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This Omega is Sweet and Wild

This Omega is Sweet and Wild 这个omega甜又野

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Author: Molly (莫里_)
Total Chapters: 122
Genre: Omegaverse, Romance, School
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Translators: bobeep
Release Schedule: Sporadic, Saturday


【Campus ABO】 Campus Male God Ice Beauty (Xiao Yiheng) x Swimming Champion School Tyrant (Li Cheng)


※ Synopsis 1:

Li Cheng is an omega, but he is thoroughly like an alpha.

He regards teachers like friends, is unrivalled in the swimming pool and also has 80 betas as his lil’ brothers.

One day, Li Cheng loudly declares ⸺ He’s determined to win the campus male god alpha Xiao Yiheng over. He must become his!

“Xiao Yiheng is smart, handsome, and tall! Moreover, he has long legs and a perky butt. His strong x capability can be seen with just a glance! Only this kind of alpha is worthy of me!”


Long-legged, perky-butt, and has strong x capability Xiao Yiheng: “……”


To show his determination, Li Cheng proclaims that he would give him a love bento every morning.

The next day, Li Cheng stayed up all night playing games and can’t get up.

The third day, Li Cheng danced the night away with others and can’t get up.

The fourth day, Li Cheng fought with the gang from the neighbouring school and can’t get up.

Then came the fifth day… The sixth day… The seventh day…


Just when Li Cheng is just about to forget his plan of courting the male god, Xiao Yiheng obstructs him inside one of the locker room’s cubicles before his swimming training.

“Xiao Yiheng, w-what do y-you want with Laozi?”

“Because I was waiting for your bento, I haven’t eaten breakfast for a whole week.” Xiao Yiheng had a cold expression. With a smile-that-wasn’t-a-smile, he continued, “But… Your pheromone smells quite delicious.”


※ Synopsis 2:

It is written in the first lesson of the 《National Health Education Course》 that the majority of the omegas’ glands are located at the back of their neck. Their glands will be hot and swollen during estrus.

However, one out of every hundred thousand people has their gland at an unusual location.

Li Cheng is one of them.


Li Cheng summons up his courage, grasps Xiao Yiheng’s hand and tremblingly but resolutely places it on his body, “⸺My gland… is here.”

Xiao Yiheng becomes the first alpha in the world to know this secret.

Not only does he know of it, but he will also claim it as his.


(This is not a spoiler of the gland’s location. Everyone will only find out after reading!)


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  2. Burmese Translation (by shi_lynn)

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  1. It sounds very intersting, I’m excited to read about this kind of protagonist!!!! Waiting for the updates o(*≧□≦)o

  2. I wonder exactly where he has his glands hhhh Also, Li Cheng sounds really funny, bet I’ll love this! Gosh, I am loving the increase in unique ABO novel tls

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  3. I was determined to find out where that gland was located. But then, I saw no chapters yet ORZ that synopsis is appetizing. Looking forward to this novel ehehehe. Thanks for picking this up!

  4. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH where is his gland??? 😫 I need to know, I can’t wait…

    The synopsis sounds hilarious, I already love them!!! 🥰🥰

    So excited~ thanks for picking this up!! 😚

  5. Smells like a good tyrant power bottom?! Setting up camp~~~

  6. Camping here for the chapters to pile up.

    Setting down various food


    Anyone wants anything?

  7. Oho ABO-kun…… *camping





    |` /

    | /



  8. ooh oh my god. i cant believe….wahhh omegas are rising…its becoming that they arent just depicted as weak and smoll im so proud

  9. aaaahh!!! i’m so happy this got picked up!!!! thank you so much bows down sets up camp