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Strong Offense and DefensePrologue


translator: Re

editor: Padam hJsC7M


Nie Chuan couldn’t remember when it started, but he would always talk with his roommate and teammate Reese Reddington before bed. Sometimes about things that don’t make any sense and other times talking about really heavy things.

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Although almost everyone on the team, including their Coach Gordon and assistant coaches felt that Nie Chuan’s presence lowered the entire team’s average IQ.



What’s even worse is that Reese Reddington, who has the highest IQ in the team, is also gradually following this trend.


“Reese, your memory is super good! You only studied for a few hours, but you could pass the exam! If it was me, I would have already failed it! And then, I wouldn’t be able to play in the basketball game!” Nie Chuan laid on the bed holding his head, his legs swaying rhythmically. WeVIp


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Reese was lying on the other bed. He watched the gently swaying silhouette Nie Chuan left on the wall, and said quietly: “Sometimes, I really hate my memory.”


“Why? Is it a three-seconds memory like mine?” Nie Chuan was a bit stunned. kz1mlU


His teammate Carlo often laughed at Nie Chuan for never remembering getting hurt. His memory couldn’t even compare to a fish’s seven-seconds memory.


“Because my memory is too good, I remember everything about him vividly. The curve of his back when he jumps, his waist exposed between the clothes. The curve of his wrist, and even his eyelashes under the lights when he shoots. The way his waist moves when he dribbles the ball, the angle of the basketball as it bounces between his legs, his gaze when he is looking for his teammates. It’s always replaying and replaying in my mind, over and over again. It is more terrible than a brand.” ctL9ud

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The voice of Reese is cold, but Nie Chuan knows how amazing he is when he is passionate.


“That sounds… a bit miserable…” Vg7nY8


But, why is it “he” instead of “she”?


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“And he never found out, I have always been watching him.” mNKMde


Nie Chuan was stunned. God, his male god roommate is secretly in love with someone! My god! His secret crush also seems to play basketball?


Nie Chuan jumped up and sat cross-legged on the side of the bed, “Hey! Reese, that person is our teammate, right! Is it Carlo?” FYmgaG


“Go to bed.”

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“You are fishing! I am already hooked, yet you won’t say who the person is!” zUxAyE


“Sleep, morning practice.”


“You need to tell me who! Otherwise I’ll continue to think about it all night and won’t be able to get any sleep!” 8cbhJB


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“Then you think about it. Thinking will help you improve your IQ.”


“Hey! IQ is impossible to improve overnight!” Nie Chuan jumped onto the other’s bedside and pushed his shoulder incessantly. “If you don’t tell me, I won’t be able to sleep ever!” TrIe95


“It’s up to you to sleep or not. Anyway, lack of sleep will affect calcium absorption. It’s you who won’t grow taller, not me.”


“…” Nie Chuan didn’t go back to his bed and instead propped up his chin to watch Reese’s back. His soft dark brown hair quietly laid with the tip of his hair just touching the pillow, making Nie Chuan’s heart feel itchy as he watched. 0dXwGF


After a long time, Reese saw that Nie Chuan did not return to his bed and he finally answered him, “I was lying to you, can’t you tell?”


“…” JAVY 5


Was he really just playing with him? But only Nie Chuan would make such a big deal over this little matter… How can the ruthless Reese Reddington have a crush on someone?


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This is even more impossible than Nie Chuan’s  200 cm height. CMwf05


Then, Nie Chuan couldn’t help but continue to think, how did he manage to get with this guy?


Clearly people like Reese Reddington should belong to another world! mHp5xJ


Or maybe, when he charged into the Nie Chuan’s world he was like a comet, with a force like luck that wouldn’t repeat twice, so he subconsciously chased after it?

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Chasing after a string of wool! Obviously he was forced by this guy. Forced to practice, forced to join the basketball team, forced all the way to the present! RIv3pY

[T/N: here, wool is used like the English word “f*ck”]


And he’s now enjoying himself?


It is really a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



———————— 021PEq

Re (drea): so… I have fallen into a pit and decided to treat you guys to a little teaser (and to stake a claim) :3 Strong Offense and Defense will be my next project. You can expect regular updates in roughly 3 weeks which is when I should have finished ESITH. Hope you guys enjoyed the teaser and see you then!

P.S. thank you so much Padam for helping edit and look over the prologue <3 and my apologies for using your discord name to credit you! I forgot you went by Padam xD

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