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The King's GameCh108 - [Mermaid XXVI]


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A lick would make the wound better. Under the urge of his instincts, Yan Lin managed to lick the young man’s wounds. Yan Lin, pale, pushed the youth out of the range of attack and away from his eyes. Then he grasped the handcuffs used to block his ability. Cold sweat continued to drip down his forehead.

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The handcuffs made a loud noise that echoed coldly in the extremely icy enclosure. 1zUxAb


The dragon horn, which was supposed to be hidden in human form, was now exposed, which was the root of Yan Lin’s pain.


The kind of pain caused by dragon horn damage didn’t affect just his body, he also suffered spiritually. The freezing space constructed by extremely cold energy could only slightly reduce Yan Lin’s perception, but after so many years, the effect of the ice room had become more and more inadequate. AxHNKI


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This kind of pain would last for at least one or two days, and it was necessary to wait until the pain of the outbreak had spread completely before Yan Lin could begin to recover his rationality slowly, and then seal the injury on his dragon horn again.


In fact, he didn’t want to push away the youth who hugged him. Yan Lin grabbed the handcuffs and his fingers turned white because of too much force. Finally, he let out a stuffy hum because he couldn’t bear the pain. rS Ic9


Despite being pushed away, Gu Huai did not stop. He did not make any noise and came a few steps closer. This time, Gu Huai not only hugged the man who was struggling in pain, but also bowed his head and kissed him several times in succession on his extremely pale cheeks.


While taking advantage of Yan Lin’s slightly shocked state, Gu Huai’s hand leaned up to the other side of his left horn, his fingers groping to the back of his dragon horn, carefully touching the narrow crack. fyMe0d


When the youth approached, the pain eased slightly. Yan Lin finally stopped retreating, and instead complied with his instinct to imprison the dark-haired youth approaching him.


This kind of imprisonment made Gu Huai feel pain, because the other held him too hard. But Gu Huai didn’t struggle at this time, he just let Yan Lin lower his head and stood on tiptoe, then he kissed him from the cheek up to his dragon horn. To7dvI


That long and narrow crack, he kissed gently and carefully. After kissing it carefully, Gu Huai called out to the other in a low voice.


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In fact, Yan Lin couldn’t even understand the meaning of the words spoken by the youth in this state, but hearing the call from the youth made him shift his eyes. jsHdwG


The youth had an extreme Yin constitution, which had been completely stimulated by the freezing space constructed with the extremely cold and dark ice around them. It was unknown to Gu Huai that the cold was stimulating him, but Yan Lin could feel it directly.


Contact with the youth could further reduce the pain, and in order to have more contact, Yan Lin broke the handcuffs and locks limiting his mobility. KrRbP2


The sound of his handcuff lock breaking sounded in a closed space. Gu Huai heard the sound and the next second he was directly pressed to the ground.

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Holding the youth was like holding a piece of driftwood, or an antidote, because he was out of control, Yan Lin’s actions were inevitably rough. SQK nj


Gu Huai hissed. His body hit the hard ground, of course he felt pain, but faced with a pair of thin scarlet vertical pupils staring straight at him, he still reached out to continue to touch the horns on Yan Lin’s head.

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In this process from passive to active, if Yan Lin’s kisses with the youth were normally careful and meticulous, then in his current state, his kiss on the cheek of the youth was very stiff, and the strength he used to hold the youth was not properly controlled. 8SJ1lw


The desire for more contact did not stop with wanting to kiss. Gu Huai could detect this.


His hand still touched the back of Yan Lin’s Dragon horn. Gu Huai and the nearby pair of scarlet red pupils, which were not sentimental but clearly reflected his figure, looked at each other for a while. He slightly kissed beside the corners of his eyes, then relaxed his body as much as possible, and whispered, “Do it.” UydhNF


After that, it was carried out under the condition that one side only had instinct basically. Although he actually regained some consciousness in the middle, in that situation, he could no longer stop his actions.


The only thing that could be said to be lucky was that under these conditions, Gu Huai’s extreme Yin constitution was completely stimulated by this freezing space. His estrus period also followed the advance, which happened to be at this point in time. X5PE7g


The reason why it was lucky was because it was mentioned earlier that the dragon’s physiological structure was quite special.


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When it was all over and Yan Lin was finally freed from the pain and suffering and completely regained his sanity, the first thing he saw was the youth who had been injured by his uncontrolled self. rHNvmW


The youth was now in a deep sleep, with transparent tear stains that had not dried up at the corners of his eyes, many bruises of blue and purple on his delicate skin such as his neck that was not covered by clothes, and a circle of red that had not completely dispersed on his wrists.


In that out-of-control state, Yan Lin failed to exert control even though he knew instinctively that youth was an important thing, which led to such a result. sgPL Z


Yan Lin paid more attention to the fact that he hurt the youth than the wonderful scene.  His body suddenly stiffened in an instant, Yan Lin quickly gathered up the youth unconscious on the cold hard ground into his arms.

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This round’s outbreak of pain had already been endured. Although there was still more pain, this pain could only be said to be insignificant compared with the previous severe pain. sdBEQf


The pale face hadn’t recovered yet. Yan Lin added a layer of suppression to his injury while holding the youth firmly. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Yan Lin felt that the suppression of the injury was a little easier than before .


In this closed frozen space, a day had actually passed, and people who were required to wait outside couldn’t help but want to come down. But when they were halfway down the stairs, the icy cold they felt in the passage forced them to stop. h184xw


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There was no way to go down. What was below was the extreme cold that even their blood could freeze, which could only be resisted if their constitution was special or their cultivation reached the level of Yan Lin.


Wanting to go down to check the situation only to find out they were helpless, Ao Qi and a group of black balls could only continue to anxiously guard at the entrance. But after a day, the wait was finally over. uSJzM9


Hearing the footsteps coming from the passage, the eyes of the people at the entrance immediately gathered. After a while, they saw Yan Lin holding the youth.


“Squeak-?” Of course, the youth who was unconscious was the first concern of the nightmares scattered around. Without any hesitation, they quickly gather around the youth. XVsjM8


When they confirmed that the youth was only in a deep sleep and there was nothing serious about it, the black balls calmed down a little, but they still closely guarded the youth.


Yan Lin’s complexion had improved a lot at this time, and the remaining paleness was not obvious, which made Ao Qi, who was also observing the situation, put down his worried heart. Ymk0T4


It seemed that this time he successfully repressed… But this kind of suppression method could not cure the symptoms, and Ao Qi was worried about repairing the difficult problem of his horn.


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Yan Lin nodded to Ao Qi, motioning that he was fine and for the other to deal with other matters. Then Yan Lin quickly returned to the bedroom with the youth unconscious in his arms. Jm3ctZ


The first thing Yan Lin did after he carried him back to his bedroom was clean up his body. In the process, Yan Lin saw more marks created when he lost control.  Especially at the scapular position on both sides of his back, there was a large bruise that had already turned blue.


After regaining his sanity, Yan Lin still had memories of what he did when he was out of control, and he remembered that the bruise on the young man’s back should have been caused by his sudden fall to the ground. e154vM


After cleaning the body and changing new clothes for the youth, Yan Lin carried the youth to bed and lowered his eyes in silence.

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Had it been a normal situation, Yan Lin would first find an excuse to tell the youth that he needed to leave C city for a few days to eliminate the doubts that the latter may have. However, the onset of the injury came too suddenly and he did not even have any early warning, leaving Yan Lin to rush away at the moment when severe pain swept through. prJ5lh


The black balls around also didn’t make a sound, only very quietly waited for the youth to wake up.


After an hour or so passed, the youth, who was safely held by Yan Lin, made a movement. t9HWm0


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As soon as he regained consciousness, Gu Huai did not feel anything at first, but when he moved the bruised parts of his body slightly, he felt some pain.


It was a tolerable dull pain. Gu Huai didn’t make any sound, only frowning reflexively. NQtrnK


After observing the youth’s actions, Yan Lin’s thin lips immediately tightened. He wanted to apologize to the youth, but he didn’t know how to open his mouth.


“Ah Huai.” Under an uneasy mood, Yan Lin said the youth’s name in a low voice. Being out of control couldn’t be a reason to hurt the other. It was just an excuse. If only he could bear more at that time…. kBtSpO


Gu Huai didn’t think there was anything wrong with these injuries. He was more concerned about other things than the bruise. Without letting the person nearby continue to think more, Gu Huai directly asked the other the most critical question: “Where did the crack on the dragon horn come from?”


Earlier, the other told him that it was done accidentally and told him that it didn’t hurt. Gu Huai did not know the importance of the dragon horn at that time and easily believed Yan Lin’s statement. After learning the real situation from Ao Qi’s mouth, Gu Huai had an uncertain guess about the scar. At this moment, he wanted to verify the answer. GV2md


Knowing that it was impossible to conceal any more, and that his lies were likely to be uncovered, Yan Linjing remained silent for a while before finally he finally opened his mouth and answered: “I did it myself.”


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He coagulated a dagger with a large amount of pure spiritual power, and then Yan Lin made a small cut on his horn on his left side with the sharpest end of the dagger. At that time, the sharp and powerful pain almost made him unable to hold the dagger for a moment. GKn6 b


In fact, the appearance of the scar at the beginning was far from how it was at present. The reason for it was because, with time, it had become a long and narrow crack. Because Yan Lin had not cured the wound, the injury on the Dragon horn was getting worse.


Even if he guessed that this was the greatest possibility, Gu Huai still felt extremely puzzled when he really heard the man beside him say the answer. He and Ao Qi, no matter how much they pondered, couldn’t think of his reason for self-harming. fPQAvt


  “Why?” Gu Huai asked.

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Gu Huai imagined many reasons that could not be rationalized. After his voice paused, Gu Huai saw the person he was watching slightly avert his eyes, and then he gave an answer that completely surprised him. JUnQM9


“Chu Chu… doesn’t want to forget Huai.” Yan Lin tightened his hand on the young man beside him and held him very firmly.


Before meeting the youth, Yan Lin felt for a long time that there was some invisible force trying to make him forget something very important. OR5eJj


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Yan Lin couldn’t remember the specific appearance of this thing, but at least he still had intuition. When he saw this thing, he would know that it was his important and precious thing. But if even this feeling was lost, he would lose it completely.


So every time when he sensed that the invisible force was making him lose this feeling, Yan Lin would begin to create some pain for himself and tear at his scales. Yan Lin had never done anything like that. He used the pain created to deepen his instinctive feeling for his important thing. DsidmM


However, Yan Lin realized that the invisible force that wanted to make him forget seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, and the pain of tearing his scale was no longer enough to cope with it.


And even if the scale was torn off, it would heal itself. This method of creating pain couldn’t be done once and for all, so Yan Lin turned to think about other ways. TNKObu


For the dragon, it was not difficult to figure out what kind of injury was the most unbearable.


When he began to wreck his dragon horn, Yan Lin did not hesitate. A dragon horn carried the cultivation of a dragon, and it being damaged would produce enough pain to make any dragon out of control and collapse. But only in this way could he rely on the severe pain to remember what he needed to remember. cxZNnA


The unexpected answer plunged Gu Huai into a dazed state, and the system watching from beginning to end also fell into a long silence.


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Every time he arrived in a new world, the system would collect some important information related to the world, but the matter of Yan Lin had been beyond its grasp. GldfXU


There was interference from a third party.


In this world, there were some things out of its expectation and control, and the system was aware of this. 74 qdx



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This chap made me sad 😶


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