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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh109 - Beastman Continent


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

It was apparent that Zhu Zhan knew the woman. As soon as his voice sounded, the one-eyed woman shifted to become a very large wolf. otqUzj

However, even though she was much bigger than a normal wolf, she was still much smaller than Xiong Ye.

In his previous life, Zhou Ji had once seen a scene on TV where a huge brown bear was surrounded by wolves. Although the brown bear was injured, it was still able to find opportunities to keep on fighting and even managed to break a wolf’s back…

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Wolves definitely weren’t a bear’s opponent in a one-on-one fight, but wolves were good at running, and their endurance was good. It was definitely not a problem for them to escape if they weren’t willing to fight against a brown bear.

That was if the wolf hadn’t encountered a Xiong Ye who had gone all out with his running speed. R0Vah2

One-Eyed Wolf wanted to escape, but she hadn’t gone far before she was caught by the tail and dragged back by Xiong Ye. At the same time, Xiong Qi and the others had already called out to each other and surrounded One-Eyed Wolf’s subordinates.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe originally hadn’t been interested in fighting against other tribesmen, but they had changed ever since Xiong Ye had led them to take down the Giant Tiger Tribe.

They were now very proactive about fighting, their gazes eager as they watched One-Eyed Wolf’s subordinates.

Xiong Ye had grown stronger from fighting. It might be the same for them, too!


It was just that Xiong Ye had ordered them not to take the initiative to fight others…

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All sixteen of One-Eyed Wolf’s subordinates were low level Beast Warriors, and if they were to really start fighting, it wasn’t a big deal for them to take down a small group of a hundred or so people. Out of all the people Xiong Qi had brought over, only Xiong Qi’s strength was comparable. The others wouldn’t be able to beat them at all.

However, Zhu Zhan and his group were also with Xiong Qi.

Zhu Zhan was a medium level Beast Warrior, and all of Zhu Zhan’s subordinates were low level Beast Warriors! VHFfuE

One-Eyed Wolf’s expression was dark.

They had randomly come across a group of people today and had wanted to rob them of their things, but unexpectedly they had kicked a steel plate. Especially since… some people from amongst them recognized Zhu Zhan.

The young chief of the Giant Pig Tribe was a powerful medium level Beast Warrior, and wasn’t someone they could handle.

These people faced off against each other. In a situation where Xiong Qi and the others had only surrounded them and hadn’t made a move, they didn’t dare to make a move either. dBDMe9

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“One-Eyed Wolf, I never thought that you’d still be alive.” Zhu Zhan exclaimed.

One-Eyed Wolf sneered, “This old lady is lucky and tenacious. As long as that slut isn’t dead, I won’t die either!” Ru4dmt

Zhou Ji’s gaze had shifted to this woman after Xiong Ye brought her back.

One-Eyed Wolf was a woman. She was missing an eye, the eye socket sunken, her hair was a mess, and her skin both coarse and dark. She truly wasn’t very attractive, but her figure was quite good, and she was very fit; the people in this place all had good bodies because they needed to hunt and run around so much. Both men and women had good figures, and One-Eyed Wolf’s figure couldn’t be considered outstanding in comparison.

Zhou Ji was just thinking about that when a huge bear suddenly moved in front of him, blocking his line of sight.

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Zhou Ji found the situation rather amusing as he reached out to stroke Xiong Ye’s hard-as-steel, needle-like fur. DjG1lY

He didn’t go out to speak with One-Eyed Wolf directly. Instead, he asked Zhu Zhan, “Zhu Zhan, you know her?”

“Yes. She’s the renowned One-Eyed Wolf.” Zhu Zhan said, “She’s from the Wolf Fang Tribe, and her animal form is that of a gray wolf. She was very powerful even from a young age and was very good at fighting… Unfortunately, something happened later on. It seemed that the Wolf Fang Tribe blinded one of her eyes and caused the death of her child, so she turned her back on the Wolf Fang Tribe. The Wolf Fang Tribe was always hunting her down, and I heard that she later came over to this side. I thought that it was just a rumour, but unexpectedly it was actually true.”

“You also came over from the Beastman Continent?” One-Eyed Wolf heard Zhu Zhan’s words and glanced over.

“I’m Zhu Zhan from the Giant Pig Tribe.” Zhu Zhan said. xo18Ja

“So it turns out that you’re Zhu Zhan, the stupid fool who can’t even protect his own woman’s child.” One-Eyed Wolf sneered.

“What did you say?!” Zhu Zhan’s expression changed.

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“I said, you’re a stupid fool who can’t even protect your woman’s child, haha!” One-Eyed Wolf laughed.

Zhu Zhan’s expression instantly grew even worse. Seeing the situation, Zhou Ji spoke up, “Xiong Qi, tie these people up then slowly interrogate them after.” qkDx9g

After having Xiong Qi tie everyone up, Zhou Ji had Xiong Qi lead the others from the Big Bear Tribe to leave, only leaving Zhu Zhan and his group behind.

There were probably many things Zhu Zhan and the others wanted to ask… When he thought of this, Zhou Ji called over one of Zhu Zhan’s subordinates to ask more about One-Eyed Wolf.

This woman had really been very unfortunate.

She was very powerful, had a very outstanding mate from a young age, and also had a few children. OlJKmZ

Yet for some unknown reason, her mate actually got together with the daughter of a high level Beast Warrior from the Wolf Fang Tribe. One-Eyed Wolf, who had only been a low level Beast Warrior at the time, not only ended up blinded in one eye, but had also lost all her children.

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After that, she defected from the Wolf Fang Tribe and continuously made trouble for her enemies. Not only did she kill off several of her ex-mate’s brothers, she also killed the younger brother of the person who had stolen her mate away from her.

Her actions naturally stirred up everyone’s anger. The Wolf Fang Tribe began to hunt her down. At the time, she had already become a medium level Beast Warrior, but the other side had high level Beast Warriors that she couldn’t beat. Later on, there was no more news… Although there were rumors saying she had gone into the wild forest, most people believed that she was dead.

“How could her mate do that to her?” Xiong Ye was shocked. lHnGtP

“Is there anything that can’t be done for the sake of benefits? …By the time we came over here, her mate had already become the tribal chief of their tribe.” Zhu Zhan’s subordinate said, “Most of the people of the Wolf Fang Tribe’s animal forms are wolves. They aren’t considered very powerful and can’t be compared to our Giant Pig Tribe, but they’re still pretty good.”

One-Eyed Wolf had constantly been sneaking glances at him while Zhu Zhan’s subordinate was speaking. On the other side, one of One-Eyed Wolf’s subordinates had also been telling Zhu Zhan about all the recent events taking place over on the Beastman Continent.

After One-Eyed Wolf had come to the wild forest, she had stayed near the river and picked up many of the people who had also come over from the Beastman Continent. These subordinates of hers were people that she had just picked up to join her.

It had been less than a month since this subordinate had arrived at the wild forest, so they had some recent news from the Beastman Continent, which included information about Zhu Zhan. rHJ0dO

After Zhu Zhan had been sent over by ship while wounded and unconscious, Zhu Zhan’s woman Zhu Zhu had been extremely unhappy, to the point where she had harmed a few of Zhu Zhan’s younger brothers. Later on, the chief of the Giant Pig Tribe had driven her and her children out of the Giant Pig Tribe.

All of this had happened before winter.

The person in front of them didn’t know how Zhu Zhu and her children were doing now, but it was impossible for a woman with a few children to be living well without a tribe, let alone during the winter.

“Zhu Zhu is a medium level Beast Warrior. She’ll be alright…” Zhu Zhan’s expression was ugly, but he still tried to comfort himself this way. bGVqYl

One-Eyed Wolf laughed loudly, “What does a medium level Beast Warrior amount to? She has a vendetta against the Giant Pig Tribe, and they’ll kill her off sooner or later.”

“No, Zhu Zhu is also from the tribe!” Zhu Zhan said.

“Aren’t you also someone from the tribe? Didn’t you almost get killed, too?” One-Eyed Wolf sneered.

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Zhu Zhan roared and charged off into the woods. hibIra

Zhu Zhan’s men tried to catch up but soon gave up––they couldn’t keep up anyway.

After Zhu Zhan ran off, One-Eyed Wolf’s gaze fell on Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji, who was half hidden behind his body.

Zhou Ji could tell that she was calculating how to escape and might even be trying to figure out how to take him hostage or something… so Zhou Ji said to Xiong Ye, “She keeps staring at me.”

Xiong Ye immediately started glaring at One-Eyed Wolf. Zhou Ji went on, “The way she looks at me doesn’t seem quite right…” kySA4a

“Don’t be afraid.” Xiong Ye comforted Zhou Ji, then went over to One-Eyed Wolf and yanked on her arm…

One-Eyed Wolf’s face paled, and Zhou Ji raised his eyebrows––Xiong Ye had dislocated One-Eyed Wolf’s shoulder.

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He hadn’t expected that Xiong Ye would think of this. At the same time, One-Eyed Wolf’s ability to remain silent also filled him with admiration.

However, he still didn’t feel any goodwill towards this woman. LBZkia

If it hadn’t been for the fact that they were too powerful, they would most likely have been robbed by this woman!

If he wasn’t wrong, this woman didn’t intend to kill anyone, but she had definitely wanted to rob them.

“Zhou Ji, she won’t be able to hurt you anymore.” Xiong Ye said, “As for how to deal with these people… Let Zhu Zhan deal with them.”

“Alright.” Zhou Ji agreed. B5DXOU

Xiong Ye kissed Zhou Ji on the lips, “Let’s make something to eat.”

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Zhou Ji nodded.

Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had always been very intimate. The two of them didn’t feel that anything was strange when they did this, and the people from the Big Bear Tribe also felt that it was normal, so this left only One-Eyed Wolf feeling stunned.

The two men that she had been interested in before were actually in this kind of relationship?! iF2Ejl

Juurensha: Ugh, One-Eyed Wolf’s backstory is pretty brutal….
xiin: XY’s coldblooded shoulder dislocation was unexpected..


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