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This World Has Gone CrazyCh4.1 - Reality (Part 1)


Ye Shuichuan was still rather concerned with that nutjob after all. He coolly observed him for a while but only felt his hair stand on end. He shrank to one side and finally dropped it. He looked at Qi Le, “Xiaoyuan, are you feeling better? Do you remember anything? “  

“Right now, I still can’t remember anything,” Qi Le said, moving his body slightly. “My head doesn’t hurt anymore, but my body feels a little uncomfortable, maybe it’s because I slept too long.”   tCVN8e

“No,” Ye Shuichuan said coldly, “It’s because you were beaten by Ning Xiao”  

Qi Le silently digested this information for a second, then turned angry, “He dares to hit me? When did this happen? After I punched him and fainted?”  

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“No, this is from a previous injury. Only the three of you that were present the other day know what happened. But the fact that you had to be admitted to the hospital tells me that you should have some other injuries on your body.” Ye Shuichuan asked excitedly, “Do you want to settle scores with them?”  

Qi Le slowly calmed down and thought about it; Ning Xiao was doing that with Baby Face when the original owner of this body returned. It was normal for a man to get angry and start a fight if he was interrupted under those circumstances. Baby Face certainly had no fighting skills, so it must’ve been Ning Xiao who turned the original owner into this sorry state. But he noticed that that person had been calm the whole time as if it was something normal and couldn’t help but come up with a possibility, “Why, does he often hit me?”  


Ye Shuichuan pouted, “Mhmm, every now and then he gives you a few kicks and punches.”  

Qi Le couldn’t believe it, “What about me? I just let him have his way?”  

Speaking of this, Ye Shuichuan was saddened, “You did everything for him. Even after he hit you, you would still stay by his side, all the while, forcing yourself to smile.”  

On the side, Tough Guy couldn’t help but sigh emotionally, “You’re really such a cheap person……”   t74 3w

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Tf Vtelmtejc rlvf-fsfv tlw, jcv Kbeut Xes lwwfvljafis aegcfv bnfg jcv mbcalcefv ab weaafg ibkis ab tlwrfio.  

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He really was too easy. Qi Le suddenly understood the look in Ning Xiao’s eyes before he had left. The man must’ve heard the doctor’s diagnosis and thought that he would recover his memory sooner or later, so he didn’t bother arguing with him. What he really meant was: ‘You drove me off today, but in the future, you’ll still end up kneeling in tears before me, calling me “my lord” while you repent!’  

“Tbe’gf olcf ilxf atlr, yea P’w jogjlv sbe’ii ub yjmx ab sbeg biv rfio bcmf sbe gfmbnfg sbeg wfwbgs. Wljbsejc, P’ii afii sbe atf euis ageat cbk.” Tf Vtelmtejc uijgfv ja tlw, “Po sbe’gf ralii jr mtfjq jr sbe kfgf yfobgf, Ojbhl klii gfjiis xlii sbe klat ws bkc tjcvr atlr alwf!”  

Qi Le pursed his lips, “Did I make a lot of foolish mistakes in the past?”   B NX3q

“It’s definitely not just a few.”  

Qi Le sighed. The good news for now was that in the mean time, Ning Xiao probably wouldn’t take the initiative to look for him. The bad news was that this obviously had nothing to do with him, but he had no choice but to wear the original owner’s shell to deal with all sort of problems that was happening now or was bound to happen in the future. But one thing was certain – if his soul continued to take up this body, then Ning Xiao could wait till he died and still not get the outcome he expected to see.  

Ye Shuichuan checked the time, “Are you hungry? I’ll go get you something to eat.”  

Qi Le had been unconscious for two consecutive days. After waking up for a short while, he then slept for another half a day and had no appetite. However, he felt that if he didn’t eat now, he would be hungry at night. He nodded and turned to the side, “Have you eaten, Tough Guy?”   XAxdBi


Ye Shuichuan got up and left but before that, he couldn’t help but glance at that nutjob, who merely blinked and looked at him innocently. Qi Le hastily assured him, “Don’t worry, he’s already had motherwort.”  

Ye Shuichuan looked away and turned to leave.  

Qi Le ran to the next bed, “What were we talking about just now? Oh, do you believe what I said? I’m telling you the same thing happened to me.”   PWCTEA

Tough Guy had listened to their conversation, word for word, and had already believed most of what he said. He murmured an “Mmm,” then remembered that this man was the one who made him take medicine, and immediately wanted to strangle this bastard. But he was still very weak at the moment and could only use his words, “You little bastard……” He had just spoken when the door opened again. He assumed that it was Ye Shuichuan but after he looked up, he breathed a sigh of relief.


The nurse wheeled a cart over and pointed to the words at the top: “Ward 222, Bed No.2, Zheng Xiaoyuan?”  

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Qi Le Zheng froze for a second, and then realized that was the original owner’s name and nodded, “That’s me.”   DfXKM0

“Bed No.2, Zheng Xiaoyuan.” The nurse repeated herself and handed the medicine to him after she received his confirmation. Then, she lowered her head and asked, “Ward 222, Bed No.3, Yi Hang?”  

Tough Guy stared blankly at her, “……Medicine?” If only you came a little earlier, then Laozi wouldn’t have to take that damn motherwort ah!  

“Yes, you are Yi….. What’s wrong with you?”  

“I’m fine,” Yi Hang came back to his senses, noticed her expression and quickly stretched out his hand, “I’m so happy that it’s time to take my medicine again……”   qeViz6

Nurse, “…”  

Yi Hang quietly swallowed his medicine. When he saw that she was about to leave, he called out, “I have a question.”  

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The little nurse turned around, “What is it?”  

Yi Hang had on an innocent expression, “I heard a doctor say that this always happens, that I’m not the first patient like this. Excuse me, but do you really think these are all coincidences?”   2med3g

The little nurse pushed the cart forwards and pretended to be calm, “Of course.”  

“Actually, I felt that I was being manipulated by something at that time. It was as if I wasn’t myself. When I finally came back to my senses, I lost my memory.” Yi Hang’s voice was low and gloomy, “This is a hospital. Many people have died here. Do you think it was a ghost……..”


~~~ 5tYiXq


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P.S. I love reading your comments lol :blobrofl: Anyways, here’s a little chicken soup for the soul: Don’t ever let anyone treat you like you’re not good enough! ZXY is the perfect example of how we shouldn’t be! :googleredheart:

Translator's Note

I didn’t explain this earlier but the word 贱 is a little hard to translate. I can’t think of an English word that’s 100% accurate. It’s a derogatory term that basically means that the person has no dignity, is easy to “buy” (not necessarily in a sexual manner), would do anything to get what he wants etc. Previously I used trashy and bitch, now I’m using cheap, I used the word easy two sentences down, basically whichever word best suits the sentence.

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  1. Ofcourse ZXY is a scum. Is he the male lead? I hope not, also I dont like Baby face, he’s annoying, I mean how do you turn up at the hospital after getting caught cheating with your friends man? Thats pure BS. I wouldve fought him until he couldnt get it up?😂😂🚫🍆

    • ZXY is the original owner of the body the mc is in. When the translator said we shouldn’t be like ZXY, she meant that we shouldn’t just tolerate abuse like he did. The scum you meant must be Ning Xiao. BTW I don’t think he’s the ml, so you shouldn’t worry about it 🙂

  2. Seriously? Your boyfriend caught you cheating and inturrupted your sex time so you smack him around? And that’s supposedly justified since no one would like to be inturrupted in the middle of sex? Okay, maybe it’s gonna turn out that it’s all a misunderstanding or something (if NX is the male lead), but I seriously hate his character right now. Same with that Baby Face dude. You slept with your friends’ bf, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be unrecyclable garbage.

    It’s too bad that unlike other transmigration stories, Qi Le doesn’t seem to actually care that much about the injustice to the original body. I would’ve liked some revenge side plot~

    Thanks for translating.

    • I think the ML will be Qi Le’s childhood friend. The first chapter seemed to hint at that. But Ning Xiao definitely shouldn’t be the ML. Even the word scum is too good for him!

    • The revenge side plot may happen when that scum gong gets upset at MC and ML interacting. Normally I don’t care for a lot of face slapping but I’m 100% here for it this time around!

      I am also rooting for ML being the childhood friend, although I wonder what circumstances will need to arise for him to chose childhood friend over his past girlfriend?

  3. Maybe one of the Doctors is doing all this stuff lol

  4. Yi Hang ha, “I heard a doctor say that this always happens, that I’m not the first patient like this. Excuse me, but do you really think these are all coincidences?”  

    The little nurse “Of course.” 

    Me “Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaah”

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