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Strong Offense and DefenseCh33.2 - The Lines of His Calves


    When Nie Chuan returned to his room from the library in the afternoon the next day, he found an insulated thermal container. 


    He opened the container and found that there was actually thick bone broth on the inside! The fragrance hit him head-on, Nie Chuan swallowed. 


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    Holding the thermal container, he gulped down several large mouthfuls. 


    “Wa, so good!”


    When Zhou Bin came out of the bathroom at this time, Nie Chuan hurriedly asked, “Ah Bin, was it my mom who came by?”



    “No ah, why do you ask?”

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    “Then…… how is there bone broth here?”


    “Reece sent it,” Zhou Bin replied. 


    “Reece……” Nie Chuan was stunned. He picked up the thermal cup and looked at it from the left and the right.  “But how come this thermos looks like the one I have at home ah?”


    “It really was Reece who sent it to you. Didn’t you have a leg cramp yesterday? It was probably because the amount of exercise you were doing these past couple days was rather large, not to mention you’re growing again so you need to supplement your calcium ah.”


    Nie Chuan thought, how did Reece know that he wanted to drink bone soup?


    Ah, come to think of it, maybe Reece heard him talking to his mother when he was sitting beside the basketball court yesterday?


    Nie Chuan called his mother. 

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    “Mom, did you stew some bone broth for me?”


    “Yes. This morning, your classmate Reece passed by our house and told me that you really wanted to drink my bone broth. When I said that I would make some for you and send it over to you in the afternoon, he said that he would come by our house again later and can pick the soup up then.”


    Nie Chuan froze. He really didn’t think that Reece would actually bring him bone broth.


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    “Your classmate is so kind to you, your mother feels at ease! You need to get along with Reece and invite him over to eat during the holidays!”


    “I know, mom.”


    Nie Chuan suddenly felt as if his understanding of Reece was completely overturned. 


    “Hey, Zhou Bin…… the bone soup really was brought over from my home by Reece ah!”

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    Zhou Bin wore his glasses and was underlining something in his book. From time to time, he would check an online dictionary.


    “That was originally the case, didn’t I tell you?”


    “But this is Reece ah. Why would he bring bone soup for me?” Nie Chuan came over to Zhou Bin and kicked him with his foot. 


    Zhou Bin frowned and moved Nie Chuan’s foot aside. “You didn’t change your socks after playing basketball ah, the stench could kill someone.”


    “I’m discussing Reece with you!”


    Zhou Bin helplessly put the book aside. “Nie Chuan, some people will be good to the whole world so no one is special to them while some people are only good to those who are important to them. Right now, Reece is good to you so that means your existence is meaningful to him.”


    Nie Chuan pondered over it for a couple seconds before revealing a huge smile and directly lied down on Zhou Bin’s bed. 

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    That is to say, Reece recognized his efforts as a teammate? 

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    Is he one step closer to that guy ne NfdPGq


    “Lfs, lr atfgf jcs wbgf rbeq? Pa’r rb ogjugjca, ulnf wf j mbeqif rlqr.” Itbe Dlc kjr jirb offilcu j ilaaif tecugs.

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    “Ktfgf’r cb wbgf, P pera olclrtfv la.” 0JXUH3


    “Tbe olclrtfv jii atja? Cgf sbe j ybaabwifrr qla?” Itbe Dlc gfjmtfv tlr tjcv bnfg ab qgfrr bc Rlf Jtejc’r jyvbwfc jcv obecv la ab yf ecfzqfmafvis tjgv. “St, Ct Jtejc, sbe tjnf jyr?”


    “Really?” Nie Chuan happily rushed into the bathroom and lifted his shirt up in front of the mirror.  XzwR7W


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    Although it’s not as obvious as Reece or Carlo’s but it’s really abs! There’s really abs ah


    It seemed like following Reece to exercise at the gym recently has been effective! fh7Q0G


    “Ah Chuan, don’t smile foolishly in front of the mirror like that. It’s too tasteless.” Zhou Bin knew Nie Chuan like the back of his hand. If he farted, Zhou Bin would know. 


    “You’re the one who smiles foolishly in front of the mirror!” yltOeT


    His smile is a proud one ah


    “Remember to thank Reece.” 3dSkEz


    “I know, I’ll go talk to him now!”


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    It just so happened that two foreign exchange students in the same department as Nie Chuan had approached him to ask Reece to help solve some high-level math problems.  pKkLW3


    He put on a workout jacket and left to go to Reece’s apartment.


    But when he knocked on the door, he became nervous. Even though Reece brought soup for him, it didn’t mean that they were particularly close.  avXwEc


    “Who?” Reece’s emotionless voice with no undulations came. Nie Chuan couldn’t help but swallow. 

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    Before he could speak, Reece asked, “Is it Nie Chuan?” 1ZyOUN


    “You…… How did you know it was me?”


    The door opened. Wearing khaki-colored pajamas, the expression on Reece’s face appeared much softer than on the basketball court.  dLSUDA


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

    “The shadow under the door.”


    “How is that possible?” Nie Chuan didn’t think there was anything special about his shadow ah 0NgJoV


    “What’s the matter?”


    Reece asked as he walked into the kitchen and heated some milk in a mug for Nie Chuan. kcpmDh


    “Thanks for the soup you brought back for me,” Nie Chuan said with a smile. 


    “It was on the way, that’s all. Milk also has calcium but you don’t seem to like it.” ldLfSk


    Reece’s voice was indifferent but he responded to every word of Nie Chuan’s which made Nie Chuan feel very happy.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

    This is the step that must be taken for a good relationship between teammates ah! 794T2H


    “Because I always felt that milk was a little fishy.” 


   Reece chuckled, “You’re like a kid.” 5G8CcF


    Even though the curvature of his lip was very shallow, Nie Chuan’s line of sight unconsciously followed it. He knew why so many girls were infatuated with Reece. Not only was it because of his handsome appearance or his unique, cold temperament, it was also because he made people have the desire to see the real him.

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    When all the alienation and indifference on the exterior is taken away, just what sort of expression will he show?  A5rJ9f


    But in that moment Nie Chuan saw it.


    It was a kind of subtle gentleness that can only be understood from experience.  S ZpdO


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    “Why do you keep looking at me?” Reece sat down and looked towards Nie Chuan while propping up his chin. 


    That relaxed posture with a hint of teasing made Nie Chuan completely unable to respond.  hbi4uf




    “Because of what?” Reece’s posture didn’t change but his gaze that swept over seemed to hook Nie Chuan’s line of sight and his surroundings seemed to spin.  DgIx6k


    “Nothing! You just look more handsome than me, alright?”


    Rather than Reece smiling and teasing him, Nie Chuan would rather he showed his usual cold expression.  qX0RsJ


    “Ohhh—— this kind of compliment has no skill whatsoever but it can still let people feel good when they hear it.”


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    The curve of Reece’s lips became even more pronounced than before. Karlts


    “Well, I have two classmates who are about to take the midterms. Could you help look at how to solve these two problems?”


    Nie Chuan placed the paper with a copy of the questions in front of him.  tyWPr4


    Instead of raising his hand to pick it up, Reece asked another question, “How is your leg? Were there any more cramps?”

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    “No. That day should have just been a coincidence.” 0gvwal


    “Nothing is a coincidence. After athletes finish high intensity workouts, they usually have assistant coaches or special practitioners massage them to help relax their muscles.”


    “Oh, I’m not a professional athlete though.” 4aXYqh


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    “Lie down, I’ll help you press them. Starting tomorrow, we will gradually restore the intensity of your training.”


    Reece got up and walked into the bathroom without giving Nie Chuan any chance to refuse. BMKa58


    Ah? Reece is going to help massage him? 


    Just thinking about it, this is really god-level treatment ah 4McsvG


    Wait, doesn’t that mean tomorrow’s training will be hard? 


    Reece came out with a towel and frowned when he saw Nie Chuan still sitting foolishly on the sofa. “Why haven’t you lied down yet?” OaVeSu




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    Nie Chuan quickly turned over and laid down on the sofa.  N6C3dF


    Reece covered Nie Chuan’s calf with the warm towel. Nie Chuan felt the sofa beside him sink down – it was Reece sitting down beside him. When his palm completely covered his calves over the towel, the blood in Nie Chuan’s body seemed to rush from his head to his calves and he unconsciously kicked a little. 


    “What is it? Are you having another cramp?” Xwvt5u


    Reece leaned over towards Nie Chuan’s ear. When he spoke, his warm breath seemed to pass over Nie Chuan’s ear.

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    “No! No! I’m just a little nervous.” izaRDd


    “What are you nervous about?”


    Of course it’s because the person giving my leg a massage is Reece Reddington ah xMcgBA


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    “Well, this is the first time someone gave me a massage…… haha……” Nie Chuan really wanted to hold his head in both hands. 


    Reece’s fingers moved up from Nie Chuan’s ankle. His palms slipped in through the towel and came into contact with his calves. Nie Chuan didn’t know what kind of massage technique that was but he truly felt very comfortable.  4wzWmL


    Then he remembered Carlo’s joke in the restaurant and couldn’t help but chuckle. 


    “What are you laughing about?” 52EkKV


    “I was just thinking about what Carlo said……”


    Carlo’s joke probably shouldn’t be brought up in front of Reece ba bChpKw


    “What Carlo said wasn’t wrong.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

    “Ah?” AgeHf2


    “The lines of your calves are very beautiful.”


    “What? Are you following Carlo in playing around with me?” Nie Chuan turned around and looked at Reece.  Tk4cn7


    Then he noticed Reece’s expression, it was like a cold force that seemed to want to lock everything in sight. 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


    Nie Chuan unconsciously wanted to retract his leg only for the other to grip his ankle harder. ZCYIUj


    Reece’s eyes drooped down, his fingers making a slight sliding motion on Nie Chuan’s ankle. “Starting from here, the lines become long and smooth.”


    Reece’s fingers then reached under the towel covering his calves and slowly moved upwards. uX 9Qi


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

    “The line of your muscles here give off a strong sense of strength. It makes people can’t help but wonder, how high can you jump? How fast can you instantly accelerate?”


    Nie Chuan didn’t know why but he didn’t dare look at Reece’s expression again. 0Nf7Mt


    Reece’s palm finally rested on Nie Chuan’s calves. As his hand moved upwards, the image in Nie Chuan’s head became particularly indescribable.


    Until Reece’s fingers touched the back of Nie Chuan’s knees, “And then here. When you suddenly stop, how well can you control your inertia?” M7AIQk


    Nie Chuan felt as if he was being suffocated by Reece. 


    “The towel is cold.” Reece took the towel off Nie Chuan’s calf. At that moment when the air and his skin came into contact, the cold brought about from the moisture’s evaporation caused Nie Chuan to shrink his leg back.  G8OdCu


    “Next time, remember not to walk at night in such revealing shorts.”


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    “Ah?” Nie Chuan didn’t understand his meaning.  X1xOdL


    Reece’s eyebrow rose, a hint of playfulness in his smile, “Because it will make bad people’s thoughts run wild.”


———————– vKentd

Re: Reece… care to share those thoughts? (¬_¬) 


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MadMadamMims: dying! These two are killing me 🥰


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