s water ability came from his lover’s torment, he later thought that it was impossible, thinking that Nie Yi had awakened because he had eaten a mutated plant or something.

As a result

Don’t even mention the fact that there weren’t any mutated plants at the moment, Nie Yi clearly hadn’t eaten anything just now. Yet, he still somehow awakened!

Nie Yi… really had been tossed about by his lover, and tossed to the point he awakened… OTYrp8

“What in the world happened to him?” while Nie Yi continued to be in pain, the surrounding people had begun discussing spiritedly, and someone had gone to notify Zhao Chengqi. It was just at this time that, in addition to flames, there were some balls of water around Nie Yi.

The flames on his body seemed to want to scorch these balls of water dry, but the water balls were unexpectedly tenacious, and stubbornly wouldn’t scorch dry. Some of them had even rushed into the fireballs, as if wanting to douse out the fireballs.

The balls of water and fire battled each other around Nie Yi’s body. The water balls were disadvantageous, but the fireballs had no way of completely extinguishing them. They went back and forth for a long time, and gradually, the battle between the two sides wasn’t as fierce as it was at the beginning.

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“What’s going on here? Nie Yi is a fire ability user, right? Why’s there water balls appearing on him?” Everyone was gaping at the strange situation happening around Nie Yi. It was only now, when everything had gradually settled down, that someone spoke up. V7u0aw

“This water ball looks like the water ability created by water ability users…”

“Could it be the evaporation from the water on Nie Yi’s body?”

“Nie Yi’s fire ability didn’t turn into a water ability, did it?”


Everyone was discussing it loudly, and at this time, Nie Yi finally felt a little better.

He was in pain for a long time in his last life before his water ability finally awakened. However, he had experience in this life, as well as having far more spiritual strength compared to the beginning, so awakening wasn’t as difficult as it had been.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Worried that, if he passed out or something, Qi Jingchen would be blamed and treated harshly, as soon as he felt slightly better, Nie Yi opened his eyes and stubbornly stood up.

“Nie shao!” Zhang Zihai went to Nie Yi’s side. “Are you okay?” myZciC

“I’m fine, I just reawakened to the water ability,” Nie Yi said.

Nie Yi had said it very casually, but when the people around him heard this, they all gasped.

Reawakened to the water ability?!

There were so many ability users in the base, and all of them only had one ability, but Nie Yi actually awakened to two!
“For… For real?” Zhang Zihai was in even more disbelief. LROFeI

“Of course it’s for real,” Nie Yi said, then looked at Qi Jingchen.

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Qi Jingchen, who had just walked away slowly, now walked over slowly, then said, “Lower your head.”

Nie Yi immediately understood Qi Jingchen’s intentions. A struggle flashed in his eyes. He didn’t want to eat Qi Jingchen’s flesh again, but this sort of intimacy…

Qi Jingchen reached out and pinched Nie Yi’s arm. He wanted to pinch him, but Nie Yi’s muscles were, unfortunately, very firm, and he didn’t have any strength. In the end, from what Nie Yi felt, it was just like Qi Jingchen was touching him. Csr7de

Nie Yi was a little dazed. Seeing that he still wasn’t moving, he took the initiative to stand on his tiptoes and sealed Nie Yi’s lips.

When the kiss with a bloody flavor ended, Qi Jingchen looked at Nie Yi’s drenched state in distaste. “Tidy yourself up.”

When Nie Yi had just awakened, the two different abilities in his body were still fighting. After his kiss with Nie Yi, it immediately calmed down.

This effect really was amazing, to the extent that it would have made someone exclaim in admiration. It seemed to be far superior than in their last life… BP46UT

Nie Yi smiled wryly as he created a water ball to douse himself clean, then dried the moisture on his body. After that, he rearranged the deck chair which had been knocked down carelessly, rewashed the plate of tomatoes, and helped refill Qi Jingchen’s cup of water, his manner exceptionally practiced.

And just as he finished all of this, Qi Jingchen laid down without a trace of politeness.

Everyone stared blankly… The protagonist had been tossed about endlessly, but ended up without a problem and even gaining something from his misfortune. Then, not only did he not take revenge, because the person who tossed him about gave him a kiss, he continued to serve him?

Yu Xuguang simply had no way to believe this person was Nie Yi, the one who even killed his own father. TvjNPg

But, if you treat a person this well, and that person betrayed you, you’d probably become crazy, right? When Yu Xuguang thought of this, his expression abruptly changed.

He definitely couldn’t let that person betray Nie Yi!

“Hey, you guys, hurry up and water me now!” At this time, Zhang Zihai suddenly yelled out at those water ability users.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Baobao Notes CXDmA4

Two things I wanna say about this chapter: I LOVE this misunderstanding hahaha it’s so funny, and ah HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!!!! JINGCHEN WENT ON HIS TIPTOES TO KISSKISS EHEHEHEHEHEHE

On a more serious note, I’ve decided to remove Evane from the editor position. Unfortunately, she had some irl things to do, so she has no time to edit.

Translator's Note

Flashbacks to when I read attack on titan when I was like fourteen.

Translator's Note

eh well, this isn’t precisely what the raws meant, they meant that he ‘awakened to another ability’, but to simplify things I decided to call it reawaken, since he’s technically awakening again

Translator's Note

I genuinely can’t stop laughing at this misunderstanding HAHAHA

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