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Reborn into A Slash GameCh58 - Let Him Go, or I Kill Him?


The Holy Light faded, gradually exposing the two people within it.

The people that surrounded them stared in disbelief. The demon who was severely injured actually recovered instantaneously. What kind of terrifying healing ability is this?! Even the Celestials’ Priest of God didn’t have such ability! vEcfGB

In a split second, all of their gazes locked on to Suo Fei.

This elf unexpectedly had such a powerful healing ability!

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Grantlyn, who was standing at a distance, narrowed his eyes, an indistinguishable emotion flashing within them. Meanwhile, the man who had seriously injured Samael stared at Suo Fei with an unfathomable expression.

Suo Fei didn’t pay attention to any of these. Instead, he was gulping in big lungfuls of air, feeling that he would suffocate to death if he didn’t do so. d0aRXv

When he previously saved Eugene, he merely consumed all his strength. This time, however, he most probably consumed his strength past his limits. His head was befuddled and his body had not even the slightest bit of strength remaining. If he wasn’t in a perilous situation, he would have passed out long ago.

At the moment, he was merely relying on his willpower to force himself to remain conscious.

The ultimate gong-kun who had recovered from the brink of death completely went berserk. He held Suo Fei on one hand while his other hand gripped the Asura Blade. He was the embodiment of an Asura, reaping the lives of everyone he came across.

Wherever the sword went, the defenses were as weak as paper, allowing the sword to effortlessly pierce through them. The Asura Blade darted like the tongue of a viper, spilling blood and claiming lives.


The Transmogrifier had been snatched and the demon had terrifying strength. Hence, the formation of the black-robed men was thrown in complete disarray.

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They were unable to use the Transmogrifier to suppress the red dragon. At the same time, they had to deal with Samael’s deranged carnage. Facing the attack of both of them, they wouldn’t be able to last for a long time despite having the aid of the Shadow Shifter.

Their losses were too great yet they were unable to obtain what they wanted. Grantlyn’s eyes sparked with fury. How could he be willing to retreat this way!

The unfamiliar man who inflicted heavy injuries on Samael surveyed the situation, his eyes narrowing as he spoke, “Grantlyn, teleport my guards over.” cdjp0X

Grantlyn was slightly startled and looked up at him. Shortly after, he lowered his eyes and began activating the Shadow Shifter.

During this time, the unfamiliar man entered the battle. He held an extremely unusual dagger. Its blade was silver-white while its tip was sharply hooked, resembling a tooth of a beast. This kind of dagger could easily slash someone’s throat and take their life.

The manner he held the dagger was also extremely unusual. He didn’t seem to be holding it, instead, he was so familiar with it that the sword seemed to be an extension of his hand.

He blocked the Asura Blade’s attack and rescued a black-robed man. PI8Nyp

Samael’s speed was extremely fast, his explosive force was extremely powerful and his strength was extremely outstanding. His superiority was particularly obvious when he was facing the black-robed men. Thus, even if he fought using only one hand, it would still be as easy as cutting cabbages.

However, when the unfamiliar man joined the battle, Samael didn’t have an overwhelming advantage any longer. The man was equally matched with Samael, whether it be his speed or skills.

At this moment, Samael was still holding Suo Fei, so he was obviously at a disadvantage.

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Suo Fei was slowly recovering some of his strength. Samael had indeed recovered all of his strength, but there was only a slight chance of winning against the unfamiliar man if Samael were to continue protecting him. hHeAF

This won’t do. He couldn’t be a burden to Samael. If he continued encumbering Samael this way, he would only give the stranger a chance to attack Samael. By then, Samael could only wait for his impending death. Suo Fei wasn’t sure whether he could heal Samael once more at that time.

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He was still stuck onto Samael’s body. Even though he was in such a chaotic and dangerous situation, he still felt at ease as he leaned onto Samael. This person’s warmth… This person’s heartbeat… This person’s scent… Everything about him gave him the power to live. lHxQ47

I must live. I must.

He leaned close to Samael and softly uttered, “I’ve slightly recovered. In a while, I’ll jump on to the little cub and break out of the enclosure.”

Samael paused with a rare hesitation. He knew what Suo Fei was worried about. In the current situation, this was the best plan for them to fight back. The man in front of him was extremely strong. If he insisted on protecting Suo Fei while fighting the man, the chances of being defeated was high. On the other hand, if he was able to fight with all his might, he would definitely be able to kill the enemy.

He understood this clearly but he still didn’t want to let go. There had always been an unpredictable sense of danger hanging over his head, leaving him uneasy. 2BO8Zj

The unfamiliar man was as strong as him. Although he had the aid of a divine artifact, the Asura Blade, the unfamiliar man’s dagger was also not ordinary. Most importantly, this unfamiliar man was experienced and had all sorts of unique skills. If he carelessly fought with the enemy, he might not be able to protect Suo Fe. As such, it would be better to break out of the encirclement and deliver Suo Fei to where the red dragon was.

After coming up with a plan, Samael still didn’t have the slightest intention of letting go of Suo Fei but, at the same time, he also ceased fighting.

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Samael turned a blind eye to the unfamiliar man’s provocation. With his current strength, not meeting force with force but only looking for an opening to reach the red dragon was not difficult.

Although he wouldn’t be able to attack with the red dragon from two sides, it would at least ensure Suo Fei’s safety. jCAvu

Victory was only a matter of time. They need not act impetuously.

Naturally, the unfamiliar man saw his actions. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes and the corner of his eyes hooked up into a sneer. He attacked using more strength as he ridiculed, “Unable to defeat me so you want to escape?”

Samael was unmoved. He dodged the attack. His gaze was calm as it remained locked on to a certain spot, gathering momentum to spring into action.

Seeing Samael acting this way, the unfamiliar man was somewhat anxious in his heart but it didn’t show on his face. He turned to look at his Grantlyn and his heart regained its calm. TmfGlM

In a flash, seven figures surrounded Samael. All of them held daggers. Their speed was so fast that they could not be seen by the naked eye.

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Suo Fei was startled. This is Stealth! There are actually so many S-tier assassins that could use Stealth!

The target of their attacks was the same, charging straight towards Samael’s chest, their accuracies not lacking in the slightest.

The speed of S-tier assassins was top-notch, but they could not inflict any harm to Samael. The discrepancy in their strength was too great. Samael blocked all of the attacks with his Asura Blade and reflected it back. 8T1wkS

However, this was not the end. When Samael was blocking the blows with all his strength, the unfamiliar man suddenly appeared at his side, his dagger directly stabbing towards Samael’s left arm.

That was the arm that was holding Suo Fei. At this time, the unfamiliar man’s intentions were already especially obvious.

He wanted to take Suo Fei away!

Samael could either let go of the elf or bear the brunt of the attack. If he took on the attack, his arm would likely be impaired. SlrzjG

The corner of the unfamiliar man’s mouth turned up into a smile. Demon, what would you choose?

It all happened in a flash. Although Samael had high agility, he simply couldn’t think of a third possibility in this situation.

He could release Suo Fei so that his arms would not be harmed, but Suo Fei would be taken away.

If he didn’t let go, it’s extremely probable that his arm would be crippled by the sharp dagger, but he would at least still be able to protect Suo Fei with his other hand. o8NGg0

In fact, this simply wasn’t a multiple-choice question for Samael.

He wouldn’t let go. He couldn’t let go.

Looking at the dagger that was about to pierce Samael’s arm, the Suo Fei who had been silent all this while suddenly exerted himself to pull Samael’s arm away and blocked the attack with his own body.

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The dagger’s speed didn’t diminish as it penetrated Suo Fei’s back. 81LtCf

A burst of pain came through Suo Fei and cold sweat instantly ran out of his forehead.

However, the unfamiliar man didn’t stop there. He held the dagger and asked with a slight smile, “You let him go, or I kill him?”

Samael let go.

The unfamiliar man smiled victoriously. He took Suo Fei and loudly shouted, “Grantlyn!” SDH4wA

However, at the next moment, his voice came to a sudden halt.

Samael disregarded the oncoming attacks of the seven S-tier assassins and pierced the Asura Blade into the unfamiliar man’s chest.

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He had never seen such dark eyes before. It was like the depths of hell. The purple hue had been obscured by a jet-black colour. At that moment, he recalled the Demon God in the legends.

This was the last thought that crossed the mind of Linde, the Demon King, before he lost consciousness. EXG1W

However, he had succeeded so even if he died, the elf had already fallen into his hands and the Shadow Shifter had been activated. Thus, they were teleported back to the demon’s territory.

Suo Fei was awakened by a sharp pain in his back which made him nearly scream in pain. He didn’t feel much pain when he had been stabbed. Now, however, it seemed like someone poured some kind of liquid onto his wound. The pain which was as if someone sprinkled salt onto his wound made him feel disoriented.

He vaguely heard someone say, “Hold him down, don’t let him rupture the wound.”

The completely unfamiliar voice wasn’t enough to make him sober. His body was devoid of strength, but he couldn’t help but tremble due to the extreme pain. Sdwk8C

He didn’t know how long it lasted when the severe pain finally subsided and Suo Fei fell unconscious.

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When he woke up, his back was only slightly itchy. The unbearable pain had disappeared. Suo Fei was still befuddled. He opened his eyes and was greeted by a thoroughly unfamiliar sight.

It was a big and luxurious bedroom. Purple curtains draped atop the bed, like layers upon layers of smoke, enshrouding the place with mystery.

Suo Fei was struggling to prop himself into a sitting position with his arms when he heard a familiar voice, “Be careful of the wound.” mgrY0b

The sound was familiar, but it was a sound he detested.

He turned his head and, sure enough, it was Grantlyn.

He stared at Grantlyn with unconcealed loathing and resentment.

Grantlyn acted as if he didn’t see it. Although he was still stone-faced, he carefully placed a pillow behind Suo Fei so that he wouldn’t strain himself so much. aN4OoP

Grantlyn’s action didn’t make Suo Fei’s expression look any better. On the contrary, it was filled with even more loathing.

Still being a hypocrite and pretending to be compassionate? In this situation, what are you still acting for?!

Grantlyn left and came back after a while, holding a cup in his hand which he handed to Suo Fei, “Drink it so that you can recover faster.”

Suo Fei remained still. YTe21Z

Grantlyn frowned slightly before finally placing the cup on the small table at the side of his bed.

He sat down, looked at Suo Fei and gently spoke, “Fey, I’ll tell you what you’ve always wanted to know, is that okay?”

The author has something to say:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Suo Fei: //loudly sobbing// Stepmother! You actually threw me into the enemy camp! t3OIjS

Mom: Be well-behaved, son. Your husband will immediately come to pick you up. Restrain yourself a little.

Suo Fei: Husband, your a**! It should be wife!

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