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Sweet, Although ShortCh20 - Ning Can, What are You Trying to Do?


Translated by Raine

Edited by Amaris tdsmAE

Ning Can curved his lips and smiled, his bright eyes and smile illuminated the dim room.

Xia Yan’s eyes turned dark.

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But Ning Can didn’t realize it at all. His heart was full of joy that his little brain could actually come up with such a good reason.

“GO GO GO!” If Ning Can was this enthusiastic about his job, Father Ning would be moved to tears. GhMFmX

Xia Yan came back to his senses and regretted it very much.

Loving a person was nothing, loving a dense person, however, was really a torture.

And this heartlessly dense guy really didn’t learn from his mistakes.

Ning Can followed Xia Yan to his study. Just as he entered the room he immediately asked, “Where’s the light?”

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Before Xia Yan answered anything, half of the study room’s light lit on.

Ning Can lightly said, “Ah, it’s a smart home.” From outside of the house it looked normal, no wonder he didn’t realize it before.

Xia Yan knew that Ning Can was afraid of ghosts, but Xia Yan was also afraid that Ning Can would stick to him, so he simply turned on all the lights on the study, making it as bright as daytime.

This comforted Ning Can a lot, he finally softened his face. Finally, a room that didn’t feel like it was crammed with ghosts! UIjOYP

“You can do your work!” Ning Can told him. “I won’t disturb you, I’ll just watch you in silence.”

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“Mn.” Xia Yan didn’t actually have any urgent stuff to do, but because he said he had work to do, then he would work. Also, around the past four years, this had really helped him distract himself. Every time he was about to think of Ning Can, he would just work.

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From time to time he would take a peek at Xia Yan, the reason was to make sure his companion was still alive and hadn’t been dragged away by ghosts.

He looked calm and composed on the outside, but Xia Yan was actually in an uncomfortable situation.

Work? QGtPDs

How was he going to work?

As soon as Xia Yan lifted his head he could see Ning Can’s messy short hair, fair complexion, those lips dyed red by the cherries, and the long legs under the loose shorts.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xia Yan couldn’t concentrate at all.

The Xia Yan who hadn’t let out his last secret from four years ago had already imagined it countless times. 24USY0

He wanted to be together with Ning Can, he also wanted to be able to live with Ning Can.

Xia Yan wanted to breathe the same air as Ning Can all the time, to be able to look at Ning Can at any moment, to be able to keep Ning Can by his side forever.

He loved him.

When Xia Yan was in his teenage years, he had already realized it. JEDwPC

Unfortunately Ning Can didn’t know it, nor did he love Xia Yan.

Xia Yan fixed his eyes on the documents in his hands, all the words in it had turned into ‘Ning Cans’ and they were engraved into his memory.

How did I love a person to this extent?

Why did I love him until I lost myself? RUmDyg

Xia Yan couldn’t forgive himself for being so stubborn.

After finishing the fruits, Ning Can started to feel bored.

He looked at the time, it was already 10:40.

Xia Yan also started to feel restless. After surviving this night, he would think of a way to leave… Of course there was a way. If he went on a business trip, he wouldn’t be able to see Ning Can. 5Hf7X1

“I’m pretty much done.” Xia Yan stood up and said, “Go back to your room and sleep.”

Ning Can said he came here to learn from Xia Yan, but in the end he only ‘learned’ a stomachful of cherries.

At this moment Ning Can didn’t feel scared anymore. While holding the fruit plate, he stood up and yawned. “Good Night.”

The moment Xia Yan lifted his head, a slender neck flashed through his eyes. 8VFlYJ

Xia Yan averted his gaze immediately, and said in a hoarse voice, “Good Night.”

This is not bad, not bad at all.

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Starting tomorrow on, their feelings wouldn’t mingle like this again.

Xia Yan thought so. f7LVO1

At dawn, Xia Yan was about to go to sleep dizzily when he heard a knock on the door.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Yan’s temples were in an awful pain, he got out of the bed and opened the door.

What he saw was a wide-eyed Ning Can who was hugging his pillow.

At that moment, time seemed to flow backward. bisLgz

The young man who had once come to his room to sleep and this young man who was standing right in front of his eyes overlapped.

Ning Can really couldn’t stand it. The moment he returned to his room he would get scared like a dog. No matter how he tried to sleep, he would feel chills and fear all over his body.

Even though there were some trifling matters from four years ago, he couldn’t withstand the fear of ghosts, which made him knock on Xia Yan’s door.

Ning Can forced a smile, trying to fawn on him, “Umm… May I enter your…” q8TGPl

Xia Yan’s brain was buzzing, his black pupils looked as if they were blazing will-o’-the-wisps. “Ning Can, what are you trying to do?”

Author’s Note

The author has something to say:

Ning Can’s mother came to answer for him instead: He wanted to be eaten and be wiped clean by you, Xia Yan! qcFeK6

See you tomorrow~


Translator’s Note

Istg they’re both so constipated gay I’m— 0b Edd

Anyway, this is the last chapter I’m translating~ The rest of the story will be continued by potats xD

Chrysanthemum Garden.

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  1. Ahhhhhh I agree author! This bunny is delivering himself to the wolf. If he gets eaten, I’ll kick him back into the wolf’s stomach if he dares to shout help. 😂

    Thank you Raine and Amaris!