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Strong Offense and DefenseCh34.1 - Because I like him


After Reece went into the bathroom, Nie Chuan almost couldn’t control himself from hitting his head on the coffee table.

Don’t be such a tease ah! 6UZtaA

When Reece came out of the bathroom, he sat down across from Nie Chuan and reached for the paper. He took a pen, then began solving.

His expression became more focused than before and his posture of holding the pen carried an aristocratic grace, making Nie Chuan unable to take his eyes away.

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After watching for a while, Nie Chuan felt rather sleepy. He leaned his head against the sofa and fell asleep.

In the midst of confusion, someone covered him with a blanket, tucked a soft pillow  under his head, and dimmed the lights. ATqOGd

This comfortable feeling made Nie Chuan smack his mouth and sleep even more deeply.

A figure sat at the coffee table with one arm resting on the back of the sofa. Slowly, he lowered his body and touched Nie Chuan’s lips. The tip of his tongue gently glided across those lips before squeezing in.

Nie Chuan unconsciously pursed his lips and  slid his tongue out.

The other quickly straightened his back and stiffened in place. A few seconds later, he got up and left.


The next day, Nie Chuan was rudely awakened.

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“Get up. You still need to finish three kilometers today.”

That unique, cold voice made Nie Chuan instantly awaken and sit up on the sofa.

The blanket slipped off of him. He blinked and saw Reece’s back as he walked into the bathroom. E5U2Ja

Why was Reece in his room? What about Zhou Bin?

Wait, this doesn’t seem to be his own apartment?

Nie Chuan suddenly remembered that he didn’t even go back after coming to Reece’s place last night!

He actually slept in Reece’s living room for a night? rsbcqF

As he hurriedly got up and got off the sofa, Nie Chuan was thinking about how to say goodbye to Reece and leave when he heard Reece’s voice coming from the bathroom, “Tidy up the sofa.”

Nie Chuan lowered his head only to find that someone had put a pillow in the position of his head and the blanket had fallen on the floor.

Did Reece prepare these for him? He had thought that with Reece’s nature, he would directly wake him up and throw him out the door. If not, then he would let him sleep on the sofa until his legs cramped and then coolly look down at him from above and throw down a “This is the consequence of not knowing how to take care of yourself” and such ma?

While Reece was in the middle of washing up, Nie Chuan quickly folded the blanket. When he turned around, he saw the paper he had given him. It was full of detailed steps on how to solve the problem. This was the first time Nie Chuan saw Reece’s handwriting. Whether it was Roman numerals or various mathematical symbols, they all carried an elegant yet rigorous temperament that wasn’t overly meticulous. Nie Chuan originally thought that even if Reece was willing to solve these problems, he would omit a lot of steps. He didn’t expect him to write them so carefully, as if he was afraid that others wouldn’t be able to understand. Ccwhvx

At this time, Reece had already finished washing up and came out. He looked at Nie Chuan and indifferently asked, “Can you solve those?”

“I can…… for the most part ba.”

“Isn’t advanced mathematics a compulsory course for you?” Reece asked.

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His voice wasn’t big nor was his tone heavy, but Nie Chuan felt that it carried a lot of weight. DObHyX

“Ct…… sfjt! Dea P atlcx la rtbeiv yf olcf lo P pera vb ubbv.”

Effmf bqfcfv j ybaaif bo wlcfgji kjafg, aliafv tlr tfjv yjmx, jcv vgjcx la. Rlf Jtejc rajgfv ja tlr ecveijalcu Cvjw’r jqqif jcv lckjgvis yfujc ab atlcx: Pr la cfmfrrjgs ab qbrf obg j qbrafg olgra atlcu lc atf wbgclcu?

“You need to be able to do all those questions since it’s a requirement.”

After Reece finished speaking, he went into the kitchen. Nie Chuan heard the sound of eggshells cracking near the frying pan. Then came the fragrance. qg8CAk

Nie Chuan was a little hungry.

“Oh, got it! I’ll closely go over them!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’ll give you five minutes to brush your teeth and wash your face. There are cups in the bathroom.”

Ah? Reece even prepared cups for him in the bathroom? This isn’t real ba? 8nSF6z

Nie Chuan went to the sink. The cup was actually just a glass for drinking water. There was a new toothbrush in the cup.

“Isn’t this toothbrush a little small?”

And Spiderman? Is it really alright to stick Spiderman’s head in his mouth?

“I originally bought it for my nephew. Do you have any objections?” g8r4dx

Reece supported himself against the door of the bathroom with one hand as he looked at Nie Chuan.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“No objections! Thank you very much!”

Sorry, Spiderman. You’ll just have to go in my mouth to help me brush my teeth ba!

The breakfast Reece made was just a simple sandwich but it was really delicious. Nie Chuan finished it in two or three bites. wGJK7O

Reece pushed a cup of milk forward and tapped the table with his finger. “Drink it.”

Even though he was not fond of milk, Nie Chuan knew that he needed calcium so he could only gulp it down.

For today’s morning training, Nie Chuan persevered until the end. The volume of the afternoon training was also in accordance with the original plan. Reece was a strict implementer; Nie Chuan couldn’t practice one minute less.

After working out in the gym, Nie Chuan followed Reece to the showers. hSr6pJ

The facilities in the shower room were very good. Honestly speaking, Nie Chuan felt that showering here was much better than in his student apartment.

He knew that Reece was in the cubicle right beside him. Fortunately, it wasn’t like the shower room of his boarding high school, not one bit. Otherwise, with the contrast between his weak chicken body and that of Reece’s, Nie Chuan felt that he wouldn’t want to take showers again in the future.

The gym that Reece brought him to appeared to be quite advanced so the people who came to exercise were not many. At this time, there were originally not many people so the shower room was also pretty empty. In addition to them, there were only two or three other people. Except when making jokes with them, there was only the sound of water.

“Hey, Reece.” DoRObW

Nie Chuan always felt that ever since he came to the gym with Reece, he wasn’t able to say a single word.

“What is it?”

Reece turned off the water as if to hear Nie Chuan better. But like this, everything became quieter and, for Nie Chuan, even more embarrassing.

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“Today is Friday.” 9zHX1l


Nie Chuan was about to cry. Why does he still need him to say it so clearly? Does Reece really not remember or is he playing with him again?

“If you don’t have time then I can let the florist send it.”

“I will go.” ZTbuAi

Nie Chuan let out his breath then couldn’t help but implore, “I know you don’t like to go to birthday parties and stuff nor are you familiar with Celine but please don’t speak too sharply in front of her…… It is her birthday after all.”

Nie Chuan’s door was suddenly knocked on.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Open the door.” It was Reece’s voice. oCDcIx

By the time Nie Chuan reacted, the sound of water in the cubicle next to him had already stopped.

“I’m not wearing  anything yet!”

“I told you to open the door,” Reece’s voice dropped an octave.

Nie Chuan quickly covered his little brother (his peepee) with one hand and opened the door a crack with the other. 82JGlw

Reece pushed forward with an imposing momentum that made Nie Chuan completely unable to resist and walked in. Nie Chuan was so startled that he stepped back; he even forgot to cover his little brother.

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“Did I ever speak very sharply to you?”

Reece stared straight down at Nie Chuan, crushing his nerves. Unlike Nie Chuan’s lack of coverage, Reece’s waist had been wrapped with a bath towel. His exposed upper body made Nie Chuan instantly remember Reece’s pull-up jump shot. To be able to complete this kind of move, his waist must be very strong.

“N…… no……” FUoLR3

At that moment, Nie Chuan couldn’t even think. Reece’s hand passed his ear and pressed against the ceramic wall behind him, drawing them closer together. Nie Chuan could clearly see the water droplets on his face slide from his cheeks down to his chin; it was terribly sexy.

“Then why are you worried that I will say something ‘sharp’ to Celine?”

“I…… I’m just worried. If she confesses to you and you don’t want to accept, please be a bit gentle when rejecting her. It’s best not to reject her when it’s her birthday, that’s all……”

What’s sharp and not sharp?! For Nie Chuan, Reece Reddington’s existence itself was very “sharp” ! orSfAk

“Euphemism and implicitness are your specialty. I prefer to be clear and direct.”

As Reece watched him, Nie Chuan unconsciously stepped back again. His shoulder bumped into the shelf behind him and something fell down.

Nie Chuan was about to cry. Will he and Reece still be able to have a good talk?

“Well, long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. If you think a clear and direct rejection is better, then just be clear and direct ba……” h6YxwD

Nie Chuan tried to move away from Reece’s arm but Reece didn’t have any intentions of stepping aside.

The shower stall was already small but the space between him and Reece just kept getting smaller and smaller. Nie Chuan felt his breathing become unstable.

“I…… I dropped my soap……”

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Nie Chuan used his gaze to indicate the position of the soap on the floor. EPCKQB

“You want me to pick the soap up for you?” Reece raised his eyebrow and asked.

He hadn’t raised his eyebrow at Nie Chuan in a long time. This made Nie Chuan feel alarmed.

“I’ll pick it up myself…… pick it up myself.”

Nie Chuan squatted down. As soon as his hand touched the soap, it was swept away by the water. Nie Chuan chased the soap around Reece before finally picking it up. oRgMDs

Reece just stood in his original spot. Nie Chuan forced a smile, “If you’ve already finished washing, why not wait for me outside?”

Reece smiled and glanced down as he was leaving. “Are you sure you can satisfy Celine with your size?”

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Nie Chuan’s face instantly reddened. He forgot to cover his little brother just now!

If I’m small then I’m small! But at least my size is proportionate to my height! 7w9dzH

Do you think you’re so great just because you’re big? Be careful of getting strangled, idiot!

“Oh, I forgot to say, apart from your calves, your waist and butt can also make people indulge in fantasy.”

With that, Reece opened the door of the cubicle and walked out.

Nie Chuan.exe instantly crashed. jkZstf

Who’s indulging in what fantasy?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ah! Ah! This guy is definitely learning from Carlo to tease him! That’s just too much!

This is Reece’s “sharpness” ! He doesn’t give people any face!

——————– 8Vxkec

Re: Me: Ah the classic kabedon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also me: Author, have you been watching Prison School? x’D That soap drop scene had me rolling

MadMadamMims: stealing kisses and naked shower confrontations, oh my! 😳 this is not a drill!


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