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  • Xiang Huaizhi slowly let out a breath, then opened up his expressions and casually tapped on three to send them over. Xiang: [hug] Xiang: [rose] Xiang: [kissy] “ Dingdingding –”

    OH MY GOD I’M DYING.Of all the potential ways for a reveal to happen that were being hinted at, this one was not the one I was expecting!! I really, really, really, wonder what is going on in XH’s head right now.

    Thank you for the amazing translations!

  • I’m also anticipating if their friend groups are staying at the same resort, how Huanhuan’s friends said they’d make him sing the patriotic song next time they karaoke, and how there is KTV at the resort …

  • I personally find it’s hips that distinguish M/F legs better – a fairly abstract shot of knees and some upper leg, as long as not particularly hairy, probably wouldn’t evoke a particular gender outside of the mood of the shot.

  • Haha… This is great. I want to know if there is a translation to the lyrics somewhere?

    Thank you for the chapter!

  • Zryuu, you are amazing and have always done an incredible job. It’s sad to hear you will be leaving us as a translator, but you have already contributed so much to the community. Thank you so much for everything and all the best in your future endeavours. You will be missed, but hope to still see you around as a reader!

  • Woah it’s shifting – who is going to learn the truth first? Thank you for the chapter!

  • Oh my goodness. Seems the direction of this novel is JH will figure out XHZ’s identity first and become very conflicted… or maybe act cold to this senior of his until he finds out the truth! Ah well it’s only going to get more complicated!

  • Zryuuuuu why do you have to be translating two of my favourite stories right now… You’re only one person… Splitting yourself between the stories is like trying to balance rations of oxygen and water =(

    Thank you as always for the amazing translations… My lazy ass that struggles to in-depth edit 1 chapter per week is in awe with how you put out so many.

    Take care of those precious fingers!

  • Waaaahhh I was bracing myself for Feng Qianjun to have sacrificed himself, but he made it through! Though… the end of the chapter is awfully silent on what has happened to him. worries

    Fu Jian has always seemed reasonable – I can’t help but think that once he calms down he’ll at least be willing to hear an explanation before deciding on punishment?

    So much is going on!

  • Ahhh I’m so sad that I caught up already!

    I feel like of all the CN novels I’ve read so far, this one reads the most like a genuine novel in structure and descriptions… I don’t know if that is a feature of this author or if it is due to the skills of the amazing translation team


    Poor CX. So fed up with all the questions – but really, he’s the one best equipped to answer them…

    Looking forward to more, really enjoying this novel so far


    Thank you so much for the amazing work!