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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 21

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Ji Qingzhou looked closely at the night view of the campus. He shook his head.


“Are the costumes different?”


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“It’s the same.”


“Then why are they separated?” Chu Cheng didn’t understand, “Can’t they finish filming at once?”


“I’m not a director, I don’t know.”


d Vv5a

“Didn’t you ask?”

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Ji Qingzhou shook his head. He looked at Chu Cheng and told the truth, “I’m a newcomer. I’m not famous and I play a supporting role. It must be how the director arranges me to do it. I’m also embarrassed to bother the director for this kind of thing, right? “

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Chu Cheng thought what he said was also reasonable. Although he did not know the entertainment circle so well, the truth was the same. No matter which circle, the newcomers were at the bottom of the food chain, and because they were at the bottom , they were not qualified to talk to the top. Even if it was very difficult to talk with the upper class, they could not make too many requests- Too many requests would only make people feel like the person was troublesome, even if those requests were reasonable.


“You’re right.” Chu Cheng said.


Ji Qingzhou reassured him, “It’s only one month anyway, and it will be over, so don’t pay too much attention.”


Chu Cheng didn’t speak, he put away his phone.


Ji Qingzhou unbuckled his seat belt. “Then I’ll go.”



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“Bye-bye.” Ji Qingzhou closed the car and waved to him from outside the window before leaving.


Chu Cheng watched him leave, thinking about the schedule, he felt like something was a little wrong, he wanted to think, he turned the steering wheel around the car, ready to return to the hotel.


As soon as Ji Qingzhou returned to the production team, he heard the deputy director calling him. He walked over and the deputy director asked him, “Where have you been?”

“I have a friend who came to visit me. I went out for a meal with him.”

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“Look at the time.” The deputy director pointed to the watch in his hand. “You clearly know that your scene needs to be shot tonight. Is the cast your house? You can come as you want and leave as you want . “ XbNtok


Ji Qingzhou was a little confused. “I talked to the director, and isn’t the scene at 12 o’clock? It’s only 11: 30.”


“You still have reasons!” The deputy director sneered, “You are not famous yet your temper is not small.” ACaPiI


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Ji Qingzhou thought he was a little strange. He said hello to the director before leaving and came back before shooting. He didn’t delay anything. Why was he so against him?


He didn’t think he was wrong, so he didn’t speak. Only that when he didn’t speak, his temperament was somewhat chilly. From the perspective of the deputy director, he was somewhat arrogant. ekyUx8


The deputy director himself was angry with Ji Qingzhou because Zhou Chengfeng talked to him impolitely. Seeing him not talking at the moment, he became more and more displeased with him. No minding that the workers were present, he began to scold him in public.


Xiao Qian hurried forward and asked the deputy director not to worry about it. After coaxing him for a long time, the deputy director was silenced and he walked away angrily. mrw9qc


Xiao Qian watched the deputy director leave and went to pull Ji Qingzhou. “Brother Ji, let’s get back to the car first. It’s windy and cold here.”


Ji Qingzhou knew that he was afraid of him being embarrassed at the moment, so he suggested returning to the nanny van to wait, but the nanny van was still some distance away from the filming site. Who knew if the deputy director would use this story again later. ZI5SEl


“Nothing,” he said, “Let’s just wait here.”


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As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a hissing sound. Ji Qingzhou turned and saw Chen Jiyuan’s assistant. The assistant saw him and did not panic. He just said, “Hey, isn’t this Brother Ji? Back? You see, you shouldn’t have made the deputy director so angry. Why? “He said, smiled mockingly and left. cl6mIt


Xiao Qian bit his lip and whispered, “Dog fights man.”


Ji Qingzhou was puzzled. “Xiao Qian, have I offended Chen Jiyuan?” d7bc29


“No.” Xiao Qian looked at him. “Brother Ji, why do you ask that?”

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“Yatfgklrf, kts kbeiv tlr jrrlrajca vb atlr? P tjnfc’a fnfc rjlv j kbgv ab tlr jrrlrajca. Lf kbc’a tjaf wf obg cb gfjrbc. Ktf bcis fzqijcjalbc lr atja Jtfc Alsejc tjafr wf, yea P tjnfc’a rlccfv jujlcra tlw . Snfc lc atf qgfnlber qtbab-fvlalcu, tf wjilmlberis wjvf qfbqif vfojwf ws boolmlji qbrafg. P vlvc’a jguef klat tlw. Qts rtbeiv tf? “ QcMvlS


“That’s true.” Xiao Qian also didn’t understand, “Why are these people so troublesome?”


Ji Qingzhou felt the same way. Why were these people so troublesome and couldn’t they focus on making a good movie? What was the use of the whole thing? RD53Yo


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However, he wanted to make a good movie, but some people obviously didn’t want to, such as Chen Jiyuan.


Chen Jiyuan didn’t expect that he would condescend to act in an online drama and meet such a newcomer. He didn’t like Ji Qingzhou at the first sight, not only because Ji Qingzhou looked better than him, but also because Ji Qingzhou looked somewhat like Luo Yu. Few people knew that Chen Jiyuan and Luo Yu did not have much in common. Luo Yu was much more popular than he was. However, if Chen Jiyuan was asked who was the most annoying person after he had been in the industry for so long, Chen Jiyuan would definitely vote for Luo Yu without hesitation. wAdSJ5


When he looked at Ji Qingzhou, he thought of Luo Yu and the past that made him angry. So he didn’t like Ji Qingzhou. He said hello to the editor, and asked him to change the makeup and shooting time of Ji Qingzhou . He tossed and turned Ji Qingzhou, looking at the helpless and unwilling feelings that appeared on the similar face of Luo Yu several times. His heart was very carefree and proud.


There were always some people who were cowardly but selfish. They couldn’t compare themselves with the strong ones, so they chose to take offense at others and harass innocent people who didn’t know anything about them, just because they saw the shadow of the other in them. QI6iul


Chen Jiyuan was one of them.


Ji Qingzhou sat down on his rest chair. Soon Chu Cheng sent him a message: I’m at the hotel. jX fqG


Ji Qingzhou replied to him: “Then you have a good rest.”


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“Haven’t you started filming yet?” Chu Cheng asked him. UBsTR8


Ji Qingzhou made a speech: Mm-hmm.


Chu Cheng looked at his watch. “It’s almost 12 o’clock.” Jd Ges


“It’s okay,” Ji Qingzhou felt that according to the deputy director’s attitude towards him today, he might have to wait until later. “I’ll go to bed after I finish filming. You go to bed first.”

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“Then I’ll see you later tomorrow, so you can sleep a little more while waiting.” pteDFW


“OK.” Ji Qingzhou looked at him and felt a little better.


The Deputy director made him unhappy, and Chen Jiyuan also made him unhappy, but fortunately, there was a Chu Cheng who made him very happy. DYhsmd


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Are you going to sleep?” He asked Chu cheng, “If you want to sleep, I’ll say good night to you.”


“Don’t worry,” Chu Cheng said, his voice was very light, with a shallow smile, “Aren’t you still waiting for your scene? I’ll accompany you, and when you go to film, I’ll sleep. “ 1UX4Kx


Ji Qingzhou listened to his whispers and felt his ears burning.


He looked at his cell phone and thought of the sentence again. Then he smiled gently and gave Chu Cheng a kiss. rCfa9e


Chu Cheng quickly gave him a kiss back. He was in a good mood.


It was almost 12: 30 when Yu Anyi saw Chu Cheng’s message on Wechat. She dialed Chu Cheng’s telephone directly and asked him, “What’s the matter, did you miss me in the middle of the night?” dZ9wou


“You didn’t sleep?” Chu Cheng saw her delayed reply, he thought she was asleep.


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“No, just watching a video, so I didn’t notice. Why?” nuSV9m


“I’ll send you a shooting schedule. Look at it. I don’t know much about your industry, but I think the timing is a bit unreasonable. Please help me look at it.”


He said, forwarding the filming schedule sent by Ji Qingzhou. n9DBiG


Yu Anyi opened it up and looked at it on a larger scale. “Hum,” she said, “You actually sent me your boyfriend’s shooting schedule! You haven’t even seen mine!”

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“How can you two be the same?” CExGMQ


Yu Anyi angrily said, “Have you visited his set? You have never visited mine!”


“Big miss, you saying this, isn’t your conscience hurting? When you first started out, didn’t I accompany your brother to see you?” aewTil


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“You also said that it was to accompany my brother. You never visited my set alone!”


“But you’re not as lively.” XkMo4E


“Eccentric!” Yu Anyi replied.


Chu Cheng also did not deny, “It’s normal for me to be biased. If I’m biased towards you, it won’t be normal. Come on, don’t make any noise. Help me to have a look.” oEP6XR


Yu Anyi looked at it intently and soon saw the problem. “Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to be popular with the cast.”


“How?” Chu Cheng’s spirit instantly rose. cykOS


Yu Anyi looked at the shooting schedule on her mobile phone. “Look, these night scenes are all night scenes on the campus, and all of them are his monologues. It’s not good for him to finish the shooting at one time, and the results have to be taken three times separately. He took the night scenes of other people after these three times, that is to say, the scene is still the scene, and there will be no extra venue cost for the shooting of the crew. It is to specially toss Ji Qinghzou and let him shoot the content that could have been finished in one shot in three days, which means that he cannot sleep well for these three days.”


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Chu Cheng nodded, that was also his suspicion before. iFsfd


“There are …” Yu Anyi continued.


“And?” GRvi0x


“Of course there is,” Yu Anyi said in a clear voice. “Look at the top of this. The makeup time of Ji Qingzhou  is the earliest, 6:00 in the morning, but his makeup time is very late, 9 : 00 in the morning. He is a boy and he is filming a school drama. Why does his make up take so long? “

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Chu Cheng looked at the time on his mobile phone. “It’s true.” U5Vqrc


“You see,” Yu Anyi seriously explained to him, “Zhou Ling is the female lead. She starts her makeup at 8 o’clock. It’s about the same with hair and makeup. How can Ji Qingzhou take more time than her? He is a supporting actor and a boy, Why does he have to go so early? How long will it take? He isn’t acting as the male lead, is it necessary? It can only be that someone is trying to punish him, deliberately letting him go early and wait. “


Yu Anyi said darkly, “I thought no one had played this childish trick for a long time. Chen Jiyuan is really a talented person. He hasn’t graduated from kindergarten.” 5UpcD3


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“What does it have to do with Chen Jiyuan?” Chucheng didn’t quite understand, “Who is that?”


Yu Anyi smiled. “I’m happy now. You don’t care much about your boyfriend. You don’t even know Chen Jiyuan. Alas, I feel much more comfortable.” b7UwKC


“So who is Chen Jiyuan?” Chu Cheng looked at the announcement, “The male lead of this cast?”


“Yes.” b7iHuV


“He had conflicts with Ji Qingzhou before?”


“I don’t know, but I know that Chen Jiyuan is a famous person who doesn’t allow supporting actors to outshine him. He likes to find people who are not as good as himself and are not as famous as him. If the producer chooses people who are better than him, then he has to make the other party look worse than him in various ways, from clothes, makeup, hairstyle and so on. Luckily, this is a school idol drama and he can’t go too far . If it’s a costume drama, maybe it would be a messy wig. Either the wig is tightly attached to the scalp or it is straight and black, with an inappropriate makeup, a red and green robe, making the color value drop directly to the lowest dimension in the universe, it’s miserable to think about it. “ mSaHk0


“Did you know that Ji Qingzhou was on the hot search list on weibo?” Yu Anyi asked him.


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“Your brother told me.” 3Uiy0R


“You didn’t go to see it.”


“It’s not like you don’t know that I don’t use Weibo.” UvamRf


“So you didn’t see the official poster of Ji Qingzhou?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“What happened to his poster?” Chu Cheng was curious. 6cjdvt


Yu Anyi logged on to Weibo, found the official announcement and sent it to Chu Cheng.


Chu Cheng was instantly stunned, “Who is that?!” WtnqlV


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Your little darling.” Yu Anyi laughed.


Chu Cheng was speechless. “How the hell is that like my little baby? My little baby is so handsome. Who is this b*tch?” 46Y5zp


Chu Cheng felt a blow in his heart, and even felt that he didn’t want to be a fan anymore.


Yu Anyi burst out laughing. “This is the official publicity post of the cast. The bottom is full of praise for Ji Qingzhou and Chen Jiyuan. Later, it should be Ji Qingzhou who changed it. He captured several photos and specially made a short video and posted it. This helped him to reverse the criticism. Otherwise, everyone would really think he was not good-looking. You know, ” Yu Anyi said in a very experienced tone,” everyone follows the trend and if a lot of people say that he is not good-looking. then, even if he is good-looking, everyone else will still choose silence in order not to be isolated. Finally, you can only hear the evaluation of not being good-looking. This is a professional term in news communication, called the spiral of silence. “ tgwMu8


“You also know the spiral of silence. Who told you that, you didn’t study journalism.”


“Why do you care? All you need to know is that Chen Jiyuan certainly doesn’t like Ji Qingzhou. Ji Qingzhou looks like this. When the drama is broadcasted, you’re not blind. You must think that he is more handsome than Chen Jiyuan. In addition, his character seems to be pretty good. Is Chen Jiyuan willing? He must have been disturbed.” ZHmlfb


“I know.” Chu Cheng said.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What do you know? I haven’t finished speaking.” VzvYmD


“What else do you want to say?” Chu Cheng was curious. “Didn’t you come to the final conclusion?”


“This is both overt and covert.” bMdRyX



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Yu Anyi smiled and asked him, “Don’t you think Ji Qingzhou looks like a person?” IfGVkL


Chu Cheng really didn’t think, “Who does he look like?”


“Do you know Luo Yu?” 4tny5K


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Who is that?” Chu Cheng was doubtful.


“He’s a popular actor now, Fang Yaoxuan. You know, it’s Fang Yaoxuan from the Fang family. He and Luo Yu debuted at the same time. They are friends.” DFcd4C


Chu Cheng nodded, Fang Yaoxuan he knew, of course, more than know, Fang Yaoxuan also always wanted to give him a green hat!


“What do you want to say?” Chu Cheng asked. ydgOQu


Yu Anyi sighed, “Although Chen Jiyuan likes to suppress supporting roles, he was also suppressed before. It didn’t make sense, so I wanted to think about it, it may be related to Luo Yu . You are not an insider who knows, of course, some people in the circle don’t know, but I do know that Luo Yu and Chen Jiyuan had friction. I don’t know exactly why. However, if the friction between them was more serious, Chen Jiyuan is not a generous person. Ji Qingzhou walked in front of him with such a face every day, don’t you think he would be angry? “


Chu Cheng didn’t expect such a background. He was angry and smiled, “He has conflict with Luo Yu. He should go find Luo Yu. What does it have to do with Ji Qingzhou? Body double game! “ FS4uqd


“I just told you what I know, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with this.”


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“Well, you can sleep. It’s been a hard night for you. I’ll invite you to dinner another day.” PZigDk


“Please do it alone?” Yu Anyi said excitedly, “Just us?”


“What do you think? I’ll take Qingzhou, and you take your brother.” 8stXLW


“What’s the point of that?” Yu Anyi’s excitement instantly faded. “There are two light bulbs in this area.”

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“Two, you and your brother.” Chu Cheng replied. 0t9Rgc


Yu Anyi snorted, “I’ll go to sleep, bye!”


“Go ahead, Miss. Good night.” ufsZBQ


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’ll have good night if you don’t annoy me.” Yu Anyi finished, she was about to hang up the phone, but soon remembered something.


“What? Aren’t you going to sleep?” Chu Cheng wondered. AlMiX8


“Are you going to stand up for Ji Qingzhou?” Yu Anyi said excitedly, “What are you going to do?”

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