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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh20 - Oh My God, Da Zhuang Knows How to Talk!


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Tang Wan dearly loved Da Zhuang. Nevermind such a small body getting sick, there was also a problem with his IQ. It was no wonder that he was ignored when he talked to Da Zhuang before! He was so unrestrained because he didn’t understand! It was a pity that he couldn’t even speak at such an age; he might also be an illegitimate son of the Royal Family. Tang Wan sighed, how could this child’s fate be so bad? X6CdwB

With that thought, Tang Wan went straight to the kitchen to make a good tonic for Da Zhuang to eat. For brain-stimulating tonics, fish oil was necessary. He was very anxious, since Da Zhuang hadn’t eaten the cat food he had made before. Relatively speaking, the nutrition of dry cat food was better than that of wet cat food, but cat food wasn’t as good as meat. Da Zhuang refused to eat any of it. Wet cat food tasted good, but special nutritional powder would be needed to be added to it to ensure full nutrition. At the moment, Tang Wan didn’t have any nutritional powder, so……Tang Wan took a small container of tonic and made do with it!

When the food was ready, Tang Wan drenched it with the tonic like it was a fragrant sesame oil. He found bowl three times larger than Da Zhuang’s face and filled it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Zong He saw the bowl in front of him at dinner, he choked. He had the urge to transform back into his original form and have a deep conversation with Tang Wan about species.

Tang Wan looked at him and wondered, “What’s wrong? This is a specialty meal I made for you, why don’t you eat it?” Tang Wan tried to be intimidating and threatened, “If you don’t eat it, I’ll give it to your uncle. Your uncle can eat ten portions of food by himself, you’ll go hungry!” yhiMkZ

Zong He looked at his stomach; there’s a type of ‘eating’, which was the one where his wife thought he could eat. One portion compared to ten, it really was insufficient.

Zong He dragged the food bowl towards himself with his claws, in a sullen mood. Not to mention eating it, even when he sniffed it he could smell the nutrient solution that had been added in. He was of a carnivorous race and already had to drink nutrient solution on the battlefield. Why should he have to drink it at home too?

Tang Wan watched him push the bowl away with a claw, not eating anymore, and he was a little angry. “What do you really want? Why aren’t you eating?”

The kitten in front of him was cold faced and not afraid at all. Tang Wan’s face was also frigid and he took the food bowl. “Not eating? You won’t have any food tonight then.” KScdEX

He couldn’t indulge the little cub; the more he got used to it, the more difficult he would be to manage. Normally he could spoil him, but it was a matter of principle. Tang Wan wouldn’t back down at all.

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When he returned from putting the cat food away in the kitchen, Tang Wan found that half of his bowl of food had been eaten by the milk cat sitting on the table. He tensed, upset. What kind of cub was this?

He sat down at the table and watched the kitten eat without even glancing at Tang Wan. He focused, telling himself to calm down. This child’s IQ was lower than that of normal children’s, so he should be more tolerant.

“Da Zhuang, do you feel like you have done something wrong?” When Tang Wan had finished asking, his heart sank. Asking this kind of question made him feel like an idiot; this child might not be able to understand him. While Tang Wan was entangled, the bowl of food had already been completely eaten up. The kitten also had a specific character. He licked his mouth after eating, wiped it with a napkin, and rubbed his paw against his mouth. He jumped off the table wanting to leave. zIymOM

Tang Wan reached the end of his patience. He grabbed the other’s tail and pulled him back onto the table. He scowled, “You child, you’ve forgotten who raised you to be so chubby!”

Lin Bo arrived in the dining room with a young officer in tow, talking and laughing, and they were both shocked to see Tang Wan and Zong He’s actions.

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“Mūgéc? Tbe’gf…” Olc Db kjr regqglrfv ab rff Ibcu Lf cba olutalcu yjmx. Qfgf sbecu qfbqif qijslcu ilxf atja cbk?

Kjcu Qjc, ktb tjv kjcafv ab mbwwla jc jma bo nlbifcmf, gjlrfv tlr tfjv jcv rwlifv, tlr fsfr rmgecmtlcu eq. Lf mtjcufv atf qbrlalbc bo tlr tjcvr lcab j ufcaif ragbxf jcv qlmxfv eq Gj Itejcu, jr lo cbatlcu tjv tjqqfcfv. Lf ijeutfv, “P kjr qijslcu klat tlw, rwjii mtlivgfc mjc yf cjeutas.” hXcUtx

The officer behind Lin Bo looked curiously at Tang Wan. He saw the cat in his arms and frowned doubtfully. The officer was tall and good-looking. He flashed a sunny smile and asked, “Is this the legendary Marshal’s wife?”

Lin Bo enthusiastically introduced, “Yes, this is my family’s Fūrén. This is the Marshal’s brother, Lin Zhuo.”

Lin Zhuo laughed and waved his hand. He was a little bashful, “No, no, no, I’m his subordinate. I’m the four deputy officers’ junior, just a junior in charge of logistics.”

The corners of Tang Wan’s lips curved up. This young man was quite modest, so young and still became Zong He’s trusted Vice Administrator. He certainly had outstanding ability. Tang Wan asked with a smile, “Lin Bo said that you were Zong He’s brother so you don’t have to be so polite. Have you had dinner yet? I can go into the kitchen to make something.” Ez4Z7b

Lin Zhuo shook his head, embarrassed. “No, I ate when I was back with the army. I’m here to deliver something to the Marshal.”

Tang Wan was surprised. “Didn’t he go to the army headquarters?”

“Yes,” Lin Bo took back his words, “He’ll be back soon.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Oh, so it’s like this.” Tang Wan didn’t doubt him. He carried Da Zhuang against his chest and said gently, “You guys talk, and I’ll make tea for you.” Fy531w

“No need, no need, you don’t have to be so courteous. I’m not thirsty.” Lin Zhuo politely refused Tang Wan’s kindness. But after seeing the kitten in Tang Wan’s arms, he became stiff. “T-this……this is……”

Zong He’s eyes darkened. Lin Zhuo had seen what his original grown body looked like.

Lin Zhuo roared in shock, “A child had already been born! When was he born? I haven’t heard anything about this!” Lin Zhuo quickly felt around his body, sifting around the storage belt of his combat suit: a gun, a multi-purpose controller……there was nothing to give the child!

Tang Wan still had a smile on his face, but his heart was a little uncomfortable. Zong He’s brother also thought that Da Zhuang was Zong He’s child. This child looked exactly the same as Zong He had. Was he really not Zong He and someone else’s child? Was what Lin Bo said really true? They wouldn’t normally joke about royalty, but if he hadn’t misunderstood…… JoX0SP

When Lin Bo saw the look on Tang Wan’s face, he angrily smacked Lin Zhuo on the back of the head. “What nonsense are you saying? This is the Marshal’s nephew. The Marshal had been asleep for three years and Fūrén arrived only a year ago. When would they have time to give birth to a child?”

Lin Zhuo reacted, covering the back of his head and laughed merrily, “I just saw that the color of the fur was a little familiar. How has the Marshal’s health been recently?”

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Lin Bo touched his beard, relieved. “Very good. Let him rest for a few more days, it’s rare for him to have free time.”

“I hope he comes back a bit earlier. If he’s not here, then we’ll be missing our backbone.” He looked at Tang Wan and smiled gently. ZUKYad

Whenever Tang Wan spoke, there would be two shallow dimples; he was truly of pure Asian decent! Lin Zhuo sighed. “The Marshal will be the Marshal. Even in a coma, a beautiful partner will drop out of the sky for him. Do you have any siblings? It doesn’t matter what gender they are, only if they look good.”

Zong He’s ears twitched and slapped with his claws. He had asked if Tang Wan had any siblings. Was it because he liked the way Tang Wan looked? He hadn’t fought in three years, his skin was itching!

Tang Wan was shocked and quickly hugged the kitten in his arms. “Da Zhuang, how could you scratch people? You’re too rude!”

Lin Zhuo covered his face and tilted his head, looking at Zong He’s expression. He murmured, “It hurt a lot, that made me feel like the time the Marshal beat me.” LXIOqm

Tang Wan was speechless. Young man, are you a quivering M?

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When Lin Zhuo looked at Zong He again, he still felt that their coats were similar. He whispered, “Is he really not born from the Marshal and his wife?”

Zong He reached out with his paws and tried to hit him.

Tang Wan wasted no time in carrying him away. dwvB0c

Lin Zhuo still continued, “He really wasn’t born from them?”

Lin Bo hissed, “You child, how did they say that you were obedient?”

Lin Zhuo raised his hands to beg for mercy. “Er Bo, I just saw that he looked like the bride that Carlos’ family raised and deliberately asked. I’m not foolish, how can I talk nonsense?”

Lin Bo also wanted to beat him. “Don’t directly use the Crown Prince’s name. It’s the Princess, not ‘the bride that his family raised’. Don’t go out and blabber about it.” RSAkLt

“Fine.” Lin Zuo also realized that there was a problem and immediately stopped talking foolishly. He turned around and sent a message to his brothers. The Marshal’s important things had already been delivered, but there was one more important thing he had to tell them.

Right after, all of the senior members of the legion knew that the Marshal and his new wife possibly, maybe, had a child! As for when the child was born, who cared?!

Anyway, the Marshal was all-powerful; even in a coma, he could probably have a child. Zong He sneezed several times and Tang Wan quickly checked over him. “Still okay, no fever, no runny nose, clean eyes, not sick. You probably were sneezing from the dust.”

Zong He already didn’t want to struggle. He wouldn’t let “Da Zhuang” come tomorrow or the day after. He wouldn’t come for a short period of time. Z6fqw8

Tang Wan gloomily looked at Da Zhuang’s fur and remembered what Lin Zhuo had said. Tang Wan felt his heart become more and more bitter. He touched the kitten’s head. In a tone that he wasn’t aware sounded aggrieved, he asked, “Zhuang ah, look at your fur. Are you really not Zong He and someone else’s bastard child? I’m not going to be your stepfather, am I?”

“No!” Zong He couldn’t hold back his anger and patted Tang Wan’s head with his paws. He squeezed out the word between his teeth. How did this kind of thing come out? Was he the kind of man that would mess around?!

Tang Wan stared blankly at the kitten standing on the table. He just……seemed to have heard him speak.

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Zong He gritted his teeth and warned him word-by-word, “I! Am! Not! An, illegitimate, child! Am not!” saL0RF

Tang Wan shocked and held his face, “Zhuang ah, you can talk? Your IQ is okay!”

Zong He glared angrily at him. Why would his IQ have problems?

Tang Wan was so excited that he carried Zong He in a hundred-meter dash and rushed to Lin Bo to share the good news. “Lin Bo, Da Zhuang can talk!”

Lin Bo had just sent his foolish nephew Lin Zhuo away. Looking at Tang Wan being so noisy, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “He should have learned it with his classmates at school.” LNgthV

Tang Wan patted the kitten’s head and forgot all the things that had just made him angry. “I’m moved, Da Zhuang is too incredible! You can only say simple words but the more you speak, the more you’ll learn. It’ll be good if we practiced.” Tang Wan held the cat in his arms and pointed towards the things in front of him. “This is an egg, a bird egg. Rice, big rice.”

Zong He jumped out of Tang Wan’s arms and fled. He felt like he would become an idiot if he continued on like this.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Tang Wan was excited and caught up with him, “Zhuang ah, don’t you love Daddy?”

Zong He jumped up and angrily pushed Tang Wan. This ‘Daddy’, added to the ones before, even if it was the 25,000 ‘Daddy’, sooner or later he would return it all to him! NA2KlU

Tang Wan frightened himself from a stumble, surprised. How could a child be so strong? Tang Wan was no longer restraining himself, rubbing the kitten into a furball and until his heart softened. “How are you so good-looking? It doesn’t matter if you’re Zong He’s illegitimate son, you’ll be my baby in the future. I don’t want him, I want you, alright?”

Zong He angrily bared his teeth and almost transformed. He didn’t want him, but he wanted a child?!

Lin Bo: Don’t tell anyone
Lin Zhuo, five seconds later: You would not believe what just happened (੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾


Translator's Note

Masochist lol

Translator's Note

童养媳 -> child adopted into the family as a future daughter-in-law/ bride when they come of age

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