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Perfect DestinyCh105 - Life and Distance


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

Pretty and Flirtatious Cheap Good Chen Liguo [15] omx D5

After Yang Wenya finished the hangover soup Chen Liguo had ordered for her, she grabbed another bottle and once again started taking big swigs.

That bold manner gave the crew a big fright.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Others asked her what happened but Yang Wenya who drunk herself dizzy only smiled and said, “Happy!”

Thus once the feast was over she was already somewhat unconscious from drinking. iPNUs3

Chen Liguo and her agent carried her into the back seat while Liu Shasha sat in front on the driver’s seat.

Liu Shasha asked, “How come she drank so much?”

Chen Liguo sat in the back with his eyes closed to rest. Hearing this, he just softly answered, “Played too much.”

Yang Wenya’s agent watched this and secretly praised Film Emperor Sun, this presence truly made people look up to him…… Little did they imagine that Liu Shasha was sighing in her heart that Chen Liguo’s acting skills were becoming more and more exquisite.


Chen Liguo intended on going home after he sent Yang Wenya back.

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Liu Shasha saw Chen Liguo watching Yang Wenya go upstairs, the emotion in his eyes was as if he was looking at some sort of treasure. She asked with hesitation, “Sun Qingqing, it can’t be that you actually like Yang Wenya could it?” Although Chen Liguo himself had said that he just saw Yang Wenya as a sister, but they had never known each other before and yet Chen Liguo was inexplicably partial towards Yang Wenya. It was very difficult for outsiders to not misunderstand such a situation.

Chen Liguo helplessly said, “I don’t feel like that.”

Liu Shasha snorted. “I actually wish you would feel like that.” i4r2nC

Chen Liguo’s movie was just about finalized as well. The box office for this movie wasn’t as good as Qin Palace Records or Bridge of Darkness but it was also good. It was the best detective drama in the past few years.

Liu Shasha was still grumbling on their way back, saying that Chen Liguo really was diligent in selecting resources for Yang Wenya; both movies were popular. She also asked him why he wasn’t a bit more diligent in his own matters and always chose these kinds of movies with little investment.

Chen Liguo listened to Liu Shasha’s complains and felt that he liked this kind of Liu Shasha who babbled on and on more and more.

However, Chen Liguo didn’t expect that the day after the celebration there would be a specious piece of news on the internet. In it was a blurry picture of Chen Liguo supporting Yang Wenya. The title, however, was more direct, stating: Sun Qingyi’s secret love affair exposed, the girlfriend is actually a nobody third-rate actress? HhpXVk

Chen Liguo looked at the website and asked in horror, “Isn’t this our company’s website?”

Liu Shasha took a look and said, “It is.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Then why does my company want to blacken me?”

Liu Shasha said, “Silly child, obviously it’s because you’ve offended the boss of our company ah.” d9EZ1x

Chen Liguo: “……” Truthfully, if Liu Shasha didn’t mention it, Chen Liguo would have completely forgotten that there was such a person named Xie Anzhuo.

Liu Shasha said, “Don’t be afraid, this scandal isn’t negative news. It’s fine to just clarify when the time comes, don’t worry about it.”

Chen Liguo nodded.

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Chen Liguo didn’t care but someone wanted to care. Xie Anhe got angry after he saw the news and called Liu Shasha, asking what was going on. W07z9

Liu Shasha’s attitude was cold and indifferent. She said, “What happened is exactly as you saw.”

Xie Anhe asked, “What happened with ‘what happened’?”

Liu Shasha said, “Obviously it’s a misunderstanding.”

Xie Anhe asked, “Really?” ws2mOH

Liu Shasha impatiently said, “Then ask Sun Qingqing?”

Xie Anhe said, “As if I’ll ask him, I’m not such a narrow-minded man.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liu Shasha: “……” After becoming shameless this man became especially terrible……

Thus under both Chen Liguo and Yang Wenya’s statements, this scandal faded out of the public’s eyes and no one paid attention to it. Little did they imagine that this was burying a hidden danger. Zzlmn0

After the celebration for Qin Palace Records ended Yang Wenya participated in a publicity promotion.

At the scene of the event, a girl suddenly threw sulfuric acid at Yang Wenya. Although she was instantly subdued and no one was hurt, her action frightened everyone into a cold sweat.

Chen Liguo’s hair stood on end when he learned about this matter from the system. He asked, “Tong-er, she’s alright right?”

The system answered. “She’s fine. Her destiny completion degree hasn’t changed.” If something really did happen then Yang Wenya’s destiny completion degree would be reduced. a13dFN

Only then did Chen Liguo rest his heart at ease.

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The schoolgirl who threw the sulfuric acid was caught on the spot but her mental state seemed very worrying. When she was caught she was still wildly shouting, “Sun Qingyi is mine!!! You slut, shameless bitch——Based on what can you date him——” Then she spat out another string of curses at Yang Wenya, her words so malicious that everyone in the audience was scared witless.

Yang Wenya’s complexion was ghastly pale and her agent helped her move away. This event was considered thoroughly destroyed.

The incident was exposed on the internet almost simultaneously and caused an uproar on the internet. Although most of the public condemned the girl who threw sulfuric acid, a small part of them actually scolded Yang Wenya. They said that if she didn’t stick to Sun Qingyi like a fly on a seamless egg then she would not have been splashed with sulfuric acid, she deserved it. cW8vVn

That girl was Chen Liguo’s fan, so immediately after learning this Chen Liguo rushed to the scene.

Yang Wenya was sitting in the lounge to rest. When Chen Liguo came in he saw that her brows were furrowed.

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Chen Liguo called, “Wenya.”

Yang Wenya didn’t expect that Chen Liguo would appear. She opened her eyes, full of surprise. She asked, “Sun ge, how come you’ve come?” Xj0y6H

Jtfc Olueb rjlv, “P kjr kbgglfv jybea sbe.”

Tjcu Qfcsj rjlv, “P vlvc’a ufa tega…..”

Jtfc Olueb ibbxfv ja atf ygluta rajgr lc tfg fsfr jcv mbeivc’a fcvegf la jcswbgf. Lf yiegafv bea, “Qfcsj, P ilxf wfc.”

Tjcu Qfcsj kjr raeccfv rqffmtifrr. XGdNik

Jtfc Olueb rjlv, “P’w gfjiis rbggs. P gfjiis bcis atlcx bo sbe jr ws rlrafg.”

If one said that Yang Wenya could take Chen Liguo’s previous words as an excuse then the sentence he said now broke Yang Wenya’s heart.

Tears began to accumulate in her eyes. Although she was still trying to force herself to smile, her smile was even more unsightly than crying.

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Chen Liguo unexpected felt some heartache when he saw this and said, “Don’t cry.” 4ZVbn

Yang Wenya reached out and wiped away her tears. She asked, “You only like men?”

Chen Liguo said, “En…… That’s right.”

Yang Wenya cried even harder. However, as she cried, she also started laughing, saying, “En, I understand. Ai, how sad.”

Chen Liguo actually hesitated to say this but he didn’t want Yang Wenya to misunderstand him anymore. However, what Chen Liguo didn’t expect was that after he said this, Yang Wenya’s destiny completion degree actually increased. On top of that, it increased by more than a dozen points and directly rushed to over 60 points. VmOKTX

Chen Liguo said, “…… A woman’s heart is like a needle at the bottom of the sea.”

The system said, “Indeed, it’s even thinner than yours.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” What are you saying? I can’t understand thank you.

Yang Wenya cried miserably after learning this cruel fact. Seeing her cry like raindrops on a pear blossom yet forcibly restraining her sobs, looking like she would faint, Chen Liguo couldn’t bear it and held her in his arms. Yang Wenya didn’t refuse and firmly grasped Chen Liguo’s clothes as she buried her head in his chest——A final memorial for her pathetic dead love. DT6LEm

What else could Chen Liguo do? He could only coax her like how one coaxed a sister.

Hence the atmosphere between the two people was very harmonious, one cried while the other soothed.

This incomparably harmonious scene was what Xie Anhe saw when he entered the room.

Yang Wenya leaned into Chen Liguo’s embrace and reached out to hug Chen Liguo. Chen Liguo didn’t refuse and slowly patted her shoulder. xMrZwW

This picture was so beautiful and so dazzling that Xie Anhe couldn’t look on.

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He called, “Qingyi.”

Chen Liguo’s movement paused when he heard this and he turned his head to look at Xie Anhe.

Xie Anhe asked, “You aren’t really dating are you?” There was none of the usual warmth in his eyes and insteaed they seemed as if they were covered with a layer of ice. 7qON5X

Chen Liguo lowly said, “No.”

Yang Wenya saw that someone had come and reluctantly left Chen Liguo’s arms. She said, “President Xie, how come you’re here?”

Xie Anhe grit his teeth and said, “You are an artist under me, is it really strange for me to be here?”

It was quite strange. Looking at the interaction between Xie Anhe and Chen Liguo and connecting what Chen Liguo had just said, a strange idea suddenly popped up in Yang Wenya’s mind. U1YRJF

She dumbly asked, “It can’t be….. you two……”

As soon as she spoke she saw Xie Anhe grab Sun Qingyi then heavily kiss him on the lips.

This kiss had a hint of roughness and Sun Qingyi struggled in Xie Anhe’s arms.

Yang Wenya watched as a touch of shame appeared on Sun Qingyi’s face but his hands were firmly grasped by Xie Anhe. In the end, his struggles became weaker and weaker and he fell into Xie Anhe’s arms. FrD8nq

Only then did Xie Anhe release Sun Qingyi.

“Do you have to do this to me in front of other people?!” Chen Liguo was a little annoyed and said, “Xie Anhe, be a bit more mature okay?”

Xie Anhe humphed and took a bite at Chen Liguo’s wrist. “Not okay.”

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Chen Liguo seemed to be helpless against Xie Anhe and said, “Childish!” 1El5TX

Xie Anhe said, “I don’t care. I feel jealous when I see you hugging other people.” He said this very frankly, so frankly that Chen Liguo didn’t know how to retort.

Yang Wenya already became silly from looking. The beloved idol in her heart was held in someone else’s arms and forcibly kissed, she should have been angry at this. However, she didn’t know why but upon seeing Sun Qingyi’s embarrassed appearance there was a strange feeling in her heart; her first complaint——Why wasn’t she a man.

Xie Anhe said, “About this matter, Qingyi’s side will make a statement.”

Chen Liguo said, “Sorry to have involved you.” N3YSc7

Yang Wenya said, “It’s fine……”

Xie Anhe sad, “Let’s go then.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo furrowed his brows. He looked at Yang Wenya then looked at Xie Anhe. It was obvious from the expression in his eyes that he was worried about leaving Yang Wenya here alone.

Xie Anhe helplessly said, “You. Did you not think about it? If your fans saw you rushing here in such a hurry, they will have more misunderstandings about you and Yang Wenya……” 2 m3wc

This was indeed Chen Liguo’s negligence.

Yang Wenya added, “Yes, I’m alright now…… Sun ge you should leave with President Xie.”

Chen Liguo said, “Call me if anything happens.”

Yang Wenya nodded. W2svKT

So Xie Anhe and Chen Liguo left together.

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They got into the car and Xie Anhe helped Chen Liguo fasten his seat belt. He asked, “Qingqing, how did you offend my brother’s entire family?”

Chen Liguo asked, “Whole family?”

Xie Anhe said, “Yes, he and his daughter, Xie Qianjiu.” MpTSZr

Only then did Chen Liguo remember Xiao Jiu again. Thus he told Xie Anhe about the love and hate relationship between Xiao Jiu and Yang Wenya.

Hearing this, Xie Anhe said, “So it turns out to be like this. No wonder she looks like she wants to eat you every day.”

Chen Liguo asked, “The person who threw sulfuric acid can’t be someone arranged by Xiao Jiu can they?”

Xie Anhe said, “That is unlikely. However, the mood of your fans is likely to have been incited by her.” That entire family consists of white-skinned and black-hearted Tangyuans. They would smile at you on the outside then turn and take out a knife to stab you. KAdSWY

Chen Liguo had lingering fears. Luckily, the sulfuric acid didn’t hit. If it did, Yang Wenya’s acting career would be over and her entire life might be ruined.

Xie Anhe said, “For the time being you need to cut down on your contact with her.”

Chen Liguo nodded. In fact, he didn’t have much contact with Yang Wenya. It was only after Qin Palace Records ended that he got a bit closer to her.

Sun Qingyi not having any love scandals over the past several years was also to blame. As soon as he was seen with a female actress everyone began to question them. IA5kGp

In the end, the girl who threw sulfuric acid was detained for a period of time before being let go because she didn’t hurt anyone. Furthermore, Chen Liguo’s company immediately issued out a statement saying that he and Yang Wenya weren’t lovers but had a relationship like that of a senior and junior and hoped that the fans won’t misunderstand.

Because of this matter, Chen Liguo didn’t meet with Yang Wenya for a long time and only contacted her through the phone.

At the end of the year, Qin Palace Records and Chen Liguo were anticipated to win many awards. For the first time ever, Yang Wenya won the crown of glory——No one thought that she could take the place of Film Empress.

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A newcomer who had only been in the business for a few years actually won this award. This indeed made many people feel aggrieved but Yang Wenya’s performance was exhibited right before them, making people have no way to question it. XFs1UE

Yang Wenya had perfectly acted out a princess who went from innocent to ruthless in Qin Palace Records. Everyone could see the stars in her eyes when she was naive and everyone could see the abyss in her expression when she was ruthless.

It had to be said that this thing called talent sometimes made people envious. Some people exhausted all their life in pursuit of something but some people would have it as soon as they were born.

Although Yang Wenya was still a little unripe right now, everyone could see the formidable potential bursting forth from her.

Chen Liguo didn’t attend the award ceremony. He and Xie Anhe huddled in bed that day, watching Chen Liguo’s new detective film. xOy0MI

Xie Anhe this shameless rogue that didn’t want any face called Chen Liguo ‘Mister Detective’——That is, Chen Liguo’s role in the movie.

Chen Liguo’s entire body heated up. He grit his teeth and told him to stop making trouble.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie Anhe said, “Kiss me and I’ll stop making trouble.”

Chen Liguo was pressed down by him. Extremely annoyed, he raised his head and took a bite at his nose. M46bd

Xie Anhe buried his head in the crook of Chen Liguo’s neck and said, “I wish that time would stop but I also wish that time would pass quickly.”

Chen Liguo breathed gently.

Xie Anhe said, “I really do love you.”

The drama in the television ended but the sweet time of the two was just beginning. JBlYdF

Xie Anhe didn’t go home during the Spring Festival. In recent years he accompanied Chen Liguo to celebrate the New Year and this year was no exception.

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Chen Liguo watched him walk around the room naked and stretched out his foot, giving him a soft kick on the ass, saying, “Stupid slave, still not going to get me something to eat?”

Xie Anhe turned his head to look at Chen Liguo and said, “Yes, Master.”

After a while, Xie Anhe came back with two cans of milk and a cup in hand. 9Tc3Hm

Chen Liguo asked, “What are you bringing so much for?”

Xie Anhe said, “Master, do you want milk produced last year, or milk produced this year, or the freshest fresh milk?”

Chen Liguo didn’t understand what he meant at first. Until this loathsome rogue lowered his head and looked at the lower part of his body.

Chen Liguo was immediately shocked by the extent of Xie Anhe’s ‘yellow’ness and said, “Xie Anhe, aren’t you too shameless?” puwQJV

Xie Anhe grinned and leaned over to kiss Chen Liguo’s eyes. He said, “It’s still hot.”

Then Chen Liguo was forced to drink the freshest milk.

Chen Liguo and Xie Anhe nested at home and like this, happily passed through this warm winter that killed people’s will.

Chen Liguo’s detective movie was officially released in the new year and the box office performance was excellent——In recent years Chen Liguo’s name had almost become a synonym for box office. None of the movies he took on were bad movies and almost all were masterpieces. So long as one saw his name the audience could be sure that the movie was going to be good. wtVnmy

While Chen Liguo was sleeping, the system said, “Yang Wenya’s destiny completion degree has increased again.”

Chen Liguo unclearly asked, “How come it increased again?”

The system said, “I noticed a matter……”

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Only then did Chen Liguo sober up a little. He reached out and wiped his face, asking, “What matter?” 3FQgMV

The system said, “Ever since she stopped liking you her destiny completion degree has been soaring……”

Chen Liguo: “……”

The system sighed, “Ai.”

Chen Liguo: “……” This sigh reminded Chen Liguo of what the system had once said: Who doesn’t meet a few scums when they’re young. So did the system see its own shadow in Yang Wenya? Really feel a bit hurt. m12ibU

Life still continued on ordinarily. Chen Liguo maintained his status as the film emperor and Yang Wenya’s fame was rising.

As a rising star in the past few years, she was undoubtedly the most successful one. She had strength, resources, and worked hard. Heaven simply wouldn’t tolerate such a person to not succeed.

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The investigation of the sulfuric acid incident from last year had results. Sure enough, Xiao Jiu was involved in it. She really hated Chen Liguo to the deepest level.

Xie Anhe couldn’t do anything about her either, so he just directly told Xie Anzhuo about the matter of her harassing Yang Wenya and had him go deal with it. aqAG82

Chen Liguo asked gloomily, “Why does she hate this one so much?”

Xie Anhe said, “Because she’s jealous of you.”

Chen Liguo said, “Oh.”

Xie Anhe asked, “You’re not going to ask what she’s jealous of?” m9SOts

Chen Liguo looked at him in bafflement and said, “Besides beauty and talent, what else do I have that can make people jealous?”

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Xie Anhe: “……” Love is so self-confident, in the end is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In short, Xiao Jiu was carried away by her father and for a short period of time, would unlikely show herself before Chen Liguo.

For Chen Liguo this world was very beautiful. He could eat well, drink well, and could honorably have a sex life. Moreover, the daughter of fate’s completion degree increased very regularly. It was basically just, take on a movie, earn an award, and it’ll grow a bit. 7SxgiB

Chen Liguo: “Haven’t seen such a straightforward daughter of fate in a long time.”

The system felt the same.

It had to be said that Yang Wenya’s speed of becoming popular exceeded Chen Liguo’s expectation.

The box office of Bridge of Darkness exploded and Qin Palace Records had won an award. Subsequently, Yang Wenya received several more movies. These movies were carefully selected by Chen Liguo and Xie Anhe. Some of them were movies that Yang Wenya had already shot in the original world and some were movies that suited her. 4MfEFI

One day while Chen Liguo was on set, the system notified him that Yang Wenya’s destiny completion degree had increased again.

Chen Liguo was in the middle of acting as a swordsman flying around chaotically everywhere. Hearing the system’s words, he asked why.

The system said, “She missed the slag man.”

Chen Liguo thought back for a moment and then remembered that according to the original world, this was the year where Yang Wenya would probably come across that slag who destroyed her. However, the system said that her destiny completion degree had risen. That meant that the chances of Yang Wenya and that man was thoroughly destroyed. SohRl0

Sure enough, a few days later Yang Wenya told Chen Liguo that a male star who had been pursuing her for a long time had confessed. She was hesitant but agreed nevertheless.

Chen Liguo’s face was full of gratification, like a stupid father who had married his daughter off.

Yang Wenya helplessly asked, “Sun ge, can you not show such an expression?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo blinked at her and said, “Let me be moved for a moment okay? Wenya, what’s your biggest dream?” 9UaOu3

Yang Wenya thought about it. Her previous dream was to stand in the same position as Chen Liguo. However, ever since she found out that Chen Liguo liked men and that there was no possibility between them, that idea faded. In addition, following the promotion of her career, she instead sometimes had the frail emotion belonging to women.

After thinking about it carefully, Yang Wenya said, “Dream? My dream now is to have a grand wedding and a husband who loves me.”

From Yang Wenya’s words Chen Liguo could guess the time he would leave.

He figured that the day of Yang Wenya’s wedding would be the day that he’d leave. nDh782

At the thought of leaving here Chen Liguo’s heart was filled with a few slivers of melancholy. He said, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet a fellow person from the same hometown like Xie Anhe in the next world.”

The system said, “I should believe that you don’t want to leave because of this?”

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Chen Liguo said, “Okay, you’ve seen through my soul.” In this world, he could go out of character for no purpose whatsoever and it wouldn’t matter but he in the next world he would be restricted again. Aiya, how angry, really want to self detonate again oh!

The system harrumphed and ignored Chen Liguo. Oa myr

Seeing this, Chen Liguo sighed even more melancholically.

The Author Has Something to Say:

This world will end in the next chapter. My inflammation rose until it exploded, there are five or six ulcers in my mouth. I was scared that I would spontaneously combust.

Thanking you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets lueluelue. liRjMK

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

谢千九 — 千九 is a thousand nine

Translator's Note

汤圆 — Sweet rice dumplings, usually white on the outside and black sesame on the inside. Could have other fillings and colours though

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