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Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch111.2 - Sharp Blue


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Wu Jin hurriedly sped up into a trot, looking towards the Zuo Botang who was also heading back to the booth. Dheqm7

The Jingyi captain had a cautious expression on his face as he kept Ming Yao from running off, “Little Ming’s mask seems to be malfunctioning. I’m going to take him back to the bathroom…”

It was unknown what had gone wrong with Ming Yao’s originally white mask, but a pair of cat ears had popped out over his head.

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Wu Jin looked on in a trance, then hurriedly felt the top of his own head. ZfcC u

No cat ears.

Wait a minute, why were there two slots on the mask? There was something soft and fluffy inside, what was it––


On the other side, Zuo Botang was coaxing and persuading Ming Yao to leave, “Don’t lean towards the floor… Little Ming, how old are you now? …What? …What girlfriend? When did I get…? …”



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Jin covered up his mask warily. … What kind of joke was this?

He struggled and squeezed back into the crowd at the edge of the dance floor, wanting to remind Caesar and Red to pay attention to their masks, but all he could see was them being surrounded by a group of young men, and there was no way for him to squeeze in.


Outside the crowd were two little zeroes who were watching the show and cracking melon seeds. They looked at Red and Caesar who were hugging together in a brotherly fashion and were full of indignation. They chattered incessantly, “Bah! Two top-grade ones getting together is simply a waste of resources… these melon seeds are pretty good. Give me some more.”

Wu Jin paused. It seemed that something wasn’t quite right!


From behind him, the passerby was still relentlessly trying to sell himself. “Are you here for the first time? How about leaving your contact information? That’s what the mask does. The theme for this evening is something about matching hearts and souls. The cat ears are connected with your brain waves. If you fall in love at first sight, then they’ll pop right out. If the feelings are mild, then they’ll quiver slowly, and if it’s burning hot, then they’ll shake hard… hey, why don’t you turn back and look at my cat ears!” EJqvSb

The passerby brother put in some effort to pull the cat ears out of the mask manually, “Look, look, it’s love at first sight! I didn’t pull them out, they came out on their own…”

“This is the high level technology of our Floating City’s number one gay bar…”


Wu Jin froze, “What-what bar!?” uzl2C6

He had just turned his head, and his expression was petrified with shock.

The haunted beam of light had followed him again, and the DJ on the stage toasted him from afar. The passerby brother jumped about angrily, “Holy shit, this DJ wants to sleep with you!”


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His escape route had been thoroughly blocked. The waiter came by and smiled as he offered up a drink. 1JteYP

The crowd went wild, and many people swarmed in Wu Jin’s direction. Even the crowd of melon seed eating little zeroes’ glittering gazes all swept towards Wu Jin. “Although he looks like a little cutie, he was really so handsome that it made it impossible for people to close their legs when he was dancing earlier… oh, who’s that? Why did he run off”

“He went to the door.”

“He went to the door at this hour?”

“They say that there’s a top-quality, shiver-inducing S at the door, so he ran off faster than anyone else, and nobody could stop him…” aWi9Bu


The waiter bowed as he offered the tray to Wu Jin.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A fruity aroma wafted up from the red wine glass.

The gazes of everyone around him were like predatory wolves and tigers, and Wu Jin had no choice but to reach for the drink. The glass was slightly cool to the touch, and Wu Jin was just about to lift it up–– eE8Bg4


A calloused hand held him in place.

Wei Shi: “I’ll drink for him.”


Wu Jin abruptly turned his head back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The man was wearing a half mask that only revealed his nose and lips. It seemed that he’d only just come out of the laboratory, and his shirt was unbuttoned down to the second button. A waiter behind him was still respectfully holding his coat.

He looked down at Wu Jin from above. There was a small space around him that had been cleared out due to his oppressive aura, and his eyes were deep and cold, his lips pressed into a sharp line.


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Qe Alc rajgfv ja tlw lc j vjhf, jcv tf jiwbra atbeuta atja tf kjr vgfjwlcu.

Qfl Vtl gjlrfv tlr mtlc, jcv ufraegfv obg tlw ab qjrr tlw atf vglcx.


Qe Alc byfvlfcais tjcvfv la bnfg. XOfFyS

Ktf wjc jmmfqafv la, tlr ibcu olcufgr megnlcu jgbecv atf ibkfg qjga bo atf uijrr’r rafw. Ktf ildebg kjr ilxf iluta atja oibkfv bnfg tlr tjcvr, mbcvfcrlcu lcab j wsrafglber vjgx gfv.

Wei Shi tipped his head back.

The full-bodied aroma of the alcohol exploded in his mouth in a flash as the man tossed the empty glass back onto the tray. His face was still cold, but it was now mixed with the alcohol to create a kind of sensual feeling that gave the onlookers a thrill.


The dance floor stood still.

Wei Shi nodded towards the table and gestured for Wu Jin to come closer.

Wu Jin subconsciously took two steps closer, then stood up on tiptoes, his small curls floating up––

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Wei Shi suddenly trapped him in his embrace and pressed him into a fierce kiss.

Cranberry flavored vodka.


Alcohol flowed freely between their lips and teeth, and Wu Jin almost seemed to go dizzy in an instant. The man was aggressive and merciless, and his familiar scent caused him to quiver as it invaded–– pLTd w


Passerby brother: “Holy shit––”

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The entire night scene erupted into wild cheers. Someone was laughing loudly, “Wow, they’re really f*cking open!”, “66666 big brother has courage!”, “I get it… holy shit, this is an old pro!”


At a high table at the edge of the dance floor, the Caesar who was currently interacting with a whole group of ‘brothers’ turned his head, “Why’s it so noisy, hey, brothers, where are you going––”

Red swept his gaze over the stage and froze for a second before hurriedly jumping up to the stage, “Where’s the stage controller? Have them quickly move the light away!”

Caesar followed behind him, chattering, “What’s going on, what’s going on? What are they all getting excited about? Has a girl come in?”


Beneath the stage, Zuo Botang had just finished changing masks for Ming Yao and noticed the chaos in the club. The sniper recognized Wu Jin as one of the protagonists at a glance with his hawk-like vision.

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Zuo Botang: “……”

Zuo Botang: “Wait, wait a minute, Little Witch––”


The Jingyi captain pushed up his sleeves without another word, wanting to pluck him back out. The onlookers standing in front of him were all eating melon seeds and watching the gossip and were taken by surprise when they were shouldered aside. “Line up, line up. There are basic rules for onlookers to follow too!”

Zuo Botang’s eyebrows twisted together anxiously, “Excuse me, please let me through. That’s my friend over there.”

The melon seed eating passerby chuckled, “You’re trying to break up an actual pair, hey. They’re both willing participants.”


Zuo Botang: “What? Sorry, I have to go in––”

The crowd: “Look at his ears!”

On Wu Jin’s head, a pair of black cat ears were quivering so much they almost turned into virtual shadows.

Zuo Botang: “What do the cat ears mean?” He sent a message to Wu Jin’s teammate, Caesar, as he tried to squeeze through the crowd. tC0lYa


The crowd: “It’s shaking like that… dry wood and fire! A dopamine surge! Falling in love! Hey, with your appearance, you really can’t be an ignorant single dog right…”

Zuo Botang stilled, “What did you say?”

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He looked incredulously at Ming Yao who was still drunk behind him, and his shoulders shook fiercely. mWlHYg


To one side of the dance floor, Wei Shi led the dizzy Wu Jin into the corridor.

There was the flash of a blade at his fingertips just as they left, and a whole group of little zeroes immediately screamed, “My god, I want to be taught a lesson by him with that wine knife…”


The two of them walked past a dimly lit corner, and Wu Jin suddenly stumbled.

Wei Shi reached out to hold him. Wu Jin had originally been waiting obediently for the big boss to carry him, but it took him a while to react and realize that they were no longer in the big boss’s memories, and he was no longer the 14 year old little shortie.

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He immediately fluttered around for the sake of his dignity, his small curls ending up in a mess during the struggle, and was finally forced into a room by Wei Shi.


Wu Jin: “Wei… wuwuwu!”

Kisses fell like a storm, making Wu Jin confused about whether it was wonderful or oppressive, and his back trembled continuously. The man’s blazing breath seemed to be roasting him alive, and Wu Jin leaned soft and weak against the wall, his eyes an aggrieved red.


The man’s voice was deep and hoarse and seemed to stroke right by his ear, “Who brought you here.” UgRvEt

Wu Jin spoke in stutters, “Ming, Ming Yao… to celebrate his captain’s birthday…”

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Wei Shi: “Dancing on the dance floor?”

Wu Jin: “Nonono…” 75Fl9D


Wei Shi: “Casually accept drinks from strangers?”

The small curls exploded with nerves, tangling with the cat ears that were quivering like shadows. Wu Jin: “No, nono, I, I, I…”

  ye7 od

Wei Shi was expressionless as he cast his shadow over him from above.

Wu Jin made a small ‘Ao’ cry, but was quickly pressed tight again, his consciousness submerged by the interweaving lips and tongues. It was a kiss that tended towards ferociousness, and even carried a sense of punishment. The man who’d taken the initiative seemed more ruthless than ever before and more impatient.

It was like he wanted to shackle all of him in his arms and knead him into his bones.


Wu Jin subconsciously hugged the big boss, his consciousness unable to surface. Only, his eyes were getting redder, and physiological tears slid down from the corner of his eyes––

The man tilted his head slightly, and the rough tip of his tongue licked at Wu Jin’s tears.


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Wu Jin’s pupils contracted. j2vcM7

This scene overlapped with that from the young Wei Shi in his memories, and the deep part of his consciousness twinged faintly––his brain stung, and Wu Jin suddenly covered his head.


Wei Shi paused.

He immediately pressed Wu Jin’s temples for him. Light flashed through his gaze, and his eyebrows twisted together. “Lean over here.” Q7F4tN

His knuckles moved gently over Wu Jin’s temples. The man counted Wu Jin’s pulse and only relaxed a long time later. He used his hand to test the temperature of Wu Jin’s forehead, his expression solemn.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Jin looked up tentatively.

The big boss was frowning, but it looked very cute to him. He was just as cute now as he’d been when he was young! S7cOhK


Wei Shi: “Still uncomfortable?”

Wu Jin whispered quietly, “No, I still…”


Wei Shi bowed his head anxiously.

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Wu Jin was well behaved, “Still want to continue kissing.”


Wei Shi: “……” hKNbds

The next moment, the man took out the wine knife.

Wu Jin bounced up with a swish and trembled in the corner, watching until the big boss opened up a bottle of pure mineral water with the knife, then had Wu Jin first take a sip from it before using it to swallow down the mind calming agent before wiping his mouth.


Wu Jin opened his mouth, gurgled down the water, then offered up his mouth again. Wei Shi’s movements were more skillful than those of the youth in the R-Code base, but they were still intimate and uniquely his. Wei Shi’s face was clearly expressionless, but his set of actions made it obvious that he was taking proper care of Wu Jin. 8j916f


Wu Jin finished drinking down the medicine and delightedly started to emit little happy soap bubbles. It was probably due to the effect of the alcohol, and also because he’d spent a long time interacting with the young version of the big boss, but he’d become very brave and would rub and pet the man every now and again.

Wei Shi’s Adam’s apple shifted, and he finally told him sternly to hold his breath and wait for his brain waves to be measured.

Wu Jin held his breath and whispered, “When did you wake up?” HxpIid

Wei Shi: “An hour ago.”


Wu Jin thought of how he’d been creating chaos and randomly messing with the big boss in his memory and immediately became nervous, “Then, do you still remember––”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Shi held Wu Jin, “Mm.” MtwB6f

“I woke up, and the little shortie that I hadn’t taken enough care of had already grown this big.”


Wu Jin’s nose suddenly felt a little sour.

The big boss continued indifferently, “The things that couldn’t be done as a child can be done now.” YTRIJw

Wu Jin, who hadn’t finished feeling emotional, “……”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Twenty seconds later.

Wu Jin howled, “No air! I can’t hold my breath, I can’t hold it…” lAWpD0

Wei Shi: “It’s finished. Even the equipment’s been put away.”

Wu Jin was in a hurry. “Huff, huff, huff…”


Wei Shi was thoughtful, “Did you turn silly?” IPzJS6

Wu Jin struggled to retort, “No! That’s impossible, how could I…”

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The big boss simply bent over and reached out for Wu Jin’s clothes.

Wu Jin rolled around on the sofa, “Aaaaahhh I’m not silly!” a3NmgB

Wei Shi spoke seriously, “Let me take a look.”

Wu Jin suddenly came back to his senses, “What are you looking at… that’s not right! Even if I’ve turned silly, it would be my brain. Why are you lifting up my clothes?!”


The big boss was expressionless, “Looking at your waist.” 97lheD

Wu Jin froze and immediately waved his hand to indicate that his waist wasn’t important, but the man effortlessly opened up his clothing. In the dim light, the youth’s pale waist was a little red, silently seducing him.


Wei Shi hadn’t yet reached out a hand when Wu Jin suddenly trembled weakly.

Wu Jin was going crazy: This wasn’t his waist! Why would it turn red! Why would it tremble! Could it be that his waist was broken?! 5HlnyQ


The man’s Adam’s apple shifted again.


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It was right at this time that the door to the private room was pushed open. hB0iJF

Caesar, Red, Jingyi’s c-position and the drunk vice-c position all stumbled inside.

Juurensha: More Double C CP content! And it seems like he never had a gf???? And oooo is everyone finally going to find out the Scarf CP is real?
xiin: omg Wei Shi was so hot in this chapter~

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