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A Beta Has Dreams TooCh5 - Betas and Dreams


The marshal who said, “I’m waiting for you.” Who left his military cap behind.

The cruel marshal who didn’t return to check up on his pitiful, lousy school for one whole year. YR4fyz

At this time, the beta could handle training under tenfold gravity. Although he was still the worst-performing student in PE, he had at least reached the passing standards of an alpha.

The beta felt a bit happy when the short man commented, “Tsk, it’s just a bunch of stupid alphas.”

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The beta gazed at the shorty, feeling a bit closer to him. Ever since he discovered that the short man was an omega, he became slightly fearful of him. He had never seen such a gutsy omega. It was no wonder the tall guy became quite docile when facing him.

While he was absorbed in his thoughts, the shorty flashed him a sweet smile. “I’ve never seen such an amazing beta as you either,” he said. “Your physical capabilities have already reached the level of an alpha. But look at them. They suck at tactics class. Sooner or later, they won’t be able to get a job.” HA95qX

Very few people had praised the beta in such a straightforward manner. The beta returned the smile, though his looked much more awkward, his face flushing red.

Seeing this, the tall man pulled the short man into his arms, his heart growing vigilant. This beta had no clue of just how handsome he was. In fact, many alphas in their class liked him. Although omegas were unlikely to choose betas as their partner, when it came to a matter such as feelings…

Only, rumors that the marshal’s military cap was found in the beta’s room began to spread throughout the whole school. Though no one knew just who had entered the beta’s room to know this piece of information.

But since that was that case, who would still dare to touch the beta, even though he was a succulent and desirable candidate for a partner?


Then one day, as they were in the middle of their day training, news of the frontline’s victory and the marshal’s triumphant return reached the empire. This brought extreme happiness to all of the empire’s citizens.

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However, the marshal didn’t issue a declaration of victory, only returning to the empire in a low-key manner. Specifically, to Minor Planet AX258.

He had once again ascended to the throne of “National Idol”. His arrival had the entire academy boiling in excitement.

But the impassive marshal remained serious in both speech and manner. After having everyone convene, he announced that he would be conducting an evaluation. Cd95ve

All the students stared at the marshal, dumbfounded. Only the beta’s gaze brightened, as if he was looking at his sweetheart.

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The marshal’s mouth grew somewhat dry. This cute child had grown up.

Pc ojma, tf tjv yffc qjslcu mibrf jaafcalbc ab atf yfaj’r rlaejalbc.

Ktf rtbgas kjr tlr vlrajca mberlc, ktlif atf ajii ues kjr atf rtbgas’r oljcmf. Ktflg jgglnji lcab atf jmjvfws kjr cjaegjiis rbwfatlcu tf tjv rqfmljiis jqqgbnfv. Ccv lc gfaegc obg atf rqfmlji qglnlifufr atfs gfmflnfv, atfs boofgfv tlw rbwf rqfmlji olgra-tjcv lcobgwjalbc. PWCXqn

The beta didn’t know this, but the beta had already dug his way deep into the marshal’s heart.

As the beta stared at the marshal, he noticed something odd. Where had the adjutant gone?

The marshal gave a brief explanation for that.

The adjutant was injured, so the marshal needed an interim adjutant. And he intended to choose among the military students. ZdE4Tr

Immediately, the crowd buzzed in delight.

To become the marshal’s adjutant!

Heavens! Ahh! Oh my gosh!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was simply a big red envelope that had fallen from the sky. The huge benefits, the huge favor! Who could get such a good life, to become a great soldier and be appointed as the marshal’s adjutant at their age! pdxh2k

Regarding this matter, the marshal stated that it depended on their performance.

As a result, the Eight Immortals crossed the sea, each revealing their divine powers. The students were comprehensively evaluated on all the subjects that they had been taught, and the result was completely unexpected; the beta was the overall top scorer.

Gradually, everyone gained the same look in their eyes. A mixture of astonishment, envy, and disbelief.

The marshal acted very calmly. He took the beta’s training records and projected them for everyone to see. tEcdrw

Thus, the crowd of students were silenced.

A smile crossed the marshal’s face. “I knew that this would be the result.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Then in public, he declared, “I will be building an army consisting purely of betas. Betas are also absolutely outstanding in their own right.”

Everyone present was in an uproar. 5QdE1i

The news spread, and eventually, the entire empire joined in the uproar.

Still not at all perturbed, the marshal publicized the beta’s grades. Then he announced his own identity as a beta.

The entire population of the empire was shocked!

But this had nothing to do with the marshal and the beta anymore. JKwdGu

The marshal brought the equally shocked beta into his office and with a smile, helped him organize his collar. “Back then, I said that you’re outstanding, and you have now shown this to the world. It’s great that you were able to persevere. I’m so proud of you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The marshal then pinched his chin and kissed his lips.

Beta: “… QAQ!”

Marshal: “Can I like you?” rlRiMk

The beta turned as red as a shrimp. “But you’re… a beta.” He was still in faint disbelief that any of this was happening.

The marshal responded, “Gender doesn’t matter.”

It was said that the adjutant lost his job from then on and transferred to a different post, forever leaving the marshal and his new adjutant to their life of sprinkling dog food.

It was also said that as the beta army was gradually established, more omegas began to engage in an increasingly wider range of jobs. w0ET Z

Lastly, it was said that the marshal and his beta adjutant later got married and had a lovely child.

Not many people remembered the name of the beta, but they all knew that the marshal was a beta and that his adjutant was also an extraordinarily outstanding beta.

The little beta looked up at his dad who was telling him a story, his face mystified. He asked, “But– But have you ever worked hard but got no results?”

“There will be,” the beta replied. “Not every ounce of effort you make will produce results. The beta was just more fortunate… but he had also suffered misfortunes when he was a child. He had encountered many failures. Maybe he had used up all his luck at that time.” vfGVz

“Which time?” The little beta’s eyes shined like the full moon.

“The first time the marshal told him that he would be waiting for him,” said the beta.

“No,” another voice interjected. “It wasn’t because of the marshal, but because the beta never gave up. Every lap he ran, every time he fell to the ground in the gravity training room…”

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The little beta bit his finger, somewhat comprehending a bit of what they were saying. “Then, what if you work hard but get no results?” CVDU7R

The beta and the marshal flashed each other smiles. “Succeed, or die without regrets.”


Translator’s Corner:

And it’s done. Thank you once again for reading this short story! KUXM3j

Translator's Note

Everybody shows off their skills and expertise in order to achieve a common goal.

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