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Perfect DestinyCh97 - Exposed


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

Pretty and Flirtatious Cheap Good Chen Liguo [7] zmJR3t

“I want to marry you.” This sentence was too familiar yet too unfamiliar. It was a pity that the person whom Chen Liguo wanted to hear this from the most was just a passing traveler.

Xie Anhe looked at the tears on Chen Liguo’s face and was somewhat at a loss. He said, “Qingqing, don’t cry.”

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Chen Liguo slowly wiped away his tears and said, “En, this one won’t cry.” He looked at Xie Anhe’s shoulder that had become wet from the snow and said, “Take your coat off.”

Xie Anhe hummed in response. m6x2eX

Before he arrived, Xie Anhe had a lot of things he wanted to say to Chen Liguo. However, when he saw Chen Liguo, he found that he didn’t want to say anything anymore and instead just wanted to hold him quietly. In this way they passed what should have been the most lively time of the year.

The heating was on and Chen Liguo huddled in Xie Anhe’s arms, a little drowsy.

Xie Anhe lowered his head and brushed Chen Liguo’s hair from his forehead, saying, “Qingqing, let’s do it.”

There was a bit of sleepiness in Chen Liguo’s eyes and he responded vaguely.


So the two of them did it. Chen Liguo panted softly on the soft bed, his eyes becoming slightly moist.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie Anhe laughed lowly and said, “Qingqing, how come you’re crying again?”

Chen Liguo glared at him. “Don’t talk……. Wu……..”

Xie Anhe lowered his head and kissed the tip of Chen Liguo’s slightly damp and cold nose. He said, “Alright, won’t talk.” jAvdCO

There was a faint sound of unforgettable music coming from the TV and this year passed by just like this.

The two people embraced each other and slept until over ten the next day.

When Chen Liguo got up his entire person was numb.

Xie Anhe made Chen Liguo breakfast and brought it to the bedside, his face full of smiles as he watched him eat. He said, “Qingqing, I have a gift for you.” n RvXP

Chen Liguo said, “What gift?” If you’re giving me nail polish again I’ll drive you out——

Xie Anhe really didn’t give Chen Liguo nail polish, but when he pulled a bright red backless dress out of his suitcase, Chen Liguo’s entire person’s facial expression distorted slightly.

However, he quickly adjusted his incorrect attitude and showed a happy look. “What a pretty dress ya——” As if.

Xie Anhe said, “Yeah, do you like it?” SR4hX8

Chen Liguo said with a smile, “Hahah, love it to death ne.” Spicy chicken Xie Anhe, you can humiliate my body but why must you distort my pure spirit.

Xie Anhe didn’t know that he was being scolded in Chen Liguo’s mind. He said, “Qingqing, I want to see you wear it.”

Chen Liguo took the skirt and wore a smile on his face as he looked at it. Then he said, “Anhe, I have a New Year’s wish.”

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Xie Anhe, “Say it, I’ll satisfy it for you.” ql56yR

Chen Liguo’s eyes were filled with joy. Then, he said to Xie Anhe, “Let’s wear it together.”

Xie Anhe: “……”

Chen Liguo said, “I saw a whole bunch more in your suitcase ye.”

Xie Anhe: “……” Vj5DAS

Chen Liguo lowered his head and his brows were full of melancholy. He said, “I’ve always liked to wear female clothes. Isn’t it strange? Do you dislike me?”

Chen Liguo used his ‘act cute’ skill and Xie Anhe fell into his trap. He lost 100 hp and was on the verge of death.

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Xie Anhe who was nearing death nodded in a daze.

The sorrow on Chen Liguo’s fact instantly turned into a weird crazy smile. He said, “…… Anhe, you will definitely look very good wearing dresses.” pB17sP

Xie Anhe: “……” Why can he see a hint of himself in Chen Liguo’s expression?

In short, the two people who wanted to mutually harm each other succeeded.

Chen Liguo even asked Xie Anhe to put it on first, saying that he can even help him apply some makeup and paint his nails red, didn’t he like red nails the most?

Xie Anhe prevented his expression from twisting with great difficulty. He said, “Qingqing, this isn’t necessary.” MbfcqR

Chen Liguo immediately said, “Could it be that you dislike me?”

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Xie Anhe: “……”

And then Chen Liguo went to grab some high heels and let Xie Anhe choose from them.

Xie Anhe’s entire person was about to go insane. He already wanted to say, ‘Qingqing, I really can’t endure this’, but before the words could come out, Chen Liguo looked at him with hidden bitterness. “Anhe, you can’t be unwilling can you? I just want to know if I’m strange.” vkdTz1

Xie Anhe: “……” What the hell can I still say.

In order to prove that he didn’t think that Chen Liguo was strange, Xie Anhe had to grit his teeth and put on the red dress.

Chen Liguo: “Ai, I didn’t think that this day will come for him as well.”

System: “My eyes hurt.” SDhY7r

Chen Liguo asked, “What about your shielding function?”

The system said, “It can only be used on the host.”

Chen Liguo immediately asked in terror when he heard this, “It can’t be that when I was watching those yellow films you were watching with me?”

The system coldly said, “That’s right ne.” cql Sb

Chen Liguo: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

The system said, “If I tell you, you won’t watch anymore?”

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Jtfc Olueb rjlv, “Po sbe abiv wf P kbeiv tjnf ubcf ab olcv j tfjnlfg bcf——Cl, oglfcv, tjnf sbe tfjgv bo ‘akb wfc bcf tbgrf’ yfobgf?”

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Vsrafw: “……” Aera ogbw tfjglcu atf cjwf la kjrc’a jcsatlcu ubbv. sK8CWp

C rabgw kjr lc atf wlvvif bo ygfklcu lcrlvf Jtfc Olueb’r wlcv, ktlif bc atf batfg rlvf Wlf Cctf olclrtfv qeaalcu bc atf vgfrr.

To be frank, Xie Anhe wasn’t really suited for women’s wear. His skeletal frame was larger than Chen Liguo’s and his eyes and brows were more masculine. Now that he was wearing a dress and high heels it certainly did look very strange.

However, Chen Liguo took a look at him and still shamefully became hard.

Chen Liguo: “My family’s darling is too beautiful.” 4NjtMa

System: “……” These two people are done for.

He walked up to Xie Anhe and gently asked, “Young lady, you need any help?”

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Xie Anhe was looking at his high heels with twisted brows and upon hearing Chen Liguo’s words, said, “My boyfriend is missing, can you help me out?”

Chen Liguo changed his expression into a vulgar smile and said, “Miss, what do you think of me?” xfYWKz

Xie Anhe was silent for two seconds but nevertheless continued to act in tandem with Chen Liguo and said, “Go away, or else I’ll scream.”

Chen Liguo threw himself over and said, “Miss, don’t scream alright? I really do want to play with you.”

Xie Anhe was pushed down onto the sofa by Chen Liguo and yelled, “Someone come save me!”

Chen Liguo said, “Hahahaha, scream, scream ah, even if you scream till your throat breaks no one will come save you.” P0Uhrx

And then he tore open Xie Anhe’s clothes and the two began to mess around.

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After a few rounds, Chen Liguo collapsed onto the sofa and Xie Anhe ferociously asked, “Mister, you still want to play?”

Chen Liguo eyes widened, “No more.”

Xie Anhe said, “No? That’s not what Mister was saying just earlier——” NIU jQ

Chen Liguo swallowed his saliva and showed a pitiful look. “Really don’t want to.” His waist was so sore.

Xie Anhe directly stood up and walked into the bedroom.

Chen Liguo thought that he was letting him go like this but as a result, he returned from the bedroom again with women’s clothing in his hand. “No? That wasn’t what you said in bed earlier.”

Chen Liguo: “……” As a matter of fact, he felt that looking at his darling wearing women’s clothes really was interesting but if placed onto himself, it wasn’t that wonderful anymore. isdyNQ

However, there was a gap between their physical strengths and Chen Liguo was seized immediately. The most terrible thing was that Xie Anhe had pulled out Chen Liguo’s fake silicone chest from who knows where.

Chen Liguo: “……” Didn’t he throw this under the bed??

Xie Anhe: “When I took off my shoes I accidentally looked under the bed…….”

Chen Liguo: “……” Not bad, this is very coincidental. GdZxq1

Xie Anhe brought the dress over and handed it to Chen Liguo, saying through gnashed teeth, “Don’t tell me that you didn’t plan on wearing it in the first place.”

Chen Liguo said, “Annoying ya, this one wouldn’t ne. This one loves wearing dresses the most. This one even gave the prettiest one to you to wear.” Ai……. Still have to wear it.

Xie Anhe said, “Is that so? Then I’ll watch you wear it.”

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Chen Liguo smiled and began to wear the fake chest and dress. dX0RiL

It had to be said that Xie Anhe’s insight was very good and the dresses he brought over were all very cute——The premise, however, was that Chen Liguo liked wearing skirts.

The two individuals who were mutually harming each other finally achieved their goal.

Chen Liguo put on the dress and stood up with wrinkled brows as he felt like everyone would know that there was something flowing down his legs……

Xie Anhe said, “Qingqing, you’re so good looking.” JP2TGf

Chen Liguo’s appearance was delicate and after putting on a dress, fake chest, wig, and applying some makeup, he became a slightly tall mixed blood beauty.

Chen Liguo had a fake smile pasted on his face. He said, “Then I’ll take it off, this fake chest is so heavy.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Just as he finished saying this Xie Anhe picked him up horizontally and threw him onto the bed.

Chen Liguo was stunned for a moment then said, “I can’t anymore——” edpLuV

Xie Anhe climbed over him. “There are seven days off for Chinese New Year!”

Chen Liguo: “……”

While doing it, Xie Anhe didn’t take Chen Liguo’s clothes off and instead just lifted it up.

Chen Liguo held the headboard with his hands and couldn’t even cry. Xie Anhe truly was an animal, how could his physical strength be so astonishing—— CZzS6g

The two wildly messed around for a full several days. In any case, Chen Liguo felt that if this was the binding of one’s soul and flesh then his soul could never free itself from his body in this lifetime.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

On the fourth, Xie Anhe said that he had something to do and had to leave.

Chen Liguo said ‘quickly beat it’, oh, that’s not right, it’s ‘take care’.

Xie Anhe said, “Qingqing, wait for me to come back.” atKjDN

Chen Liguo lazing hummed and watched Xie Anhe leave.

Liu Shasha also came back on the fourth. After returning she called Chen Liguo’s phone but no one answered. In a bit of a panic, she ran over to Chen Liguo’s house and was shocked as soon as she opened the door.

Chen Liguo was huddled up on the sofa eating oatmeal. Seeing Liu Shasha he said, “Shasha, how come you’re here?”

Liu Shasha gnashed her teeth, “You just spent your new year like this?” rgEKcU

She had just passed by the garbage can and saw that it was full of condoms.

Chen Liguo saw that Liu Shasha’s expression wasn’t good and promptly shifted the blame. “It was Xie Anhe who forced this one, this one wasn’t willing!”

Liu Shasha lightly said, “Is that so……”

Chen Liguo said, “It is, it is.” MXNcVa

Liu Shasha walked to Chen Liguo’s side. Just as she planned on sitting down she noticed that there were some traces on the couch as well. She was silent for a moment, turned and pulled over a small stool to sit on.

Liu Shasha: “Shadow Lantern is almost done filming right?”

Chen Liguo hummed an ‘en’. The main parts of the film have already been filmed and after the new year it’ll be more or less done after filming a few parts.

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Liu Shasha said, “En, this movie is pretty good.” Szp1xP

Seeing Liu Shasha’s wanting to speak but hesitant expression, Chen Liguo asked, “Shasha, what’s wrong?”

Liu Shasha sighed and said, “I’m fine. It’s just that I’m afraid you’ll sink too deep…… Xie Anhe……”

Chen Liguo knew what she wanted to say. She wanted to asked what if Xie Anhe was just playing around?

Chen Liguo said, “Shasha, don’t worry……. I have a sense of propriety.” iBnsQO

Liu Shasha lightly hummed an ‘en’ and no longer continued on this topic.

A new world, a new year, a new fuck buddy. Chen Liguo felt that his life had never been so beautiful.

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The cast and crew of Bridge of Darkness didn’t go back to celebrate the New Years and according to Xiao Jiu who often visited the set, Yang Wenya was a very hardworking girl.

Chen Liguo said, “Being hardworking is a good thing.” vH0ULE

Xiao Jiu, however, was unhappy. She said, “I’m afraid that Wenya is going too fast.”

Chen Liguo asked, “You don’t want her to be popular?”

Xiao Jiu said, “My mood is very complicated right now, you know that……”

Chen Liguo rubbed her head and said, “I understand you.” OkvGHZ

Xiao Jiu’s mood was obviously affected by her small worries about personal gains and losses. She both wished for Yang Wenya to become popular quickly but also felt a sort of regret that her treasure was being discovered by other people.

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Chen Liguo didn’t persuade her either. Yang Wenya would become popular sooner or later, it was only a matter of time.

After the New Year, the filming of Shadow Lantern continued.

The director was very optimistic about this movie. At the finalizing banquet, he toasted to Chen Liguo, saying that without him, he would not have this movie, that Chen Liguo and Xie Anhe were the souls of the movie. XUGM0

Chen Liguo smiled and said that he was too polite.

The director said, “It’s a pity that Anhe didn’t come today or I would toast to him as well.”

Chen Liguo’s smile was light as he said that he was probably too busy.

Shadow Lantern wasn’t a commercial movie nor did it need extensive publicity so after shooting, Chen Liguo could take a break for a period of time. FJmQNe

He also found some time to see Bridge of Darkness. Towards his arrival, Yang Wenya was as excited as ever.

“Sun ge.” Yang Wenya said. “It’s really been a trouble for you to come here and see me.”

Chen Liguo said, “How are your injuries?”

Yang Wenya said, “They’re all skin injuries and aren’t a problem.” In front of Chen Liguo she was just like a little girl who had no idea what to do with her hands and feet, her ears red through and through. FNaIAD

Chen Liguo watched her progress bar increase slowly and said, “En, then you continue on.”

Yang Wenya nodded and went back to the cast.

The matter of Sun Qingyi coming to check on Yang Wenya seemed a bit subtle in the eyes of the crew. After all, Yang Wenya was just an unknown little actor, what capabilities did she have to have the king of the silver screen Sun come to visit her?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Chen Liguo’s visit was intentional. He wanted to let others know that Yang Wenya had a supporter. Before bullying her, they had best think about it first. W1wcCv

Sure enough, after Chen Liguo came, many of the staff had a much better attitude towards Yang Wenya.

As soon as Chen Liguo returned home Liu Shasha’s phone call rang. Her voice was both sharp and severe. She said, “Sun Qingqing, hurry and come online and take a look!”

Chen Liguo was confused and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Liu Shasha said, “The picture of you in women’s clothes has been exposed online——” UsVnoS

Chen Liguo quickly turned on the computer. He opened up the internet then took a breath of cold air.

He found that many websites had published the picture of him in women’s clothes. In the photos, he was wearing a red skirt. Although his face was fuzzy, it could be seen from his outline that it was Sun Qingyi’s face.

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When was this picture taken? Where was it taken? Chen Liguo had no impression of it at all. It could be assumed that it had been taken before he had transmigrated over——At that time Sun Qingqing often ran around in women’s clothes.

At this moment Chen Liguo’s Weibo was full of comments questioning him. Some were scolding him for being disgusting and some were defending him, almost making a complete mess. oUNu98

Liu Shasha said, “Don’t worry, wait for me, I’ll come find you.”

Chen Liguo was a little helpless and turned off the computer.

Liu Shasha came over very quickly. Although it was very cold her forehead was full of sweat. Her first sentence when she saw Chen Liguo was, “When was that picture taken?”

Chen Liguo stuttered, “A long time…… ago.” FbvUrO

“It seems that someone wants to take care of you.” Liu Shasha asked, “Have you contacted Xie Anhe?”

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Chen Liguo asked, “…… Contact him for what?”

Liu Shasha stretched her hand and smacked down on Chen Liguo’s head. “Of course to have him help!”

Chen Liguo pursed his lips. r EPnz

Upon seeing Chen Liguo’s expression, Liu Shasha asked suspiciously, “Sun Qingqing, can it be that you don’t want Xie Anhe to help you?”

Chen Liguo said, “I, I don’t know how I should tell him.”

Liu Shasha said angrily, “Bring the phone, I’ll tell him for you!”

Seeing Chen Liguo’s mincing steps, Liu Shasha was so angry her teeth were about to be crushed. She said, “Sun Qingqing, do you know how serious this matter is?! If it’s taken as the truth, you will have to leave the entertainment circle!” No fan could accept an idol who cross-dressed, especially one with an image as transparent as Sun Qingyi’s. bu4teW

As the two were talking, Chen Liguo’s phone began to ring before Liu Shasha got to Xie Anhe’s phone number.

“It’s him!” Chen Liguo’s face was full of joy.

Liu Shasha said through gnashed teeth, “Pick up.”

So Chen Liguo accepted the phone call. 8 YrEH

Xie Anhe’s voice was a little weary. He said, “Hello, Qingqing.”

Chen Liguo said, “Anhe.”

Xie Anhe said, “I already know about the matter on the internet. You don’t have to worry, I will help you deal with it.”

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Chen Liguo was deeply moved. He thought, ‘You treat me so well, I have nothing that I can repay you with but this tattered body.’ iXRgbm

Xie Anhe said, “I’m still investigating who did it. Remember to not go out during this time.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Will you come visit me?”

Xie Anhe said, “I will——It’s just I’m busy right now, don’t worry.”

Chen Liguo sounded an ‘en’ and said, “I know, I’m not worried.” TlcZAz

Xie Anhe comforted Chen Liguo with a few sentences and then hung up.

Liu Shasha saw that the two had finished their conversation and quickly asked, “Qingqing, how is it?”

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Chen Liguo said, “He said that he will help me deal with it.”

Liu Shasha said, “Deal with it? Then he didn’t tell you how he’s going to deal with it?” DGdKhf

Chen Liguo shook his head.

Liu Shasha sighed and said, “Let’s wait——” This matter came out too suddenly. The people on top haven’t yet reacted. Crisis public relations and so on had to be done, else they would just be sitting and waiting for death.

The matter made a lot of noise and Chen Liguo’s lack of response gave the sunspots even more time to imagine.

Some people said that Sun Qingyi was originally gay and was just deceiving fans with that honest appearance. There were others that said that his private life was very messy and he frequently went to group sex parties. Nu pvz

In brief, true and false, all kinds of news were pouring out.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liu Shasha robbed Chen Liguo of his computer and drove him to the living room to watch TV.

Chen Liguo was a little helpless because no such situation happened in the original trajectory.

The matter of Sun Qingyi’s love of women’s clothes had been very well concealed until he quit the entertainment circle and was a secret that only few people knew. JLZ4Cb

Sun Qingyi had always been very low-key and friendly in the entertainment circle. He was one of the rare superstars who wasn’t self-important and if he had a secret it was probably only wearing women’s clothes.

Unfortunately, it was just this little bit that was sufficient to completely destroy him.

Chen Liguo, however, didn’t really care. Such abuse being hurled at them might be a huge pressure for other stars, but for him, it was a problem that could be solved by changing worlds.

By this time Liu Shasha had received news from the top and hurried out. Before leaving she told Chen Liguo, “Don’t go out, don’t go online, and leave your phone on——I will call you later.” WjZ71k

Chen Liguo’s phone had been constantly ringing off the hook. He had straightforwardly turned it off. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve.

“Qingqing.” Liu Shasha said, “You’ll get through this.”

Chen Liguo hummed an ‘en’ and said, “Shasha, thank you.”

Liu Shasha reached out and gave Chen Liguo a big hug and kissed him on the forehead. Then, she said, “Be brave, don’t be afraid, there’s still me here.” 8XwIbP

Chen Liguo said, “I’m fine. Go ahead.”

Only then did Liu Shasha go out. The only thing she worried about was Sun Qingqing’s psychological state. After being in the entertainment circle for so many years Liu Shasha saw too many stars be destroyed by pressure. She didn’t want to see Sun Qingqing walk to the worst point.

Liu Shasha didn’t let Chen Liguo go online but she didn’t expect that there were also entertainment programs on the TV.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Or perhaps it should be said that as long as it was an entertainment news group, they were all talking about this. 2Jy8si

Chen Liguo looked at it but it was just looking, there were no fluctuations in his heart——If words could torture people to death then he and the system would have died together in the name of love long ago.

Chen Liguo: “Let’s make up. I think that you’re still quite cute Tong-er.”

System: “Can I refuse?”

Chen Liguo said, “I want to watch yellow films.” qdRbck

System: “…… Oh, my beloved friend, what do you want to say ne?”

After Chen Liguo heard this he suddenly fell silent for three seconds and then said to the system, “I seriously thought about it, and feel that if I have to choose between yellow films and being friends with you, I will choose the former.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

System: “???”

Chen Liguo said, “Recently, I already have two good friends, ‘left hand’ and ‘right hand’.” Q2eFhq

System: “………….” Is it time for it to develop some new functions?

The Author Has Something to Say:

Nutrient fluid is obtained through the consecutive purchase of 30W V words of text or a whole V text. If have it, begging for irrigation. If you don’t, just leave it be la, there’s no need to purchase it just for nutrient solution hahahaha. I was dearly loved by many little angels yesterday. Today the mine list is a little long_(:з」∠)_ Thank you. Wipes snot.

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. Special thanks to dear Cha` and Cas’s deepwater torpedos. As well as dear Su Marie and ChaosWhoOpenSevenAperturesAndDied’s deep water bomb as well as dear Zimeng’s fifty mines. Thank you all!!! bTWh5L

Late notice, added November 13: I’ll be pinging about this on discord, but this week just caught be unprepared with…. every class deciding to have something major due this week (I barely scraped by the first two tests and two assignments so far), but I still got one more assignment and test that I haven’t started preparing for at all….. I’ll be canceling Saturday’s chapter. The next update will be Tuesday, November 19. Sorry about this guys :'(

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

掉血一百 — Lost 100 blood

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  2. I think they don’t need to care much for the scandal, after all, after the movie is released his current image will crumble anyway. His fanbase will probably change to “rotten” women, who wouldn’t care about his cross-dressing. That is if the author decides to keep the story a bit more on the realistic side.