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Lord of End of WorldChapter 56


In the apocalypse where safety was not assured, people’s thirst for power had reached an unprecedented height. Once they heard that there were powerful abilities in human beings who could use it to fight against zombies, no one was eager to give such a chance up.

For the convenience of management, the military had set up a unit comprising of two hundred people and divided the entire base into six major areas according to the size of residence. Each area had a person responsible for management. ogOd8W

The military’s notice had just been sent out and the people in the first district quickly rushed to the agora to gather. Everyone had a look of eagerness to learn their ability. They already knew that people with ability not only had the strength to protect themselves, but the treatment would be much better than the average person. The daily materials were enough to feed a family of three, but in the apocalypse, it was hard to sustain and not be jealous of others.

Two hundred people from the first district filled up the huge agora, but the other five districts rushed to up to the agora to see what was happening. Fortunately, the military had long been prepared to dispatch soldiers to maintain order without causing a stampede.

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The people spontaneously lined up and they first registered their household registration. If one had their ID card with them, it could be used to record in this case. If one didn’t have an ID card, they could only dictate their information and have it checked later. The so-called ‘verifying in the future’ was just a statement. In the apocalyptic days, it was harder to verify the identity of a person than to go to heaven. Even if someone deliberately fabricated information, it could easily become the truth.

For some people, it was the end, but for others, it was a new beginning; the feelings differed from person to person. xMteSd

Whilst people registered their household registration, Father Gong, Grandfather Lin and the heads of the six major regions conducted an ability test first. The people would be very concerned about the strength of the commanders of the base. When there was no reaction to the six-pointed diamond transparent crystal nucleus the size of a pigeon egg, the person would be sent out whilst another would be sent in.

Gong Yuanhang had already expected that his identity as an ordinary person would hinder his management of the base, but he had stayed in the upper echelons for a long time; his strength was superb and he was fearless. He calmly lowered the crystal nucleus and retreated to the side to let the others test.

Grandfather Lin picked up the nucleus. It was as expected when the nucleus did not react at all. He smiled lightly and stood next to Father Gong and watched the test results of others.

If a space ability user triggers this non-elemental stone, the stone would change from transparent crystal to a black crystal with a soft matte finish. Gong Xiangyi didn’t want to expose her ability, so she didn’t input any energy after picking up the nucleus. J8CxlF

The initial ability users couldn’t control their abilities and the energy in their body would always unconsciously leak out. Thus, once they touch the nucleus, it would react. However, Gong Xiangyi was different from them. She already had a good amount of time practicing her abilities. If she didn’t want to, the energy in her body wouldn’t escape.

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All in all, the crystal nucleus didn’t produce any abnormalities. She smiled and sat down as the tester and began to help register the test results of others. She had already made up her mind to take responsibility for this test, so that she could recruit talents for her own convenience.

Among the three people in the Gong family, two of them were ordinary people. The eyes of the people in charge of the six major districts flashed and they pressed down their desire for change. As for the six responsible people, four consecutive ones were ordinary people and the last two were still left. One of them shuddered as he held the nucleus tightly. The crystal nucleus, which had never changed, suddenly gave off a dazzling blue light and entered the eyes of everyone present.

There was a burst of exclamation in the crowd and it didn’t calm down for a long time. They had never seen the reaction of the nucleus. They thought that it was the military who pretended to be a messenger of God to fool the people. It finally showed a reaction and they finally believed. The enthusiasm in their heart had never been higher. pWTwrk

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“Dief, kjafg rsrafw jylilas.” Xbcu Wljcusl rjlv ktlif gfulrafglcu bc j qlfmf bo qjqfg. Vtf atfc ibbxfv ja atf qfgrbc lc mtjguf jcv jrxfv, “Qjr atf jylilas agluufgfv?”

Ktf qfgrbc lc mtjguf kjr raeccfv jcv tlr ojmf rtbkfv tlr mbcoerlbc.

“Kgluufg wfjcr atja sbe mjc vlrqijs sbeg kjafg rsrafw jylilas. Tbe xcbk, jiatbeut rbwf qfbqif tjnf jc jylilas, lo atfgf tjrc’a yffc jcs relajyif bqqbgaeclas, la klii cba agluufg obg j ilofalwf. Aera ilxf j vewy Ljggs Ubaafg cfnfg mbwlcu lcab tlr wjulm.”

The person in charge suddenly realized what she meant and his disappointment was openly shown. “The ability hasn’t been triggered yet.” 15cTsM

“Alright, don’t worry, I will train ability users in the future and teach you how to trigger your ability. Ok, next.” Looking at the eager eyes of the person in charge, Gong Xiangyi faintly opened her mouth to call the next person.

The person in charge of the sixth district was a lieutenant in his thirties. For someone so young to have a stable and high position, it is not that his ability is particularly amazing, but that his family was quite prominent, so there was a bit of arrogance in his eyes. He had a solemn expression and calmly held the crystal nucleus.

As soon as the nucleus touched his palm, it gave off a dazzling red glow, which reflected on the faces of the people around him. There was another explosion of noise in the crowd and someone asked aloud about what his ability was.

The lieutenant general looked at Gong Xiangyi and smiled slightly. “Miss Gong, I am a fire ability user.” The words fell and, as a demonstration, as if he was showing off, he spread his hands and a small flame burst into the palm of his hands. The red flame swayed in the wind. 6p2ou3

Wow! It turned out to be true! Oh my God! Exclamations in the crowd came one after another. Others proudly gloated, “He’s the person in charge of our sixth district! I know him!”

Hearing the reactions of the people around them, the lieutenant general glanced at Gong Yuanhang and his arrogance became even worse before he moved to the side.

Gong Xiangyi grimaced and her expression was cold. In her last life, she was much more concerned about these restless people, because her father was an ordinary person and others tried to grab her father’s position of power. But they all forgot, experience matters [1]. Her father had been a general for a lifetime and there were countless people under his command. What were a few dancing monkeys? However, her father was old and in the end, he died shortly after suffering from a severe illness. Otherwise, under his protection, how could she have ended up like that? It seemed like she had to find a few doctors on the base to give her father a good and healthy life.

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While focusing on her future worries, Gong Xiangyi whispered for the next one. dd8i2e

After the base management staff finished testing, they finally turned to the ordinary citizens. Everyone pushed down their excitement and stepped forward.

The test results weren’t the best. There were often no ability users among ten people. Many people were tested, but there were only two earth ability users and one plant ability user that were found, though they were all untriggered ability users. But even then, it was enough for the three to receive the worshiping gaze of others. Right at that moment, they truly experienced what it meant to be superior. Their faces that suppressed their joy couldn’t help but show their rising arrogance.

After an hour of testing, Gong Xiangyi stopped for a rest and announced the possible colors the nucleus could have and which colors meant what abilities to the public. Metal was gold, plant was green, water was blue, fire was red, earth was brown, wind was turquoise, thunder was purple, mind was white, and power ability was a faint white light.

Intentionally, in order to protect herself, she concealed the information of the space ability department. ySGBKu

After ten minutes of rest, the test continued. The result was slightly better than the first half. Ten people were tested and two abilities were found. One was a triggered wind ability user and the other was an untriggered fire ability user.

Although some had the same ability, triggered and untriggered were different. The triggered represented that they were one step ahead compared to others. Their future strength would be one or two levels stronger than others. If they had enough luck, they would be amongst the strongest in the future.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The soldiers standing on the side divided the ability users into two lines, one for untriggered ability users and one for triggered ability users. They handed out a uniform to wear to facilitate their movement when they were training. These people were now important members of the base. The base wouldn’t let them go out to die without giving them rigorous combat training.

Halfway through the test, Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran came late with Gong Lixin. According to the allocated dormitory, they were also members of the first district. lb6VLB

“Lixin, remember what we said? If the stone doesn’t respond, don’t panic. Big Brother Lin and I will explain it for you.” Song Haoran bent over and leaned close to Gong Lixin to whisper in his ear.

“I remember.” Gong Lixin nodded.

Lin Wenbo smiled and rubbed his head and added with a hint of disapproval, “How can they believe it if you are too cowardly? Rest assured, there won’t be any problem.”

Song Haoran nodded, put away the worry in his eyes and led Gong Lixin towards the crowd. wk0qgV

Seeing Major General Song, the soldiers who were keeping the order quickly separated the crowd and let them in. The three men went to the back to pay tribute to Father Gong and Grandfather Lin and then, consciously stood at the end of the line.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Young Master Gong, stand in the middle of us!” Gu Nan frequently looked back and saw the people that were late. He quickly waved and said hello. Because they came back with Young Master Gong, they naturally followed Young Master Gong into the first district. Seven people have long formed a small group and they lined up and stood together. Wang Tao and Ling Yin didn’t have an ounce of excitement in their expression, probably affected by their family’s demise.

“No, I want to stand with Big Brother Song and Big Brother Lin.” Gong Lixin shook his head and refused without hesitation.

Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran heard his words and both reached out to touch his soft and smooth hair. But, before they could, their two hands met in the air and hit against one another [2]. The two looked at each other. In the end, Lin Wenbo gave way and closed his hand with a smile, hiding his discontent. ZM3o S

Song Haoran caressed the child’s hair and his lips raised in the corners, softening his facial expression and leaking the feeling of joy and satisfaction in his heart.

When Gu Nan greeted the three, a teenager who was in front of him also turned back to look. The youth’s face was handsome; it was Zhao Ying who was brought back to the base on the same day as Gong Lixin. Seeing Song Haoran’s gentle smile, his eyes flashed with a light and he couldn’t move his eyes away for a long time. He didn’t expect that this fierce and sinister man had such a gentle and unscrupulous side in addition to his fierceness, loss of control and anger.

After being brought back to the base, life was stable. Zhao Ying would remember Song Haoran from time to time: remembering his thunderous anger, remembering his face that was particularly cold because of his anger. Over time, his initial fear dissipated a little and instead, became admiration and love. Yes, Zhao Ying knew from when he was very young that he liked men, especially tall and strong men.

Wasn’t he a fire ability user? And his ability was very strong, much stronger than the person in charge of the sixth district! In his dark heart, Zhao Ying deeply stared at Song Haoran before he reluctantly turned his head. His burning gaze stared at the crystal nucleus on the test bench as he secretly prayed that he was also an ability user, so that he could have that man look at him. 5dxNPG

The test was carried out in an orderly manner and the results were the same as before. The ordinary people accounted for the vast majority. Gong Xiangyi stared at the short list of ability users in her hand and it was hard to describe her current mood. More than a dozen ability users were not enough to form an army, but her original vision now seemed to be whimsical. In this way, the base could only be stabilized and strengthened in the future before they could recruit talented individuals. There are plenty of supplies in hand and even those who are not afraid of ability users wouldn’t rush to provoke them.

Having settled her thoughts, Gong Xiangyi set her mind at ease and looked at the good-looking young man in front of him. She asked, “Name?”

“Zhao Ying.” Zhao Ying replied as he wiped his sweaty palms against his pants.

“Take it, just hold it in your hand.” Gong Xiangyi said and passed the crystal nucleus after she wrote down Zhao Ying’s name. WrwHQe

Zhao Ying took a deep breath and carefully took the crystal nucleus in his palm. As if someone heard his pious prayers, the nucleus exuded a soft blue light before the light weakened, making the people around him congratulated him.

After staring at it for so long, people long realized how rare ability users were. This ordinary boy thus became the focus of many people’s attention.

Zhao Ying showed a very pleasant expression before he gently put the nucleus back onto the black velvet cloth. He tried to restrain his heart’s desire to look back and see Song Haoran’s expression.

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[1] Editor’s Note: Chinese Idiom “姜还是老的辣” means experiences counts/matters. dKe6 H

[2] CrazedCookies: ….kindawannashipthemtogether…

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