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Surprise! The supposed talent show was actually–?!Ch2 - Audition


translator: xiin
editor: juurensha

Ten minutes later, the door to the assessment room opened again. EnTwbK

The teenager who came out looked like a small soft-haired kitten who was being held up by the scruff of its neck. He hung his head, and there was a dazed look on his face, his expression full of ‘who am I?’, ‘where am I?’, and ‘what did I just do?’.

In the assessment room, behind the door that was left half open, the three examiners were having a heated dispute with the program producer.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“He doesn’t know how to use a gun and missed the target half the time. His hands shook, and he has zero first aid knowledge. We don’t need to waste any time on this kind of player.” The program producer quickly took a stand after receiving the report.

The examiner gently retorted, “It’s not that his hands shook, it was that his entire person shook like a sieve. However, it’s possible to train someone how to use a gun, and this player has many unusual qualities.”

7g 0wI

“Like what? His admirable courage?”

The examiner suggested, “Watch the replay first, and then we can discuss it.”

Wu Jin had no idea that the replay of his evaluation video was being replayed on a holographic virtual screen inside the practice room.

The youth with the amber eyes was pale, his lips pressed tightly together. His long eyelashes fluttered frantically with every shot, casting fragmented shadows onto his cheeks. 6PmkZI

None of this managed to detract from his beauty.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

With looks like these, he presented a fascinating, beautiful scene no matter what he was doing––even if he simply sprawled on the ground like a salted fish.

“How about it?”

The program producer had a benign smile on his face as he spoke, “Perfect. Send this contestant straight to the audition in half an hour.” gPQWek

In the corridor, the still-bewildered Wu Jin soon received a series of warm congratulations from a group of staff members.

He had become a glorious reality show contestant under White Moonlight Entertainment.

“What White Moonlight––”

Wu Jin had just begun to speak when he was packed up and stuffed into a car. yOpZ9R

The car slowly floated up and hung suspended in the air via magnetic force, then zoomed off into the air, leaving a high speed light trail in its wake.

The sky outside the window was gray and gloomy, and a corner of a silver-grey city peeked out from a gap between the countless tall buildings. A dazzling and fantastical variety of transportation vehicles hovered in the air and shuttled back and forth.

Wu Jin’s eyes were completely round as he stared outside in astonishment.

Everything laid out in front of him was beyond his understanding and knowledge of the world. Ytf9Bw

He was still staring and dazed when he got out of the car.

He had arrived at a vast area crowded with people. Sponsorship advertisements were stuck to walls that had been coated with some sort of metal paint, and military green supply boxes were continuously being swallowed and spat out from the transportation junction.

The most striking thing was the plane parked in the middle of the space, its huge wing propellers roaring constantly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The runway extended into the distance. ovk4HG

And in the distance, a vast, endless grassland could be seen.

“Make way, make way. Don’t just stand in the way––Those who are doing warm-up exercises should go to the side. We’re about to leave.” Everyone seemed busy as they bustled about.

Wu Jin forced himself to open his mouth, “Excuse me––”

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C rajoo wfwyfg lwwfvljafis mjwf obgkjgv ab gfmflnf tlw, “Uijsfg 300012, gluta? Vajgalcu ufjg lr ab atf gluta.” bWMBij

“Qtja? Tbe vbc’a xcbk tbk ab erf la? Cgf sbe gfjiis j mbcafrajca––” Ktf rajoo wfwyfg’r ujhf yglutafcfv, jcv rtf kjr revvfcis oeii bo fcaterljrw, “Ktja’r jigluta. Qf mjc qgbnlvf sbe klat 100% rlcmfgf jrrlrajcmf! Uifjrf ifa wf tfiq sbe tfiq sbe qfgrbcjiis…”

Wu Jin was startled and hesitantly took a step back as he refused assistance. He finally found a manual, then struggled to put on the protective gear.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After that, all the contestants including Wu Jin were herded onto the plane.

In the cabin, Wu Jin was surrounded by tall, muscular, and strong looking men. Gxqo2

Wu Jin thought to himself that it was very rare to see this kind of trainee.

However, everyone was very shy and didn’t talk much even though they were all sitting together.

Dozens of people were crowded together into the narrow cabin, and the fluorescent sign over their heads displayed the words ‘Third Cabin’.

The contestant sitting to the left of Wu Jin was praying silently, while the one to the right held a supply box in his arms, his expression solemn. L6GwiC

The big blonde brother sitting opposite Wu Jin saw that he was turning his head around non-stop and slid him a glance before falling into a momentary daze.

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Wu Jin greeted him with a wide smile, revealing his small white teeth that didn’t seem to have much attack power.

“Hello, I’m Wu Jin! I’ve been a trainee for three months, and I was in the lead dance position before I came here! I’m good at urban hip-hop and popping!”

The blonde man was stunned at first, but then he was infected by his enthusiasm, “I’m Leika! This is my second year participating in the competition, close combat position! Good with dual daggers and A2 Series shotguns!” 0PIHZJ

Wu Jin wanted to ask more, but a harsh radio broadcast crackled to life, “We have arrived at our destination. Contestants, please enter the field.”

Wu Jin froze. Weren’t they still in mid-air?

The window shades were all opened up at the same time, and nearly every player quickly narrowed their eyes and looked down.

Immediately below them was the boundary where the grassland and hills met. There was a river winding down from the ridge, and most likely due to the dim skies, the entire landscape looked dark and gloomy. 0k23o

Most importantly, there was no tarmac.

In the next second, the hatch opposite Wu Jin slowly opened up.

Wu Jin: Ahhhhh! The plane is broken, ahhhhhh!!

From beside him, Leika gave him a nod, then stepped out first. He grinned, “You’re so good looking! Good luck! Let’s meet again!” M8 nVl

Even as he spoke, he was the first one to jump out.

Following Leika’s departure, everyone else in the entire cabin jumped out of the door like dumplings poured into a pot. In the blink of an eye, only Wu Jin was left standing there as he trembled.

Inside the cabin, the radio broadcast that had paused for two minutes, resumed.

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“51st Audition. Contestant 300012, negative performance warning.” bfBtLA

“51st Audition. Contestant 300012, malicious performance warning.”

The wind outside the cabin whistled past, and it looked like he would have to fly out and meet his end soon.

Wu Jin quickly gripped his seat belt and finally couldn’t help but let out a burst of swearing as he screamed, “Damn it, save me ahhhhhhhhh….”

In the show’s surveillance room, the first member who discovered this scene was amazed as he pointed to the curled up figure, “There’s been so many seasons, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone obediently put on their seat belt.” 8h0VtS

The backstage area was suddenly filled with a cheerful, amused atmosphere.

“In that case, just pop him out.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the next moment, Wu Jin’s seat shook as if impacted by a great force, and his seat belt loosened very naturally––

The little trainee who had his eyes wide open in shock drew out a beautiful arc in the air, and then quivered and tumbled around violently on the way down. f7utnB

“What is that?” The contestants below narrowed their eyes and looked up in surprise.

“Their flexibility is very good, and the difficulty level of dropping like this is very high––Could this be one of the criteria for passing this stage?!!”

Wu Jin: “AAHHHHH––I don’t wanna compete, I wanna go home AAHHHHH––”

The hills below were becoming clearer and clearer in his field of vision. The birds scattered as they vigorously flew up in mid-air. rfwzEi

Just as Wu Jin was about to be flattened into a trainee pancake––the parachute stored in both sides of his protective gear suddenly opened up. Wu Jin was yanked back by the parachute and swayed violently as he headed for the hills.

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In the moment when his waist smacked into the ground, his brain was completely blank.

Who am I.

What am I doing. cs6lgT

When will it be my turn to perform.

Why was I swaying around in the sky just now.

While Wu Jin was staring around blankly, the wrist watch on the right arm of his protective clothing suddenly rang out.

“Global announcement. Please note. Global announcement.” cVCK3O

“51st Audition, 207 contestants have officially assembled!”

“Want to be an official competitor in the survival program watched by the masses? Do you want to end your lonely career as a trainee? Do you want to make your debut as a c-position player in the Azure Competition Zone? Do you want to represent the Azure Competition Zone and go out to do battle?!”

“Crosson’s yearly reality survival show is your dream stage!”

“Three famous mentors, top-of-the-line resources! Survive through despair, and make a hot-blooded escape! Untangle high difficulty decryptions, and engage in passionate confrontations! It’s a feast of fighting and killing––” jFc8JL

“Who will ultimately be able to make their debut? And who can remain steady in the c-position?! Who is the best team leader in your mind? Who is your favorite assault or support, and who is your perfect commander?”

“The 51st audition elimination match has begun. Fight for your debut! Survival trainees! Your chance at a one in a million future is right here!!”

Wu Jin was frozen for a full two minutes without even noticing that he had been covered by the parachute.

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And then he was struck by the sudden realization–– oysVCQ


Everything was wrong.

This wasn’t the idol show that he had planned to participate in at all!

At this time, the entire stretch of hills felt cold and unwelcoming. PdYDLU

Wu Jin couldn’t help wrapping himself up like a dumpling with the waterproof parachute canvas as he tried to dial through the wrist watch that had just issued the announcement.

On one side of the watch was a microphone-like dot that made it look like a two-way communication device. This was now Wu Jin’s last strand of hope.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the instant that he was put through, Wu Jin was almost ecstatic enough to tread on air.

“Distinguished contestant, hello. For points inquiry, please press 1. To report a contestant, please press 2. For emergency help, please press 3. To hang up, please…” EF8Wht

Wu Yu: “333333 I need emergency help!!!”

“Player scan initiated… Player scan over. There is no special situation at this time. Cheers to your good health.”

Wu Jin: “……”

Inspiration struck, “22222! I want to report a player!” iuVTBm

“Please enter the number and name of the person you are reporting.”

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Wu Jin unhesitatingly entered his own number, “Number 300012, Wu Jin! It’s him, it’s him!”

––He’s been reported! Quickly take him home!

The mechanical tone paused for three seconds before responding slowly, “Report successful. The system will take compulsory coercive measures against contestant 300012’s repeated malicious behavior. Thank you for your report.” 1RZ5zk

Wu Jin: “What compulsory measures…”

In the next second, there was a ‘peng’ sound, and a series of stray bullets brushed close to his side. The sirens from the punitive flying machine in the air blared continuously.

Wu Jin’s expression changed sharply; his perception subconsciously controlled his body, and his muscles bunched up––he leaped up to dodge the punitive attack once again.

The alarm was still ringing behind him, “Contestant 300012, malicious performance warning. Contestant 300012, malicious performance warning.” nxSMW8

It was too late for Wu Jin to regret, “Withdraw the report! Withdraw the report! I was obviously just sitting there for a while––It wasn’t malicious at all!”

“Contestant 300012 negative performance warning. Level B punishment will be administered if you do not enter the battle within half an hour.”

Wu Jin tried his best to explain, “I really can’t fight! I’m a good citizen! Why did you force me to come here––”

However, the emotionless, mechanical alert simply repeated over and over, “Level B punishment will be administered if you do not enter the battle within half an hour. Please act now. Repeat, Level B punishment…” cBgJVm

Another stray bullet was fired in accompaniment to the words.

Wu Jin glared indignantly at the flying machine, “This is simply unreasonable––Aiya, don’t hit me. Aren’t I already running?!”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Behind the scenes of the Crosson survival reality show. u6sBaE

The surveillance video from the audition would not be edited and released, and only a few staff members could see the internal surveillance broadcast.

The show’s program producer had a benign smile on his face as he introduced this season’s competition:

“Distinguished sponsors, please believe me when I say that our contestants from the current program are the most promising ones to date.”

“They are the top trainees from various entertainment companies and have a professionalism that won’t lose out to professional survival contestants. They have the strongest physiques and are most adept at survival skills.” 3ywWCj

On the screen, a series of surveillance images showed fierce gun battles, hand-to-hand combat with naked blades, and cooperative team hunting.

Backstage, there was a group of directors and producers adjusting the locations of the broadcast cameras in order to showcase the quality of the contestants to these golden thighed investors.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Stop!” Someone hurriedly spoke up, “Don’t change the position of camera E23. What’s going on? Didn’t you say that all the candidates in this audition are elites? Why are some players still wandering around???”


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