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Perfect DestinyCh141 - Lin Zhaorong


Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi b0VRTI

Illusory Reality [7]

Zhou Yi’s relationship with his parents had always been somewhat strange. The family would only get together two or three times a year and were in two different countries, separated from each other most of the time.

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It was a very simple matter if Zhou Yi wanted to reunite with his parents considering his family’s circumstances but instead of going, he chose to live within the domestic country, from elementary school to university and then finally till he left school and began to work.

Although Zhou Yi was gentle there was stubbornness hidden in his bones. Just like when he invited Chen Liguo to live with him, Chen Liguo hadn’t agreed at the beginning but in the end was persuaded by him. UPKXOM

He needed to take a few days off this time to celebrate his parent’s birthday. Chen Liguo pestered him and sold meng saying that he didn’t want to take supplementary classes either, that he wanted to take a few days off too.

Zhou Yi threw a word book at him and said that he could choose not to learn. When he came back he must recite all the words back to him, for every word he couldn’t recite he’d beat his ass once.

Chen Liguo clutched the word book and asked in disbelief, “You’re gone for a month?”

Zhou Yi asked, “Why do you ask?”


Chen Liguo said, “If you’re not gone for a month how could I finish memorizing such a thick book?”

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As soon as he finished this he saw Zhou Yi smile gently. Usually, Chen Liguo would feel quite happy seeing him smile like this but today he felt his back go cold.

Because Zhou Yi pulled out a small leather whip from who knows where. He tested it on his hand and said, “Quite good.”

Chen Liguo: “……” 4kbI0v

Zhou Yi said, “One word one time ah.”

Wronged, Chen Liguo said, “Even my mom never hit me.”

Zhou Yi said, “In life you should always experience a few new things.”

Chen Liguo: “……” 0wsfND

Zhou Yi left that night and Chen Liguo went home as well.

His mother saw his dispirited look and asked, “What? Even not happy to return to your own home?”

Chen Liguo held the word book in his hand as if holding a ticking bomb and cried, “Mom, someone wants to hit me!”

As soon as his mother heard this she thought that he had been bullied on campus and hurried to ask what had happened? Who wanted to hit you? QrdDpX

Chen Liguo, feeling wronged, explained how Zhou Yi had threatened him.

After listening, his mother nodded and said, “So it’s like this. It seems we’ve troubled Zhou Yi.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

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His mother said, “Ai, look at others. They don’t forget to help you study even when going out to rest.” ulTVsd

Chen Liguo’s tears fell. He felt like he had been abandoned by his beloved mother.

Everyone in class knew that Zhou Yi had taken time off and even told him that he shouldn’t take advantage of Zhou Yi’s absence to not study properly. They would all tell on him.

Chen Liguo was shocked by their appearances and asked, “Why would you tell Zhou Yi?”

“Because Zhou Yi said that if you don’t study properly he’ll beat you when he comes back.” The one answering was a petite girl. She looked at Chen Liguo with a smile on her face and said, “We’re all looking forward to it oh.” sy8XgR

Chen Liguo: “……”

His spicy chicken deskmate also nodded and said, “That’s right, beat you if you don’t study well.”

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Now Chen Liguo ascertained that he had been abandoned by the world.

Chen Liguo originally thought that he was abandoned by everyone but he still had the beloved and understanding Tongtong. However, he completely hadn’t expected that Tongtong would see through his soul and before he could even ask, it said, “I will not help you memorize the words.” qGQbJa

Chen Liguo asked, “Isn’t this just a matter of minutes?”

The system said, “Chen Liguo, have you ever thought what you would do if I’m not here anymore one day?”

Chen Liguo was infected by the system’s tone and emotionally said, “No, I don’t want to leave you. I want to stay with you forever!”

Then the system was silent for three seconds and lightly said, “If it’s like this, then I choose to die.” fhDAk4

Chen Liguo: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The system sighed a long sigh.

Chen Liguo: “…… Daddy, love me once more.”

The system said, “Dad is old now. You have to learn to work hard on your own.” Pvsxld

Chen Liguo asked, “So no discussion over the words?”

The system said, “No.”

Chen Liguo cried, “I don’t have a cruel father like you.”

Zhou Yi left and the world abandoned Chen Liguo. Thus the words still had to be memorized. gH4TIz

Aside from memorizing the words, there was another thing that was giving Chen Liguo headaches. When he went home these days he always felt like someone was following him. At first, he thought it was his own delusion but it became more and more apparent with time.

This kind of thing like being tailed would be very difficult for normal people to sense but the perverts Chen Liguo had met could already circle the earth five times.

Chen Liguo made a detour. After cycling around in a loop and realizing that the car was still following him he simply rode his bike to the side of the car and then knocked on the door.

The people in the car didn’t move. Bn5q C

“Who’re you ah?” Chen Liguo asked in a bad tone. “What are you following me for?”

The car window slowly rolled down and revealed a familiar face to Chen Liguo——It was actually Lin Zhaorong.

Upon seeing him Chen Liguo’s first thought was, did he come to find him to eat…..?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What a coincidence.” Lin Zhaorong’s appearance was really too deceptive. He said, “I just so happened to come over here to do business. I saw you and followed for a while.” pdslA1

Chen Liguo mumbled in his mind, ‘You come here to work every day ah?’ He felt that the person in front of him was a pervert but it wasn’t good to cast aside all pretenses, so he said, “I don’t like you, don’t follow me.”

Lin Zhaorong didn’t answer but the smile on his face faded.

Chen Liguo instinctively felt that Lin Zhaorong wasn’t a character to be provoked. Now that he wasn’t smiling this became even more pronounced.

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Lin Zhaorong looked at Chen Liguo silently, making Chen Liguo’s hairs stand on end. 1p5vtU

Jtfc Olueb jrxfv, “Qtja lc atf kbgiv jgf sbeg lcafcalbcr?”

Olc Itjbgbcu jrxfv, “Sja j wfji abufatfg?”

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Jtfc Olueb vlvc’a gfjiis kjca ab fja vlccfg klat Olc Itjbgbcu. Lf ofia atja atlr wjc’r jegj kjr abb rlwlijg ab atf qfgnfgar tf tjv wfa yfobgf yea jirb ofia atja gfpfmalcu atlr qfgnfga kjrc’a abb rfcrlyif.

Chen Liguo thought for half a day and still refused in the end, saying that he was in a rush to go back. 8uMj03

Who would have thought that as soon as he said this Lin Zhaorong would reply in a way that made his hair stand on end. Lin Zhaorong asked, “Go back to memorize words?”

Chen Liguo asked, “How did you know?!”

Lin Zhaorong said, “The things I know are quite a lot.”

Chen Liguo looked at him apprehensively. M4pE0W

Lin Zhaorong asked, “Really not going?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said, “I really have matters. If there’s a chance in the future I’ll eat with you later.” As he said this he got on his bike again and quickly rode away. This time, Lin Zhaorong did not follow him. Only, his eyes stabbed at Chen Liguo’s back making his entire body feel unwell.

Chen Liguo had thought that this matter with Lin Zhaorong was just an episode.

Who would have thought that he would be kidnapped by Lin Zhaorong the next day. ts73Gn

When Chen Liguo was put into the car, he cried to the system that fairy tales were all scams and Lin Zhaorong was just a big eye poop.

The system said, “Why are all the people you attract perverts?”

Chen Liguo said, “The first one I attracted was you……”

System: “……” It’s my fault lo? huQZEW

Lin Zhaorong said, “Sit.”

Trembling with fear Chen Liguo sat down.

Lin Zhaorong: “Order.”

Trembling with fear Chen Liguo ordered the food. pbHBcX

Lin Zhaorong said, “Eat.”

Chen Liguo unrestrictedly opened his arms and began to eat.

Lin Zhaorong looked at Chen Liguo’s appearance and asked, “Is it delicious?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo had originally been gnawing on a pig’s foot. Hearing this, he asked with a trembling voice, “What do you want to do to me?” S127oL

Lin Zhaorong was a little speechless and said, “Isn’t it a little late for you to say this now?”

Chen Liguo gnawed off a piece of the pig foot and after swallowing it, said delicately, “I really am very scared.”

Lin Zhaorong found it both angering and humorous. He asked, “What are you afraid of?”

Chen Liguo said, “I’m afraid of you doing something to me.” mqdMCT

Lin Zhaorong said, “Aphrodisiac has been added to the dishes.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

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Lin Zhaorong asked, “So do you know what is coming next?”

Chen Liguo stared at the dishes before then with a wahh, puked. LglUiV

Lin Zhaorong who was puked on by Chen Liguo: “……”

Chen Liguo cried ‘Sorry, I’m allergic to aphrodisiac, as soon as I eat it I puke.’

Lin Zhaorong: “……” He had lived for so long but it was his first time hearing someone be allergic to aphrodisiac.

Chen Liguo said, “I'll wipe for you!” FajAph

If Lin Zhaorong could get hard with this atmosphere then that would be strange. Besides, he hadn’t really put aphrodisiac in the food.

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Lin Zhaorong felt that his temper was much too good. If it were someone else he would have killed them already.

Lin Zhaorong said, “Chen Liguo, you are really interesting.”

Chen Liguo didn’t know why he aroused Lin Zhaorong’s interest either. He felt that he had only been walking down the street and somehow got into this pervert’s line of sight. itABPh

Lin Zhaorong stood up with his face as cold as ice and went out.

Chen Liguo looked at the table of good food in front of him and sighed gently.

Ten minutes later, Lin Zhaorong came back. The first thing he said when he saw Chen Liguo was, “You go.”

Chen Liguo immediately stood up and headed out. qDaXYm

Lin Zhaorong suddenly said, “Hold on.”

Chen Liguo’s entire body froze.

Lin Zhaorong said, “Send him back.”

Just as Chen Liguo wanted to say ‘no need’ he heard Lin Zhaorong say, “Either let someone send you back or don’t go back at all.” n8zTlr

Chen Liguo thought, ‘Yesyesyes, you are the overbearing president. I will listen to you.’

Lin Zhaorong sighed after Chen Liguo left.

Lin Zhaorong’s subordinate asked curiously, “Lin Ge, you really liking him isn’t an easy thing, how come you let him go?”

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Lin Zhaorong looked at his subordinate lightly and said, “Don’t act on your own in the future.” DoKbwc

His underling answered nervously.

Lin Zhaorong said, “If I really am willing, would there still be these matters?”

That subordinate grumbled, their boss had only met this person a few times, how could he be so reluctant? Could it be that their boss could also fall in love at first sight?

Chen Liguo hugged his backpack and sat in the back of the car. YIyNwg

Nothing was said the entire way. When Chen Liguo got out of the car, he even said a ‘thank you’ to the driver.

The driver saw Chen Liguo’s model student appearance and somewhat unexpectedly told him, “Young man, don’t be obstinate with Boss Lin.”

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Chen Liguo was stunned for a moment, then said, “Okay.”

The driver sighed, then drove off. D ImAy

Chen Liguo’s mood was a little low when he entered his house. He didn’t know why he suffered such a thing either. He never knew a man named Lin Zhaorong in his original world.

However, Chen Liguo’s mood perked up a lot in the evening when he learned from Zhou Yi that he would be coming home tomorrow.

Zhou Yi said that he would not go to school tomorrow and asked Chen Liguo to eat dinner with him when he returned in the evening.

Chen Liguo said, “Okay okay okay.” 63h1Jd

Zhou Yi said, “Dummy.”

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Chen Liguo’s heart melted at his call. He felt like the entire world was emitting pink bubbles.

The system only felt that it burned its eyes.

As soon as class finished the next day Chen Liguo ran back to Zhou Yi’s home with jolting buttocks. 3RKwGP

The auntie at Zhou Yi’s home prepared a table of good food and actually even prepared wine.

Zhou Yi didn’t change much after going abroad for seven-eight days. He looked at Chen Liguo, still smiling clearly and asked, “Guo-er, how was memorizing the words?”

Chen Liguo asked, “Can you not ask me this as soon as we meet?”

Zhou Yi said, “There is no future for those who don’t study well.” IY0Noa

Chen Liguo said, “Humph ya”

The wine was red wine. Although the alcohol content in it wasn’t high but it was strong enough.

Zhou Yi only poured a small glass for Chen Liguo then asked someone to put the wine away.

Chen Liguo chatted with Zhou Yi as he ate. A cloud of red floated onto his face. He smiled foolishly and said “Zhou Yi I really missed you.” 6Hx5s

Zhou Yi asked, “How much?”

Chen Liguo said, “Really miss really missed.”

Zhou Yi reached out and rubbed Chen Liguo’s head. He said, “After eating and drinking you should recite the words.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo felt that the world’s pink bubbles were directly taken out by Zhou Yi with an iron brush. vhmkpK

Tender time was over. The cold-blooded and heartless Zhou Yi took the word book and small leather whip from behind him and then said to Chen Liguo, “Come on.”

Chen Liguo felt that the style was changing too quickly, changing directly from a TV drama channel to an educational one.

His face was red and his eyes were full of moisture. He asked, “Can we not recite now?”

If it were a normal day Zhou Yi probably would have agreed but today’s Chen Liguo looked particularly good to bully, so much that Zhou Yi momentarily couldn’t control the vile streaks in the depths of his heart. xIHVRE

He heard himself answer Chen Liguo’s question. “No.”

Chen Liguo had no way out and could only recite one by one. However, his mind was not sober after drinking wine and a lot of words were recited incorrectly.

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Zhou Yi asked, “How is reason spelled?”

Chen Liguo said, “Raeson!” hdPdsu

Zhou Yi said, “Wrong. This is the fourth wrong one.” As he said this he waved the little whip in his hand.

Chen Liguo said, “I really am dizzy. Zhou Yiyi, let’s recite tomorrow okay?”

Zhou Yi said, “Okay.”

Just as Chen Liguo was about to be happy, he heard Zhou Yi say, “Then let’s settle the ones you memorized wrong today first.” noLHV

Chen Liguo was dumbfounded. He said, “B-but……”

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Zhou Yi asked, “What? Want to renegade?”

Chen Liguo felt that today’s Zhou Yi was too bad, actually bullying people like this. However, even this mischievous Zhou Yi was still so handsome.

Chen Liguo was still in a daze when Zhou Yi suddenly pulled him onto his lap. zmNqsv

Chen Liguo felt a chill on his behind. Zhou Yi actually took off his pants.

Although there was no one in the living room Chen Liguo still felt a kind of unspeakable shame. He said, “Zhou Yi——Let me go! Don’t be like this, not here!”

Zhou Yi didn’t say anything.

Just as Chen Liguo struggled he felt a hit on his ass. Although Zhou Yi didn’t use any strength Chen Liguo still felt extremely bad. He began to struggle wildly, saying, “Don’t do this, let go of me——” j2tO c

Zhou Yi didn’t let go of Chen Liguo. He thought that Chen Liguo was only angry so he said, “Chen Liguo, how are we supposed to go to the same school if you don’t study well?”

Chen Liguo suddenly stopped moving.

Zhou Yi hit him a second time. He said, “Chen Liguo, I don’t want to be separated from you.”

Chen Liguo lay motionlessly on Zhou Yi’s lap. 2GNyfc

Zhou Yi felt that something was wrong, so he turned Chen Liguo over to look and found that there were actually tears streaming down his face.

Zhou Yi hurriedly threw the little whip away and said, “Don’t cry don’t cry. It’s my fault, I just wanted to tease you.”

Chen Liguo neither spoke nor made a single sound, his lips tightly pursed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Yi held him in his arms and continually comforted him. 6k nls

After a long time, Chen Liguo finally said with a trembling voice, “You can’t bully me.”

Zhou Yi said, “I was wrong, good, I won’t do this in the future. Don’t cry ah.”

Chen Liguo said, “I only have you, you can’t bully me.”

Only then did he realize that his family’s little child felt wronged. He sighed in his heart and, unable to control himself, lowered his head and kissed his hair. He said, “Chen Liguo, I’m not bullying you. I just……” ofuCj8

Chen Liguo thought that Zhou Yi would say the word ‘like’ but he didn’t say anything.

Chen Liguo felt a little sad. He thought that he could never hear this word from Zhou Yi’s mouth.

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Chen Liguo became a little tired after crying and also found it a little shameful, so he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Zhou Yi carried Chen Liguo to the bedroom. He put him on the bed and said, “Guoguo don’t cry anymore. Sleep well. I told your mother that you won’t go back tonight.” jLguep

Chen Liguo shrunk into a ball and heard Zhou Yi gently shut the door.

There was silence in the room. Chen Liguo said, “Every day I’m afraid of waking up.”

The system sighed lowly and said, “Don’t be afraid, sleep.”

Chen Liguo said, “Tongtong, I really like him.” LiOtlo

The system didn’t respond. Chen Liguo liked Zhou Yi, wasn’t this something everyone knew? If he didn’t like him, how could he be willing to use his life in exchange for Zhou Yi’s?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Yi always knew that he had some psychological problems, especially when it came to his desire for control.

Although he acted gentle and polite in front of others, in fact so long as he cared about something he would firmly hold it in his hand.

Zhou Yi knew that he was different from others. This was reflected in his choice to stay in the country. AYWkES

If it were other children they might still glue to their parents for pocket money at the age of eight or nine. However, at that time he made the decision to stay in China with his grandfather.

In his parents’ eyes this decision was incomprehensible. They advised him many times, saying that he could return frequently and that there was no need to take up residence in China but his determination was unshakable.

When Zhou Yi was 10 his grandfather passed away and his parents wanted to pick him up once again.

But Zhou Yi refused. He calmly expressed his petition, saying that he liked it here and that he didn’t want to change his environment. PLTFkn

Fortunately, his parents were very democratic. After confirming that he really thought so they let him have his way. Thus, from elementary to high school, Zhou Yi lived in China alone.

Then, Zhou Yi met Chen Liguo. He felt that the thing he was waiting for had finally come.

When Chen Liguo woke up the next day he was so ashamed he didn’t want to get up.

He actually cried in front of Zhou Yi and cried that miserably. nvDrR9

Chen Liguo said, “Wuwuwuwu, I have no face to meet him.”

The system said, “You actually have things you have no face to do.”

Chen Liguo said, “Wuwuwu, what will he think of me? Would he look down on me?”

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The system said, “It’s okay, you’re shameless anyway.” M8DTWv

Chen Liguo: “……”

While his heart was tangled, Zhou Yi knocked on the door and asked if he woke up or not.

Chen Liguo didn’t make a sound. As a result Zhou Yi directly pushed the door open.

“Awake?” Zhou Yi saw the dumpling in the blankets and found it amusing. He asked, “Still crying?” TXL2DE

Chen Liguo exposed a pair of eyes and didn’t make a sound.

When Zhou Yi saw this appearance of his, his heart practically melted. He sat down on his bedside and said, “Alright, I was wrong. I won’t make this kind of joke with you in the future.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo snorted, “Humph.”

Zhou Yi said, “Silly Guo-er.” AwGSyO

Chen Liguo grumbled, “I’m not silly ne, I’m very smart.”

Zhou Yi said, “Yesyesyes, you’re the smartest.”

Chen Liguo snorted, “Hmph.”

Zhou Yi rubbed Chen Liguo’s chicken nest again and asked, “Did you encounter anything the other day?” HIl739

Chen Liguo asked, “What thing?”

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Zhou Yi asked, “Really didn’t?”

Chen Liguo hesitated for a moment then in the end said, “Lin Zhaorong came to find me once.” He didn’t mention the stalking.

Zhou Yi’s brows furrowed the moment he heard the name ‘Lin Zhaorong’. He asked, “What did he find you for?” cf3l7N

Chen Liguo said, “He absolutely insisted on inviting me to eat……”

Zhou Yi said, “Chen Liguo.”

As soon as Chen Liguo heard Zhou Yi’s tone when calling his name, he knew that he was serious.

Sure enough, Zhou Yi’s next sentence was, “If something happened, do not hide it from me.” 84aDiV

Chen Liguo really wasn’t willing to mention Lin Zhaorong, this man. However, Zhou Yi was so serious, it wouldn’t be good to hide it.

So Chen Liguo could only tell him about the matter between Lin Zhaorong and him. Though, in the end he left out some of the details about kidnapping and stalking.

As soon as Zhou Yi heard this his face was extremely black. He said, “Don’t worry about this matter any more. I’ll talk to him.”

Chen Liguo asked, “You know him?” BvhoXn

Zhou Yi said coldly, “This man is a pervert, I don’t want to know him.”

Chen Liguo asked, “How is he a pervert?”

Zhou Yi pinched Chen Liguo’s face and then seriously said, “He just likes to play with little boys like you. Next time he comes to you you must stay away from him.”

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Chen Liguo nodded and said yes. 0TDdRA

Zhou Yi looked at him and softly said, “Little child, you need to listen.”

Chen Liguo felt that Zhou Yi really was the best looking person in the world.

The Author has Something to Say:

Fixing a BUG, they aren’t in third year after winter break, they’re in the second semester…… ds9iZQ

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rocket launchers. Thank you all =3= Special thanks to darling Heicha for the 50 mines.

StormFrost: Oop, gotta go change that. My heart cracks a little each chapter QAQ We’re close to the end, thank you all for your continued support!

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Translator's Note

He means this but his words 我给你擦擦 (I give you wipe wipe/rub rub) sound like he’ll ‘rub’ him off

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