Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh89.2 - Moving


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The Giant Tiger Tribe had taken over the Green Hill Tribe last winter. The Green Hill Tribe was located in a place with abundant resources, and they had planned to live there for a year before moving on the next winter. DmNMK9

Preparing for the upcoming winter was very troublesome. They needed a very large amount of food for winter… Hu Tian liked to attack tribes just before the start of winter so that they could steal their food, kill their people, and occupy their territory. That way, the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe wouldn’t have to do too much preparation themselves and would still be able to pass the winter well.

Even if they didn’t have enough food in winter… They could have those slaves of theirs hunt to feed them in the new territory that was full of prey.

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Hu Tian had originally marked the Big Bear Tribe as their next target, but he had become rather hesitant after everything that had happened over there before.

However, such a long time had gone by and there had been no movement from the Big Bear Tribe. This made him a little eager and ready to wreak havoc once again. MdtQAv

If the Big Bear Tribe was very powerful, they should have retaliated after losing some of their people to him and having such bad blood between them. However, the Big Bear Tribe hadn’t done so.

That meant that this Big Bear Tribe… was probably not actually that powerful.

Hu Tian thought for a moment and sent out people to the Big Bear Tribe to investigate once again.

While Hu Tian was sending people out to investigate the Big Bear Tribe, the Big Bear Tribe was busy helping Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji move into their new place.

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The people of the tribe had long known about Zhou Ji’s desire to move out and were all very puzzled about it.

Their valley was so good and so safe! It was a wonderful place that their previous priest had helped them find, but Zhou Ji actually wanted to move out…

What if a very strong dinosaur suddenly showed up, what would they do?

Of course, Zhou Ji was the Beast God’s messenger. Perhaps he wasn’t afraid of dinosaurs? qkUREL

In fact, even Zhu Zhan was very confused about Zhou Ji’s desire to move out.

In his opinion, the Big Bear Tribe’s valley was really good. It was easy to defend, hard to attack, and couldn’t be any safer.

Living outside… What was so good about that?

However, Zhu Zhan was actually quite happy that Xiong Ye was willing to move outside. J7uFbQ

He had volunteered to join the Big Bear Tribe and was now a member of the tribe. However, because the number of caves in the Big Bear Tribe was limited, he and his men had all been crowding together in the same cave.

They were all big men, and there wasn’t even enough room for them to spread out and sleep. If it weren’t for the fact that a few of his subordinates had found female partners amongst the tribe, they probably wouldn’t be able to lie down to sleep at night!

He had wanted to have his own cave for a long time, but it was very slow and troublesome to make a new cave. Since Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye were about to move out, the priest had said he could have the cave they no longer needed for him to live in.

Zhu Zhan now completely longed for that cave! 7QXSsn

Early that morning, Zhu Zhan went to look for Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, I’ll help you move!”

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“Alright!” Xiong Ye agreed. He and Zhou Ji had many things they needed to move. It was great that Zhu Zhan was willing to help them move to their new place.

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Things used for cooking as well as all sorts of jars and containers were placed in the outer area. Many of these were things he had never seen before. Zhu Zhan sniffed around and smelled a lot of things that he had eaten before and enjoyed, as well as various different types of seasoning.

These things that seemed very precious to him, which he would fight against Xiong Ye to obtain, were all left around here very casually. There was even a jar of chili peppers almost bigger than his head! N3TBC

They could make a very delicious hot pot with just a few chili peppers, but Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had such a large jar of dried chilis. Wasn’t that enough for them to eat for several months?!

There was also honey and sugar that smelled really sweet.

Xiong Ye spent most of his time with them… Were these things all obtained by Zhou Ji?

Zhu Zhan’s expression was complicated as he looked at Zhou Ji. 4zhwJ7

Zhou Ji was really mysterious….

Of course, the thing that made him sigh with emotion was still the cave itself.

After entering the cave, Zhu Zhan discovered that this cave was far better than he had expected!

The inner part of the cave was divided into two rooms. One of them was covered by an animal hide, and should be the place where they slept. It only took a glance for him to see that it should be a very comfortable nest; the other room was used for storage of some random things. qS4Baz

These so-called random things were all items that he wanted but didn’t actually have. For example, there were all kinds of different pottery, many of which were newly made.

Zhu Zhan noticed a big open-mouthed pot right away. It had just been fired, and when he had first seen it back then, he had been very curious about what it would be for.

Zhu Zhan picked up the item and studied it carefully before asking Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, what is this for? Is it used to hold water?”

One of Zhu Zhan’s subordinates spoke up, “This thing looks pretty good. If one of these things is placed in the cave, people can drink water from it directly.” 8dtmJq

“……” Xiong Ye looked at them speechlessly, “This is a chamber pot… Zhou Ji said that it’s used like a toilet… Cough!” Zhou Ji said that it was too annoying to go outside and use the toilet at night, so he had made a chamber pot like this…

Zhu Zhan immediately put down the chamber pot in his hands in embarrassment.

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The priest rushed forth and picked up the chamber pot, “This is a good item! I’m going to find someone to make me one as well!” He was old now, and it was really very troublesome to go to the toilet outside at night. If he had a chamber pot like this, things would be much more convenient.

The priest looked at it in detail, planning to go back and have one made. XY8ab

“There’s a lot of things to move. Let’s hurry!” Xiong Ye stated. He picked up two chairs, then climbed down from the cave, running towards his new home.

Zhu Zhan and the others saw this and picked up a few things, following suit one after the other. Even the priest was no exception––he took the chamber pot with him and slowly made his way down.

Zhu Zhan felt that the cave that Xiong Ye lived in was already very good, but after he saw Zhou Ji’s and Xiong Ye’s new home, he immediately realized that that was not the case.

He had come to see Zhou Ji’s and Xiong Ye’s new home before, but the house he arrived at was completely different from the one he had seen before. a2oX i

Not only did the outside look much better, there were decorations placed inside that pleased the eye.

Everyone entered from the middle room. As soon as they entered, they saw a small round table carved from a single piece of wood, and a few stumps that served as chairs. Further inside was the kitchen, and in this kitchen, there were two stoves made from clay, with pottery pots placed on top. Next to the stoves was a stone shelf where some of the jars and containers that had been moved earlier were already placed.

Additionally, Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji’s bedroom was quite good. The bedroom was connected to a smaller room that was supposedly used for bathing, and from there, another room could be seen that led to an even smaller room that served some unknown purpose. A small round stool was placed there.

No, it didn’t seem to be a small round stool. A821d5

Zhu Zhan was curious again. When he discovered that the stool had a cover, he reached out to open it––the stool turned out to actually be a wooden bucket with a lid.

“Is this room used to store food? Is this wooden bucket used to store barley?” Zhu Zhan asked.

“……” Xiong Ye once again felt quite helpless. “That is a toilet.”

Zhu Zhan: “……” He immediately realized what this wooden bucket was for. w 2hbL

When the people of the Big Bear Tribe learned that excrement could make plants grow better, they began to collect their waste, along with the waste from the dinosaurs they were raising.

Now that Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had placed such a thing in their own home… It seemed that they didn’t intend to waste even the smallest amount of excrement!

While Zhu Zhan was coming to a realization about Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye’s ‘stinginess’, the priest also opened up the toilet and took a look, “This is great. I want one in my room too! It’s so convenient!”

He spoke while studying it in increasing detail. lk9u1

Zhu Zhan was speechless towards the priest’s attitude!

Zhou Ji was very calm as he let the priest look around as he liked. He even added, “Everyone is helping a lot with today’s move. If you all are open to it, you can all eat here with us later.”

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Regardless of whether it was Zhu Zhan or the priest, their eyes all lit up.

Zhou Ji’s food was really delicious, but it was really difficult for them to have a chance to eat it! beFHCA

Now that Zhou Ji was willing to cook for them… These people worked so hard that they soon finished moving all of Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye’s things to their new home.

There were some things in the cave, like the stone pots, that Zhou Ji no longer wanted, but he still wanted most of the things from the cave.

It hadn’t been easy for him to save up so many things at home.

Zhou Ji even went so far as to dismantle the bed that he and Xiong Ye had slept in to move it to their new home. mBzDiv

This was something he and Xiong Ye had slept in before, and he didn’t want anyone else to sleep there.

So, after everything was moved, Zhou Ji told Xiong Ye to bring Zhu Zhan with him and clean up the yard outside.

He was planning to plant things in the yard in the future. Since that was the case, the soil naturally needed to be ploughed, and the roots left over from the trees that had been cut down also needed to be dug out.

Moving things hadn’t been that hard, but the task they had to do now really taxed their physical strength… However, Zhu Zhan and the others felt full of strength when they thought about how they would soon be able to eat food that Zhou Ji had cooked. 8VybqA

At this time, the priest was leading Xiong Mao and Xiong Bai to help clean up the interior of the house as well as start up a fire for Zhou Ji.

Of course, the priest wasn’t very serious about his task. He followed behind Zhou Ji and asked endlessly, “Zhou Ji, what kind of food do you plan to make?”

Zhou Ji: “Fried wheat pancake.”

What Zhou Ji intended to make was something that his grandmother had often made for him to eat as a child. His grandmother called it a wheat oil pancake, so he also used this name. Nux6Ke

His grandmother generally made the fried wheat pancakes like so: place a few spoonfuls of flour into a bowl and add an egg, then put in a bit of water, salt, and chopped onions before stirring it all evenly to make a paste. After turning on the fire, she would brush a layer of oil on the pan before pouring the batter in.

This batter could be spread by shaking the pan, or smoothed out with a spoon. After one side was cooked, it was flipped over with a spatula, and when the other side was done, it could be considered finished.

Generally, if it was made well, it would no longer be in a whole piece. However, this didn’t affect the eating experience, and it would actually taste very good.

Zhou Ji had really liked this kind of food back then. And since it was so easy to make, he had remembered how to do it. CjSZvq

Currently, he didn’t have any eggs or onions, so he wouldn’t add any egg and would instead use a different type of vegetable––in fact, it was fine not to add onions. He happened to have a type of aromatic vegetable on hand that should be very tasty when chopped up and added in.

Zhou Ji soon made a lot of fried wheat pancakes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Of course, he couldn’t feed only pancakes to everyone… He stir fried some smoked meat with chili peppers and boiled a pot of pickled vegetable soup, then made another two vegetable dishes.

Although Zhou Ji made a lot of food, there were a lot of people over today… In order to avoid not having enough for everyone to eat, Zhou Ji simply made hot pot. 594BOy

It was impossible for so many people to sit around the table and eat, so Zhou Ji placed everything on the floor of the dining room.

Nobody had any objections to this. When everyone who had been busy all day came over to eat, they even felt kind of like they had accomplished something with their efforts.

This food was really too tasty!

In particular, Xiong Bai immediately began to lament after eating a bite of the fried wheat pancakes. “I felt that the toasted barley was very tasty and already finished off my entire portion of barley!” W7NtGk

“That’s alright.” Zhou Ji said. “Even if you had kept your barley, you wouldn’t be able to make this.”

Xiong Bai: “……”

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