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Perfect DestinyCh144 - Puzzle


Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi 9J1y2P

Illusory Reality [10]

For students who passed the exam, the summer vacation after third year should be the happiest time.

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The procedure for getting a driver’s license wasn’t very strict during this time and it only took Zhou Yi one week to get it.

Chen Liguo had doubts and asked him if he could drive. bVCBsI

Zhou Yi countered that he’d take Chen Liguo for a ride and then proceeded to carry him into the passenger seat.

Facts proved that Zhou Yi’s driving skills were truly pretty good. He was clearly an old driver with skills. Chen Liguo lamented that they finally changed their bike to a motorcycle and the motorcycle to a car.

Zhou Yi teased, “I’ve let you suffer.”

Chen Liguo harrumphed. He thought in his mind that he still liked the bike the most——That way he could openly hold Zhou Yi’s waist.


After the exam results came out both of them applied for the same university in their forms.

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In his old world Chen Liguo was originally a student of the journalism department at that time. Later, he luckily happened to be in the same campus as Zhou Yi’s finance department.

However, in this world Chen Liguo applied for the financial department with Zhou Yi.

The system said, “You really are a case of following whoever you marry.” zZtf64

Chen Liguo said with a bitter face, “It’s hard to find a job in the journalism department.”

The system said, “Can’t you become a reporter or an editor?”

Chen Liguo said, “Hai, don’t talk to me about it. After graduation I got a job in a newspaper office. But a few days later I was transferred to the entertainment sector.”

The system said, “The entertainment sector? Isn’t it quite interesting?” h2Qd8r

Chen Liguo said, “Interesting my ass ah. Their sector’s director was a forty year old gay man. I hadn’t even joined for a month and he wanted to do hidden rules with me.”

The system asked, “Then what did you do?”

Chen Liguo said, “I very happily and euphemistically warned him to wear a condom, saying that I just went to check for AIDS last month. Although it was fine it was still safer to wear it.”

System: “And then?” 39Dr2M

Chen Liguo said, “And then I was transferred from the entertainment sector to the agricultural sector and studied pig farming every day.”

The system actually wanted to laugh a bit.

After graduation there were many places that money needed to be spent on, so Chen Liguo didn’t dare quit before he found a new job. Thus Chen Liguo began his path towards agriculture and ran to the countryside every day, losing five to six catties a month.

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Later, Zhou Yi couldn’t continue watching on and introduced him to another job as an editor. Only then could Chen Liguo breathe a sigh of relief. gFwxsz

Chen Liguo thought that if he still couldn’t find a job after graduating in this world then he could simply go and sell insurance. Although the pressure was big the salary was pretty high.

Money was not everything but with money you could have many options.

Chen Liguo had always thought that it would take at least a month for him to get his passport after Zhou Yi applied for it. However, who would have thought that as soon as the form was completed Zhou Yi would say that the procedures were done and directly asked him where he wanted to go play.

Chen Liguo asked in surprise, “So quick?” RhUCNX

Zhou Yi said, “En, my parents helped a little.” Chinese-foreign exchanges weren’t as common right now and having a foreigner in a family was a rare thing.

Chen Liguo casually said, “Anywhere ah, I’m fine with any place.”

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Zhou Yi asked, “Are you sure?”

Chen Liguo confirmed, “I’m sure.” T7HdP3

Zhou Yi said, “Alright, I’ll plan our trip then.”

Zhou Yi’s plans always took care of every detail. This was Chen Liguo’s favorite part about him. He chewed on a gum and said, “Good good good, everything will be left to you. I’ll follow you.”

Zhou Yi reached out and patted his head. He said, “You wouldn’t even realize it if I sold you.”

Chen Liguo mumbled, “It’s not like I’m worth a lot of money.” hrkdaq

Chen Liguo getting into University A made his parents a little proud. Especially after his relatives on his mother’s side called to ask how Chen Liguo did after the exams——They all knew that Chen Liguo’s grades weren’t the greatest.

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His mother was a little bad too. She deliberately glossed over things and then asked how their kid did on the exam. The relative said that their child did pretty well and got more than 590. The first two questions were no problem at all. Then his mother said, “Aiyo, why is the score so bad ah? My family’s Guoguo got more than 690.”

The other party thought that they had heard wrong and repeated, “How much did Chen Liguo get on the exam?”

His mother said, “695, he’s just waiting for a notice from university A.” l32aCx

There was silence on the other end of the phone. A moment later there was a stringent, “Congratulations.”

His mother said, “Ai, this kid just works hard. Weren’t you all always worried that his grades were bad before? It seems like working hard in third year is quite useful.”

Chen Liguo knew that his parents didn’t have good relationships with their relatives but he didn’t think that it was so bad to this extent. There were almost no exchanges over the past years and even when they called to greet them there was malice hidden in their words.

His mother said, “This group of people just saw that our family’s circumstances are good and want a share. At the time when you were born our family’s circumstances weren’t good and I encountered difficulties with giving birth. Your father found them to borrow a thousand yuan but they weren’t willing.” KEoHB7

Chen Liguo understood clearly and in his heart he vaguely understood why he had become an orphan. After losing both his parents, if he as an orphan disappeared then those so-called relatives could evidently split the things more easily. Sometimes human nature could truly be extremely ugly and terrifying.

Zhou Yi was already done drawing up the plan for their trip abroad and said that they could visit his parents at that time.

Hearing his words, Chen Liguo felt a hint of ‘meeting the parents’.

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Itbe Tl rjlv, “Gbc’a kbggs, ws qjgfcar jgf nfgs ubbv afwqfgfv. Cma ubbv ktfc sbe wffa atfw, joafg jii, la’ii yf sbeg olgra alwf wffalcu atf lc-ijkr.” SldwHN

Chen Liguo said, “?”

Itbe Tl rjlv, “Tbe kjca ab wjggs wf lc klat pera atja rwjii ybvs bo sbegr?” Cr tf rjlv atlr tf gfjmtfv bea klat tlr tjcv jcv mbwqjgfv Jtfc Olueb’r tfluta ab tlr.

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This world’s Chen Liguo was actually a lot taller than how he was in his original world but he was still quite a bit shorter than Zhou Yi. Chen Liguo hatefully thought to himself, he must go and buy more shoes with heels this summer…… Zhou Yi was so good looking and so tall too. How could this man be so perfect? ap5VkY

The perfect Zhou Yi had perfect luck with peach blossoms.

Even when going to school to get his notice there were a few girls who blocked Zhou Yi and confessed.

After all, everyone would split up after the exam and if they still didn’t say what they thought in their hearts perhaps they would never have the chance to ever say it again.

So Chen Liguo watched on unfeelingly as girls surrounded Zhou Yi and lined up to confess. SNpJIL

Chen Liguo and several basketball team members stood not far away, feeling as if a countless amount of dog food was thrown at their faces..

One member said, “Chen Liguo, are you jealous of your Zhou Yi?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said coldly, “As if I’m jealous——”

The member said, “If you’re not jealous then loosen your hand a bit, I’m going to be damned choked to death by your hold.” Ds4xyz

Chen Liguo: “……. Oh.”

Chen Liguo was not jealous of Zhou Yi, he was jealous of those girls who could express their love to Zhou Yi. Of course, this was just what Chen Liguo thought to himself. Even if he really was a girl it was uncertain if he would have the courage to confess to Zhou Yi.

However, this trifle matter could not affect Chen Liguo’s good mood for going traveling with Zhou Yi.

After getting their notice they set out. iaMchV

Chen Liguo sat on the plane and looked at the endless sea of white clouds, drifting off to sleep. When they arrived at the destination he was called awake by Zhou Yi.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Guoguo, wake up.” Zhou Yi said. “We’ve arrived.”

Chen Liguo opened his eyes in a daze, his entire person still confused. Zhou Yi saw this and found it funny. He helped him unbuckle his seatbelt and led him out by the hand. Their movements were so natural it didn’t even attract anyone’s attention.

Outside the airport someone was already waiting for Zhou Yi. v40cwG

This person spoke the language of country F. Chen Liguo didn’t know much about it and could only understand a few words.

Zhou Yi’s expression was somewhat cold, completely different from his usual mild tempter. When they sat in the car, Chen Liguo whose hand was let go of felt a little lost.

The car traveled for more than an hour and the scenery constantly changed. Finally, they stopped next to a cluster of villas.

Zhou Yi said, “This house has a great view. There is a waterfall behind it.” DPg Ac

Chen Liguo listened to his massive understatement. After entering the house he found that the waterfall was actually a famous waterfall in the world and the villa was right next to it. Chen Liguo guessed the high price of this house was sure he wouldn’t be able to afford it even if he toiled all his life.

The villa was very big. Chen Liguo felt like he was walking in a maze when inside it. Zhou Yi gently explained that he didn’t need to worry about how big this place was, he would always be next to Chen Liguo.

Zhou Yi said, “If you don’t mind living with me, we will sleep together. If you mind you can sleep in the room next to mine.”

Chen Liguo said, “Then I might as well sleep in the room next door. I don’t sleep well, I’m afraid I will affect you.” 3xtoSY

Zhou Yi looked at Chen Liguo and said, “Alright.”

Zhou Yi brought Chen Liguo around the house and then said, “My parents have not yet come back, we might have dinner together at night.”

Chen Liguo nodded.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As the two spoke a woman’s voice sounded from around the corner of the room. The voice was a little sharp, making people who heard it feel uncomfortable. The woman said, “Zhou Yi, who did you bring back?” TFs VS

Chen Liguo turned his head and after seeing the owner of the voice his entire person froze——This person, he recognized them.

“Zhou Chun.” Zhou Yi’s voice was still light but Chen Liguo inexplicably heard a bit of coldness in it. Zhou Yi asked, “How come you are home?”

“Why can’t I be home?” The person whom Zhou Yi called Zhou Chun asked, “Who is this person?”

Zhou Yi said, “My classmate.” bZknd0

“Oh, your classmate ah.” Zhou Chun was very beautiful. She wore a luxurious dress and had long flaxen hair, much like a princess in a fairy tale. Only, the words she said were worlds apart from her sweet appearance. She said, “Don’t bring just any strange people home ah.

Zhou Yi ignored her and lightly said, “Guoguo, let’s go.”

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The two walked forward but Chen Liguo felt Zhou Chun’s gaze prick his back like a needle.

In fact, Chen Liguo’s mind was in a bit of a disorder. He had met Zhou Chun at that time. Only, Zhou Chun did not appear with the status of an older sister but as a fiancée——Hold on, it seemed that it was Zhou Chun herself who said that she was Zhou Yi’s fiancée. E7Wo1D

The more Chen Liguo thought about it the more confused he felt. He wanted to clear up his mind but his memories were somewhat fuzzy.

After Zhou Yi brought Chen Liguo away he told him, “Zhou Chun is my older sister from a different mother.”

However, Chen Liguo was thinking about other things. He said, “Zhou Yi, if you are going to get married what are your requirements of the marriage partner?”

Zhou Yi turned his head and glanced at Chen Liguo. He said, “Must be as cute as you.” CLZlvx

Chen Liguo laughed, “Then you probably can’t find anyone cuter than me.”

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Zhou Yi asked, “What’s the matter? The way Zhou Chun speaks is just like that.”

Chen Liguo said, “Zhou Yi…… Why didn’t you tell me before that you have an older sister?”

Zhou Yi said lightly, “If we didn’t come here and meet her I might have never told you I have an older sister.” uXm6HT

Chen Liguo asked, “Why?” He felt that Zhou Yi wasn’t such an extreme person.

But Zhou Yi said, “Because she isn’t qualified to be my older sister.”

Chen Liguo was shocked.

Zhou Yi saw that Chen Liguo was astonished and said, “Is it very surprising for me to say these kinds of words?” s VtAh

Chen Liguo nodded slowly.

Zhou Yi said, “This is my mother and father’s second marriage. After giving birth to me they had another one.”

Chen Liguo listened quietly.

Then Zhou Yi said, “Zhou Chun pushed my mother down the stairs. The child was lost and my mother almost died.” iZFhA0

Chen Liguo’s expression was even more dismayed.

Zhou Yi said coldly, “If it wasn’t for my father’s obstruction, how could Zhou Chun live to this day?”

Chen Liguo had always thought that Zhou Yi’s family was very happy. A person who was like the sun, if not for having a happy family, how could he have developed such a gentle and tolerant character?

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In his original world, even when he died he had thought that it was like this. However, this notion of his was easily broken in this world. Innumerable information rushed towards him crazily. Chen Liguo had indeed seen Zhou Chun in his original world. JCFbT3

The way they met was also very unpleasant.

Zhou Chun found Chen Liguo and the first thing she said had hit Chen Liguo painfully. She had questioned, “You like Zhou Yi?”

At that time Chen Liguo had never thought that someone would see through his thoughts and his expression became very flustered.

Then Zhou Chun said, “I am going to marry him, stay away from him.” 1OLjnG

Being hit with the news that Zhou Yi was going to get married and his hidden thoughts being unmasked made Chen Liguo’s entire person silly. He felt like a little clown who was exposed to have coveted the king. To say the word ‘like’ to Zhou Yi was blasphemous.

Zhou Chun said, “You don’t want to let him know that you like him. If he knows, he won’t blame you but he would stay away from you. What are you called? Chen Liguo? Move out of Zhou Yi’s house in three days and I won’t tell him.” Obviously the words she were saying were rude but Zhou Chun’s expression was so righteous. She looked at Chen Liguo as if she were looking at a bug.

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Chen Liguo smiled with difficulty, wishing he could drill a hole into the ground.

Zhou Chun said, “Choose, be friends with Zhou Yi or lose him forever. This is your choice.” XAdSsh

After being told this by Zhou Chun, Chen Liguo moved out of the place where he was staying with Zhou Yi in a panic.

Zhou Yi asked him why.

Chen Liguo found an excuse and said that it was inconvenient.

Zhou Yi seemed to be disappointed. He asked, “Chen Liguo, do you hate me?” NipVhC

How could Chen Liguo dare to look at Zhou Yi? He was afraid that if he looked at Zhou Yi any more his tears would fall. He said, “Zhou Yi, I am really happy to be your friend. It’s a problem with myself. I’m sorry.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo was a sorry figure when he came and when he left, he still cut a sorry figure.

Zhou Yi watched him leave. That stare made Chen Liguo’s back hurt. This story should have ended here.

However, now that Zhou Chun who was Zhou Yi’s fiancée suddenly turned out to be Zhou Yi’s sister. 5sr9DW

Chen Liguo’s mind was a lump of paste. He faintly gasped some clues.

Zhou Yi said, “How are you in a daze again——”

Only then did Chen Liguo come to.

Zhou Yi said, “Why do you like being dazed so much? What are you thinking about when dazed? Do you think of me?” 3MlJKc

Chen Liguo said, “I was thinking of what we are going to eat at night……”

Zhou Yi was somewhat helpless. He said, “It’s all what you like to eat.”

Zhou Yi’s parents returned at night.

Chen Liguo had met them in his original world. Zhou Yi’s mother and father were very gentle and elegant. Zhou Yi’s temperament was very similar to them. vKNB3P

Chen Liguo could see that the relationship between the couple was very good. The only disharmonious factor in the whole family was Zhou Chun.

When eating dinner Zhou Chun creaked and clanged the plates and chairs and picked on the servants.

Only, Zhou Yi’s father did not indulge in her. He coldly said to her, “Make noises again and you don’t need to eat anymore.”

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Only then did Zhou Chun cease her actions. GlcJIA

Zhou Yi’s mother’s expression was indifferent. She did not talk to Zhou Chun at all the entire time.

Only later did Chen Liguo learn that Zhou Yi’s family seldom got together and Zhou Chun rarely appeared in places where his mother was at. It was unknown what wrong medicine she took but she actually ran to Country F to live with them.

The meals were all Chinese dishes and it could be seen that all the ingredients were carefully selected.

Chen Liguo had transmigrated through a lot of worlds and could be counted as having eaten quite a few good things. Thus, while he couldn’t recognize the ingredients he could tell the quality. 0VS1HG

Zhou Yi asked him if he wanted to drink soup.

Chen Liguo was a little embarrassed and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

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“It’s fine.” Zhou Yi said. “I’ll do it.”

So Zhou Yi started helping him serve soup. IK Tb1

Zhou Yi’s mother said with a smile, “I never saw Yiyi bring a classmate back before and even worried if he played well with his friends at school.”

Chen Liguo said, “Auntie, you thought right. Zhou Yi is very popular at school. Many girls found him to confess ne.”

Zhou Yi’s mother laughed, “I just like children like you. Zhou Yi matured too early, I didn’t get the delight of being a mother at all.”

Zhou Yi said, “Mom, if I didn’t mature so early could my Dad and you live in a two person world for so long?” G2QiWr

Zhou Yi’s mother smiled even sweeter.

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It had to be said that it could be seen if a woman was living well from her appearance. Although Zhou Yi’s mother was nearing fifty she looked like a woman in her thirties. It was like the years had forgotten her.

But Chen Liguo was not envious because his mother was living very well too. His father loved his mother very much.

Zhou Chun finished eating and went upstairs with ‘thump thump thump’ sounds. KI 1BE

When Zhou Yi’s father went to the washroom, Zhou Yi’s mother said to him, “Her mood has been bad recently, pay a bit more attention.”

Zhou Yi said, “Okay.”

The mother and son duo seemed to have a tacit understanding between them on this matter.

Later, Zhou Yi told Chen Liguo that Zhou Chun hated this mother and son pair and had done a lot of intolerable things. pcsWLd

Finally, Zhou Yi even said, “I never recognized her as my sister.”

It was no wonder that he never introduced her to Chen Liguo. If not for them meeting this time then perhaps Chen Liguo would have never learned of Zhou Chun’s existence.

Travelling with a loved one is a happy thing——Given that the two stayed together. After all, many couples who traveled together broke up after returning. However, Chen Liguo didn’t have to worry so much. After all, he was still in the stage of secret love.

If they were dating then Zhou Yi would be a perfect boyfriend. He thought of everything and even took care of the luggage. c8XI0l

Chen Liguo did not have to think about anything from beginning to end and could just follow Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi said, “The pizza here is very famous.”

Chen Liguo said, “Eateateat.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Yi said, “The stage plays here are famous worldwide.” q1G2pf

Chen Liguo said, “Watchwatchwatch.”

Zhou Yi said, “Chen Liguo, how do I feel that you’ve become more foolish recently?”

At that moment Chen Liguo was eating an ice cream. Hearing Zhou Yi’s words he foolishly turned his head. His mouth was still covered with the white ice cream, looking very delicious.

Zhou Yi’s adam’s apple bobbed slightly. He reached out his thumb and gently wiped off a bit of ice cream on Chen Liguo’s lip. He licked the ice cream on his finger and said with a smile, “Very sweet.” 7RKFDt

Chen Liguo’s face was swiped red. He asked him what he was doing.

Zhou Yi said, “Testing ah.”

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Chen Liguo felt that Zhou Yi liked him but also found it inconceivable. How could his male god like him? This wasn’t a dream right?

So Chen Liguo asked the system if this was his misconception. XIY3ra

The system said, “You even think that I like you ne.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

The system said, “There are three big misconceptions in the world: the phone is ringing, there’s someone knocking on the door, and he likes me.”

Chen Liguo felt that the system was too frightening. zsxSge

As a result the system finally added, “Of course, Zhou Yi’s vision suddenly having a problem can’t be ruled out.”

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Chen Liguo was silent for a moment then stammered a few words, “But the me in this world is very perfect ah.” Good grades, good character, good family. Everyone liked Zhou Yi. Everyone also liked Chen Liguo.

Sunflowers liking sunflowers, it didn’t seem like something so inconceivable anymore.

The system said, “You can confess to him.” KwlchF

Chen Liguo said, “What if the confession fails?”

The system’s tone was firm. “Make him fall in love with you!”

Chen Liguo: “…… Fall in, love with me?”

System: “……” eljP95

Chen Liguo said, “But this one doesn’t have any experience in this world and will be very shy okay?”

The system said, “Chen Liguo, if I could kill people your ashes would have long since been used for bibimbap.”

Chen Liguo: “If that bowl of rice is for you to eat I am willing to give up my own flesh.”

System: “……” tpCzOo

Meeting such a selfless host for the first time the system didn’t know if it should laugh or cry.

The Author has Something to Say:

Slowly uncover the secret. I have so many sweet works, why do you still not believe me? Where if the fundamental trust between people?

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets YOOOOOOOOOOO. Special thanks to dear Diary and deep water torpedo and deal XiaoZhuZi’s deep water bomb. Thank you all!!! u5xTX8

Translator's Note

五六斤 — two to three pounds

Translator's Note

一千块钱 — about 140 USD

Translator's Note

a Korean rice dish. Rice topped with other things

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