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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh19 - Is There a Problem With Da Zhuang’s Growth?


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

In the morning, Tang Wan was once again being pressed down, short of breath. He could feel fur all over his body, a warm touch surrounding him. He subconsciously pushed, but the other didn’t move at all. He kicked out with his feet but it was still useless. Reaching the end of his patience, Tang Wan opened his eyes and jolted, stunned. A tiger’s head was very close to him, his mouth clinging to his neck and sleeping soundly. Tang Wan himself was about to be crushed by the large cat. dSBTNe

While Zong He was asleep, Tang Wan went against the pressure and silently appreciated the other’s face value for thirty seconds. Then he leaned over to nibble on the big cat’s nose.

Zong He was bitten and woke up. He raised his eyebrows, cold words on the tip of his tongue but delight hidden in his eyes. “You kissed me?”

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Tang Wan struggled for a bit. “You didn’t wake up when I called.”

“So you kissed me?” 6OqHkg

Tang Wan corrected, “Bit!”

Zong He immediately turned back into a man and pressed Tang Wan under him. “Then bite me again.”

Tang Wan blushed and huffed. “Put on your clothes first!”

Zong He clicked his tongue. “What is there to be shy about?” Wdzq1S

Tang Wan covered his face. “I’m not a pervert, I don’t like to see men naked!”

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Zong He proved his innocence, “I’m not one either.”

Tang Wan was speechless. “……What you said would be correct, as long as you put on your clothes.”

He often didn’t wear anything in the mornings. He would only get out of bed if there was nothing else he could do. In the Marshal’s eyes, it was heavy suffering. It was the same as during the war; if they didn’t cheat and gain an advantage, they would suffer heavy losses. It was an absolute law. So before he got up and got dressed, Zong He couldn’t resist kissing Tang Wan in bed. Tang Wan originally wanted to slap him twice but when he thought of the other’s actions the previous night, he lowered his hand. He couldn’t pass the days hiding under the covers whenever he was in bed. He would have to slowly get used to it. sjMJ82

After Zong He got up, he went to the clinic to get a check-up. The military doctor would give him a check-up every morning at 7 o’clock. This time, Tang Wan also got up and went to the clinic with Zong He.

Qi Xinming, Zong He’s chief physician accidentally got a glimpse of Tang Wan. This was the first time that Zong He’s wife had followed him to the clinic.

“Your body is recovering very well. In another half month, you should be fully healed. But your spiritual strength isn’t high enough and we still have to raise it. Now you can do anything like a normal person. There’s only one thing: spiritual strength can only be used in moderation, you can’t force it.” Qi Xinming finished the examination and reached such a conclusion.

Tang Wan was relieved. It was good that Zong He was finally getting better. It wasn’t just from their relationship as husbands, but from a bystander’s standpoint, it would be a pity if Zong He, a military genius, couldn’t wear his military uniform anymore. To be honest, Tang Wan really admired Zong He’s ability. It was a little ridiculous that he had never lost a battle before. FnyRva

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“Ktf Zjgrtji lr ralii lc ubbv tfjiat. Coafg kjlalcu obg jcbatfg tjio wbcat, kf mjc mbcrlvfg gftjylilajalcu jcv jiibklcu sbe ab agjlc jujlc. Fcali atfc, la kbeiv yf j ilaaif tjgv jcv sbe rtbeiv xffq eq klat sbeg ceaglalbc veglcu atlr qfglbv bo alwf.”

Qtfc atf wlilajgs vbmabg olclrtfv, Ibcu Lf ibbxfv ja Kjcu Qjc. Glvc’a tf tfjg la? Llr ceaglalbc rtbeiv yf xfqa eq.

Tang Wan smiled and nodded. “I understand. I’ll work hard and give you a three-hundred kilogram fat man.”

Zong He laughed. “Good, I’ll wait. If you can’t do it……” EMvSe

Tang Wan pouted. “Then I’ll paste three hundred kilograms of pork to your body.”

He was still threatening people, ah!

Zong He had nothing to say. Tang Wan’s lips were soft and kissable. It was really distracting when he spoke.

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After eating a nutritious breakfast, Zong He read reports in his study. During the past three years, there had been military problems; there were battles of all magnitudes and friction between countries that he needed to understand. Tang Wan remained on the side, reading books on pet raising methods and other important matters. He also needed to understand their living habits. If he didn’t have any of the relevant information, he would raise a small animal to death. It was necessary if he wanted to support a small life. Now the system had unlocked more creatures, many of which Tang Wan felt were ugly and would be embarrassed to show, like lizards, rhinos, and so on. He felt that people wouldn’t want to see them. However, he would still buy them in case he needed them someday. He would also need to study in advance so all the animals could grow healthily. Tejb98

Lin Bo held two cups of tea and two servings of snacks, one for each of them. Seeing them both quiet and peaceful, they seemed to get along very well. He smiled happily, his eyes crinkling. For some people, it would take only a glance to know if they were compatible. The years would be quiet, firm and secure, and suitable.

In the afternoon, Lin Bo went out and bought a small cub’s bookbag. In the evening, Zong He transformed into Da Zhuang to amuse Tang Wan. Every day, he would coax him for two or three hours; it became one of Zong He’s habits. The Marshal was very proud, who else could spoil his wife like him?

Lin Bo glanced around, ensuring that there weren’t any people around before handing Zong He the small bookbag.

Zong He gave it a cold shoulder. A fat duck was printed on the small blue bookbag, what use did he have for this kind of thing? Take it out and hang it on a warship, it could blind the enemy’s eyes. DqKo7c

Lin Bo whispered, “Fūrén is already suspicious. You can either admit to it yourself or you can do it in a more dignified way.”

Zong He frowned and flicked his tail irritably. Tang Wan had poor vision when it came to recognizing species. He was quite clever in this way.

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After half a day of hesitation, Zong He ordered Lin Bo to tie the bookbag to his back and wandered into the garden to look for Tang Wan. Every day at this time Tang Wan would wander around the garden, saying that he would walk a hundred steps after dinner and live to be ninety-nine years old.

In fact, in Zong He’s opinion, the bad thing that Tang Wan learned from those stars was that he wanted to lose weight. He had grown so skinny but still didn’t want to gain some meat. 1GRaYC

As soon as Tang Wan saw Da Zhuang with a small bookbag, his heart swelled. “Da Zhuang! You’re becoming more like a big child!” Tang Wan picked up the large baby and bragged, “Look at Da Zhuang, he’s beautiful everywhere. You look even better with your bookbag. What did you learn at school today?”

Zong He was helpless and couldn’t stand it anymore. Suddenly, he felt that the situation was a little dumb.

He wasn’t dumb, Tang Wan was dumb.

“Baby, let’s go see what your uncle is doing.” Tang Wan carried Da Zhuang and went to find Zong He. He just wanted to see how Zong He and Da Zhuang got along. I34lCG

Zong He’s body stiffened. He hadn’t expected Tang Wan to want to do such a thing.

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Tang Wan arrived at Zong He’s study and looked from side to side; no one was around. He also went to the clinic, but nobody was there either. Tang Wan frowned and uneasily found Lin Bo. “Where did Zong He go?”

Lin Bo looked at the old god lying against Tang Wan’s chest. Zong He still had no intention of admitting the truth to Tang Wan. He said with an expressionless face: “I don’t know, was he called away by Vice-Administrator Chen?”

Tang Wan sighed, disappointed. “Well then, we’ll wait for a little while for him to come back.” NKQWZr

Tang Wan turned around and took two steps but suddenly remembered, “Lin Bo, what’s Zong He’s communications number?”

Lin Bo was amused. “You two have been married for so long but you don’t even know each other’s communications number. When the Marshal comes back, you can ask him yourself.”

Tang Wan buried his face in Zong He’s back and rubbed against his fur. Ha ha, it was embarrassing.

At this moment, Da Zhuang suddenly jumped out of his arms, fell, and vanished before their eyes, running as fast as a gust of wind. h8pbOa

Tang Wan was uncertain and ran to catch up, but the child had skillfully disappeared down the corridor in the blink of an eye.

Turning around in the room, Tang Wan glanced into the bathroom and wondered if the child had run there.

Zong He, who had just set up a signal shield for his communicator, heard Tang Wan’s footsteps. All of a sudden, he jumped onto the toilet seat, looking vigilantly at the door. The next second, Tang Wan opened the door and asked, “Da Zhuang, do you have diarrhea?”

Zong He: “……” xRbYOA

Tang Wan saw Da Zhuang’s stature, then looked at the height of the toilet. He suddenly realized that the position of the toilet was a little high. “Da Zhuang, be careful and don’t fall down.”

Zong He wanted to urinate for Tang Wan to see. He absolutely wouldn’t fall down, nor would it be beyond his reach.

Looking at his expression, Tang Wan felt that the child had really grown up and wanted to keep his distance. He might have been a little embarrassed, so he kindly shut the door for him. But! With an old father’s mentality, he still left the door open with a crack. He couldn’t rest assured and had to peek in to see if Da Zhuang had diarrhea or not.

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Zong He: ! ! !
He was a person! Seen like this, the other should just go back and leave! 8 ShtV

Tang Wan was worried and asked outside of the door: “Da Zhuang, did you eat something bad at school? Where are you feeling uncomfortable? You ran to the toilet in such a hurry, why aren’t you using it yet?”

Discovering that the kitten inside hadn’t taken care of himself, Tang Wan sighed. He thought in his heart that children were so hard to raise. During their rebellious period, whatever he asked, they wouldn’t listen.

Thinking of the cat having diarrhea and always having to use the toilet, it was too tall to be convenient. Tang Wan went to the warehouse and found a cub’s toilet. It was a little bit like a cat’s litter box and sand could be placed inside. It was suitable for cubs under the age of three. It was sanitary and convenient. It also allowed the cubs to learn to hide their odors from an early age.

He had bought it before for Da Zhuang but he hadn’t wanted it. Now Da Zhuang was uncomfortable and Tang Wan felt that it would be better to use it for a little while. jUacCJ

When Zong He calmed down and left the toilet, he saw that Tang Wan had set up a cat’s litter box for him in the corridor. Zong He’s claws went stiff.

Tang Wan waved his hand. “Zhuang ah, come and try!”

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Zong He took a deep breath, turned his head, and left.

Tang Wan chased after him. “My son~ Come back and give it a try. When you’re too late to use the toilet, you can use it. I’ll have to trim your fur.” GdqNyi

After chasing for half a day, Tang Wan found that Da Zhuang had hidden away and couldn’t find him dead or alive. He finally had to give up.

Lin Bo found Zong He in the attic, blushing until his face went red. He reminded him with a grin: “Why don’t you confess? You’ve already been a little cub for a year, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Zong He glared at the old man. Wouldn’t it make him lose face?

Lin Bo innocently chewed on some melon seeds; he had no other ways. Young people ah, he didn’t know how they thought. 8fJCdR

Tang Wan knew that Da Zhuang wasn’t happy, but didn’t know why. This milk cat, there seemed to always be a few days where he would go a little crazy. He planned to make good food and coax him. Unfortunately, the child couldn’t speak; if he could, it would be much easier to communicate and he wouldn’t have to guess. Tang Wan picked up the books he read in the morning and checked when beastmen would become human and when they would speak.

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According to the information, the more spiritual strength a beastman had, the higher their IQ would be when they were young and the faster they would grow. Usually, they would become human before they were six years old and could talk at around two years old.

Tang Wan saw Lin Bo coming down the stairs and asked him solemnly, “Lin Bo, how old is Da Zhuang?”

Lin Bo looked up and thought. “I think……three?” He almost said thirty years old. ajRxlu

Tang Wan was shocked. Da Zhuang couldn’t speak even though he’s already three years old; this is a brain development problem!!!

Zong He: Bite me (^・ω・^ )

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Translator's Note

From 岁月静好,现世安稳, which means that life is stable and peaceful

Translator's Note

老神在在 -> It can be used to criticize someone for being negative and not acting

Translator's Note

Three is 三 and thirty is 三十, so Lin Bo only says “三……?”

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