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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh18 - Team Competition – Capture the Flag


translator: xiin
editors: BlueBug & Pyromancer

By this point, the scourge knight who had fallen into the encirclement had already died, leaving Tyron by himself. EXZUY0

The Dreams Team had also lost two out of the four who surrounded them, leaving an executioner tank and a card master support.

Female commentator: “Amazing! It was a two for two exchange in this wave! Not bad, they certainly didn’t lose out!”

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The male commentator had to eat his words a little, and followed by saying, “Lord Four should still be able to take down another one!”


Dreams’ card master had already responded by laying a trap card on the ground while simultaneously taking out a card with the <dizzy> effect and throwing it straight at Tyron.

Tyron had just pushed himself up from the ground. He raised his head and watched the card fly towards him with dark golden eyes.

Half a second later, the female commentator suddenly shouted, “Oh! Lord Four put on a burst of speed! What kind of explosive speed is this?! Lord Four is about to take off on the spot!–”

Tyron completed his acceleration in 1.5 seconds, striking forward like a phantom. He suddenly leapt into the air, and jumped straight at the card master. nYUE0

The Dreams Team executioner unhesitatingly went up to meet Tyron, lifting his two-handed axe and swinging it at him.

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Tyron’s momentum never diminished. He kicked at the handle of his opponent’s axe and sent his own body into a windmill rotation in the air. The weapons in his hands flashed in a snow-white glow that stretched like silk banners and drew two perfect rings.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!” As the strikes rung out, the male commentator shouted excitedly, “My god! Seventeen strike combo! My god! This is the most amazing windmill combo I’ve ever seen!”

Using a rotating force to achieve a combo of rapid strikes within a short time was generally classified as a ‘windmill combo’. vcAirH


Tyron finally landed on the ground, recovered for a brief moment, and suddenly burst forward again!

The executioner finally appeared shocked, as he retreated two steps in succession. The axe in his hand had broken into two pieces, and there were two lines of blood on his neck that bled fiercely.

Tyron bypassed him and went straight for the card master. Ntuzly

Female commentator: “The card master is done for! The card master also has a stun skill, can they land it… Aiya, missed! This mistake is too pitiful!”

Tyron dodged sideways and avoided the card master’s stun skill, his toes digging a little into the ground as he circled around the card master, the short sword in his having already cut open the other player’s throat.

The card master flew away in a flash of white light.

At this time, the high-HP executioner who hadn’t yet died pulled out his long knife and turned around to attack Tyron. JIzi8d

Tyron shifted forward without turning back to avoid the attack, pulled two darts from his belt and threw them backwards without looking.

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

C atgliilcu rlfuf yjaaif olcjiis fcvfv. cNBrIP

Ktf obeg qfbqif ogbw atf Ggfjwr Kfjw jii vlfv. Ksgbc mjrejiis ifoa atf olfiv jcv tfjvfv yjmx ab atf ogbca ilcfr.

Ktf akb mbwwfcajabgr jcv atf jevlfcmf kfgf ralii raeccfv.

Male commentator: “Oh my Lord Four is definitely a god! Two versus four and he still managed to flip the tables. This assassin… is absolutely a contestant on the level of a godly weapon!”

At first, when they had been surrounded, the male commentator had felt that they would be overwhelmed. Later, Tyron counterattacked and the commentator had to change his words to ‘exchange a life for a life’. Then, Tyron killed another player and he quickly changed his commentary to two for two… ATYkSa

In the end, he didn’t use his life in exchange for anything, okay?!

Tyron still had more than half of his HP left after slaughtering all four people who had surrounded them. He turned around and casually walked away. It was a hilarious slap in the face!

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The male commentator ignored the pain in his face as he continued, “It’s no wonder that the audience are so supportive of Lord Four! Lord Four is too powerful and overbearing! I’m also about to turn into a diehard fan of Lord Four!”

. pzjEWk

Tyron was moving quickly along the battlefield, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of joining the group fight.

Half a minute ago, the two sides had run into each other in the middle of the map.

The Dreams Team’s paladin was the fastest and obtained the flag first, but was shot down from the sky only a dozen seconds later by Seven Kills’ launcher who had rushed over.

The banner was snatched back and forth, changing hands several times before finally falling into Seven Kills’ hands. 5YSjda

Because the remaining four people from the Seven Kills Team had all arrived at the scene one after another to surround the two people from the Dreams Team and hunt them down, Dreams had no choice but to temporarily retreat after paying a heavy price and wait for their teammates to arrive.

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But they waited, and waited… yet their teammates didn’t come.

Paladin: “What happened?? The four people we left behind were only blocking a group of two. Why haven’t they come over after messing around for such a long time? If they don’t come over, we have no chance of capturing the flag in a two versus four fight!”

And then, he received the notification that his teammates had died. X3QIo7

Paladin: “…” They got counterattacked despite it being a 4v2 fight. Did they even know how to play?!


Not only did they get counterattacked once, Dreams then faced an even more embarrassing situation.

Lord Four–the Seven Kills Team’s assassin, settled down in front of their base! He wouldn’t leave no matter what, and simply squatted there between the front lines of the battle and their resurrection point. He killed off the people from the Dreams Team who had just resurrected one by one, and if they came in pairs, he killed both! 2fBAlC

When four members of the Dreams Team came together to look for him, he had disappeared again; when the four of them carefully went back to the battlefield, he unhesitatingly launched another surprise attack.

The basis for team competition strategy was to form an advantage in numbers.

As long as one side was short one person, they would be at a disadvantage in group battles; if they were short two, it would become fundamentally difficult to fight; if they were short three, they should start considering how to run faster than their teammates and distance themselves from their ally’s deaths.

The current situation was that the Dreams Team was being dragged down by an assassin from behind, and were never able to gather all six people together before going into a fight. psZCWG

The Dreams Team’s commander was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. He finally couldn’t help saying, “Ignore that assassin! If he comes again, focus fire and drive him back!”

He didn’t say to “focus fire and kill him” because he had already tried it twice, and Tyron had been able to guess their intentions with great accuracy and left the area as soon as he saw them coming.

There was nowhere to hide on this map, but he was too fast. Other than the paladin, nobody else could catch him–and the embarrassing thing was, the paladin had no way to beat him alone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Dreams Team commander continued, “We have no choice but to push ahead with one less person and try to capture the flag with five people. If we don’t go for it now, we won’t have any time left!” gcO80X


Sure enough, Tyron appeared again once they started the group fights.

He didn’t panic when faced with the six-man formation. He passed through their formation once again, and focused on the healer, bursting out a terrifying series of combination attacks.

Dreams’ mage’s <slow> and the executioner’s axe were both dodged one after another, but by doing so, he took attacks from other members of the team and was left with only a thin line of HP in his health bar. qxNQ3d

However, with this small thread of HP, Tyron skillfully bypassed the mage after killing the healer and disappeared into the clouds.

“Don’t chase!” The Dreams commander ordered, “Chasing him is a waste of time. He only has a trace of blood left, and he must’ve gone back to find their healer. We’ll go looking for them right away and initiate a big fight, forcing them to face us straight on!”

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The Dreams Team’s lineup had one healer and one support, so even if they had lost their healer, the five of them could still gather together immediately and look for Seven Kills’ main group. pGEZ4

By this point, Seven Kills had already been holding the flag for nearly half the duration of the match. They camped behind their own defensive fortifications to protect the flag, waiting for time to pass while listening to the notifications announcing that Lord Four had killed XX. They could hardly be any more relaxed.

They immediately discovered that Dream’s people had arrived. Both sides had five people, and very soon, a 5v5 fight broke out.

Male commentator: “Lord Four actually didn’t come back! Both sides are currently engaged in a five versus five fight!”

Female commentator: “The second DPS of the Seven Kills’ team made a move! But Dreams reacted quickly, and their card master controlled–oh, controlled two people!” 1vohuJ

Male commentator: “Great! Dreams’ sword dancer started their big move! Wow! A hellish big move! Seven Kills has been controlled for two full seconds! The scourge knight’s HP is flying away!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Female commentator: “The sword dancer was killed off by the launcher! The launcher’s damage is just lacking a little! Just a little short of taking down their executioner…”

Male commentator: “The paladin has gone after the scourge knight, and the flag in the scourge knight’s hands… Ah! What a pity, he wasn’t able to keep the flag! The paladin ran away with the flag, and now the flag has finally fallen into Dreams’ hands.”

. XkU2s

While the two sides were fighting back and forth, Dreams’ healer had just resurrected, and immediately headed towards the battlefield.

Then, he saw Tyron waiting for him at the entrance.

Healer: “…” It’s! You! Again! You’ve killed me five times, yet you still came back!

He couldn’t beat Tyron, nor could he run faster than him. AD8ChV

So when he saw Tyron, he had already given up resisting, and silently sat there cross-legged, watching as Tyron approached.

Tyron: “…” You don’t even have the slightest intention to put up any pretense at resistance?

Tyron helplessly gave the healer a backwards stab and sent him home again.

After that, the healer no longer left the resurrection point: He didn’t care anymore! In any case, the team battle over there was a 5v5, and although their Dreams Team was lacking a healer, the Seven Kills side was short a Lord Four! Seven Kills was definitely losing out on this deal! WoM4AT


The commentators who saw this scene had already turned dizzy from laughter.

Male commentator: “Oh my god, this is the legendary ‘hands off the keyboard and feet off the floor’, right?! In fact Lord Four never went back for healing, and he hasn’t even recovered half his HP yet. Perhaps he could’ve succeeded if he’d fought back?”

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Female commentator: “Hahaha, it seems that Dreams’ healer has already been chased down so much by Lord Four that they’ve lost all interest in life.” Y Pc9y


Tyron wasn’t anxious, either. He stayed where he was, and sure enough, after a round of group fighting, three of Dreams’ people had been killed and returned.

There were now four people at the resurrection point: their priest healer, card master support, DPS sword dancer, and deputy tank executioner.

Tyron laughed quietly and began his career of blocking doors once again. eNb2AQ


Two minutes later.

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Male commentator: “My god, my god! This is too tragic! Dreams has once again been caught up in the nightmare of having someone killed every time they want to gather together.”

Female commentator: “Although Dreams’ paladin bravely snatched the flag away during the last wave of group fighting, Seven Kills managed to regroup after resurrecting while the resurrected players from Dreams were blocked at the entrance by Lord Four again. The lone and helpless paladin had to face a two versus five situation, and died on the spot.” WQICzi

Male commentator: “It’s so tragic that I can’t bear to look. I can’t help but shed tears of sympathy.”

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