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This Omega is Sweet and WildCh1 - Lil’ Tyrant


Without even knocking or asking “May I come in?”, the door of Huacheng No. 1 Senior High School’s principal’s office was abruptly opened from the outside.

The door slammed the wall and the glass clattered several times. oDuUw9

The principal Xu Wanli was just about to sit down and read the newspaper. His right hand shook out of surprise, spilling most of his freshly-brewed tea on the table. The newspaper in front of him was doused with the hot tea and the ink streaked into an indecipherable mess. Xu Wanli looked at the black ink smudging the white paper, endlessly sighing in his heart.

There was only one person that came into mind that would disregard school rules and barge into the principal’s office in such a manner.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Wanli raised his head to look at the door⸺Against the light, a young man gallantly and valiantly stood upright, his bearing filled with arrogance.

His hair was an eye-catching blonde. By rights, students couldn’t have this kind of hair colour but this student wilfully dyed his hair which left the principal, Xu Wanli, at a loss as to what to do. Vmw 1p

The blonde-haired boy’s face was extremely beautiful, but it wasn’t the kind of beauty that would make people want to dote on him. Instead, it was sharp and intense, like a wildfire blazing to the sky.

He had a straight nose, expressive eyes, and eyebrows that were like swords, slanting towards his temples. When he spoke, his snaggle-tooth could be indistinctly seen, making it hard for others to look away. His skin was a healthy honey colour, his body brimming with unbridled energy.

“Bal— I mean, Principal Xu!” The boy spoke, his voice clear and sonorous, “I have good news for you!”

“What good news?” Xu Wanli obligingly asked.


“Here, this one!” The boy beckoned.

In an instant, around three or four young and vigorous male betas swarmed up behind him and threw a tied-up beta. The man seemed to be in his early twenties. His face was covered with pockmarks, his hair was greasy and his appearance was extremely unsightly.

Strangely, however, the man was wearing the same school uniform as them! It was just that his clothes were old and loose; it didn’t fit him well. It seemed like a second-hand school uniform that he had bought at a whim.

Xu Wanli sized up the man several times and his brows furrowed. Cv2qPV

“Who are you?” Xu Wanli bluntly asked, “As far as I know, our school doesn’t have such an old repeater like you.”

The wretched man who was in school attire hemmed and hawed, unable to say a word. His panic-stricken eyes darted around in distress.

“Principal, do you still need to ask this?” The blond boy saw him hemming and hawing without telling the truth so he directly spoke for him, “During the past two weeks, a lot of wallets that students had kept in their classrooms had been stolen, hadn’t it? Today, this fella wanted to use the opportunity during our PE class to sneak into our class and commit a crime. He didn’t expect that I, this grandpa, was catching up on my sleep and was caught red-handed by me!”

What happened afterwards need not be said. This young man who called himself ‘grandpa’ had a fiery and stubborn character. When this kind of creep sent himself to his doorstep, how could he not sort him out? CzML8G

He sprang to his feet and dealt with him swiftly and decisively. He beat the thief until he was lying sprawled on his back, his face a riot of colours, out of his senses and nearly dead. After throwing out a series of punching combos, he managed to effortlessly capture the fellow.

“Yt.” We Qjcil cbvvfv tlr tfjv jcv gfqfja atf fnfcar bo atf atlfo’r mglwf, “Ktlr atlfo erfv atf bqqbgaeclas veglcu sbeg US mijrr ab rcfjx lcab sbeg gbbw, kjcalcu ab rafji atlcur. Cr j gfreia, tf tjqqfcfv ab gec lcab sbe ktb kjr riffqlcu lcrlvf atf mijrrgbbw.” 46HoSR

“Ktja’r gluta!” Ktf ybs qgbevis cbvvfv lc joolgwjalbc.

“So⸺” Xu Wanli responded with a question, “Li Cheng, why were you skipping PE class?”

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Li Cheng: “……”

When confronted with the principal’s attack that hit him straight in the soul, the young man called Li Cheng didn’t even stammer. He merely feigned shyness and bashfulness as he said, “Principal, my estrus had come and my body isn’t feeling well.” Y931xc

Xu Wanli wasn’t deceived by him, “You’re not feeling well because of your estrus? Why is it that other students would request for absence during their estrus to rest at home while you can beat a beta until he’s black and blue?”

Li Cheng: “I’m genetically different!”

Xu Wanli: “I think you’re genetically abnormal.”

Li Cheng: “……” ZSJ13V

The boy was speechless.

He was indeed lying. His next estrus was still months away. However, he skipped class just because he wanted to. How could there be a reason! Also, should the focus of this matter be him skipping class? The focus should obviously be on him catching the thief!

He somewhat indignantly glared with his bright eyes. Since he had caught a thief using a series of punching combos, his hair was slightly drenched in sweat and his face still flushed due to his zeal. However, he had a darker complexion so the faint trace of red on his cheek was completely hidden by his wheat-coloured skin.

Although Li Cheng was speechless, the group of lil’ brothers beside him were very quick-witted. They rushed forward and started babbling like a group of parrots. w3CQMW

“Principal, our Li ge’s body is really unwell today.”

“That’s right. He went downtown last weekend for a competition. He swam a relay and an individual event so he’s really tired!”

“The coach also said that on that day, the swimming pool’s water was colder than normal. The venue’s air conditioner was set too low so Li ge had a slight fever!”

“His fever had gone down yesterday but his nose was still stuffy today!” OXK2W

“Li ge, he……”

“Li ge……”


Xu Wanli was annoyed by the noisy group of parrots so he immediately called the security guard and asked him to hand over the thief to the police station. As for Li Cheng… MbRpYa

“Speak, what reward do you want?” Xu Wanli was still fair about this.

Huacheng No. 1 Senior High School was a school that had a liberal ethos. If a student made a contribution, they could confidently ask the school for a reward. The rewards that students wanted most were ‘Allow Late Arrival 10x card’, ‘One Week Exemption from Doing Homework card’, ‘One Month Exemption from Wearing School Uniform card’, ‘Priority from Getting Food at the Canteen card’ and so on.

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Li Cheng responded straightaway, “Principal, I want an ‘Exception from Attending An Elective Subject card’!”

Xu Wanli jested, “You don’t want to attend PE class that badly?” ZC WFh

“Not the PE class,” Li Cheng brazenly said, “I don’t want to attend the 《National Health Education Course》.”

Xu Wanli: “……”

The 《National Health Education Course》 was an elective subject in name only. Its’ examination results wouldn’t be taken into account during college admission but in fact, the Bureau of Education and the Bureau of Health had jointly introduced this subject. All children must attend ten classes after differentiating.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of people would completely differentiate around the age of twelve, but there was also an extremely small number of people whose differentiation would be delayed until the age of fifteen. MXSt4J

Unfortunately, Li Cheng was one of those “extremely small number of people”⸺ He didn’t differentiate until the summer vacation before he entered senior high school. If he wanted to take the physical health subject, he could only go to the affiliated junior high school next to his school and take the subject together with the freshmen kids.

Li Cheng placed a great deal of importance on his reputation. Let him, this ‘No. 1 School Tyrant’, go to a junior high school to attend class? That’s absolutely impossible!

“Too bad, you’d have to challenge the impossible now.” Xu Wanli raised the cup of half-spilled tea to his mouth and leisurely blew on it, “Every citizen must attend this subject after differentiating.  Even if you seek out the Education Bureau’s leader, you would still have to attend it.”

Li Cheng: “……” iyM4dP

Fuck, I did a good deed for nothing. So angry!

The young man who was fuming with anger turned around and left. When his group of lil’ brothers saw him leave, their mouths called out ‘Li ge’ ‘Li ge’ and hastily chased after him.

The boy openly displayed his willful character. Like a hurricane, he came with a clattering slam and left with a rattling bang.

⸺ Calling him unreasonable would be quite apt, calling him amusing would also be quite apt. mYEDQy

After they left, the originally lively and noisy principal’s office instantly became empty.

Xu Wanli unhurriedly got up, walked towards his vacuum flask while holding his huge cup and poured hot water into the cup.

A creak was heard as the inner room’s door suddenly opened.

As it turned out, the principal’s office was actually separated into two, an inner room and an outer room. The outer room was for receiving guests while the inner room was where the principal handled official work. sR1QD4

When Li Cheng and his lil’ brothers were making a disturbance, they had always been in the outer room. The inner room’s door had been closed all this while and Li Cheng didn’t even spare a glance towards that room.

Naturally, he didn’t know that there happened to be a young visitor inside the inner room who had listened to their conversation through the door that was separating them.

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It wasn’t until Li Cheng energetically left that the visitor left the inner room and looked at the direction where Li Cheng was heading.

“Principal Xu, the junior just now was……?” L56PMh

The young man was extremely tall, nearly 1.9 metres in height. The sports uniform that was shunned by countless students was tidily worn by him. The jacket had been zipped right to the top. Even the easily dirtied shirt’s cuff and pants’ hem were white and clean, untainted by even a speck of dust. He stood tall like a tree with his back as straight as a ramrod. His phoenix eyes had a sharp inner corner and a light slant upward at the outer corner. He obviously had alluring eyes, but he looked at others with indifference.

Just by looking at his appearance, one could already tell that he was definitely a first-rate alpha.

Xu Wanli looked at this favourite student and replied, “Yiheng, you’ve been on an exchange programme overseas for a year so you must have not heard of his name. That was Li Cheng, he entered our school last year. He’s in second year this year.”

“Li Cheng?” The young man called Xiao Yiheng lowered his head in thought, “No, I’ve heard of him.” Ol2YJ1

Xiao Yiheng obtained one of the few quotas for the government-funded exchange programme in his second year of senior high school. He returned in his third year to prepare for the upcoming college entrance examination. Today was the first day that he returned and he had a lot of formalities to deal with. When he went to his classroom to get his textbooks, he heard the name of this legendary junior from his classmates.

Huacheng No. 1 Senior High School was a paradise for top students but Li Cheng was an odd one out.  He was specially admitted into the city’s best senior high school through his athletic talent. Within a month of entering the school, he relied on his fists to subdue his group of loyal lil’ brothers and bestowed himself the titles ‘School Tyrant’ and ‘Leader’. Even the teachers were helpless against him.


“⸺He’s actually an omega?” When he was in the inner room, Xiao Yiheng thought that he had misheard it, but he truly heard Li Cheng say the word ‘estrus’. There were three genders in an ABO world and only omegas had the estrus period. tBDMZ5

How could he be an omega?

Xiao Yiheng was utterly surprised. That renowned tyrant who had the momentum of a tsunami in the swimming pool was actually an omega? It had to be known that sports competitions like swimming or track and field had always been the alphas’ world. Most omegas would focus on sports like rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating.

“So what if he’s an omega? You know, everyone who underestimated him because of his gender had been taught a lesson.” Xu Wanli beamingly drank a mouthful of tea and pointed at the trophy display rack that occupied a whole side of the room behind him.

The trophy display rack had always been in Huacheng No. 1 Senior High School’s reception room, proudly exhibited for the visitors to see. YEUnOq

The principal who had a receding hairline proudly boasted, “Yiheng, do you see that? The trophies on the first row had all been obtained by you. However, all the trophies on the second and third row had all been won by Li Cheng.”

T/N: I hope you guys will enjoy this novel as much as I did! Releases will be 1x/week until I finish translating RSG.
Also pls note that the Cheng in Li Cheng means orange as in 🍊.

Translator's Note

Author’s clever writing had been lost in translation so here’s the original para for those who can understand Chinese:


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

To those who can’t, basically author used idioms that has the numbers 1-9 and wrote them in order WHILE actually making sense.

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