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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 22

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“That’s not what you have to worry about. Alright, go to sleep.”


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“Then I am waiting for your latest news.” Yu Anyi said that, then hung up the phone again, very much looking forward to the “a page of love poems” cast changes.

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Chu Cheng looked at the shooting announcement on his mobile phone and only felt that this circle was really troublesome. Ji Qingzhou was shooting his first drama and had done nothing, yet he was somehow bullied. If he hadn’t read the schedule twice and felt that there was something wrong, he wouldn’t have asked Yu Anyi , and the matter would have gone away. What could Ji Qingzhou do? As a new person, he could only bear it.


Chu Cheng thought of it and decided to have a good chat with Zhou Chengfeng. That was how he took care of his artist? He had told Ji Qingzhou not to be bullied. Ji Qingzhou was  tossed around for so long and he didn’t even mention it! Sure enough, his cheap son, in the end, still had to rely on him, the golden backer. Other people really couldn’t rely on him at all.



Chu Cheng looked at several names on the shooting schedule, and finally his eyes fell on the producer Li Fei. He looked at his mobile phone. Sure enough, he found Li Fei’s phone number. Chu Cheng dialed it, quietly waiting for him to answer.

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It was almost 2 o’clock after Ji Qingzhou finished filming. The deputy director was determined to harass him and let him NG several times. Although the director was confused, he was too lazy to argue with the deputy director for Ji Qingzhou. He simply handed over the filming of this scene to him and went back to rest early.


Ji Qingzhou hadn’t finished filming. Some of the crew members had to wait. Although they had seen that the deputy director intended to do it on purpose, they pointed their spears at Ji Qingzhou, feeling like he had delayed them.


When the deputy director had finally caused enough trouble, he called for the end of the work. Ji Qingzhou and Xiao Qian were about to leave when they heard the complaints from the equipment packing staff. Xiao Qian looked back at them. Ji Qingzhou saw them and advised him, “Forget it, it’s not necessary.”


“It’s not your problem, obviously it’s the deputy director’s intention to target you.” Xiao Qiao whispered.


Ji Qingzhou smiled and asked him, “But what can you do?”


Xiao Qian opened his mouth and found that he really couldn’t do anything. If he was targeted by other people, he could bypass them, but he was being targeted by the deputy director, Ji Qingzhou as an actor, what could he do?


Ji Qingzhou saw that he was speechless and patted him on the shoulder. He whispered, “One has to bow under the eaves. How can an actor win the director’s rights? It will take one month anyway. After filming, we’re done.”

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When Xiao Qian heard this, he sighed. He didn’t have the heart to tell him about the announcement. He just helped him get his clothes and walked to the hotel with him.


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At two o’clock in the morning, Ji Qingzhou was also a little tired. He simply had a shower, he would have to go to makeup at six o’clock in the morning, he said good night to Chu Cheng, and went straight to sleep .


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Meng Sheng was sleeping when he was woken up abruptly. He said weakly, “Who is it?”


“It’s me, did you get a phone call from Jiang Nan? I remember he seemed to want to buy the film and television copyright of the book before. Is that him?”


Although Meng Sheng was woken up from his sleep, his mind was not confused and he quickly remembered, “Yes, it was him, but the price was too low. I didn’t sell it. What’s the matter?”


“Give me his phone number, I want to take care of something.”

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“What is it?” Meng Sheng was curious.


“Private affairs, I’m hanging up. Remember to send me his contact information.”


Meng Sheng was helpless. When he was in college, he accidentally met Chu Cheng. He was a senior and Chu Cheng was a freshman. At that time, Meng Sheng’s first impression of Chu Cheng was- a living Gao Fushuai Waiting until later, he and several friends saw that his favorite website was going to close down. out of love, they planned to buy the site from the then operator and re-operate it. However, all the operation plans were written, but there was no money .


At the critical moment, Meng Sheng found Chu Cheng. Chu Cheng was not very old at that time, but his vision was not narrow. The popularity of computers heralded the advent of the Internet era. Online writing would become hot cake sooner or later. Chu Cheng asked Meng Sheng to draw up a detailed plan again. After reading it, he made some slight adjustments and paid for the website. This website was the initial core of the New Culture Communication Group. They earned the first bucket of gold in the digital age by relying on this website and developed businesses such as entity publishing, IP adaptation and peripheral sales by relying on the traffic of the website.


No matter whether it was Li Fei or Nan Jiang, as long as they were in charge of IP adaptation projects, they would not be able to bypass the new culture, which was the overlord of the online and publishing world. Therefore, Chu Cheng had some impression on these people who he had had a business exchange with. The only difference was that some of them had the contact information of the other, while he did not have much responsibility, so he only knew there was such a person and did not know the contact information of the other.


Meng Sheng sent Jiang Nan’s cell phone number, and also dropped in his WeChat business card, before falling asleep again.

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Chu Cheng dialled the number. Soon after that, he got through and the other person spoke vaguely, “Who? It’s so late. Call tomorrow.”


Chu Cheng said, “It’s me, Chu Cheng.”


After getting up at 5: 30 in the morning, Ji Qingzhou was just about to wash his face when his cell phone rang. He picked it up and looked at it. It was a strange number. Ji Qingzhou didn’t answer it, but the other insisted and kept calling.


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He picked up his cell phone and accepted the call, “Hello”.


He listened to the person, “Is this Xiao Ji?”


Ji Qingzhou was a little surprised. “You are?”


“I am Jiang Nan, the producer of” A Page of Love Poems. “

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Ji Qingzhou looked at his mobile phone and was puzzled. “What can I do for you?”


“Well,” Jiang Nan laughed, “You see, I didn’t go to the cast these days. I also didn’t know that this group of people actually took advantage of my absence, messing around, isn’t that nonsense? Xiao Ji, don’t take it to heart either. I have already talked with the director and deputy director. Your shooting and makeup time have been rearranged and new ones will be sent to you soon. It’s good to go to makeup at 8: 30. You boys make up quickly. You don’t have to go so early, sleep a little longer. It’s only in this way that you can be energetic. “


Ji Qingzhou felt as if he was hallucinating. “Mr. Jiang, can I ask why you know my phone number and how you know me?” Ji Qingzhou said, in his mind, he already knew the answer.


Sure enough, Jiang Nan soon gave him an answer. “Of course, Xiao Chu told me. Look at you, you didn’t mention in advance that you were the younger brother of Xiao Chu. If you had asked Xiao Chu to say hello to me when you joined the group, how could these things happen now? Xiao Ji, sometimes you can’t be too low-key in this circle. “


Ji Qingzhou: “OK”.


Under the trust of Chu Cheng, Jiang Nan set his alarm clock and called Ji Qingzhou at the same time. All that needed to be said was done, “You can continue to rest and call me if you need anything. “


“Thank you Brother Nan.” Ji Qingzhou replied.

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Jiang Nan said nothing and hung up the phone.


Ji Qingzhou slowly sat on the bed, thinking about what Jiang Nan said. Brother? Chu Cheng helped him? He wanted to make a phone call to Chu Cheng, but as he picked up the phone, he realized that it was only five o ‘clock , less than six o ‘clock, so he laid down again, waiting for Chu Cheng to wake up so he could ask him what was going on.


Before going back to sleep, Ji Qingzhou told Xiao Qian that the makeup time had been adjusted. Xiao Qian was surprised, “How did it suddenly adjust?”


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“I’ll talk to you when we meet.” After the reply, Ji Qingzhou put his mobile phone on the bedside table and laid down again.

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When going to make up at 8: 30, Ji Qingzhou obviously felt that the cast members looked at him differently. As usual, he walked into the makeup room where he and Liu Xu shared. Liu Xu was applying his makeup and saw that Ji Qingzhou was late. He got angry and said, “Hey, isn’t it Ji Qingzhou? It’s over eight o’clock, so you overslept.”


Zhao Xin also expressed some dissatisfaction and said, “You are too late. How can you make up on time now?”


Before Ji Qingzhou could speak, there was a clear female voice outside the door, “Brother Ji’s schedule has been changed, and it will be 8: 30 now.”

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Ji Qingzhou turned around and saw a girl with a ponytail and trousers coming in. After seeing him, she smiled and said in a light tone: “Good morning brother Ji, I will be your makeup artist. My name is lulu. Lily, who is in charge of your wardrobe, is helping the male lead. I will apply makeup for you first. “


“Lulu, what do you mean?” Zhao Xin said discontentedly, “Haven’t I always been in charge of Ji Qingzhou?”


“I don’t know. The team leader called me this morning and said that I would be responsible for Brother Ji’s makeup and hair. Sister Xin, if you have any questions, you can ask the team leader.”


Zhao Xin was puzzled, she called the team leader on the spot and asked, “Sister Ai, what’s going on? Am I not responsible for Ji Qingzhou? Why did it become Lulu?”


The makeup team leader, Zhang Ai, was applying make up the female lead. Hearing this, she waited and went out. “Didn’t you say before that I didn’t take care of you and that the person who gave you the supporting characters was not good? So I adjusted it, and later you will go to apply make up for Male lead No.2 and Lulu will be in charge of Xiao Ji’s make up. “


Zhao Xin didn’t believe this sentence at all. Who in their group didn’t know that Lulu has always been the leader’s favorite. Chen Jiyuan lost his temper and hot water almost scalded Lulu, so she directly changed Chen Jiyuan’s makeup artist. Now it was good to have Lulu apply makeup to Ji Qingzhou and take care of him. Zhao Xin didn’t believe it.


“Why suddenly change to Lulu? Wasn’t I doing well?”

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Chap 23 is so long so i cut it into 3 parts, that chap is the ultimate face slap, i cackled so much when i read it

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