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The King's GameCh109 - [Mermaid XXVII]


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Under normal circumstances, Yan Lin could not have lost his instinctive feelings towards the youth. But the other now replied that he did not want to forget, so that was why the dragon horn was damaged, which made the system instantly realize that there was something wrong.

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This kind of deviation would only occur if there was intervention by a third party. For the identity of the former, the system had a vague answer. hNXDL9


With a dazed, bleary mind, Gu Huai did not think about anything else for the time being, but said, “Now I have seen it, don’t worry about it.”


Gu Huai could understand that the other party’s forgetting meant that before he met him, he had almost forgotten his feelings. This problem should have already been eliminated by meeting him. rxaIdn


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At this moment Yan Lin saw the young man prompting him to reveal his dragon horn. He quickly complied and obediently lowered his head slightly to the youth.


Yan Lin was used to meeting the requests of the youth. Now he felt guilty about making many bruises on him, and showed an even more docile attitude towards him. IUysdV


Ao Qi didn’t find a way to repair the dragon horn in the library. Gu Huai could only explore for himself. When Gu Huai groped for the crack on Yan Lin’s horn with his fingertip again, he found something different from before.


The length of the crack seemed to have been shortened a little, although it was still long and narrow as a whole. 26Z83J


“Do you think the injury is slightly better than before…?”  Not sure about what he found, Gu Huai asked.


Yan Lin’s eyelids drooped at the feeling of being touched by the youth. Hearing this question, he hesitated to give a response immediately. 39HrW0


The most recent outbreak of the injury was the easiest one he had ever had, and the most painful stage was almost easily passed after he got together with the youth. And when he repressed the injury afterwards, he really felt it was easier than before.


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Yan Lin finally nodded and made contact with the youth, which made him feel very comfortable… But Yan Lin also remembered that his actions were very rough at that time. Originally, the special physiological structure of a dragon was already difficult for a partner to bear. He had seen that the young man’s eyes were red, and tears accumulated in his beautiful eyes, but he still could not control himself. baHOsg


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After nodding his head, Yan Lin squinted and eyed the delicate cheek of youth’s skin, knowing that he had done something wrong, but his inner desire for the youth could not be eliminated.


“Pa’r atf lcoiefcmf bo jc fzagfwf Tlc mbcralaealbc.” Ktlr kjr atf bcis jcrkfg atja wjvf rfcrf. zSoXZf


Xe Lejl atbeuta obg j wbwfca ktfc tf tfjgv atlr, atfc gjlrfv tlr tjcv jcv ugjyyfv atf rboa oifrt bc atf mtffx bo atf qfgrbc cfza ab tlw. “Rfza alwf atlr tjqqfcr, vbc’a tlvf ogbw wf.”

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In fact, the young man didn’t use much strength. Yan Lin, who was pinched on his cheek, obediently didn’t show any resistance, but he didn’t make a sound for a while. KoUF21


“You don’t hurt me if you lose control.” Gu Huai said such a sentence calmly, and then said: “If you don’t hide from me, we can do it well, in bed, and the bruises on my back won’t happen then.”


In the second half of the sentence, Gu Huai was trying his best to maintain a calm voice. This was really some of the few direct words that Gu Huai said. UXNpst


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It was true that it was not easy to bear, but if his constitution could help the other to repair the crack on his horn, Gu Huai would only feel that this way of intercourse was completely acceptable to him.


“… OK.” Yan Lin nodded obediently this time and responded with a low voice. At the same time, he acted very carefully and rubbed the young man’s back. wD29YX


The system was not going to say anything about the third-party disturbance at present, because it was useless and would involve other things that it was still hiding.


The popularity of the “Seventh Sense” movie directly attracted people to the two leading actors in the movie. For a while, Gu Huai, the male lead of the movie, and Chen Guan, the female lead, became very popular. 2w 4bo


Now, even if the company did not provide resources, a lot of advertising endorsements, programs, and scripts would be sent one after another. As an agent, Jingcen could hardly cry with emotion in the face of this bittersweet situation.


“Xiao Huai, this variety show interview, see if you are interested.  Personally, I suggest you take it. The reviews of this program have been good, and the stars invited in the past are all big names. To invite you to this program is to affirm your current position.” Jingcen put a document on the youth’s table and then carefully advised the youth. fAM20O


For all kinds of variety shows featuring stars, the considerable profit income was one reason to attend, and the other unified reason was undoubtedly the increase of fans. At present, the youth was in a period of popularity. It was a good choice to consolidate that popularity by starring in a top rated variety show.


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Gu Huai looked at the paper she handed him a few times and quickly agreed. hwSsro


“Some gimmicky questions will be asked. Xiao Huai you should not be too honest.” Jingcen went to see the latest episodes of this program, and felt that she had to remind her artist.


After Gu Huai received the announcement, the program group quickly sent out a Weibo post that, although the message was unclear, the masses could easily guess the answer to. y6la4c


“For the next program, the program group invited a popular artist. Although this artist has only recently entered everyone’s sight, he has been very strong all the way recently and can be said to be one of the stars with the highest discussion rate this year. I don’t want to say anything else. Please look forward to next Thursday’s Star Workshop [doge]”

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A well-received variety show, Star Workshop was broadcasted only once a week. When Gu Huai was on this program, he was also surrounded by a group of black balls, but the camera simply could not capture these Nightmares. amcxSU


The hints on the Weibo page of the program was so obvious that on the day of the next program broadcast, the TV set could be said to have been filled with countless Gu Huai fans.  What excited the fans was that the youth was asked many things they wanted to know.


“After the movie “Seventh Sense” became a hit, the term Lu Pan and his wife became popular online. They said that you and Chen Guan, who played the heroine, had a great sense of CP. Some fans even said that they hoped you could be together in reality. I wonder if you have any feelings for this statement?”  The host Jiang Qing asked the question with a clear smile on his face and used a natural tone of talking with friends. OwMz8A


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The young man put down the cup in his hand. His handsome and beautiful skin looked gentle. Without any hesitation, he smiled and replied, “In reality, Chen Guan and I will only be friends.”


“So firm.”  The host made a little surprised expression. “Is it because she doesn’t conform to the type you would like? Can you do an exclusive interview on this issue here?  Or do you actually have a lover you are dating? “ zu91r


The host’s question was obviously one of the gimmicks to draw attention to the program. Whether the stars were in love or not was a question that most fans paid close attention to.


This question really made the fans concentrate. If they divided the fans of Gu Huai by gender, there was no doubt that the number of female fans was more than the male fans, which was something they didn’t need to think about. UOG6i3


There was no shortage of girlfriends among fans of a popular male artist. Some artists even deliberately show their single status in order to win over this group of fans.  In the general environment, there were also quite a few agencies that prohibited their artists from dating or openly dating.


The program was recorded and broadcasted. Jingcen, who was watching the program, looked at the youth not far away and felt a pinch of sweat. She really didn’t know how the other would answer this question. At present, the other’s answer should be no, of course, it would be better for his career, but … k6TdBv


“Yes.”  The young man on the TV screen nodded generously, raised his hand and scratched his cheek, adding: “We will make it public when the time is right. Let’s not talk about it today.”


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Jingcen saw it and turned off the TV for a while. She looked at her artist and paused for a moment. Finally, she only said: “There is no rule prohibiting entertainers from falling in love in Donghuang Entertainment. Cen Jie does not want to restrict you in your private life, so long as you don’t make any negative gossip.” mveBrN


Jingcen said this sentence, really didn’t think it would be a prophecy. In recent days, some fans still bemoaned on Weibo that their idol had a girlfriend. As a result, by the fourth day of the program, the negative news that the youth was kept by a gold owner was spread out. This time, it was not just a rumor spread by one mouth, but several photos were attached as evidence.


In the photo, the young man was encircled by a man whose face couldn’t be seen clearly. He was very intimate and the background was a beautiful and elegant courtyard. Once these photos were released, there was no doubt that they caused quite a stir. bxVaLC


Of course, some fans said that the youth had a prominent family background and it was impossible to need any gold owners, but this statement was completely rejected by some people who were concerned.

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“It was not so long ago that the Gu family recognized him as a blood relation. It is not impossible for the other to have a gold owner before being recognized, and this finally can explain why Donghuang Entertainment dug him at any cost. It was obvious that someone was standing by him.” This was a universal statement that was formed under the control of a person’s meticulous care. 047MYD


Jianjia: “it doesn’t matter if it’s a gold lord or not, you can’t clean up your homosexuality. Your fans won’t be able to recognize such a clear face in the photo, but you should say that the photo is photoshopped [Doge].”


Douhua only eats sweet: “I can’t see the face, but I feel that the gold Lord is so miserable. You really bear the humiliation.” 30XeEq


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When such a hard hammer hit them, even a professional PR team had to figure out how to write their PR articles. In the face of the real hammer, the PR articles were easy to be attacked by evidence.


 How were the photos taken? Although it was no longer meaningful to investigate this issue, Jingcen still couldn’t help thinking about it. jGTdeS


The background of the photo was the villa courtyard, which was at least in a private place unless someone deliberately targeted….


This was the case last time and this time. Since her artist started the TV series “Thousand Words”, he had been completely smeared by people. The frequency was too high. 4VWCtR


The problem was, Jingcen racked her brains and couldn’t think of anyone who had this deep hatred with her artist. If he was in the way, it should be after he became popular. Why was dirty water thrown at the youth when he wasn’t popular before?


The system had confirmed the answer to this question. No matter what this person did, the goal was just to make it impossible for the youth to successfully complete the mission of his world. rPdabn


“Now is the right time.”  Yan Lin cast a glance at the photos and made a decision soon.


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It was time to make their relationship public. 4AU09M

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