A Beta Has Dreams Too

A Beta Has Dreams Too 可是BETA也有梦想

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Author: 梵砂
Total Chapters: 5
Genre: Completed, Interstellar, Omegaverse, Short
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Translators: ASplashOfMusic
Release Schedule: Sporadic


The beta is a beta.

The most ordinary beta.

He didn’t have the might and strength of alphas.

Nor did he have the loveliness and beauty of omegas.

But a beta had dreams too.


Full of hot-bloodedness, the beta joined the empire’s new army.

There, he shared a dorm with two other betas.

However, something gradually didn’t feel right.

Ahh, his male roommates were gay. What should he do?


The beta felt at a loss until he met the marshal.

Then the beta finally had a dream. He wanted to become the marshal’s attendant!

He didn’t expect that the marshal was actually a–


One day, the beta’s dream was finally achieved.

Though, the way he achieved it was somewhat unconventional…


To each and every one of the ordinary betas, sending you all hand hearts!

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  1. This story was so cute! Although I’m really confused as to why there’s no Betas in the academy besides that one, but overall it’s very inspirational and FLUFFY

  2. Just finished reading it~ Really short but still worthwhile to read!~ Thank you for the translation! (人 •͈ᴗ•͈✿ฺ)

  3. Good afternoon. My name is Daiane and I am a Brazilian reader of “A Beta Has Dreams Too”. I met the story recently and I think it’s amazing 😍 First, I would like to thank you for the translation you do and for all the care and dedication you have with the romance ♥ ️ Thank you very much. Second, I would like to ask for your permission to make a translation of the novel into Portuguese from its version and give the opportunity for other people to get to know this incredible story. Of course, if you allow me to translate, I will give you credit. Thank you in advance. ♥